those parts are some of my favourites

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Hey, Mads! I hope you're doing good! What are your thoughts and opinions on "Kenny the Ripper"? And what are your most/least favourite moments of "Kenny the Ripper"?

I actually quite liked Kenny, he was one of those characters that added a lot of spice to the plot, like Seryuu in Akame ga Kill, or Betelgeuse in Re Zero. From when he was his first introduced, to his death scene at the tree, he quickly garnered more and more of my interest and attention, and now he lies among some of my favourite characters in the show:

I found him very interesting, his goals and aspirations, his mannerisms, his motives, even the influence of his design - learning about “Jack the Ripper” was one for my favourite parts of British History that I studied at school, so it was made even more interesting to see a character like Kenny Ackerman, since he was obviously heavily influenced by the notorious historical figure. I also really liked that he used fire arms, because they added an extra dimension of combat to the plot which I found quite refreshing.

I definitely don’t have any least favourite moments for him, because he entertained me in every scene that he was in, and thus, it’s also hard to choose my favourite moments of his. However, I suppose his confrontation with Levi was the first in my head:

Because any scene with two members of the Ackerman family going at it is bound to be glorious, but the unique history that the two of them shared made for an even more powerful moment that I really enjoyed ^_^


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.17

Ray, listen to me: Whoever that is, she’s an imposter. Take her out.

Matty’s Interview with The Sunday Times Style

I wish I had a teenage daughter. Why? Because here I am with Matt Healy, the frontman of the 1975, who has just offered to take his shirt off in order to give me a tattoo tour. There’s the one dedicated to his nana; his mum, Denise “Loose Women” Welch, is on his foot; his dad, Tim “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” Healy, is on his arm; and his brother, Louis, on the back of a calf; there’s the one dedicated to William Burroughs, the author of his favourite ever book, Queer; then there’s the one on the inside of his left wrist… of his passport number. “I got bored of being constantly woken up by a woman offering me a landing card while my tour manager, who always carries my passport, is conked out somewhere behind me. I thought it would be useful. It’s really all I need on a plane.

Welcome to the world of the 1975, whose second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It (yes, really), went straight to No 1 in both America and the UK last year, and who won the best band award at the Brits in February. They have just announced that their third album, Music for Cars, will be out next year, and when we meet they are about to go on tour, kicking off in Mexico and ending in July at Latitude Festival in Suffolk, where they will headline alongside Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. If you’re not familiar with their music — think Pete Doherty mixed with One Direction, maybe — it’s probably because, like me, you’re too old. That said, Mick Jagger, whom the band supported when the Stones played Hyde Park in 2013, is a huge fan — so fond of their hit single Chocolate, he has been known to put it on after dinner for guests.

Yeah, I remember that gig,” says the 28-year-old Healy, with a faint Northern accent. “It was before I had my eyes lasered and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Pointless. There were 50,000 people there and I could only see about four of them, but out of the corner of my eye I could just make out this gyrating figure and it was Jagger dancing to Chocolate. Mick Jagger — can you f****** believe it?

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ACOWAR COUNTDOWN: favourite court

- the night court

“I wonder if some part of me knew what was waiting for me. That I would never be a gentle grower of things, or someone who burned like fire - but that I would be quiet and enduring and as faceted as the night. That I would have beauty, for those who knew where to look, and if people didn’t bother to look, but only to fear it… Then I didn’t particularly care for them, anyway. I wonder if, even in my despair and hopelessness, I was never truly alone. I wonder if I was looking for this place - looking for you all.”

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what r you're favourite parts about each member physically?

i love this post!!! here we go for hyung line:

KIM SEOKJIN: overall body proportions

Originally posted by jinsasleep

the man has got some wide ass shoulders….

Originally posted by jungsooneul

and he also has a really small waist??? that + dorito shoulders= sculpted by the gods themselves

his legs too???? his thighs are one of my favorite in bangtan because theyre lean yet have muscle definition… #literally perfect

Extra: most don’t know this because he wears baggy clothes but jin actually has an hourglass figure

KIM NAMJOON: face: more specifically, cheeks + dimples

look at those deep dimples…. brb i need to go breathe

okay….… look at his smile now;;; it radiates more warmth than our actual sun

can you tell how his left dimple is smaller yet deeper, while his right one covers more surface area on his cheek?

if seokjin was sculpted by the gods, namjoon was birthed by the angels ;;;

MIN YOONGI: h a n d s

yes, his gummy smile and sarcasm are the best, but i think his long, bony fingers win the entire bet

i really wonder what it would be like to be touched by them? a simple caress on your cheek, as soft as a feather tickling your sides

these are my favorite gif sets… look at those veins running smoothly across the skin from his wrist to his knuckles…

hands down, sexiest hands in bangtan imo

JUNG HOSEOK: eyesssssss

i really, really, really, really love the shape of his eyes…. it’s the first thing i look at  yes even before his dancing + hip thrusts

i have a thing for guys with beautiful eyes and oh my lord jung hoseok wins the trophy…. look at how softly they close and open again… pay close attention to his eyelashes and double lids…

his eyes are the perfect shape for a mesmerizing eyesmile… look at the beautiful curve they make when they close…. jimin’s eyesmile is a straight lovable line, while hobi’s goes lower inwards and higher outwards

Extra: a gentle soul paired with dimples and a breathtaking forehead

my favourite part of voltron is when pidge can’t reach something so she says “curse my tiny arms!!” and hunk immediately responds “oh, i hate those little things!” this fascinates me because he says it with no hint of joking, no hesitation, as if this is something he has thought about already, maybe at length. he is utterly sincere when he says he hates pidge’s arms. it’s like pidge’s arms have personally offended him somehow. like he has some manner of grudge against the length of pidge’s arms. riveting stuff.

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pretty pretty please oh pleaase will you do a post about sunggyu as in what's so great about him, just because i want one after the great job you did on Woohyun :D

Okay so my Woohyun post was liked by people, that’s always nice to hear! I hope the anon who sent in the original ask starts to see Woohyun in a different light from now on ~~

I guess I can talk about Sunggyu too, but where to begin?


Sunggyu’s voice is one that is instantly recognisable. He can be a soft falsetto, he can be a heart-wrenching high note. He is as versatile a vocal as Woohyun is, and can lend his voice to many different genres of music. He has proven himself a strong live vocalist too (remember that time the music stopped during a live and he just carried on singing, totally unfazed?). One of my favourite performances of his was on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook in 2015, where he sang Nell’s Time Spent Walking Through Memories and his own title track Kontrol. 

Sunggyu has one of those voices that really makes you feel things, you know? He is able to project some real emotion into his vocals, and every single song on his second solo album 27 just hits you with it. One of my fave things is when Sunggyu sings songs with softer, quieter parts that then reach an inevitable crescendo where he showcases the true power of his voice. A good example of that is this performance of Only Tears. Then there is this incredible duet he did on Duet Song Festival which just gets me every single time. I could probably go on about Sunggyu’s voice forever. But here is a compilation of his head notes, falsettos and long notes on Immortal Songs 2. 


Not only is Sunggyu an amazing leader for INFINITE in the sense that he pushes them to succeed and leads with a firm hand, he is also known to counsel the other members if they need advice. For Sungyeol and Sungjong’s birthdays last year, he went out while they were in Japan to get them gifts as he didn’t want them to miss out just because they weren’t at home. In INFINITE Showtime episode 10, Sungjong thanked Sunggyu for helping him out and listening when he has worries and concerns. The INFINITE members are close enough to Sunggyu that they can absolutely roast him on tv shows, knowing that its a joke. Back when they all lived together in a dorm, Sunggyu would wake up the members, and that is seriously the cutest thing ever, just watch it (like, yeah okay so he wrestles Woohyun, but he was being a little brat! And the spraying Sungjong was totally Nam’s idea soooo…).


