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Hi, I'm not that same anon that just asked, but you forgot! Jen said Mish was hot and looking dapper as usual. And I think he made a cheeky comment about Mish being attractive and working out. And it seems it means more considering Jen is supposedly a shy guy. Rarely do I hear Mish sincerely praising Jen... Hmm wonder why?

oops i can’t believe i forgot to mention those quotes. thanks for reminding me!!

yeah jensen is normally shy and reserved but when he’s around misha, or when he talks about misha, he just opens up completely. and when misha’s around jensen, misha becomes the blushing shy guy. so i guess maybe misha is just too shy to praise jensen in front of people.

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Thank you so much for creating this blog! I adore corvids especially crows. They are so intelligent, clever, pretty, and funny. The photographs you post are so gorgeous! Thanks for including the names of the corvids. Always a treat to see a corvid I didn't know about. Keep up the great work! :D

Thank you too for appreciating it and for taking time to leave such a kind message! I’m glad there’re so many people on tumblr who love corvids as much as I do. I try to mention the names whenever possible yes, corvids are such a diverse family and there’re so many birds that look nothing like your typical crow that I’d never have guessed were corvids, and I really enjoy the opportunity to show that diversity to others. You should really thank the artists who’ve taken all of those wonderful photos though, I’m just sharing other people’s work~

“Do you belong to Kusakabe?”
“… Yes. Half of me does.”

can i talk about this? i’m going to talk about this. 

like we know already that this series and especially the movie is a wonderful existence for portraying such pure, sweet, slow and subtle, soft falling in love between two classmates that happen to be boys and none of those annoying melodramatic tropes often found in this genre (at least, none too distracting and heavy) but this. this part really hit me in the heart.

it’s always bothered me when people asked that question of “who do you belong to now” because that’s?? not how a relationship should work? you don’t belong to a person just because you’re with them? people are not objects to be flaunted and branded?????? it’s up to you to treat yourself right, and you totally can be with someone and love them so much it’s like you’ve become one with them, but it’s important to remember to put yourself first when you need to. 

and then sajou turns around and throws this at kusakabe, at us. and i’m. absolutely speechless. he’s not saying he’s given himself wholly to kusakabe, because, as romantic as all those super dramatic old-timey love stories like to brainwash us, giving away yourself to another is quite terrifying (and honestly? in my opinion? not healthy. you can give your whole heart to someone, but please keep yourself. value yourself more than anyone else, please). 

he’s saying, yes, i love you, and yes, i am taken by you.
he’s saying, yes i am yours but you are also mine.
he’s saying, this is a compromise, but this way, we are equal. 
we belong to each other, while at the same time, we still belong to ourselves. 

and fuck, if that’s not how a relationship should be, i don’t want any of it.

Shoutout to people with BFRB's

Shoutout to those who peel the skin off their lips until it’s red and bleeding

Shoutout to the ones who pull out their hair

Shoutout to the ones who peel skin off of themselves trying to fix something

Shoutout to those who have to keep reopening their scabs

Shoutout to those who bite their tung or cheek

Shoutout to those who use their tung to scratch the back of their throats raw

Shoutout to those who can’t stop scratching their skin

Shoutout to those who do it consciously

And shoutout to those who do it without noticing until it’s too late

Just shoutout to all of you wonderful people, I know it’s hard to stop. And sometimes it may seem impossible

I’m always here for you

hello, i decided to make a follow forever because it is almost the end of the year, and because i hit my first goal, +3k a few days ago! i’m very thankful for everyone, not just my mutuals, but really everyone who have followed my every days and supported my works ( & blog ). 

i would like to say thank you for those wonderful people i met here and who’ve became my friends.  i hope we are still going to be friends years later, because i would be really lost here without some of you guys! 

also sorry for this poor quality graphic and drawing, i just really didn’t know what style i wanted to make this follow forever, so in the end it turned out to be like this lmao 

anyways, i wish everyone a successful new year, and i hope you are going to stay with me in 2017 too. thank you!!!
love, dorka! ♡

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Someone I really like is polyamorous, but I’ve always been mono. They have multiple partners, and poly is really new to me; I’m learning a lot about it actually. What I’m wondering is…if I ask this person out, am I expected to date all of those other people too when I’m only interested in just them? And…I’m the kind of person who wants to maybe settle down with someone one day, am I just setting myself up for heartbreak?

No, polyamory doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be in a “closed” relationship with everyone involved. Some people have those as their terms, but many don’t. You’d need to talk to this individual person about whether they expect anyone they date to also date all of their partners. 

