those pants...i will worship them

Imagine Barba walks in to you wearing a T-shirt of his.

So @barbabangme has really inspired me to take a stab at hc’s and imagines so this is my first attempt!

(Flashback 6 months ago)
It was your first day as a detective at the Manhattan Special Victims Unit and you hadn’t even been there twenty minutes before being assigned your first case. You were heading out with Carisi to respond to the crime scene and you looked down to check your phone to make sure you had Benson’s cell. Within a split second, you had managed to run into someone and send their papers and briefcase flying.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry. Let me help you with that.” You said, kneeling down to collect everything that had fallen.
“It was my fault, I wasn’t paying attention.” The man grumbled softly.
The two of you looked up at one another, and you were captivated by the mesmerizing hazel eyes staring back at you.
The man across from you regained his composure quickly, almost expertly.
“Are you new here? I’ve never seen you here before.” The man across from you asked.
“Yes, today’s actually my first day. I’m Y/N.” You said, regaining composure. The man kneeled directly in front of you was incredibly handsome.
“Ah nice to meet you Y/N. I’m ADA Rafael Barba. I prosecute most, if not all, sex crimes that come through SVU.”
“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Rafael. I’m sorry the first time had to be me running into you, literally” you answered jokingly.
“No problem, seriously. Looks like we’ll be seeing each other around then?” Barba asked inquisitively.
You helped him pick up the rest of your papers and stood up to hand them to Barba.
“Yeah, I guess we will. I should probably get going. Sonny and I are supposed to be heading to a crime scene and he’s probably wondering where I’ve run off to. I’ll see you later, I guess?” You said, turning to leave.
“Yeah, I’m sure I’ll still be here when you get back. I’m reviewing testimonies with benson today, so I’m sure we’ll run into each other later.” Barba said to you.
You waved back and said goodbye and then ran to catch Sonny. Little did you know that the man you had just run into was checking you out from behind, taking you in from top to bottom.
He was mesmerized with you as you were with him.
(Fast forward to present)
You’re sitting at your desk, filling out paperwork to close a case, when all of a sudden Barba walks in. You two had grown to like and respect one another over the past six months of working together. Sure, you got on each other’s nerves, but you were friendly to one another. There was a running bet at work to how long it would take you two to succumb to each other, as you both were in love with the other, but neither of you knew it.
You heard footsteps walking towards you and looked up.
“I didn’t even hear you sneak in, Barba” you said, looking up at him. He had this grey suit on with suspenders that made his eyes pop. He fit it like a glove.
“Maybe you need to improve upon your detective skills then, Y/N”, Barba said, jokingly.
You let out a fake laugh.
“Ha funny, you could almost be a comedian. What brings you to the 16th precinct at this time, counselor?” You asked.
“I’m actually looking for benson. We’re supposed to prep before tomorrow. Do you know where she is?”
“She responded to a case and is meeting the Vic at the hospital. I’m not sure how long you’ll be. I stayed behind to finish some necessary paperwork. You’re more than welcome to stay and wait though. I could always use your good company.” You said, almost flirtatiously.
Barba’s member started twitching. The things she did to him. He had no idea how she felt towards him and did not want to jeopardize their great work chemistry.
“You want to know what? Sure. I’m not going to have this trip down here wasted.”
Barba pulled up a chair next to you and you two just shot the breeze as you filled out paperwork. You two talked about everything– work, college, family, friends, hobbies. You both discovered you liked to exercise.
“You kind of pegged me as someone who liked to exercise” Barba said.
“Yeah. I run mostly nowadays. 5ks and marathons mainly. I need to try something new though. What about you?”
Barba quickly checked out your physique. He could tell that you were a runner. You were in shape and your frame was thin but toned.
“I enjoy running too, but lately I’ve come back to boxing. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid”.
You raised your eyebrow slightly.
That’s hot, you thought to yourself.
“You box? That’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to learn how to.”
Barba looked at his watch.
“Well, I don’t think Benson’s going to be coming back anytime soon. She’s pretty solid at testifying. If you want, there’s a gym right around the corner from my apartment. I can show you a few moves?”