Sunggyu has appeared on sooooo many shows it would take forever to list them all here. However, I couldn’t make this post without mentioning this side of him. Sunggyu has been on loads of different types of shows, including (but not limited to), The Genius, The Sea I Wanted/Dreaming Sea, Fluttering/Exciting India, and twice on Take Care of My Refrigerator. Not only that, but he has been a special host on numerous episodes of Weekly Idol and got his first proper MC position on the show Girl Spirit in 2016. Why is Sunggyu so good on these shows? Because not only is he intelligent, cunning and witty, he knows exactly what the audience wants. Whether it’s deliberately messing up a dance on Weekly Idol in order to get his manager punished, or if it’s his openness and honesty on 4Things Show . Also, here is a video of him peeling a Korean melon with his teeth.

He is also currently MCing a new show called Singderella alongside Super Junior’s Heechul, and it already looks to be pretty hilarious. You can easily find clips on Youtube ~


So above were three main points about Sunggyu as an idol, as the leader of INFINITE, as a singer. Here are some more important things:

  • Sunggyu has made multiple appearances in musicals, showing his vocal versatility as well as his acting skills. He has had main roles in Gwanghwamun Sonata (alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun), Vampire, In The Heights (with fellow member Dongwoo) and All Shook Up.
  • His friendships with other idols. Sunggyu is known to be close with numerous other idols, most notably Super Junior’s Heechul and Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho and (former) Beast’s Junghyun. He even appeared on Junghyun’s FB Live broadcast a few months ago in the Beast member’s new studio. 
  • His love of Nell. He is known to be a huuuuuge Nell fanboy, actually going so far as to say he only auditioned for Woollim because Nell were part of the company at that time. He reached peak fanboy when Nell’s Kim Jongwan produced his second solo album 27 and featured on a track with Epik High’s Tablo.
  • His undeniable good looks… So many people may be critical of Sunggyu’s small eyes, but it has to be said that he has amazingly good visuals. That jawline, those hands… I could go on, but you get the idea.
  • His hella cute baby pictures. He was the squishiest little cute kid!

In conclusion, I love Kim Sunggyu and so should you.

If you want me to do more of these for other members, just let me know heheh also @becuzgyu this is dedicated to you ~~

In the past two weeks I have read about a dozen fics where Lily is ‘prudish’ or 'stuck up’ or 'a goody two-shoes’ etc. etc. In the majority of these fics, the plot has been James, and/or the the other three Marauders, trying to break her out of her 'shell’.

Let me tell you a thing. There are seven books in the series, Lily is mentioned in every one. And yet it takes only one quote to completely prove that Lily was not prudish or stuck up or little miss perfect or a teacher’s pet.

Lily Evans. One of the brightest I ever taught. Vivacious, you know. Charming girl. I used to tell her she ought to have been in my house. Very cheeky answers I used to get back, too.” - Horace Slughorn (page 70/1 of HBP)

This one quote shows that Lily was the complete opposite of how she is portrayed in many fics. I’ll start with the obvious bit.

Vivacious, you know.

The definition of 'vivacious’ (taken from Collins English Dictionary) is as follows:

  1. full of high spirits and animation; lively or vital
  2. (obsolete) having or displaying tenacity of life

That right there shows that Lily appreciated life. She lived it fully and enjoyed herself. But then you have the synonyms of vivacious (taken from google define):

lively, animated, full of life, spirited, high-spirited, effervescent, bubbling, bubbly, ebullient, buoyant, sparkling, scintillating, light-hearted, carefree, happy-go-lucky, jaunty, merry, happy, jolly, joyful, full of fun, full of the joys of spring, cheery, cheerful, perky, sunny, airy, breezy, bright,enthusiastic, irrepressible, vibrant, vivid, vital, zestful, energetic, dynamic, vigorous, full of vim and vigour, lusty

Right there, in that one word, we are shown a character who is the complete opposite of most fanon portrayals. She is not boring and straight-laced; she is light-hearted and cheerful. She is not rude and uptight; she is cheery and airy. She is not a goody two shoes; she is zestful and energetic and vigorous. She is also dynamic. I think a separate definition is needed for that last word:

  1. (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

She was bright and happy and enthusiastic and vibrant. And lastly, my favourite bit of the definition of 'vivacious’. Lily was lusty. She was not a prude. She had a sex drive; the majority of teenage girls do. And she was pretty, okay, it’s doubtful that before James she had never had any sexual experiences (whether it was just kissing or more). Please do not write Lily as a prudish bitch when we have something that so clearly tells us differently.

See how much you can get from that? And that’s just one word. The rest of the the quote, gives us so much more.

The minor part of the quote, is the following:

“Charming girl.

A simple definition of 'charming’ is pleasant or attractive. Like with vivacious however, the synonymstell us more.

delightful, pleasing, pleasant, agreeable, likeable, endearing,lovely, lovable, adorable, cute, sweet, appealing, attractive, good-looking,prepossessing

I will say this again; Lily was not a bitch. People liked her. People loved her.

My second favourite part of the quote comes after this. It’s very revealing and also something I haven’t seen a lot of in fics. I also don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned before. 

I used to tell her she ought to have been in my house.

Lily was, of course, a Gryffindor. Slughorn was head of Slytherin house. Two very different houses with very different attributes. Both are familiar to most of us but I just want to remind you of some specific traits for Slytherin.

Slytherin: “Those cunning folk use any means, / To achieve their ends.”, “And power-hungry Slytherin, / Loved those of great ambition."  The Sorting Hat

Yes, Lily was good natured and kind and likeable. From this though, we learn more. Whilst Slughorn could have also thought Lily belonged in Slytherin due to her excellent Potions skills (something Slytherin is generally renowned for), there’s an extremely high possibility Slughorn saw Slytherin traits in Lily.

Meaning Lily was intelligent and cunning and had ambition. And when you put this next to what we already know about Lily, it makes a lot of sense.

I mean, she joined an organisation with the aim of bringing down the most powerful dark wizard. An organization made up of thirty of so people that was going against Voldemort and everyone he had behind him;

In the old days he had huge numbers at his command: witches and wizards he’d bullied or bewitched into following him, his faithful Death Eaters, a great variety of Dark creatures.“ - Sirius Black (page 88 of OotP)

She joined this small organization - as a muggle born; the 'race’ Voldemort wanted to eradicate - that wanted to bring Voldemort’s regime down to the floor. If that’s not ambition I don’t know what is. Obviously you can also use the examples of her cleverness with information she’d never seen before she was eleven.

Slughorn saw Slytherin traits in her. Ambition and cunning and cleverness and perseverance. 

Finally, the last part of the quote:

Very cheeky answers I used to get back, too.“

This is canon evidence that Lily talked back to teachers. In my experience, goody two shoes do not talk back to teachers. She was cheeky and spoke back and voiced her opinions. Don’t think for a second she sat quietly in class.

So, to conclude, with one quote, you can prove that Lily Evans was a multidimensional character with vivaciousness and cunning and cheek. If anyone says she was a boring, straight laced, prude - fight them.

I’m kidding, don’t - instead educate them with one quote.

Asperger's with no diagnosis: some life help suggestions

If you don’t think you can get a diagnosis, and if no one is willing to consider, I have some advice from a 20 year old who knows the ropes on many Asperger’s problems. (I have ASD and have been diagnosed since 6).

Firstly, if you’re considering autism is likely because you feel you don’t fit in, seek out some professional advice online and talk about what makes you feel that way. Many conditions present with similar symptoms and it’s best to be pretty sure before you start treating a paper cut with stitches.

On to the good stuff:

A lot of autistic behaviours and traits are normal behaviours or traits but out of proportion. Therefore, most of them can be made to sound like ‘normal people problems’ which might help you deal with them.

Some suggestions of what to tell people:

Touch aversion: tags and certain fabrics (or whatever irritates you) cause you to get itchy. Describe it as a physical reaction, such as saying you have sensitive skin.

