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northern downpour // panic! at the disco


X-Men Parallels (X-Men & XM: Apocalypse)

     ↳ Logan & Rogue // Jean & Charles

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broski, talk 2 me about those hunchback parallels tho cause they its also relatable af for don

i’m gunna publish this if you don’t mind because i am SCREAMING about caliban and the hunchback of notre dame

okay so to make things clear, i’m going off the MUSICAL, which can be seen HERE, and the soundtrack is available also on youtube. it’s like the disney movie (and has the same people that worked on it), but with new songs && a more canon-like ending. (esme dies).

ANYWAYS OKAY SO LIKE. first of all. quasimodo is fucking MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY abused from the moment he’s fucking born basically by his caretakers, which is definitely what happened with caliban. (cal’s own father is the one that called him caliban instead of telling him his real name.) quasimodo was named “half formed.” caliban was named after the MONSTER in the tempest. 

second, in my own headcanon, he was locked in an attic for the first several years of his life until he ran away and had to survive on his own. he was forcibly kept away from others, which has led to some awkward social skills (but at least he has a high iq??) but that’s all like fun stuff right.

and then you get his appearance. okay first of all. caliban’s not even that ugly, but people constantly MOCK HIM for his appearance, and for the fact he’s albino. in fact, caliban’s rather adorable, just pale. he can’t go out in the sunlight, and he wants to. he wants to be able to feel that warmth. to walk among people. and. oh, what’s this?

All my life I wonder how it feels to pass a day
Not above them, but part of them
And out there, living in the sun
Give me one day out there, all I ask is one
To hold forever, out there 

No face as hideous as my face
Was ever meant for Heaven’s Light
But suddenly an angel has smiled at me
And touched my face without a trace of fright

I’ve learned ​no love will be returned
To one ​who’s born to be alone
Who looks both ​laughable and frightening
And now I know ​there’ll be no ​miracles for me
Better to have ​a heart of stone  
That holds no hope in Heaven’s light

There’s a HUGE theme in HBoND regarding light. Light is what people strive for, and being in the sun/having a moment there/having that warmth and love is something Quasimodo strives for. But even when Esmeralda goes after Phoebus, Quasi is content with just being her friend. He’s upset he’ll never be loved, but he’s content. At least Esme loves him platonically. And then she’s killed. And this… this wonderful gentle giant MURDERS his own “father/uncle” because he’s stolen the ONLY PERSON that has ever shown Quasimodo kindness.

And I’m just saying. Caliban watched his family be chased. He saw them murdered, even after all he wanted was to have them safe and sound. This gentle, ugly boy DIED to try to protect them. But more than that, he fucking MURDERED a reaver and seriously injured Pierce. 

[FROLLO, spoken]
You don’t want to hurt me!
Yes, you do
Quasimodo raised his two huge hands and, with a great bellow, threw his master over the edge of the roof into the abyss below 


samantha jane barks // jenna louise coleman

“I would love to do more film if given the opportunity. Obviously stage is a big passion of mine. Really my aim would be to combine the two and have a varied, balanced career.”
“My ultimate dream is to be a Bond girl — a badass Bond girl.”Samantha

“I just hope I’m working. In this industry 90% of actors are unemployed. So I count myself lucky to be working. I’d love to work across all three fields theatre, film and TV. Definitely theatre – I miss it!”
“I’d love to be a Bond girl.”Jenna