“That sounds amazing actually. I was going to head to the gym after this anyways, but wasn’t in the mood for running. I think I have spare change of clothes in my car. Let me just pack up, and we can head out.” You said, starting to pack everything and close everything out.
You followed Rafael to his apartment, duffle bag in tow, and took the elevator up to the 11th floor. You got out and followed him to his apartment. Rafael unlocked the door and let you in.
“Make yourself at home. The bathroom is the second door on the left. Do you want some water or anything?” Rafael asked.
“A bottle of water would be perfect.” You said, as you dug through your duffle bag, searching for your workout clothes.
You kept looking, but you realize that you haphazardly forgot to pack a shirt to workout in.
“Shit. Hey Barba, I forgot to pack a shirt, do you think I could borrow one?” You asked as you dug through your duffle bag to no avail.
“Of course, cariño. Go into my room on the right and go into the dresser, second drawer, and pull a t-shirt.” He said.
“You’re amazing, thank you.”
You ran into his room and took everything in before you. You had always wondered what Rafael Barba’s apartment always looked like and it was everything you expected. It was meticulously decorated and neat. Elegant but not overboard. Plus it had a terrific view of the city. You quickly went into his t-shirt drawer and ultimately decided on a Harvard Law shirt. You took it and yelled to Rafael that he could go get dressed as you headed to the bathroom.
You threw his shirt on along with your black Nike compression shorts and your running shoes. You tied your hair up in a high ponytail so it wouldn’t be in your way when you and Raf were at the gym. You walked out and headed to the kitchen to grab your phone. When you got to his kitchen counter, it wasn’t there, and you realized that you had brought it into rafael’s bedroom when you went to go grab a shirt.
Shit, you thought to yourself.
You walked over to his room and noticed that the door was opened, so you walked in to grab your phone.
“Hey Barba, I think I left my phone in your room, by accident–” you said as you walked into your room and that’s when you saw it.
A completely shirtless Rafael Barba. His tanned and toned physique staring right at you.
“Oh my god, Rafael, I’m so sorry the door was open.” as much as you should’ve, you couldn’t stop staring. And he stared right back at you, taking in your body in those tight compression shorts.
“I was wondering where that t-shirt went. It looks good on you.” Rafael said, just staring at you, practically gawking.
He took three steps towards you, only to close the space even further.
You tried to be as cocky as he was.
“Yeah I thought so too. Why, was this the shirt you wee looking for?” You said, practically in a whisper.
“Yeah but it looks better on you than me.” He said, his lips getting closer to yours.
You subconsciously filled in the remaining space and cautiously kissed him.
It felt like fireworks. Six long months of pent up resistance and frustration finally coming to surface. He intensified the kiss and your body responded. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your body close to his.
Rafael lifted you up and wrapped your body around his, laying you on the bed directly behind him. He peeled the shirt off of you as you unbuttoned his pants.
He worshipped your body, leaving a trail of kisses down your body. He took an agonizing amount of time just taking in your body and worshipping it.
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you.” He said, huskily.
You moaned softly.
“Me too, Raf.” You panted.
His member grew larger and yours wetter. He gently pulled your shorts off of you, and slowly slid a finger into you.
You moaned loudly.
“Fuck Rafael, I want you so bad.”
He inserted another finger and started slowly moving back and forth until you were on the edge of an orgasm, when all of a sudden, he pulled out.
You took those fingers and licked them clean, causing Rafael to grunt.
“God you’re so hot.” Rafael said, leaning into kiss you.
The kiss was hot and passionate.
“Do I need a condom?” He asked, motioning to his nightstand.
“No, I’m on the pill.”
“Are you sure?” Rafael asked, making sure this is what you wanted.
You leaned into kiss him gently.
“Absolutely sure.” You said smiling.
He slowly inserted himself into you, letting you adjust to the length and width of his member.
You both moaned loudly.
“God you’re so right, cariño” he said to you.
Once you had adjusted, he started to pick up the pace.
“Just like that, Rafael.” You said, on the brink of another orgasm.
He kept going until they both had climaxed.
He collapsed next to you on the bed. He cuddled up next you and you snuggled in next to him.