Sensory overload: loud rooms give you headaches. Headaches make things sound louder which make for worse headaches. (Bright lights are a culprit to making this worse that took me years to notice. Beware fluorescent lights.) Ask to listen to quiet music, or be excused regularly, to cut down on the amount of noise you have to hear.

Food issues: XYZ foods make you feel ill. (This is true in part.) Avoiding onions/cabbage/vinegar is a matter of avoiding stomach ache. I would suggest just outright saying that you don’t like some foods and won’t eat them, if you think the people who you eat with will respect that. After all, better to honestly say ‘onion makes me want to puke’ then to pretend you love something someone has prepared for you, which you hate. If you want to eat those foods (onion is one of my favourite meal additions but I physically gag if I chew a half cooked piece) explore new ways of eating it. Make it a minimal part of a meal, like grinding it to oblivion if texture is the issue or using a barely present amount if flavour, and just keep eating it that way, progressively exposing yourself to more as you get used to it. I promise you it’s worth it. (Mind you, I never bothered with cabbage, celery or soft cooked vegetables, I really just don’t like them or care for them.) 

Eye contact: look between their eyes, at the bridge of their nose, or look at their glasses. You can’t really tell. If you’re talking about something, say, at school, write things as you explain it, so that you have a reason to not make eye contact so much, and so they won’t be looking at you as much.

Social skills: recite a new person’s name over and over in your head, while taking mental notes about them. Their car, the shape of their ears, the sound of their voice. You don’t need to memorise those details but it’s one of the best ways to memorise new people if you struggle with that (as a social butterfly I still struggle with new names. I’ll forget unless I think about it again a few times within the next day or so). Also be upfront about being bad with names, and ask if you don’t remember, because asking twice in a row is way less embarrassing then trying to catch their name two months later. Trust me. Also, being upfront but considerate is something most of my autistic friends are liked for.

Lastly, find stims that are soothing but also don’t attract much attention. Leg bouncing is one that many people do, but is sometimes pointed out (by rude people, or if it’s noisy). I play with the tip of my tongue against my teeth often. Fidget rings are good too, or any textured ring that can be rotated around your finger without much resistance. If you notice a new stim which might have consequences, like chewing on your cheeks (causes callouses), try to replace it with a safe one quickly, because bad habits die hard, especially stims. Small, cool objects, like a pebble, or jewellery, or a usb, can be soothing to rotate in your fingers, and is not seen as unusual most of the time.

Hope that helps!  Edit as you see fit.


This seems helpful, thanks for submitting !!

- Solar

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☾ ψ ϟ ♚ ♒ for Sebastian?

Hello, fam, thank you for asking those! The questions you picked are the music to my ears, honestly. AndIloveyourblogespeciallythematchupyouwroteforme


☾ What is their favorite and least favorite thing about the night?

His favourite part of the night is the fact that people are sleeping then and he can finally stop acting. He doesn’t have to smile all the time (even though he still does, his moods are generally rather positive), he doesn’t have to fulfill any orders and he can have some time for himself - in peace and silence. There was a single part in the manga where he has been shown in the middle of the night - sitting alone by the desk with a pile of huge books surrounding him and this is literally the best thing ever, one of the very rare moments when we could see him actually being himself. I often look at it, it’s so adorable, Sebastian secretly being a bookworm.

When it comes to least favourite aspect of the nights, I’d say it could be that so they easily bring melancholy, remind about mistakes, make us question lots of things and since Sebastian doesn’t sleep at all such thoughts can be intrusive for him so sometimes it is better to find an occupation.

ψ Do they think they deserve punishment for their wrongdoings? 

If someone whould ever ask him this question, his answer would most likely be ‘yes’ but the thing is, he doesn’t think of it, ever. Partly because he is so full of pride that he doubts any kind of punishment will reach him anytime soon, partly because he is aware of his immortality and partly because he spent so much time in hell that he isn’t concerned about such things anymore. He has already seen so many terrible, horrifying things that he kind of grew immune to them even if they were going to be made for him, so it is impossible to scare him this way.

ϟ Have they ever gotten pleasure from causing others pain?

He always experiences pleasure form causing pain to the others, not a physical one but mentally he feels the greatest when people are dying from his hands, when they scream from pain, when they beg for mercy, when they cower in fear, it can be such an ecstatic sensation for him that sometimes he lets himself get lost in it and loses his composure.

♚ Do they consider themselves to be evil? 

Sebastian cosiders himself more evil than he indeed is. There are moments where he visibly seems more to want to be evil than actually being evil, such as the incident in the end of Circus Arc where he clearly had doubts for Ciel’s orders. He was also moved when Agni called him his friend, surprised that someone could see him as such but not offended by it. It was canonically stated that he likes being a butler; he enjoys cooking, loves admiration and attention he is receiving, he likes impressing the others and taking care of the household is his pride, those aren’t aspects of someone who is evil to the bone and nothing more. Thinking about all of it, sometimes it is even hard to remember who he truly is and I have a feeling that he may be forgetting about it, too, from time to time.

♒ If they could choose how to die, how would they want to go? 

He doesn’t have any particular method chosen because he doesn’t think about it, since after death there would be nothing more for him; being a demon, he would disappear both from hell and earth, on the contrary to humans - not being able to be reborn or to get a new body. The lack of the soul makes it all impossible so if his physical form would be completely destroyed, he would simply stop existing and such perspective isn’t something he likes to contemplate about. However, if he had to chose, I’m almost sure that he would want to go with a boom, not literally but surely in some huge, impressive way.

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Thanks for your reply! It was so on point, I agree with everything. It's curious many people don't see it this way. Hide has also done very ambiguous things, it's like he's willing to go to extremes but only for Kaneki or himself. He's not perfect, just like nobody in TG is. And I agree with the loneliness too. There's no proof yet, but I think it's possible he had a bad family situation, just like Kaneki, and that's why he seeked him out, because he could relate. I thought this because I 1/2

Remembered Eto telling Hinami when manipulating her to join Aogiri that somebody like her, who’s been loved her entire life, couldn’t understand Kaneki and his need for affection. And Hide and Kaneki share some personality traits, though they manifest them differently (as you said, they’re closed up and don’t trust easily). Who knows tho, I can be completely wrong lol 2/2            

I’m glad it appears to have been pleasant for you \(^-^)/

As much as I often find myself complaining about the lack of content we get of Hide in the manga, i rly like going through the little there is, to observe and theorize and get an own opinion of him instead of wanting to see a certain aspect of him
- a personal favourite of mine is actually chapter 118 his conversation with Touka and his interactions with the CCG people because I think those havent been talked enough about yet imo, everyone focusing on his relationship with Kaneki and as much as im a shipper my first interest is still Hide himself on any day :)

And yeah I totally agree actually with your suspiscion mostly its this part on one of the calendar pages that got me into theorizing and looking out for hints of a troubled childhood of Hide (and rly there are some haha)

Its a piece of Hides POV likely from their elemantary days and lets just take this in what it is telling us. Hide as a child already recognizes manipulative behaviour, and that their teacher in his opinion is taking advantage of it just because. That Hide thinks adults treat children like toys. I dont think we can simply write this off as his intellect or emotional intellgence, it seems pretty premature and such a thing imo happens when theres a need for it.

Thats certaintly not an introspection from a child with a good childhood, my thoughts so far are that whoever took care of Hide or coined Hide into this mindset was a manipulator, which also shows imo in Hide, in his behaviour for example with Kanekis aunt who also behaved abusive to Kaneki, not physically but she just went and threw his books away despite how much she new Kaneki treasured those. Hide showed no second of hesitation to put her back into place through blackmail and manipulating her.

