those perfect hands

Here is the absolutely stunning commission of Anders I got from heavensong at Metrocon!


“Archie”, gasping. “Archie”.

His head popped up from under the covers, both annoyed and breathless. Annoyed that he had to stop satisfying his girl and breathless, well the reason for that is obvious.

“What is it? Are you not feeling it like before?”. He propped himself up on his elbows, so he could see you better.

“No, it’s not that…I just swear I heard a car door shut or the jingling of keys”.

Archie and you weren’t meant to be seeing each other, let alone dating or fooling around in his bed. The biggest interference coming from your parents - or more so your father. He still saw you as his little girl, the one who used to dress up and beg him to let you set up tea parties around the house. But now, you weren’t a little girl. You were grown and able to decide for yourself on who to date. The lucky guy - Archie Andrews.

Archie didn’t think anything of it and brought his lips to your neck, mumbling. “It’s probably just the neighbours, just relax Y/N”. Closing your eyes to do just that, you pulled his hair, loving the sensation of Archie’s lips against your skin.

When you were finally able to block out all the unnecessary chatter coming from the streets, another noise broke you out of the peaceful state. Archie saw your distracted expression, and rolled over to the other side. “My dad’s out and your parents don’t even know you’re here. There is nothing to worry about”.

Another noise, this time it sounded much closer and more clear. The front door, as in Archie’s front door being opened. “Is that your dad? I thought you said he was away on a business trip?”. Glancing up at Archie. “His meant to be”, replying back.

Hiding underneath the covers you heard Archie chuckle, hitting him, he tried to pull the covers away but you firmly gripped them. “Hitting me down there is doing nothing but turning me on, Y/N”.

The door opened and Fred’s voice reverberated across the room.

“Archie, what are you still doing in bed?”. He checked his watched that was sitting comfortable on his right wrist.

"I was just about to get up, dad. What are you doing back so soon?”

“The trip finished early, I brought breakfast it’s downstairs if you want some”. Turning to leave, he spun back around. “Oh, and tell Y/N she’s welcome to join us”.

Peeking over the bed sheets, you shyly waved. “Morning, Mr Andrews”

“Please call me Fred, Y/N. Come on you two, we don’t want the food to get cold”
He left the door wide open and once Fred was out of earshot you turned to Archie, panicked.

“What if he tells my parents that I was here. Or worse what he tells them I was in bed with you!?”. Resting your back against the bed frame, Archie’s hand rubbed your inner thigh. "Y/N, my dad would never do that. His not the gossiping type, plus he has no problem with you and I dating”.

Watching Archie climb out of bed and put on a fresh pair of jeans and white t-shirt, he gathered your clothes and handed them too you. “Join me for breakfast?”. He grinned, making it impossible to resist his request.

Breakfast with the Archie men was far more laid back then you imagined it would be. Fred didn’t ask why you were in his son’s bed at 6:00am in the morning, or treat you any differently then all the other times you had brief conversations with him. He truly respected the relationship, unlike your father if he ever found out.

“I should be going. Thank you for the lovely breakfast, Mr Andrews…sorry Fred”. You placed the dirty plate in the sink.

“My pleasure, Y/N. You’re welcome here anytime and don’t worry I won’t say a thing to your parents. My lips are sealed”.

Smiling, you thanked him once more and let Archie walk you towards the door.

“See, what did I tell you? My dad would never gossip and he keeps his word”. He cockily smirked, loving the fact that he was right.

Kissing Archie on those perfect lips, his two hands firmly gripping your waist. “Yes, yes, you were right and I should of listened. I’ll come by later tonight if I can. God knows my parents are going to grill me for being out all night”.

Lowering your face, this sneaking around wasn’t ideal but it was necessary. He lifted your chin with his two fingers. “Text me if you need anything, okay”.

Nodding, you kissed him one more time. Not wanting to leave, but having no choice but too.



books read in 2017: anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins

“Say my name again,” he whispers.
I close my eyes and lean forward. “Étienne.”
He takes my hand into his. Those perfect hands, that fit mine just so. “Anna?”
Our foreheads touch. “Yes?”
“Will you please tell me you love me? I’m dying here.”


You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.


Wes Bentley as Peter Hood in Gone (2012)

@missmoonchilde, if you’re there.

Hades and Persephone

“I’ve been in love with you the first time I’ve saw you.”

My voice cracked, I was never good at this kind of thing. I sat across from Candice and clutched her hands. Her perfect, smooth hands that still smelled of her favorite vanilla lotion. Her nails were angel white and perfectly curved, fingers interlaced and perfectly still…

Thanks to the silk rope tying together her wrists.

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Is there anyone else quite like him??