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I saw the one where the s/o is tol, but what if their s/o was smol yet had long ass legs. I do I'm 5'1 and next to my friends my hips reach their waist and I don't have any room for my legs

A/N: god damn i love legs wtf ~Admin 404


           -Aawww smol MC!!


           - okay but not by much my sweet summer child

           -He feels so bad because you always hit your legs on  the table when you try to get up


           -He likes to try and be gentlemanly, pulls out chairs for you!

           -NEVER PULLS THEM OUT FAR ENOUGH you have to struggle to get your legs under the table

           -He has to avert his gaze all the time, basically refuses to look at your legs because??? L e g s

           -LOVES when the two of you sit on the couch and you just toss them across his lap

           - has to fight not to touch them i am a goOD BOY, IM A GOOD BOY, I WONT TOUCH MC’S LEGS


           -Constantly resting his chin on top of your head since you’re shorter

           -He likes to carry you around a lot and it’s totally not so he has an excuse to touch the legs??

           - contain the beast

           -He can literally pick you out of a crowd by looking at your legs

           -Which can be helpful because you’re small and he loses you more often than he likes to admit

           - okay but zen if you can recognize MC by their legs how is that gonna help you in crowds

           -He’ll legit drop to the ground and look through a sea of legs he has no shame, he is gOING TO FIND HIS MC

           -Nobody says anything bad about you because??? He’ll fight them

           -The height difference between the two of you is his aesthetic, he takes so many selfies accentuating it


           -Short Squad

           -She’s short and has long legs too!!!


           -Pants are probably hell to find because ya gotta get them big for the length but then they’re loose i mean i wouldnt know i just have problems finding pants long enough

           -The two of you have to hem your clothes all the damn time but at least y'all can take turns

           -She’s just happy someone knows her pain

           -Which means the two of you are very conscious about each other’s leg room

           -It’s so hard to sit at a table at the coffee shops because your legs bump into each other and sometimes one of you hits the table with your knee

           - you’RE GONNA SPILL THE COFFEE


           - Y E S

           -L E G S

           -Meet Larry Long Legs, you’re now his mini version

           -There’s always leg room at tables, in the car, you name it

           -Because they’ve already been adjusted to his long ass legs!!! thank the lord

           -He can have any type of clothing made for you, so guess who doesn’t have to struggle with pants anymore? That’s right- YOU

           -Not to mention he gets things that’ll make your legs look even better calves calves calves

           -Thinks you’re so cute because you’re small, he feels like such a protector, come here and let me hold you MC

           -Cuddling is a mess sometimes though because of those god damn legs jumin put your leg here, no, here, i’ll put mine here, im soRRY I DIDNT MEAN TO KICK YOU


           -Hooooo boy

           -My dude

           -Ya thought Jumin worshiped the legs?

           -10x WORSE

           -If he’s able to, a hand is always running up one of them

           -You’re so cute and small, you can sit on his lap and both of you can cuddle up in his jacket

           - and he’s closer to the legs hell yeah come here MC

           -Begs you to wear some outfits with high heels maid costume

           -Foot massages end up with him kissing his way up your leg wink wonk

           -Hates when you use them against him. You can’t kick me away from you MC pls


           -So small, so precious

           -Kisses to the top of your head are expected and unlimited

           -He’s always looking to make you comfortable, so he makes sure there’s leg room no matter where you go or what you do

           -Otherwise he doesn’t treat you any different??

           -It’s just your body, he loves it of course, but he’d love it no matter what

           -He does like giving you piggy back rides though

           -That way you can see a lot more!!!!

           - he’s a gentleman he won’t admit that it’s so he can hold onto your legs

           - okay he’s told you like once or twice with no shame but you just block it out of your mind because??? ya gotta keep your innocent image of him


           -Damn, hello there legs

           -Has absolutely no shame?? He’ll touch them all the time, in public, at home, whenever wherever

           -He loves sitting on the couch with you in his lap since you’re smaller than him

           -Likes to lay his head on your shoulder and nuzzle his face against the crook of your neck

           -He forgets sometimes that you also need leg room??