So yeah theres more and I’m pretty convinced so far that Hide had a bad situation in his childhood and can therefore relate to Kaneki.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: Part Two -- 25/05/17

Note: In case anyone’s interested, just this part alone is my longest ever recap. In total, both parts of this recap reach almost 21,000 words. I hope this is enough detail for you all! 

I’m not going to lie. After Wednesday night I felt really weird. Not unhappy, just odd. On Wednesday it felt like I was going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but then it was just so different on Wednesday night, and there were so many things that I was apprehensive about for Part Two, that I simply didn’t know what to expect yesterday.

It’s weird sitting in a familiar theatre, about to watch a play with a script you know back to front, and characters you know inside out, and feel that you have no idea what is about to happen, or what to expect. I was nervous, a little apprehensive, and desperately in need of a hug, which @aberorca kindly provided.

But then it began, and all my fears and worries were allayed. I feel so full of joy and excitement right now. That was really great, and some of the scenes are already my favourite versions of those scenes.

If this is what an ass kicking from John Tiffany does for people, then maybe we all need one of those in our lives. It seems to inspire great things.

I’m going to start by reassessing some of the characters, and giving some impression of the characters we only saw in Part Two. Then we’ll get down to the detail (of which I’m not sure how much there’ll be, because my brain spent most of the show screaming with euphoric relief).


David is quite literally everything you want in a Snape. He was quiet in a menacing way, full of suppressed emotion, with just the right touch of humour. I enjoyed everything about his performance.


James Phoon’s Craig might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. He sounds terrifyingly similar to Jeremy in some scenes (which I don’t think is deliberate), and he was just pretty great.


Rupert looks so young as Cedric, but he still exudes the same heroic goodness that Milligan always did. He really blew me away in the few seconds he had. It was such a touching scene.


You think you’ve seen all there is to Annabel’s Delphi, but then she captures the boys and attains her full power, and she reaches maximum creep mode. This Delphi is Bellatrix all over: laughing hysterically at the boys’ pain, revelling in mayhem, actually licking her lips when she sees she’s causing fear, like she loves the taste of it. She’s brutal and awful and gross.


This Draco is impressive and powerful, but so broken and afraid. He does things and hates himself for them. He’s terrified of the possibility of sending himself, and more importantly his son, back to Voldemort’s world. His grief seems to ache. He’s become such a good man. And as well as the weight of the serious moments, he’s incredibly funny too.


Sweet, funny, full of pain just like his father, but somehow still in love the world around him. He absolutely adores his dad, and he loves his best friend. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and he’s disgusted by the idea that any version of himself could cause pain.


Harry is so open to Albus, so warm towards him, so intent to listen. When he’s told to ‘be honest to those you love, show them your pain’ he really takes it to heart. He’s heartbroken with guilt over the people who’ve died on his behalf. I loved the tone that Jamie brought to him in this act.


I’m going to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure who Albus is, but in a really exciting way. In Part Two there were flashes of a genuinely funny, awkward, ridiculous Albus. An Albus who desperately cares about the people around him. An Albus who adores his best friend and his father. An Albus who could be so many things. Losing the establishing half of Albus’s character makes it difficult to assess, but I’m so excited by the possibility of Theo’s Albus, and I’m jealous of anyone who gets to see him do a really good Part One in the next month, cause I think that’s where you’ll find the heart of him.

And now to the detail.

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If you are looking for a positive post on Supergirl S2 then this is not it

I feel like with S2 of Supergirl the CW have literally did whatever they can to distance themselves from S1 under CBS. I didn’t think the network change would make a huge difference but boy was I wrong.

Now some things they have done haven’t all been bad but I think with the exception of a few plots we would want Supergirl to return to what it was in its first season. I’m just gonna try list some of the things the CW has changed:

•They immediately broke up the romance which was built up for the entirety of season 1 and made stupid excuses for this break up. This kinda made a lot of stuff which happened with Kara in S1 irrelevant. I think a lot of us wouldn’t have been so upset about the break up if they actually stuck to the idea that Kara wanted to find herself on her own but they didn’t and that brings me onto my next point.

• The CW clearly don’t trust that Kara/Supergirl is enough to bring in viewers or they would not have had Superman appear in the first two episodes and they would not have introduced Mon-el as her co-lead. While in S1 James was the male lead, it never felt like he was Kara’s co-lead because that role belonged to Alex. CBS allowed Supergirl to be a female dominated show and that’s what many of us loved about it but the CW has moved away from it because that is what they are familiar with. The CW thinks there needs to be a dominant male character in every show and that is clearly shown with S2 of Supergirl.

• Alex’s coming out. Now this has been one change that I think all of us have welcomed. Even though producers have said they had talked about it in S1 I think the move to the CW is the reason this happened. The CW loves to try show that it is diverse so they would be eager to introduce this storyline more so than CBS. However, the CW is also doing something which I don’t think CBS would do. Queerbating. Even though there is an canon lesbian relationship they are still queerbating. They do this by promoting Sanvers more than any other couple on the show but giving them less screentime than the other primary couple. They do this by only allowing Sanvers to have little pecks on the lips like once every four episodes while Kara and Mon-el get full blown make-outs and it obviously implied that they had sex. They do this by suggesting an episode is heavily Sanvers centred for it to be actually centred on an abusive relationship and skipping over important plots involving Sanvers.

• Another change they made was moving Winn to the DEO which I think we can all agree was a great move. There really was no use for Winn at Catco and it made his character into more than just Kara’s genius friend. I also really enjoyed that they made him a part of the Guardian storyline by being James’ sidekick and the storyline of Winn getting attacked on a mission was great as well. S2 Winn is probably my second favourite character behind Alex but there are still some CW things that concerns me. The need to give everyone a love interest is one of those things. I don’t see the need to give Winn a girlfriend and if they are going to give him one then maybe chose someone who is more likeable and doesn’t treat Winn badly. Basically the CW just needs to keep Winn the same as he was in the first half of S2 as he is a likeable character who provides good comic relief without detracting from the leads.

• Now I know the sidelining of James Olsen is a popular strike against S2 of Supergirl and I totally understand why. He was supposed to be the male lead and in the lead up to S2 it seemed that he was going to get an even bigger role with the Guardian storyline but instead he has basically been reduced to a recurring character whose storyline has been under-utilised. Sometimes it feels like he just shows up in some episodes to fulfil Mechad’s contract. Why did they even bother promoting the Guardian storyline if they aren’t even going to use it?

• Surprise! Another black character sidelined in S2 of Supergirl. This one has gone basically unnoticed compared to James Olsen’s treatment but it still bothers me just as much. The poor treatment of J'onn J'onzz as a character is much harder to notice because he still is in many episodes but he’s without any real storylines. He’s basically like S1 Winn, get one episode where the focus is on you and then you’re invisible for the rest of the season. Last season we saw a strong relationship between J'onn and the Danvers sisters and that has just been missing this season. This season J'onn has basically been reduced down to identifying alien species. The one really interesting storyline revolving around him where he was transforming into a white martian was quickly solved by the end of the episode miraculously by Eliza ( not even Alex)which was almost as annoying as the “ it was all a dream” trope.

• The last thing I’m going to complain about is the damn plot holes from S1 to S2 and the characters being written out of character. I understand it was under a different network but c'mon CW you can at least acknowledge what happened last season! To explain why Lucy is no longer around all you have to do is say she moved to DC after Myriad or something like that. And are we just supposed to believe that Max Lord wouldn’t be Cadmus’ best friend? Are we supposed to forget about what General Lane gave to Lord at the end of S1? There has been a mix bag with writing Alex as a character this season. Some scenes are just so Alex Danvers with her being a complete badass but others have her giving advice to Kara which she would never have given in S1. Alex couldn’t stand Maxwell Lord so it’s hard to believe that she would encourage her sister to date someone who has a similar personality and has publicly embarrassed her in the workplace by shouting at her. They’ve also wrote Kara as being more arrogant and less focused on her friends. Having Kara say James couldn’t be a hero because he didn’t have powers didn’t make sense and it just came across as Kara was jealous of another hero getting credit. S1 Kara would have been concerned for James’ safety but probably would’ve quickly got over it but instead it takes her longer to forgive James for being Guardian than it takes her to forgive Mon-el about lying about his true identity among other horrible things he has done.

