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Hi! This is in regards to Killing Stalking - about Sangwoo and the poison. It was theorized that Sangwoo switched the rat poison for the contraceptive pills that was shown while Yoon Bum was cleaning. It wouldn't have done anything to Sangwoo, but due to Yoon Bums low health state, it would've done damage to him and made him incredibly sick! I hope this makes sense.

Hello! Thanks for your message! I have seen that theory floating around, and that is definitely a possibility. I did consider writing about it in the post, but I didn’t want to give a false confirmation, so I worked with what I had. I can’t say for certain how I feel about the theory, so let me give you some information instead:

In Korea, contraceptive pills that I know of are all white or pale, warm colors, whereas things like rat poison are brightly colored in blue, red, purple, orange, etc. so that they’re noticeable and not accidentally ingested. For example:

We can compare those to the pills added to the stew:

Those are pretty blue, so I think I just accepted it as rat poison at first glance, but thinking on it now, that could also just be a stylistic choice. Honestly the biggest thing that caught my eye was that the pills are… pretty well-shaped. Most brands of rat poison I know don’t bother with shaping the tablets nicely because, well, it’s for killing rats. 

Further, I do agree that from a storytelling standpoint, the contraceptives were positioned pretty prominently in the panel, so it seems like it would have some relevance to the plot.

One thing to consider, though, is that rat poison comes in a bottle. Contraceptive pills come in those packages where you have to pop the pills out one-by one, and Sangwoo replacing the poison would mean that he dumped the poison somewhere and then took the time to open at least fourteen of the pill packet (we don’t know whether Bum took all the pills available or just all he could hide in one hand) and then transfered the pills into the bottle, which just kind of sounds like a pain. 

Then again, Sangwoo the Serial Killer is probably more industrious than me, ahaha.

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Densi - "What were you thinking?"


“What were you thinking?”  He sinks to his knees, gripping her shoulders and hoisting her against his chest.  He’s never been angrier in his entire life.  The only thing that comes close is when Hetty sent him the picture of her with a big gash in her throat.  

“You were gonna… you were gonna die,” she explains, her words interrupted by her shallow breathing.

And now you are.  He presses against her chest wound, hard.  The barrel of that gun had been aimed at him.  The bullet embedded somewhere inside of her was meant for him.  

He thinks he’s going to be sick.  The sound of the gun firing echoes in his skull, reverberating in time with his pounding heart, and he feels a hot tear trail down his cheek.  There’s a lot of blood.  It’s slipping from between his fingers, saturating her shirt, pooling in his lap.  "God, Kensi…“

The diamond in her engagement ring looks more like a ruby with all of the blood in the crevices, shining against the golden band, the light from the setting sun reflected off of the metal.  It’s the most beautiful damn sunset he’s ever seen.  Pastel blue covered by a sheet of billowing lilac clouds.  He hopes that the sun continues to hang in the sky for just a little while longer, because he doesn’t want to lose the sunshine.  His sunshine.     

“Deeks,” she gasps, “I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry,” she intervenes, ignoring him.  This feels a hell of a lot like a goodbye.  It’s breaking him apart.  "I love you.”

“I know you do, Kensi.”  Her eyes keep slipping shut, and she can’t keep up her head, which is supported by his chest.  He presses his palm against the wound, hard, jostling her just enough to make her eyes flutter open one last time.  He doesn’t want to say it.  He doesn’t want this to be the last time he says it.  But he has to.  He chokes out, “I love you too, Kens.  I love you.”  

He wants another chance to tell her she’s his moon and stars and sun and warm breeze and reason for living.  If she makes it, he’s going to tell her so many times she gets tired of hearing it.  "Stay with me, baby.  Please stay with me.“  

But Kensi closes her eyes.

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Secrets We Just Cant Keep

A/N: So yes hi so Catching Feelings is on hold for now because i have zero inspo for it which is why i haven’t updated. Buuut, I do have this one I’m gonna start right now. I seriously hope y'all like it. Enjoy xoxo I also apologize for now this is. I kinda got carried away. xx

Chapter One

Y/N P.O.V.

One week.

Just one week.

All I have to do is go through one week without getting in trouble. Or else. So what, I get into fights, I steal, drink, smoke, party until four on school nights party until 7 the next day on weekends. Come and go whenever I want.

Now is that bad?

“Hey Y/N, I heard you hooked up with Justin last night.” Ashley said from down the table.

