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Here’s a spread I forgot to post a while back. It’s been busy so I don’t have much better at the moment. Anyways. Life news: I got glasses. You may or may not be seeing a picture of those later today! I’m a bit nervous to wear them to school today, I haven’t worn glasses or contacts since I was in 5th grade. Hopefully all will be okay. I had this big playlist for the month of October planned out for you guys but then I just haven’t had time to put it together. So instead of doing that I’ve decided to just tell you what song/album I’m currently loving. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Song I recommend: No One Does it Like You by Department of Eagles. It’s great you guys.


<i> 🌻all it takes is a shot and some love, imagination and you🌻</i>

So, what if after Ciel lost a bet with Lau he was forced to wear a wedding dress for him? And when Sebastian walks in on them and stares at his master, that was wearing the white dress looking pretty much like he owned it, and the Chinese man who was doing some cat calls for fun with his “sister” in her monotonous voice, he feels a wave of possessiveness washing over him.

He then orders their guests to leave, trying to be as polite as possible even with a dark aura that covered at least a meter away from him. After that the butler goes to his master that was waiting for him in the bedroom to get the younger male out of that annoying dress. Only to get surprised when Sebastian hovers over him on bed and then bites his neck quiet hard, he was sure it was going to leave a very noticeable mark. When the little lord started complaining and yelling, his butler shuts him up with a kiss on the lips. Once Sebastian pulls away he whispers in Ciel’s ear and tells him that no one’s allowed to see him dressed like that nor touch touch him but the butler himself.

Ciel stares at Sebastian, eyes wide open as he tries to comprehend what just happened but his train of thoughts was cut as a moan escaped his swollen lips once he felt Sebastian biting and sucking his exposed skin leaving marks in his wake while murmuring “You’re mine.” And Ciel loses himself to pleasure and replies with a “Yes!” That has his butler smirking before continuing what he was doing.

The next day, Sebastian had to cancel Ciel’s plans because the young male was “sick” when in all honesty, he was just very sore and covered in bite marks that are very hard to cover and are obviously very noticeable. And the butler just kept smirking at HIS little lord. That outta teach him who he belongs to.

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Please correct me I'm wrong, but I don't think those pictures were from today. Her makeup artist is on set today in Budapest, and if she's on set, Jens on set. This is just in regards to you saying she should have been more careful going out today after the photo release yesterday.

According to Daily Mail these pictures are from today. They’ve gotten dates wrong in the past but DM is saying today, and it is a beautiful sunny day in NYC like in those pictures.

Regardless, except for yesterday’s pap pictures, the Image Direct has taken all of Jen and Darren’s pap walks (and most if not all of Taylor Swift and Tim Hiddleston’s too). They are hired by celebrities to take their pictures, and they have been hired by Jen and Darren every time before.

i just want to slip my arms around luke’s waist when we’re both tired and waiting in line for our coffee and have to get on my toes to nuzzle my nose into his beard right along his jaw and feel his hands rub my back when he tilts his chin down to kiss me and push his fluffy hair off his forehead and kiss his nose and just stand cuddled with him with the smell of fresh coffee surrounding us and feel his chest rumble when he orders our drinks not even caring if i untangle myself from him because his favorite thing is when we’re cuddled so close it’s hard to tell where one of us begins and the other ends and fuck why did i do this


if any of you have edited those new harry pictures from today, i think it’d be best to delete them cause the site is literally coming after the ppl who have cropped/edited out their logo and is reporting them to tumblr please be careful!!