Basically the show has drastically changed from what it was in S1. Now I’m not saying it was perfect, far from it, but they have failed to truly build upon the potential it did have. They toned down it’s feminism all to please the DC fanboys it is trying to attract on the CW and they wasted storylines which could’ve been great because they wanted to push a character which many agree has ruined the show. They need to fix this for S3 or that will be the end of Supergirl.

cartoonbooknerd  asked:

What about. Bughead prompt how Betty is taking a photography class and uses Jughead as a model. Gets him dressed like young Leo from the Titanic and the whole school goes nuts and fangirls

Thank you so much, I loved this idea!

“Betty, c’mon, I don’t really think this is a good idea,” Jughead whined from where he stood in front of the pile of clothes his girlfriend had left on a wooden stool in the middle of the Blue and Gold office. He poked the offending material gently with his index finger, looking up to meet her eyes, eyebrows knit apprehensively.

“Jug, you said you’d help me with this photography course - whatever I needed, remember?” she returned, crossing her arms across her chest in defiance, a knowing glint in her eye. She knew she’d get her way, and he did too. It wouldn’t stop him from putting up a fight though.

“Yeah, I know, but this?” He picked up the light brown slacks. “It’s not really me.” They fell back to the stool. She sighed, walking over to him to straighten them out before they creased.

“You’re not supposed to be you, Jughead, you’re just my subject.” When his face remained stoic she switched tactics. “Besides, I think you’re going to look great in these, you can ever wear your own suspenders.” She crept closer to him, grabbing the elastic that hung at his hips and pulling at it slightly, letting it snap back against his thigh. Jughead took in an unsteady breath. “If you do this for me, I’ll be in your debt,” she finished, looking up at him from beneath thick, dark eyelashes. He groaned internally - she wasn’t playing fair.

“Fine, but you own me, Cooper. Big time,” he snarked, leaning down to capture her lips before reluctantly grabbing the pile of clothes and going to change.

Betty busied herself arranging the stool in front of the blue screen she’d borrowed from the yearbook department, fussing over the exact position and moving the box lights to get exactly the right shadow. She heard the door click and turned to greet Jughead, breath leaving her in a gasp.

“I look ridiculous.” Betty couldn’t think of anything less true, even if her brain was functioning at full capacity right now. Jughead stood in the doorway, shoulders hunched slightly in discomfort. The brown slacks hung off his hips perfectly, white dress shirt tucked in with the top buttons undone and showing off a hint of smooth chest beneath. His suspenders were now perched on his shoulders and, best of all, his hair hung teasingly over his eyes, beanie long gone. “Betts?” he questioned when she still hadn’t said anything.

“Err… I… y-you look good, Juggie,” she stuttered, hoping that the blush on her cheeks wasn’t as hot as it felt to her. Seriously, did they turn off the AC in here? Jughead relaxed slightly at her new dumbfound expression, feeling a rare manly pride that he would never get used to as it happened only in the presence of Betty.

“Thanks. Where do you want me?” A million inappropriate answers flew through Betty’s head before she cleared her throat, pointing to the stool. He sat, awkwardly at first before Betty ran her fingers deliciously through his hair, eliciting an appreciative hum.

“Just do what feels natural,” she said, taking a step back to admire his pose, one leg up on the bar of the stool, chin resting in his hand.

“Nothing about this is natural,” he retorted, tell-tale smile in his eyes nonetheless. Betty rolled her eyes at his stubbornness.

“Oh, hush.” She raised the lens to her eye before lowering it again. “One second.” She moved toward him, reaching forward to undo another button on his shirt. “Much better,” she giggled. Jughead smirked, a laugh escaping him. He loved seeing Betty like this, playful and carefree. If he had to pose in some ridiculous outfit for a few hours, who was he to complain when he got to see that glow radiating from her cheeks.


“I know you aren’t gonna like it but those pictures of you are some of my favourites and I’m actually really proud of them and-” Jughead silenced her fretting with a kiss.

“It’s ok, Betts. So what if I have to be displayed before our neanderthal peers for a day or two. I don’t mind if it’s what you want,” he murmured, feeling a warmth spread throughout his chest at her responding soft smile. Betty had been asked to create a display as part of the photography course, to be put up in the hallway of none other than their beloved Riverdale High. Jughead pulled his beanie further down on his head and averted his gaze to the ground, preparing to make his way through the mocking whispers and get to class as quickly as possible.

As he expected there were eyes turning to him from all angles as he made his way to class, whispers reaching his ears in a dull buzzing hum.

“Hi, Jughead.” He turned to the unexpected party.

“Err, hi, Ethel,” he said warily, eyes darting towards Betty for explanation. She just shrugged.

“I just wanted to tell you those pictures of you are so great. You look… really cool,” she finished, cheeks turning pink. Betty tried to turn her giggle into a cough unsuccessfully, Jughead shoving an elbow delicately into her ribs.

“Um, thanks, I guess?” he replied lamely.

“No problem!” Ethel replied chirpily, turning to walk down the hall. Betty’s laugh came out full force now they were alone.

“Looks like someone has taken on the role as Riverdale High’s new teen heart-throb,” she laughed, eyes gleaming with mischief. Jughead groaned.

“This is all your fault, Cooper,” he mumbled. She kissed his cheek, causing him to roll his eyes. He couldn’t stay mad at her for long.

“Hey there, Jughead!” The voice came from behind them. They turned to see none other than Ginger Lopez hurtling towards them. “Great pictures! Who knew beneath all that doom and gloom you cleaned up into a hottie. Very young Leo,” she winked. Jughead felt Betty stiffen besides him - she’d never cared for Ginger much. His eyes went wide as he watched Ginger raise her arm, hand coming to rest on his jacket sleeve, a giggle escaping her lips. “Hey, what do you say we-” Her sentence was cut off abruptly.

“Juggie, we’re going to be late to class. Nice seeing you, Ginger.” Betty’s voice dripped with sugary sweet pleasantness. Jughead bit his lip as Betty leaned into his side, wrapping a hand round his arm. He followed her, casting one last glance at a bewildered Ginger before turning to his girlfriend. He could practically see the steam coming out of her ears.

“So, about this new teen heart-throb status…” he began, unable to resist teasing her more. She narrowed her eyes at him, the uptilted corners of her lips giving her away.

“Shut up, Jughead.”

Beauty and the Beast - Thoughts

Okie so this is going to be a long post, just a heads-up. There may be unintentional spoilers, and if anything I’ve said is offensive I’m really sorry, the last thing I want to do is to offend anyone… But basically here is everything I loved about this movie after seeing it yesterday.

- All the backstory was great! Things that didn’t make sense in the original were explained, like how the village totally forgot about this castle, and why the Beast had emotional issues, and the whole age thing under the spell.

- Some minor characters got their own backstories and personalities fleshed out - Cadenza the harpsichord and Madame Garderobe, Mrs Potts’ husband, Cogsworth’s wife…

- Maurice was really well developed. He wasn’t just a bumbling inventor, he was an artist, a genius, a caring father, and I really loved the relationship between him and Belle. ‘How Does A Moment Last Forever’ was beautiful, it said so much in so little time; and getting some backstory on Belle’s mother was also great.

- Philippe the horse has officially earned his awesomeness ranking among the Maximuses and Samsons of Disney horsedom (I mean he already had in the original, but having a real horse made it even better)

- Belle’s girl power vibe was great - the way she stood up to Gaston, and how sassy her reprise was

- The librarian (he’s a librarian right? There were about four books but I guess it’s still a library…) - I won’t call him “the black librarian” or anything, that’s like saying “the female politician” - but I liked his character, how he defended Maurice, and that yes, he was a person of colour, which was awesomesauce.