           -Like at restaurants, he takes all the leg room because you’re small

           -Painfully reminded that you also need the leg room when you kick him in the shin

           - mc what the fuck don’t kick me

           -If he can’t sleep, he mindlessly draws shapes up and down your legs because the movement can help him relax

Ghost of a Man

Bucky Barnes x Reader (1st person)

Plot: The asset is a shell of man, but when he’s in your arms he somehow finds himself again.

A/N: this just kinda came to me so I wrote it on my phone real fast. If there are any mistakes or typos, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message! :) hope y'all enjoy! 

Warnings: Smut, angst, Poor Buck, Shitty midnight cellphone writing 💕, Winter Soldier x reader if you squint reeeeeally hard

Originally posted by tonycurtis

You know the feeling that you get when a ghost brushes up against you? That chill that runs all the way down your spine and leaves you paralyzed with fear.

Well this ghost left me feeling nothing but warmth, pressed up against my back as I stared back at him in the mirror. I couldn’t say when he had slunk in, but I should’ve noticed him sooner. Everything in my body had been warning me, shooting off warning signals at every turn, but I didn’t head them.

Not one.

Perhaps its because I wanted him to come for me, this phantom that haunted the hallways of the dark, dismal bunker.

He makes no sound when he opens the door, nor when he pads over to where I’m bent over the sink, running water over my face. It isn’t until I feel his hard body pressed into me that I freeze, head snapping up to lock eyes with the man in question.

When I see those blue eyes, my whole body relaxes. I straighten up and press my back against his front, suddenly feeling very naked in my oversized T-shirt and sleep shorts. His tactical gear diss into me through the thin material and goose bumps break out over my the skin of my arms.

Large, gloved hands trace the curves of my sides, sliding under the only thing keeping me from his eyes. All at once my shirt is gone, flown somewhere over his shoulder and I’m bare from the waist up to him.

His soft blue eyes darken, swirling with forbidden promises that I ache to make good on.

He spins me in his arms, hands cupping my backside before scooping me up and dropping me onto the bathroom counter. Nudging my thighs apart with his own, he slots his large figure in between my legs somehow still looming over me.

When he kisses me, everything in my body sings. It isn’t the first time, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the way he pours everything he is into his kisses. His lips dance against mine, sliding down to the spot on my neck that he knows will have me squirming. He mumbles against my skin, something about so soft, but the blood is thrumming too hard in my ears for me to catch it.

Long fingers wrap around my legs, encouraging me to lock my ankles around his waist. I do exactly as told and not a second later I’m pulled tight against him and we’re moving.

We eventually make it to the bed, but not before my back is against every surface of the room, kisses and nips peppering all over me, each followed by moans from the man who has my heart racing.

“Bucky.” I whine as I hit the bed and he separates from me. He doesn’t answer, at least not aloud. Instead, he pins me with that stare before he’s gripping the material around my hips and ripping my shorts clean in two. I gasp as the cold air hits my thighs, the sensation only continuing its trek upwards as he eases my panties down my legs.

I notice now as I look up at him that somehow, between the kisses and the fog in my brain, he’s lost his gear and his shirt. Now he looms over me in those black pants, his eyes ordering me to get rid of them. My fingers work as fast as possible and as soon as he has them kicked off, he’s on me.

Lips find lips once more, teeth clashing as we writhe and his hard length brushes over my clit.

“Christ,” I sigh, the rest of the words dying on my tongue as he does it again, successfully coating himself in my slick. Whining, I wrap my legs around his waist and pin him with a hard stare.

I need him. Now.

There’s no time for slow, no time for worshiping each other with our mouths. Not with who could barge in at any moment.

But that isn’t important right now, hell it doesn’t even exist right now.

The only thing that matters is the two of us and how desperately we need to be connected.

He pulls away from my lips, fixing me with that piercing stare as he slides home.

A moan bubbles up from my chest but he doesn’t look away. If anything, he looks closer. Memorizes my face and the way I’m reacting to how he’s stretching me.

“God, Bucky, move.” I beg swiveling my hips beneath him. Something changes in him at that, and suddenly his arms are on either side of my head, his forearms holding him up as he thrusts into me. My head flies back, nails digging into his lower back as he sets a punishing pace.