If you eventually want to end up with only one person, don’t date a poly person with the hope or expectation that they’ll “come around” and want to settle down with you. Never go into a relationship built on a foundation of denial or hoping that things will change in the future. If you’d be unhappy in a relationship with no long-term potential to become monogamous, this probably isn’t the best call for you.

But, if you aren’t looking for someone to settle down with just yet, if you’d be okay dating someone for fun, for a fling, to indulge a crush, to explore, if you don’t particularly mind that this relationship at this stage in your life won’t end in settling down monogamously, then you may not be setting yourself up for heartbreak. You would need to be clear with this person that you might end up leaving the relationship when you feel it’s time to start actively pursuing a long-term, “settled down” monogamous relationship. They might decide not to date you with those terms, and that’s their right.

BvS rewatch

Olsen isn’t dead, it’s just a CIA agent using his name; one of the men at the base of operations called him “Talon”, meaning that Olsen was a false name. All those people crying that they killed Jimmy Olsen don’t have to worry now.

When Lex is tapping his fingers and saying that the red capes are coming, he says “one if by land, two if by air”

There’s a part of the beginning of the Waynes’ tomb scene where the sound of the Wolrd Engine can be heard

The bat monster coming out of Martha Wayne’s tomb seems to imply that she is what influenced Bruce to be Batman, not his father

The KGBeast was standing behind the senator and his wife at lex’s party

Lex saying that he and Bruce should partner up on something is nice foreshadowing

There’s the sound of Superman’s sonic boom right after he pulls on his tie to go save the little girl

Seeing all the real life people during the interviews and tv segments makes me realize that this world, with all its fictional cities, is more grounded than the mcu and its fake news commentators. Weird, the mcu has Manhattan and other real cities, but the dceu has the real life people

Diana puts down the drink she was offered at the museum by the curator

In fact, every time a dream sequence is about to start, the sound of the World Engine is used to signify that

There was a batarang thrown during the knightmare scene

The cowl is separate from the cape, which was a problem in the animated show and other live action movies

Could the possible lack of oxygen have lead to Clark seeing his dad at the top of the mountain? Maybe.

A full day passed between the bombing and the big fight. The night of the bombing was when Bruce stole the kryptonite and made it a weapon. The next evening/night is when they fight.

Lex tells Clark where he’ll be for him to bring “the head of the Bat”, he even calls it “his [Clark’s] ship

The baseline theme from WW’s theme plays without hitting those iconic WW theme notes when we see the meta videos

The humidity in the air from the rain kept the kryptonite gas from dispersing as quickly as it would

Bruce elbowed Clark in the throat on the roof. Rude, Bruce

There’s a moment where the movie focuses on Clark breathing the kryptonite free air once Bruce jumps him to a lower level; there’s another small moment like that immediately after Clark throws Bruce through a wall; foreshadowing and using the visual medium fully. Anyone that says this movie tells and doesn’t show can stay quiet

Clark got his invulnerability back but not all his strength, as evident by his struggle to throw Bruce across the room

Oh. Bruce’s mask gets damaged because Clark punches it before the gas takes him out a second time

When Bruce fired at those cars outside where Ma Kent was being held, he only took out one truck; that truck took out the rest

When Lex said Clark’s sin is existing, he meant the fact that Clark exists on earth. I always took this line to be about Doomsday for some reason

They took out the "what have you done” line from the TC out during the Doomsday reveal

When the military came for Lex, there’s some chit chat you can hear coming from where lex was. Something was taking to him

There’s a “Kennedy Dead” newspaper shot as the camera pans over the interior of the Daily Planet. Meta.

The General with Major Ferris took the flag they folded for Superman

And that’s it! It’s still a great movie and re-watching it in its entirety has got my mind going for more posts about it.

What if...

“I think everyone has a ‘what if’ person, don’t you think mom? Like one person who if situations were different things could have worked out possibly for the better. Not to say whoever you end up with isn’t absolutely wonderful but there will always be lingering thoughts about another in the depths of your mind”

“Whom Rose, Whomever”

“Right, you knew what I meant.” 

“Yes darling I believe most people have those”

 “Who is yours?”

Images of white blonde hair and steel grey eyes flash before her. Of anonymous notes hidden in books on dusty shelves of the library, of passing glances held just a second too long, of a smirk at Yule ball. A silent apology, a sickly sixth year slytherin, the Adam’s apple of a scared boy swallowing his fear in the face of Lord Voldemort. The boy who couldn’t kill, who fiercely protected his family, who had no choice….