- Also in general the ethnic diversity in the movie was well done, I thought. There were several mixed-race couples toward the end and everyone was chill with it, so I think that was great.

- Gaston’s character arc was excellent! I loved how he wasn’t really evil at the beginning, just extremely narcissistic, but then took a darker path later on…

- The enchantress got her own story too! No spoilers but she was a cool character

- Belle and Adam bonding over books was beautiful - I loved the Shakespeare references and the poetry, even if it was borderline cheesy at times

- Adam’s reaction when Belle says her favourite play is Romeo and Juliet - hahahahaha

- But then how he reads Guinevere and Lancelot in secret - aahhh <3

- Oh and Belle’s squeal when she sees the library - I would so do the same…

- Dan Stevens’ acting rocked in general. Obviously I was expecting that because Downton Abbey, but he really added new depth to the Beast.

- I’ll admit it, I thought Emma Watson was a bit overhyped as an actress, but she was amazing. I was proven totally wrong and it was great.

- By the way, about Gaston’s Macbeth reference (“screw your courage to the sticking place”) - I know this was in the original, but does that mean he does read books upon occasion? Not the sappy romances, but the dark and gory ones?

- The new songs were great - the part with young Adam gave me goosebumps, as did, like, the whole of Evermore

- Also the Beast got really emo toward the end there, haha

- I was a bit sad that one of my favourite lines was cut - “Lefou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking”, “a dangerous pastime -” “I know” - but it was okay.

- LEFOU!!! Okay, I’ve been building up to this, I could make an entire separate post about it so bear with me here. I was amongst those getting mad about an LGBT Disney character, for a whole bunch of reasons. The fact that his name literally means the Fool; that he’s your classic imbecilic sidekick; that he’s in love with a self-obsessed straight guy who does nothing but abuse him in return; that Disney is using him as some kind of marketing scheme and token “representation” (gee thanks Disney); that he’s pretty much just a joke, and that his sexuality is therefore made into a joke as well. But… I was proven really wrong about, like, all of this. Disclaimer, I’m not part of the LGBT community, so I realise I have no authority to speak on this… but I thought he was portrayed really well. He was so much more than just a stupid sidekick, so much more than the comic relief, so much MORE than the “token gay character”. He had real personality, his own values and character arc and everything… And the relationship between him and Gaston wasn’t really abusive, not at the beginning. They actually had a nice bond toward the start, Lefou wasn’t just some hopeless obedient guy following him around… And the best part was that when Gaston went from being narcissistic to being plain evil, Lefou had real integrity, he saw Gaston’s true colours and stepped right out of it. He stood up for what he believed in, and got his own happy ending. As for him being nothing more than a joke - I think it depends on the audience. People /could/ take him as just the comic relief, I heard plenty of people laughing at the beautiful moment where he dances with Stanley… But that was up to the viewer. Josh Gad acted him excellently, I thought. Lefou wasn’t a serious character - he was never meant to be - but the actor took the role seriously, so that if audiences looked past the humour, they could see the depth he’d added to him. Tl;dr - Josh Gad exceeded my expectations as Lefou and it was wonderful. 

- Not only that, Lefou got some of the best lines in the movie - the part where he tries to spell Gaston but realises he’s illiterate; the part where he calms Gaston by reminding him of “happy things, like war, and widows”; and how he tells those girls fawning over Gaston “It’s not gonna happen, ladies” (we were all thinking it)

- Which reminds me - STANLEY!! My new favourite minor Disney character… His face when Lefou sings “whose team they’d prefer to be on” and doffs him on the head; the way he grins when Madame Garderobe dresses him in girls’ clothing; and of course the part where he and Lefou dance - how they stare into each other’s eyes… Aahhh I ship it

- The whole symbolism about being a beast was super deep

- Oh and Stephen Chbosky wrote the screenplay! I didn’t realise until the end, but I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway, overall I loved this movie, it was amazing and beautiful, and really did justice to the original… I’d recommend very muchly if you haven’t already seen it! :D

Th1rteen R3asons Why: Prepare to Be Obsessed.


I thought for this recap/review  I would stick to the theme with 13 reasons of my own.

13 reasons why I LOVED  (or Not Loved) THIS SHOW (and BOOK)

The Loved List

1. The Cast - Katherine Langford (Hannah) is amazing (some Aussie pride over here!) and I feel she does total justice to the lead character, she made it completely believable and relatable.  I also loved seeing Ross Butler (Zach) in another role, as I already love him as Reggie in The CWs Riverdale! Only wish we could’ve seen more of him. It’s always an honour to have Kate Walsh (Hannah’s mom) grace the screen, I’ve been a fan since Private Practice. I felt that all the cast were perfectly chosen and brought their characters stories to life in a magical way. I couldn’t imagine any of the roles with another actor. They were amazing and a great fresh young cast who I am sure will soon be taking Hollywood by storm! 

2. The Narrative Format - I absolutely LOVE Jay Asher’s narrative concept for this story. The tapes, the voice, the whole idea and concept just adds to the whole kind of ‘thrilling’ feeling which perfectly suits the haunting story of Hannah Baker. I think it’s an extremely unique narrative and it works so well with this particular theme and topic by adding so much more depth and emotion to the story. I don’t reckon that such an important and serious theme could’ve been addressed half as well or as appropriately with any other narrative. It worked perfectly together.

3. The Storylines - The storylines are all fabulous. The book and main storyline about the suicide of Hannah Baker and what lead her to her decision is something I think is extremely important to tell in today’s society with teen depression and cases of teen suicide scarily on the rise and being one  of the leading causes for teen death. It’s haunting, it’s honest, it’s raw, and most importantly it’s so damn real.  Also the individual story for each ‘character’ / ‘tape’ / ‘episode’ are so incredible. Each character has their own unique storyline of how they fitted into Hannah’s life and became a part of her final decision. Most of the stories were exceptionally well suited to their respective character , but some of them left me sad as I really expected more from those characters (especially Zach & Justin but more on them later). Having said that though, it was all fitting to the main story, and wouldn’t have been the same otherwise.

4. The Characters - All of the characters were relatable and wonderfully portrayed. One of my favourite characters was Zach -  mainly because he is played by Ross Butler, but I honestly think he was one of the nicer guys and I really feel like Hannah could’ve come to a different outcome if she’d given him more of chance instead of just brushing him off - but I do also understand she had her reasons for reacting the way she did. I really enjoyed watching each character’s story unfold through out this series as they each had an extremely unique and definite personality, and story. Justin was a character I also enjoyed as I could really feel his pain, and I think he was not a bad guy, but his life lead him to make a couple of bad decisions himself. Everyone has their own demons that they’re battling against and I think that this show perfectly portrays this how all of us are dealing with our own personal issues which cause things to work out the way they do. (I love how the show focuses on each of the characters and also explores the aftermath of how listening to the tapes affected each of their lives (whereas the book only really concentrates on Clays thoughts as he is listening to the tapes and doesn’t really give us much background into the other characters, the show really gives us insight into each of their personal lives and their relationships with one another).

5. The Interweaving -  I also loved seeing in the show how each of the characters were connected to one another and how their relationships are affected by the demise of Hannah. Of course all of them have played some part in her final decision and it’s heartbreaking for them to realise the consequences of what they had done, even though for most of them it was unintentional. They now also become connected by all their secrets as the 13 of them are now fully aware of the secrets of each other and they have to work together to try and keep Hannah’s accusations and their guilt from going ‘public’ which they’re all afraid the ‘stand up, good guy’ , Clay might do - as even Hannah admits - ‘one of these things is not like the others’ and Clay in a sense doesn’t really belong on the list - but I guess Hannah feels she owes him a kind of explanation.

