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Marriage of Convenience?

Okay so I tried to organize my thoughts here, and I’m not sure I succeeded, but whatever this is all @jonsasnow‘s fault anyway (YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU GIRL)

There’s been some worry that Jon and Sansa will only get together at the very, very end of the story and it will be purely political just like Ned/Cat. I know this because I was one of the people worrying lol. While the Ned/Cat parallels were first taken as little blessings for our ship, they’ve now become so frequent that, coupled with the horrendous leaks, it’s understandable for people to fear “that other pairing” is gonna be the big romance and Jon will just “settle” for Sansa in the end out of duty.

I’m actually much less convinced this will happen and it’s mostly because of that glorious episode: “Stormborn”.

I’m gonna address the Ned/Cat parallels as a whole first since these seem to be starting to make people more nervous rather than confident. Yes, the Ned/Cat parallels are strong, bordering on ridiculous, and yes Ned/Cat started off as a political marriage with no love between them. BUT the thing to remember here is that Jon/Sansa are paralleling Ned/Cat POST MARRIAGE. They’re paralleling an established married couple that is in love. Does that make Jonsa romantic at this point? No. But it shows the love, trust and respect between them. And that’s important in any romance that’s built to last. Jon and Sansa have already made great headway in establishing love, trust and respect between them, something that probably took Ned and Cat years. Jon and Sansa are already there.

But is Ned/Cat really the only couple this ship is being paralleled with? NOT ANYMORE.

“Stormborn” gave Jonsa another glorious parallel with another glorious ship, one of the most popular ships in the series that has been sailing strong for years: Jaime/Brienne. Those little waves were the SAME FREAKING WAVES Jaime and Brienne gave each other when she had to leave Riverrun on a boat last season and he looked on from the battlements. (I think someone mentioned these two episodes were even directed by the same guy and WOW is that just epic levels of coincidence or does this guy really know his shit when it comes to awkward waves that conceal SO MANY EMOTIONS???) I think Jonsa has now gotten a very good parallel to another established ship in the series, another ship with the two people ~ feeling things ~ for each other that they know they shouldn’t feel, feelings that are problematic, feelings that conflict with the roles they’re supposed to play in each other’s lives

And then, there’s the crypt scene. Gods bless this scene. All hail this scene…..*sighs dreamily*

So LF comes down to get a reading on Jon or to get into his good graces or whatever and Jon keeps his cool throughout the whole thing UNTIL the moment LF says he loves Sansa….AS HE LOVED HER MOTHER aka ROMANTICALLY aka aka SEXUALLY. And THAT is the moment Jon loses all semblance of chill. He chokes the creep for like 20 seconds?? More? He tells LF not to “touch” Sansa or he’ll straight up murder him. He didn’t say not to “hurt” or “harm” (or “talk to” since there was some confusion about that), he said “touch” which is the same word he used when promising Sansa he would defeat Ramsay, the guy who touched Sansa in the worst possible way.

Why was this scene important? Jon makes the threat and then LEAVES WF, thereby making it a pretty empty threat. Clearly if LF tries anything Jon won’t really be able to kill him because he won’t even be around. But Jon made the threat and the writers wanted us to see it. Even though they have only a handful of episodes left, even though the threat won’t come to fruition, the writers WANTED US TO SEE THIS. Why? Why bother wasting screen time on an empty threat that doesn’t affect the plot? UNLESS IT DOES. My guess is the writers want us to remember how Jon reacts (i.e. goes COMPLETELY BATSHIT CRAZY) when someone makes sexual advances/threats at Sansa. Canonically, that is the only thing to make Jon lose his cool completely (Ramsay says he wants Sansa back in his bed> Jon near beats him to death; LF admits having the sexy love for Sansa> Jon chokes him). Jon is displaying signs of a guy who doesn’t yet know/acknowledge just how deeply, or on what level, he feels for a woman in his life.

Jon might not fully realize the depth of his feelings yet, but someone else certainly seems to have gotten a clue. Perhaps the most important part of this scene was when we see the clear confusion/slow realization on LF’s face. And that realization is that there’s more than just sibling love between Jon and Sansa.