“The one who had no chance” slips from her mind, off her tongue and past her lips as a breathy whisper.


 “Nothing. No one Rose, I don’t have a ‘what if’”

You know what feature should come back to Pokémon?

Pokémon mail.

How awesome would it be to Wonder Trade people and give your Pokémon little letters to hold with nice things to say to people? Just little encouraging letters that people can open and make them smile.

Please bring back mail.


What I’ve seen lately on tumblr and twitter has been really upsetting, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way. While I’m extremely happy for those that get to meet Tay, it’s come to my attention that people who have already met her or have gotten a surprise from her or something else special feel the need to express that they deserve to go to Houston too.

Now this isn’t a generalization by any means; I’ve met wonderful people who have met Taylor and are content with that, but some just aren’t satisfied. NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. No one is entitled to meet Taylor more than another person. There are plenty of people who deserve to meet Taylor, but for people who already have, please don’t flaunt that you’ve gotten all of these things from her and then desperately hound Taylor Nation and AT&T for a ticket to Houston. I find it extremely saddening that people in the fandom have acted this way, and there’s no denying that people feel who have gotten to do these extraordinary things with Tay feel the sense that they’re better than any other fan.

Tay did not teach us to belittle others or treat others differently if they haven’t experienced the same life events. EVERYONE IS EQUAL.

Okay I’m done now ✌️

hey folks !!! thank you for being patient with me, this has been a right ordeal to sort through, but honestly it’s been wonderful too :) i really wish i could have awarded you all a lil something but unfortunately, there can only be a few select winners !!! to all those who didn’t win, please don’t feel disheartened !!!! it’s not because your blog isn’t incredible it just so happens that others ranked just a lil bit higher. also, i’ve tried so hard not to repeat urls, so if you’ve won one category, then i will usually have tried to pick other people to win the others.


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  • “Asexuality is not a real orientation.”
  • “Stop making up fake orientations!”
  • “You just want to sound special.”
  • “You’re too young to know, you’ll grow out of it”
  • “You must be confused.”
  • “You’re probably in the closet.” 
  • “Talking about asexuality is TMI! No-one cares what you do in the bedroom.”
  • “Telling kids about asexuality will just confuse them.”

I wonder if the people in the discourse who make these kinds of comments have the self awareness to realise they are literally parroting the same types of comments that straight people make about asexuality whenever it is mentioned. 

When your comments/ideas about asexuality are indistinguishable from those of heteronormative society it’s quite telling.

Thank you for the single one thoughtful comment in that mess of “JACK REBLOGGED IT HE SHIPS IT!!” and “PLEASE DON’T PUSH SHIPPING EVERYWHERE” under my post.

tbh I completely agree with that because people show their affection in different ways and holding hands/hugging/kissing on cheeks or heads can be not only expressed in a romantic way but in platonic too.

it’s just a context of me being a septicpie shipper gives peeps the right to take it as a romantic way of holding hands, but those who don’t know this context should not jump straight into conclusion. My soulmate was so dissatisfied with this when I told her about all the stuff people were writting in comments. She was wondering why society doesn’t care if girls hold hands, but if guys are holding hands it’s necessarily gay and somehow related to shipping and stuff. Amazing example of why gender equality isn’t a thing even on tumblr.

Also I’m sad of how septicpie shippers act exactly how I wouldn’t want them to. Like, crossing personal borders and spamming with those stupid comments. I am a jelix shipper but I don’t think that Jack reblogged my art because he ships it or whatever, he just like??? the way it was drawn still can’t chill about that? and take it in a platonic way like he should??

It doesn’t mean I can’t draw platonic art on them just because I ship jelix, I see them both as a pairing and a bromance. 

hello!!!! it is i, that bitch again!!!!! with another year having come and gone and happiness being 404 not found in 2016, i wanted to end this year on a note that would show how much i love and appreciate every which one of you! thank you to the friends i’ve made, as well as those who support me in gif making! to those who like my text posts, and to those of you who are just courteous wonderful people!!!! i hope that you all have a wonderful 2017. i love all of you!!!!!! there’s no specifics in this ff, because that’s too much work and you’d all be in bold. anyways!!!! i love y’all a lot~ thank you so much for loving me. also thanks 2 all the porn blogs to getting me to 400. y’all are the real mvps! 