With the way his pelvis rubs against me just right, his thickness filling me to the brim has me sprinting towards the edge.

And then he fixes me with that look. The look that sets my heart pounding, the look like I’m all he needs to survive, the look that just screams those three words better than any speech ever could and I am trembling, squeezing his finish from him as well.

His weight falls on his arms as his head falls beside mine and he kisses the sweat from my skin.

Not another word is spoken but there’s no need. Not with the way my whole body hums and the way he’s pouring affection over me.

But then it’s over.

With a final, toe curling kiss, he rises and dresses, only looking to me after he finishes.

With a kiss pressed to my forehead, he slinks right back out the door and the ghost is gone again.

The ghost of a man who only exists in this room.

The ghost of the Bucky who once was is left behind, and The Asset takes over once more.

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GOM+Kagami’s favorite part of their Chunky S/O

Anonymous asked:  Like the one from free, Can you do Gom + kagami’s favorite part of their chubby/chunky s/o or one when there chubby s/o hugs them.

Coming right up dear Anon!~ I hope I do these basketball dorks justice with this! Enjoy! 

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Daiki Aomine:

This boy adored your ass and practically worships it on a daily basis. His favorite pass time is touching, caressing, nibbling, just any contact with your overly soft globes of flesh. Being the pervert he is, he’d always buy you those cheekster panties. “Come on babe, you walk around with no pants anyway, why not show that nice ass off?” Even in public he gets a feel and no matter how many times you hit him and scold him, he just can’t take his hands off you. “What am I supposed to do (y/n), it’s jiggling so deliciously, it’s practically an invitation.” “Jeez Daiki! Can’t you go a day without touching my butt?” He’d just smirk and shake his head, “Naw, besides, I think you like it babe.”*SLAP* “OW! What was that for?” “Pervert…”

Atsushi Murasakibara: This giant loves your big, squishy tummy and he tells you every single day, multiple times. He likes to rub it when you get tummy aches from eating too much candy with him and just using it as a soft pillow whenever he gets tired. “(y/n)-chin has such a cute tummy, so soft that I can nibble on it.” In public, he likes to drape himself over you, his long arms going straight to your tummy where he’ll rub, pinch and kneed it gently. “Mu-kun, we’re in public!” “I want to love on (y/n)-chin though…” He’d always try to get your to buy crop tops and tighter shirts just so he could see more of your belly since you like to cover up with baggy shirts. “My (y/n)-chin looks cute with these shirts.” He’d hold up the crop top and insist you try it on. “See, (y/n)-chin looks good and scrumptious…” “Mu-kun! Don’t say things like that!” “Why not? It’s true and I think I’ll eat you up when we get home.”

Shintarō Midorima: This megane boy loves your chubby hands that are always so soft. Every time he gives you your lucky item for that day, even just the slight brush against the plush skin of your hand can drive him wild. “H-Here’s your lucky item (y/n)-san, that’s a lovely color of polish you have…” He doesn’t like PDA that much, but sometimes he’ll just grab your soft hand and won’t let go unless you tell him too and even sometimes he acts like he didn’t hear you and continue to hold it. He’ll stroke his thumb over your knuckles which were still so soft and even run a finger down each of your digits lengths softly. “Shin-kun, I need both hands to eat this ice cream.” “Nonsense, I’ll feed you (y/n)-san, no reason to let go of your hand now is there?” He’d give your hand a squeeze and lift the spoon full of ice cream up. “I-I guess, you’re lucky I like holding your hand shin-kun.” 

Ryōta Kise: Model boy here loves your big, wide hips and he likes how soft they are compared to the bony hips he has to hold in photo shoots. When he gets to hold you, he feels like he’s in heaven and you’re his angel. “(y/n)-chan’s so soft, especially here.” He’ll latch his hands onto your hips and won’t let go for anything really. Whenever you stay the night at his place, he wants you without pants so he can see your hips sway when you walk and he’ll break out those puppy dog eyes if he needs to. “Please (y/n)-chan, you’ll be more comfy anyway and it’ll feel better when we cuddle!” “O-Okay Kise, just try not to grab my hips so much…” “I can’t help it! They’re so plump and they’re mine, they’re a wonderful part of my cute (y/n)-chan!” “Kise! I’m losing my balance!” Toppling to the bed, he’ll latch on and refuse to let go. “Just let me love you (y/n)-chan!”