6. The Acting -  The acting is mostly brilliant in this show. I have to give special recognition to the actor Justin Prentice in this segment as I think he did a phenomenal job. Justin Prentice played the character of ‘Bryce Walker’ who is basically the ‘villain’ of the season, he is pig headed and absolutely disgusting , typical jock type guy with less than ZERO respect for women (and his friends) who thinks his money can buy him out of any problem and get him whatever he wantes. He honestly had me HATING him at the end of this show, and I had developed kind of a personal vendetta against him wishing he’d been the one who was dead in Hannah’s stead. Only a few days later I was watching an interview (13 reasons why: beyond the reasons - special available on Netflix under trailers and more) and I realised - ‘Crap. Like he’s (Prentice) a hot, genuinely cool guy. Bryce is just a character.’ He explained how hard it was to bring this character to life. It was a real challenge as it would’ve I’m sure hit a few nerves and touched on a LOT of raw emotions, and sensitive issues. So major props to him for creating such a believable character!

7. Tony & His Mustang -  Tony, played by Christian Navarro, is like half the reason to love this show. Man, Tony is just so effortlessly suave and sexy (but sorry ladies - he’s gay!) and he just happens to continuously appear at the right place and at the right time. I love his kind of mysterious, guardian angel aura that portrays on the show as he follows Clay around and supports him as he tries to get through listening to the tapes. Not that he needs another reason to be sexier but he drives and adores his vintage, red MUSTANG! Dayum! (I’m not sure if I loved Tony or the ‘Mustang’ more to be honest haha) …. He was a major part of the shows success and It wouldn’t have been half as incredible without him in it. 

8.The Messages-  I think that all in all the message that this show tells is one of EXTREME importance : It needs to be heard. It raises awareness of a very important issue which should not be hushed out and kept silent. It’s a shout out to a number of groups too. To Depressed Teens : SILENCE IS NOT STRENGTH!!! PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. OPEN UP TO SOMEONE. If you’re thinking sad, depressive and suicidal thoughts, don’t keep them bottled up inside your mind, speak about them, say them out loud, admit your feelings don’t hide them away from those around you. People can’t help you if they don’t know what’s going on inside your head. Some one will always be willing to listen. You just have to speak to the right person. To Teenagers (Humans) in general : DON’T BE AN A**HOLE. You never know how what you do may affect some one and slowly be chipping away at their identity. Be kind. Show Respect! and LISTEN. Read between the lines, be there for people, and provide a ‘safe space’ and an opportunity for them to reach out. Don’t ignore subtle hints! Take EVERYTHING seriously, let them know they are loved. Let them know you CARE! To Adults , Parents and Councellors. Be PRESENT. Be AVAILABLE. Don’t undermine their feelings. If something is troubling them - it’s troubling them for a valid reason - don’t make them feel silly, or like they are over reacting. If they are upset they HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO FEEL THE WAY THEY DO. Help them overcome it, help them deal with it and remember: the worst thing you can tell someone who is hurting is to ‘MOVE ON’. Their emotions are ALWAYS justified - don’t disrespect their feelings by minimising them. To EVERYONE - whatever we say or do can affect someone else in ways we could never know or imagine. Pay attention to how you treat others! 

The Not so Loved List

8.  The Sexist Themes - I really was affected by the sexism portrayed especially as it’s not just a show and / or story - this is happening IN REAL LIFE. Boys today (and I’m sorry for generalising here, I admit I know it’s not all of you, I know there are still stand-up, genuine gentlemen somewhere out there, they just happen to be the exception rather than the rule these days) have such a little, if any respect for the female body. In this show particularly, it’s as if the girls are viewed as a trophy or a plaything and nothing more - they are not treated as respected, independent, strong individuals - but rather they (girls) are expected to just be taken advantage of allow the boys to ‘take’ their own pleasure from them ( I say this because of two separate rape incidents within this story where the girls did NOT give consent and yet the boys went ahead anyway taking advantage of the vulnerability). Girls are viewed a prize or possession something which can be owned and just because they ‘have the hottest ass’ or the ‘best lips’ now every guy has the ‘right’ (sarcasm here) to just grab the ass, or make out with her whenever he feels like it. It’s absolute rubbish. Any guy who thinks like this is madly flawed in his reasoning - under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should a girl EVER BE TOUCHED UNLESS SHE HAS GRANTED HIS PERMISSION TO DO SO. (And the same goes for guys! Girls shouldn’t throw themselves over them unless the attraction and desire is MUTUALLY acknowledged). It’s a two way thing and BOTH PARTIES involved should have an EQUAL say! Mutual respect is important in any relationship. It doesn’t take much longer to take the time to say, ‘this is what we’re about to do? Is that okay with you?’ make them feel secure and supported.

9.  The Teenage Stupidity -  I was horrified once again by the realisation that this is how teenagers actually treat eachother. More than just in the book or series this is REAL LIFE. It’s so sad to think about how stupid, and naive and unintentional actions can have such harsh, and permanent consequences. I am so glad I am no longer in high school right now - if I had to see these things going on around me I’d be crushed. When did our generation become so cruel? so uncaring? This is not the kind of future we want to raise our kids into .. is it? Let’s get some respect and healthy relationships back into fashion. Let’s raise our girls to be strong, confident, loving and trusting and our boys to be protective, caring, kind and respectful. We are the future and it starts with us! Let’s not just ignore overlook the seriousness of these issues. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, have a little chat with the (WO)MAN in the MIRROR!

10. The Selfishness - There are more than one areas where I felt selfishness could’ve been avoided and Hannah’s story could’ve had a different outcome. First instance is with the other characters - each of them performed selfish actions (Alex selfishly wrote the list to make himself feel better and get his revenge on Jess, Ryan selfishly published Hannah’s private poem, Bryce, Marcus and Tyler all used Hannah to selfishly satisfy themselves in their own ways). Second instance is Hannah herself - she was extremely selfish in her final decision. Suicide is a selfish choice, and a selfish action. I know it may sound cruel and harsh - but it’s true. When you decide to take your own life, it’s something you want to do to end your pain because you feel that you can’t go on with life anymore. But do you stop to think about those who are left behind? After you’re gone - they’re the ones who will be left struggling with the aftermath, with a hole in their hearts and an emptiness in their life because of what you CHOSE to do. It’s always a choice. Another interesting point brought out in the special is that suicide of a friend / classmate can affect people so much that it often drives another person to suicide. (As happened in this show when Alex also shoots himself in the end). It’s heartbreaking for those left behind, and do you really want to make your loved ones suffer a pain worse than what you yourself has been going through? Especially if you haven’t really given them the chance to help you overcome what ever it is you are facing.

11. The Lack of Support -  I was especially disappointed in Hannah’s parents, Mr. Porter and Hannah’s “Peer Communications” class and teacher. All of these groups had a chance to support / help Hannah. She tried to talk to her parents, but because they were so worried about the business all the time, she felt like she would only be burdening them unnecessarily, she thought she was strong enough to do it without them, and they were too distracted to notice that she was going through some really rough things. They didn’t make themselves available and Hannah didn’t feel like she could talk to them.  Hannah made a reach out to her ‘Peer Communications’ class in the anonymous discussion bag with a note about suicidal thoughts but the class laughed it off, and thought it was some one looking for attention, the teacher didn’t realise it was actually a cry for help (but in all fairness Hannah refused to come forward - so what was she expected to do?). Hannah however did come forward and try to reach out to Mr. Porter, the school councellor, after she was raped by Bryce and what did he tell her ‘If she didn’t want to report it, or confront him, Bryce would be leaving the school in a few months and her best option was to ‘move on’.’ What an absolute disgrace!! It’s no wonder he became the 13th Reason why! She said in so many words that she just ‘Wanted life to stop’ but he didn’t take her seriously enough and that same day she went home and did what she felt was the only thing she could. 