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Hey, I'm so sorry about the Chainsmokers ask. I certainly didn't mean for it to come off like that, but honestly, I get it because you always get a lot of shit anons coming at you. I just recently read about them and wondered if you had too. I know in the business you are seen with many people and that doesn't mean you agree with them. I was addressing your anon who implied they were 'nice'. Didn't mean for you to get upset. ❤

sorry i went off a bit haha i’m just really frustrated with the fandom’s attitude lately because i feel like even good things are being made into bad things because people pick everything apart or worry themselves to death. there are a lot of people in the industry who have said or done gross things, and if the boys never had any interaction with any of those people, well, they wouldn’t be interacting with anyone really. i think louis is really trying to make as many good connections as he can for his career right now and that doesn’t mean that he condones shitty behavior by some of these people (or even that he knows about it tbh) or anything like that. i’m not saying you said that, but i see people trashing the chainsmokers for who they are as people or because their music isn’t to their personal tastes when the reality is that they’re a super successful act right now and networking with them and other artists at a party like the one louis attended last night has the potential to be great for his career. that’s what i’m focusing on because for me personally, it’s too tiring to always get bogged down by the other nonsense and misery that this fandom has thrived on lately.


A n  e x t r a c t   f r o m   S c a r l e t t ’ s   J o u r n a l :

“J says I shouldn’t wander off all by myself, but I keep coming here anyway, when the voices get too loud. I discovered this place a few month ago, it used to be a train station back in the days of the old world, but now it is all mine just like everything else.
He also says I worry too much and he’s probably right, but my mind just won’t stop buzzing. While living on the island is fun and relatively safe, I can’t help, but wonder why do such step of precaution is mandatory. We have more guns and technology innovations that the government could ever manage to obtain, our people control most of the important institutions, so why can’t we simply be in charge?
He convinces me that being in charge is no fun and brings up all those dusty history books he cherishes so much, saying that true power is the kind people are unaware of. Men… always gotta make simple things so complicated. And what’s a girl to do?
The gangs are getting wild again. They are great people,  ruthless killers, savages, psychopaths and as all great people they need plenty of entertainment so they won’t go out murdering each other out of boredom.
At least Tony agreed to help me with that pet projected of mine… the pit fight arena! If everything goes well it should keep them occupied for awhile, but if we want to hold it together for much longer we need something bigger, better.
Note to self: talk to the boys ‘bout it.
I should be going now, gonna be in one hell of of trouble if someone finds me here all by myself. I spotted a couple guards down by the coast earlier, perhaps they were looking for me.
Mrs. S. J., signing off.”

The mind of a Swiftie

“Taylor Swift”

“I need to check tumblr”

“Why is Taylor never on tumblr when I am on tumblr?”

“Why isn’t the radio playing Taylor Swift?”

“Which Taylor Swift shirt should I wear?”

“I can’t wait another two years to see Taylor again”

“Is there even a ten minute version of All Too Well or was that all a lie?”

“I just need to hug Taylor right now”

“How does Taylor have time to sleep?”

“Why does Taylor wear heels when she is already tall?”

“How does she walk in those heels”

“Can I work for Taylor Nation?”

“I wonder what Taylor is doing right now”

“Taylor’s squad is flawless”

“How do people get so many notes on their posts?”

“Why do people hate Taylor Swift?”

Chapter 854
  • Oh my fucking lord that cover page…Take me the fuck now! *opens arms wide*
  • No but seriously, Zoro is one sexy motherfucker
  • Knew those two were being chased by people other than trying to find Sanji. That would have been too good to be true (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • Also i love the Nami/Jinbe panels, it’s just beautiful how they’re already so comfortable with each other and are even fighting together 
  • That cute Luffy-like face, so fucking adorable Nami xD
  • Omg chOPPER?! ARE YOU OK?!?
  • Wow, thank God Jinbe didn’t spin the roulette then!! He’s so fucking smart good job! 
  • Brook is such a fucking badass i love him
  • Pudding is such an evil bitch i love her
  • Dude, now i wonder how Oda would manage a real kiss scene…
  • Big Mom is so crazy and adorable i love her
  • I’m sorry Tamago but what the fuck is with that face?! 
  • OOOHHHMMMYYYGOOOD…Opera just fucked everything up for Big Mom and his siblings xD
  • Daaaww Reiju is ‘thinking about Luffy’. My Reijuffy heart can’t handle this
  •  What are the chances he gets lost? xD
  • Thank you Sanji, for admitting that you cooked for every single one of the straw hats instead of Pudding, *slow clap*
  • What the heck this became depressing (┳Д┳)