I just have to say it, I LOVE Cole Sprouse!! I can’t get over what an all round awesome person he seems to be. I didn’t really know that much about him before Riverdale, i’d only seen him as a little ‘un in Friends and Big Daddy. Ever since Riverdale started, i’ve spent more and more time looking into him, which now admittedly has become a bit of an obsession 🙈
Why I love him so much? Well, where to start. Of course, he’s a good looking guy. Not in an overly pretty, obvious way though. His lips are like something sent from heaven, and those HANDS are perfection. He’s got an incredible, genuine smile. And his HAIR!! 😭 I also tend to go for tall, slim built guys, so he’s my type right there. Not forgetting those toned arms and chest he has hidden away 😏.
Other than his unique looks, I also LOVE his humour and personality. He has this ability to be a dorky idiot one minute, then really deep and serious the next. His sarcasm is absolutely on point, and as a sarcastic person myself, I appreciate it so much. Also, how incredibly smart he is is a MASSIVE turn on. It’s not that he’s just good at speaking, the cast have all said themselves that he’s literally the smartest person they know.
So, so far we have good looking, smart and funny. BUT it doesn’t stop there. As of course he also has OODLES of talent! Not just with acting, but also his astounding photography skills.(and pretty much anything he does it seems). Like, is this guy even real??
Then you get things like how adorable he always is with his fans, how friendly he just seems with absolutely everyone. The way he roasts people on social media, and says witty and weird things all the time. The relationship with his brother seems so adorable.
I also get a really strong vibe that he’s AWESOME in bed. Just the way he moves with such confidence and how he seems the type of person who knows exactly what he wants, and also what to give. The Bughead scene confirmed my suspicions there. If you can act like you’re good in bed, then you must actually be good in bed, right??
Anyway, i’m sure there are a bazillon other things I could say about why I love the guy, but it’d take all day and I need to revise for exams (bleurgh!).
I also just want to say, i’m sure he isn’t perfect and has some deep, dark secrets too. That just makes him more attractive though. Perfection is overrated 😉 (although he’s not far from it).

Never Yours To Begin With

request: “hiiii can I request a scenario where you’re dating kihyun but changkyun also likes you and they end up fighting about it? thankyouuuu” -anon <3

ship: kihyun x [y/n] x changkyun

genre: angst

word count: 2943

a/n: hi guys! i hope you guys like this and yeah. i apologize for any misspelled words or wrong grammar if ever. credits to the owner of this gif!


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Everyone was having a blast. The music echoed throughout the whole room as the lights moved like crazy, hyping everyone while they danced with all their might at the dance floor. 

Cozily cuddling with Kihyun, your boyfriend, you could help but enjoy despite the deafening music. Intertwining your fingers with his, you looked up to meet his loving gaze. He mouthed a ‘why’ which you just responded with a silly smile. You just couldn’t believe that the person whom you never thought to end up with would be yours for three straight years.

It has always been you and Kihyun in the first place. No one else. Your heart only beats for Kihyun, and so does his. The boys have always been very supportive however Kihyun has always noticed the glares Changkyun would give him. He knew that he liked you.

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Drunk Last Night (Part 1)

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Summary: You get a drunk dial from Dean, bringing up old feelings

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Song Inspiration: Drunk Last Night, by the Eli Young Band

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: language, anxiety attacks, breakup

A/N: This is loosely based off the song “Drunk Last Night” by the Eli Young Band. It’s pretty sad right now (lots of feels), but I plan on this being a series, so hang in there!!!

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Excuse me while I reblog this a trillion times. This is an adorable Isabeau I commissioned from the fabulous @pinkwitchcult. Look at that gaze! Those perfect little hands! Please stop me from commissioning them to draw all of my characters, well, at this moment anyway. If you are looking for cute art from a timely, professional artist go and shower @pinkwitchcult with money.

I am going to change my layout! 

anonymous asked:

Hey could we see one of your old works? I find it interesting to see peoples progress

I don’t even know how old that is tbh
I think like.. two - three years?
I mean, look at those hands they’re perfect

Mother Knows Best: Rumbelle 6x17 fix-it

Summary: Post 6x17 “Awake,” Rumple returns to the shop to tell Belle that the Black Fairy has Gideon’s heart, and Belle can’t keep silent any longer. 
Rating: T    WC: 3294
A/N: Because I needed Rumple to talk to Belle about the Black Fairy having Gideon’s heart, and for Belle to confront the Black Fairy. Thanks to the wonderful @rowofstars for looking this over.

{On AO3}

This conversation wasn’t going to be easy.

Rumplestiltskin slowed his stride as he approached the front door of the shop, pulling out his pocket watch. It was nearly midnight, and he turned the key in the lock with a leaden heart. He wasn’t anxious to reveal what he had learned to Belle. The truth was, he’d been bluffing when he confronted his mother about holding Gideon in thrall. It had been a lucky guess based on magical intuition, and in her surprise, the witch had admitted her guilt.

He opened the door and hung his overcoat on the rack inside the door, pausing to light a few candles that dotted the tops of the display cases. Stop stalling, fool. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, then dragged his feet toward the back room. Belle would yet be poring over magical texts both light and dark, as she had been every night, until the wee hours.

It was one of several areas on which they’d come to a compromise. They would pursue any and all possible ways of bringing their son back to them; nothing was declared off limits so long as they agreed to it together.

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cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

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