I just ignored her and kept eating my lunch.

“Hey! I’m talking to you.” She yelled.

“So You going to G’s party tonight?” I asked Aurora.

She shook her head. “Grounded.”

“Bitch, you better fucking answer me.” Ashley got up, pulling me out of the chair by my hair.

“Sorry ma,” I said under my breath as I swung and punched her square in the face.

Ashley jumped on top of me both of us punching and kicking blood everywhere but not a lot of it was mine.

I got up and kicked her in the stomach.

“Teach you fucking pull my hair bi-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before I got tackled by officer Jackson.

I laughed, “I was wondering where you were!”

“First day and you broke the promise already, good job Y/N.”

“Eh, I try.”

I sat in my usual seat in the office. I’ve been here so much everyone knows me. sweet.

The usual happened I got DMC called my mom blah blah blah.

Like I care.

The second I got home I ran up to my room but all my clothes were in a suit case my posters movies cd’s in boxes.

Nothing left.

“Mom,” I yelled.

She was waiting at the door. “You promised and you broke it in the next 3 hours. I warned you so now you’re out of my house.”

My mouth dropped, “You gotta be kidding me.”

She shook her head slowly. “So all your stuff is packed your moving in with your aunt in Nebraska.”

My eyes went wide. “Are you fucking kidding me? Mom, I’m supposed to be graduating next year!" 

"To bad….your going she is your new foster mother until your 18.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense, I’m gonna be 18 in not even a year!” I yelled at her.

“I don’t care, I’m done. I’m sick of it.”

“When am I leaving?” I asked rubbing my temples.

“Right now.”

Before I could object the door bell rang.

“That’s her.” I started yelling. “Why?! That’s so unfair mom I didn’t start the fight!”

She opened the door and I saw my aunt standing there.

My mother showed her were my room was and than we loaded it all up.

“Cell phone.” I rolled my eyes and gave it too her.

“I’m sorry it’s the only way.” my mom said to me as my aunt got in the car.

“Fuck you.”

Climbing into the car my aunt, asked me if I was hungry. 

I just looked out the window, staying quiet.

“You know your going to get sick of me.” I said, finally speaking up.

“Y/N, you’re my niece. I have all the patience in the world for you.” She smiled, looking back at me for a quick second.

“Whatever.” I slumped into my seat as I looked out the window, frowning as I was no longer going to see the beautiful palm trees. I was going to fucking Omaha Nebraska where it was always cold and I seriously wanted to end my mother. I can’t believe she was doing this to me. I hated her. I hated my aunt for living in a stupid ass state. I hated Ashley for causing this whole this and I just hated everything.

“How long until we get to Nebraska?” I asked bitterly once we pulled up into the airport and got out of the car. 

“It’s a pretty long flight, Y/N. I have some sleeping pills if you wanna take them, seeing as your mom kept all the technology.” She said, pulling out our bags from the trunk. I just groaned remembering I was without my laptop and cell phone. Have I mentioned I hate my mother?

“Can you give me six so I just won’t wake up?” I grumbled.

“What was that, Y/N?” My aunt asked as we both walked into the airport.

“Nothing, nothing. Can you just give me one please?” I asked, wanting this whole thing to be over. 

“Of course. Our plane doesn’t leave for ten minutes, so the pill will have you drowsy enough to where you can sleep as soon as we take off.” My aunt smiled. I knew she was happy that I was going to live with her, even if the circumstances kinda sucked. My aunt left Florida years ago and nobody really talked to her, I never understood why because she was so cool. I just wished she could have lived somewhere warmer like California but no, she had to choose fucking Nebraska. 

We were soon on the plane and I was surprised that we were first class, “First class?” I looked over at my aunt as soon as we sat down. 

“Mhm, my boyfriend paid for these tickets. He’s excited to meet you yanno.” She smiled over at me, as she handed me one of her sleeping pills. 

“Oh god, another one of your boyfriends aunty?” I just shook my head before laughing softly, popping the pill in my mouth and swallowing it down with water.

“Hey! Not all of my boyfriends were horrible!” She protested before she as well took one of the pills.

“Whatever auntie, but thanks for taking me in. Even though I’m a problem child.” I told her, covering my mouth as I yawned. Damn, she was right – those sleeping pills do work pretty fast.

“Anything for you, Y/N. Anything for you.” She leaned over and kissed the top of my head before draping a blanket over me.