12. Clay - I found myself getting annoyed with Clay ALOT through out the series (he was a little less irritating in the book) … He felt like a weak, pointless character other than being the one to deliver the contents of the tapes to us. I felt like he didn’t have much depth, or wasn’t all to interesting to watch. He was trying to fight the tapes instead of just listening to them and getting the full story for Hannah. Luckily Tony (the hero of the story) was there to set him straight at every turn. I do like the fact that Clay stood up to Mr. Porter at the end as he so wisely said ‘It’s got to change. The way we treat each other.’ I did also respect that he was probably the only guy spotlighted in the series that didn’t try to take advantage of Hannah.

13. Hannah’s Choice(s) - This may seem a little unfair and I know Hannah had her reasons for her final choice, and I understand why she felt like she had to do what she did, I do, but I also think that there were a few instances where she could’ve made a different choice and all in all this could’ve lead to a very different outcome for her. In a sense I feel that she set herself up for failure. She made choices which allowed her to justify her decision.  One mistake I think Hannah made was not giving Zach a chance, I might be wrong here, and maybe he would’ve used her like all the other guys, but he seemed genuinely concerned for her after Marcus’ stunt! She made him look like a fool in front of everyone and then expected him to stand up for her when she ‘tried’ to call out for help? Maybe if she’d just given him a chance and opened up to him when they were in good standing he might have been able to hear her cry for help and respond accordingly. Another missed opportunity was that with Clay - when they were making out at the party she asked him to stop she felt the hurt from all the accusations against her reputation up until that point. He listened, he respected her , he stopped. He was confused, he asked her what was going on, she could’ve broken down and opened up to him then, but what did she do? She pushed him away. She chased him out. If she’d opened up to him, if they’d begun a relationship, she could’ve regained her self-respect and she wouldn’t probably have found herself in a shady situation with Bryce. Bring me to her third mistake NOT REPORTING BRYCE, yes she blamed Mr Porter for telling her ‘move on’ but she did not want to report it or confront Bryce- she didn’t want to see him again. She could’ve and should’ve reported him. She had witnessed Bryce previously rape a barely conscious Jessica (and Justin had seen too)  and if she’d paired up with them they could’ve taken him down and found peace. But Jessica didn’t even know, Justin covered for Bryce and Hannah never told Jessica the truth or confronted either of them until the tapes. If she’d spoken sooner, the outcome could’ve been a different one.

Anyways an AMAZING story completely haunting, gripping and thought provoking! Definitely recommended!!! Even the points on my NOT SO LOVED LIST made the story what it is - and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing - as if Hannah’s story were any different it wouldn’t leave such an important lesson for every single one of us!

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Name: Angel
Age: 20
Country:  Ireland

Hello reader, I’m Angel and I was born in the Philippines, but I grew up in Ireland for the most part. I can speak Tagalog and English, some Spanish and Irish-though don’t expect to have a full on conversation in those languages lol. I’m currently studying nursing and I will be entering my second year in this course around August.

I love music and it’s something that I cannot live/function without! My favourite types of music are indie, acoustics, pop, synth pop, alternative, r&b and the occasional ballad (karaoke is life). My favourite band is Tegan and Sara, I also love listening to Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and others. I play the guitar and ukulele, but not as much as I used to. Video games, reading (fanfics mostly..) and movies are some of my other interests. I mostly play PS4 and sometimes PC. Horror movies are one of my favourite movie genres.

I’ve had a pen pal before through email. I occasionally send cards, postcards and small presents to some friends and acquaintances all over the world. I enjoy receiving post through snail mail because I have such a fascination for it.

Looking for someone open-minded, doesn’t mind bad puns and memes, with similar interests/opposite interests that would like to get in touch either through messages, emails, snail mail or all of the above:)

Preferences: 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly

From JDM’s WSC Chicago panel - part 5:

Fan question: “What was your favourite part about playing John Winchester?”

JDM: Fuck! I thought you were gonna ask Walking Dead questions! My favourite part about playing John Winchester…was the Impala and hanging out with Jensen and Jared. They genuinely are two of the coolest dudes and nicest guys in this business.

Originally posted by darlingcap

Uhm, what’s amazing…I’ve done a lot of shit in my life, lot of jobs, and (laughing) a lot of shit! Walking Dead and Supernatural, the similarity there is two of the best casts in the history of television. And I have worked with a lot of ‘em, but we’re dealing with some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, so…it’s cool that mostly we talk about Walking Dead and Supernatural at these conventions because those two shows because of these casts, deserve to be talked about. Uhm, so that was my favourite part of Supernatural. Was just Jared and Jensen of it all, to be honest with you. And the Impala! I want it back!

Fan: “Thank you!”

JDM: “Thank you. Baba Booey…there is always one!” (laughing)

anonymous asked:

I'm ace and a lesbian, do you have any headcannons that out some pjo characters like me?

*cracks knuckles* Indeed I do:

  • Asexual Lesbian Hazel who thought that she had to like boys because of the homophobic time period she originally lived in, and thought his discomfort with sex was again because of the time period she was brought up in, where talking about sex was a taboo, is honestly my favourite hc for her. I just love imagining her realising and accepting those parts of herself, coming to love her love of girls and knowing that sex is not at all necessary for a healthy romantic relationship, and going to pride with Nico, happily painting the colours of their flags on their cheeks
  • Lesbian Reyna who also dealt with a lot of compulsory heterosexuality and is repulsed by sex and glares fiercely at idiots who try to claim that she’s pretending etc, and finds happiness, acceptance in a girl who would never think to ever pressure Reyna into sex (*cough* Rachel *cough*) is also a hc that I’m quite fond of
  • I also deeply love asexual lesbian Rachel who’s out and loud and proud and just so confident with herself, who loves painting/drawing pretty girls, who’s incredibly flirtatious, who goes to pride with her homemade signs, who’ll expertly educate idioys who dare be a dick to her/people around her, who doesn’t see what’s so great about sex but does love making innuendos so she can laugh the people who get confused at her
  • Also ace lesbian Drew? Who’s incredibly flirty and lures girls back to her place for kisses, cuddles and movie marathons? Who knew from a very young age that she was gay and ace? Who adores being gay and ace? What a concept
  • Gotta love that asexual butch lesbian thalia who wears those shirts you think people would only ever wear to pride all year round because the Hunters are 100% accepting of her, who has a leather jacket with the ace flag embroided on it, who happily wears her black ring and loves talking about girls, who listens to punk rock sung by lesbians and will shoot you with her arrow if you’re a dick

I’m not sure if you just specifically want my hcs for lesbian and ace characters, but I have loads of characters I hc as lesbian or ace so I’m gonna talk about them too but under the cut so you can ignore them if you like

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My favourite prank as a teenager

When I was a teenager I collected “souls”.

Those were actually only papers with some latin writing on them, signed with a name, a fingerprint and sometimes, when the person was easily convinced with a drop of blood.

The majority of the students who signed it had catholic lessons but said they weren’t really believing in God. It was usually a rather random joke or part of a dare.
And I made sure that they did not know me or each other that well, so that they wouldn’t confront me or tell my parents or teachers.
And after they signed it, I made them promise to not tell anyone or I would feed their soul to the dogs, which of course was seen as a joke, at first.
And afterwards I always said I would take it to a warm, exotic place and then I began to ignore them.
Sometimes I played a few harmless pranks, but mostly I left them to their own thoughts and school problems.
About half of them wanted their soul back and I said returning it would be against “God’s law”.

The most amusing thing was that one girl thought I was her guardian angel.

It was entertaining to see how different people treated me, who even had only a small suspicion that I could be something not “human”.

You see the trick in manipulation is not what you tell, but what you don’t. When my classmate asked me if I really believed in that stuff, I avoided the answer by asking him if he did, by ignoring him etc.

If you really want to scare someone you have to feed their imagination.

(-confession/lie 57)