And as if all this isn’t enough, there is one more ship that Jonsa parallels within this same episode (THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD TO US YOU GUYS I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE OUR LUCK): Greyworm and Missandei. Yet another well-established, well-loved ship that has been sailing strong for years. GW is leaving on a dangerous mission, possibly not coming back, but he couldn’t say goodbye to Missandei because she’s his weakness. In the same episode, we have Jon leaving on a dangerous mission, possibly not coming back and he actually doesn’t say goodbye to Sansa. Sure, we can’t really call it the same thing, because GW and Missandei have been aware of their feelings forever and Jon and Sansa truly aren’t aware of it at this point. But is it really so different? Is it really so far-fetched to assume that Jon couldn’t say goodbye for the same reason as GW? To assume that Sansa is his weakness? I think if there’s one thing we can take away from that GLORIOUS crypt scene it’s that if you want to get under Jon’s skin all you have to do is mention Sansa in a non G-rated context and BOOM you’ve successfully made the top of Jon Snow’s kill list, congratulations and good luck to you, sir. But what does that tell us? If GW says it with words, Jon Snow shows it with actions. Sansa Stark is 100% Jon’s weakness.

So what have we learned?

1)      Jon and Sansa have established a level of love, trust and respect that we have seen present in Ned/Cat’s relationship.

2)      Jon and Sansa seem to be beginning to have problematic feelings for each other that conflict with the roles they’re supposed to fill in each other’s lives, just like Jaime/Brienne.

3)      There’s more than just sibling love between them (and LF knows it)

4)      Sansa is Jon’s weakness.

There are simply too many romantic tropes being used for these two for it to end up purely being a marriage of convenience like Ned and Cat. (So far we’ve got 1) A bond built on mutual trust and respect 2) forbidden love 3) third party noticing something’s “not quite right” between them and 4) being each other’s weakness) They’ve already started down the path of Romance Tropes Galore, and there’s no need for any romance tropes if you’re going to put two characters together just for political reasons. There’s already more than sibling love between them at the beginning of s7. I believe it will grow to even more by s8 when they reunite and I have faith it will be much much more than that before anyone suggests they marry. Sooner or later these idiots will realize what it is they’re feeling for each other. The good news is we’re nearing the end of this show so it’s only a matter of time.

Have faith guys! Jon and Sansa WILL get married for political reasons but it’ll be perfect cuz they’ll already be in love!! Now that’s what I call a marriage of convenience! *throws confetti*


X-Men Parallels (X-Men & XM: Apocalypse)

     ↳ Logan & Rogue // Jean & Charles

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

War for the Planet of the Apes
  1. Andy Serkis’ Oscar. Where is it?

  2. Oscars for the rest of the frickin team. I’m talking writing, directing, cinematography, heck even best movie. Because you know they gonna get nominated for special effects (rightly so) but that Academy right there better recognize the whole of this thing.

  3. Those Moses parallels tho. Those amazing Moses parallels.
  4. Like I’m not just talking “let my people go” but like we’re talking stuff that usually doesn’t get referenced outside of scripture. Those hard. core. Moses parallels.

  5. Ableism is a theme, unnamed, but very present in the film, and it’s one of the major things that sets apart the heroes from the villains. One of the heroes is disabled in the specific manner addressed by the movie. (tiptoing the frick around spoilers here)

  6. THEY LET THE QUIET SCENES LAND. Good heavens is this a bleak movie but they let you have moments of catharsis so that by the time you reach the end, you are emotionally invested, but not emotionally drained.
  7. Do you know how rare that is in “gritty” movies nowadays? “Oh ho ho but happy moments don’t GET to happen because this is the real world and a soft moment will get you a bullet in the head and you need to suck it up and stop being SO EMOTIONAL.” 
  8. But this movie gives that mindset to the villain who actually spends a good portion of one of his rants essentially going “lol triggered” at Caesar.
  9. Like no dangit, says the movie, we live for the soft moments so we let those moments live too. Blessed movie. *kisses finger tips*

  10. I cannot stress enough how amazing this movie was. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
  11. Absolutely amazing.

im sorry, but i definitely got some POAL vibes from the end scene of this chapter. they both made a promise to the girl they love, but failed to keep it

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samantha jane barks // jenna louise coleman

“I would love to do more film if given the opportunity. Obviously stage is a big passion of mine. Really my aim would be to combine the two and have a varied, balanced career.”
“My ultimate dream is to be a Bond girl — a badass Bond girl.”Samantha

“I just hope I’m working. In this industry 90% of actors are unemployed. So I count myself lucky to be working. I’d love to work across all three fields theatre, film and TV. Definitely theatre – I miss it!”
“I’d love to be a Bond girl.”Jenna