Seijūrō Akashi: This absolute boy here worships your thighs like they were royalty on the daily. After a day of stressful meetings and dealing with everyone on the team, he loves laying his head on them. “(y/n), my princess, let me rest on these exquisite pillows for a moment, then I’m all yours.” Whenever you two are intimate, he loves to see you in nothing but thigh high socks. He loves the way they cling to your succulent thighs and he can’t wait to have a taste for himself. “Are you sure about these Sei?” You’d shuffle out shyly. He’d smirk and eye you hungrily, “Of course my queen, you look absolutely ravishing right now and all I want to do is take you over and over.” He buys you a lot of tight skirts and thigh highs and you’ll sometimes wear them out when you two go on casual dates, but even he can’t keep his hands to himself around you. “Sei! Stop coping a feel, we’re in public!” “I see nobody around love, let’s see if you can hold it in…” He’d move his hands up and under your skirt gripping your thighs. “Sei!!”

Tetsuya Kuroko: This quiet boy just adores your chubby cheeks. They’re just so squishy and plump just like you, how could he not love them? He enjoys not only making you laugh, but watching you laugh and the way your plumped cheeks would glow and jet out, it just brought a smile to his face. “You’re too cute (y/n)-chan.” You’d blush at his words which would make him want you more. “T-thanks Kuro-kun!” He likes to cook for you and even watch you eat just to see you cheeks fill up with the food like a little chipmunk which he calls you sometimes to your embarrassment. “Would my little chipmunk like more?” “I-I told you not to call me that Kuro-kun!” He’d put more on your plate and smile at you, “Why not, it’s true, you’re my little chipmunk.”

Kagami Taiga: This dork loves your ample chest and even though he tries his hardest not to stare, sometimes he just can’t help it as his eyes just gravitate towards the area. They suit you and your body and tells you every day, “(y/n)-chan, that shirt looks amazing on you.” “Taiga, my eyes are up here.” He likes to use them as pillows when you two are cuddling or watching movies, they make him less stressed. “I take it you’re comfy there?” He’d nuzzle his face into them and let out a soft sigh, “Very comfy. You’re so wonderful (y/n)-chan…” He buys you a lot of corsets to wear in the bedroom, ones with the lace and leather. Whenever he sees you wear them, he honestly loses his mind. “(y/n)-chan, you look so sexy…come here and let me show you how much I love you…” “I-It’s not too tight is it Taiga?” He’d lick his lips and shake his head, “It’s perfect, it’ll be on the floor in a minute anyway…”

Fallout 4 pickup lines

Are you a Gunner? Cause you shot my heart right through.

You’re the Diamond City of my Commonwealth.

I wish I was a Han to your Cock

Hey General, my settlement needs you help ;)

Are you MacCready? Cause you stole my heart.

I’m from the Institute, and I’m gonna take you in the night

Will you be my Nick Valentine? (Classic)

Would you like to Danse with me?

I am a Goodneighbor until you turn me on ;)

You turn me feral

Your beauty can make a synth fall apart.

Are you Deacon? Cause you seem to be always watching me.

Is that a Fat-Man in your pants, or?

I’d kill a Deathclaw for you

Sweetie, I’ll worship you like a Child of Atom.

Are you an atomic bomb? Because you’re the brightest of them all.

I want you to dwell my vault.

Are you Piper? Because you’re a sensation.

You saved my heart from cryogenic fate.

Living in a society where the “love your body” is becoming more and more popular I decided to look into a few things.

Fat is considered the “norm” now and people who are fat/over weight/curvy, whatever you consider yourself if you are this, often demands “plus sized” models so show the fat community what clothing looks great on them, that clothes can look great on them, and to focus on that being “curvy” is OK.

The above is your average plus-sized model(s).

Growing up with many over weight friends and family none of them looked like this. Most of them had their stomachs hanging over their pants, their arms had extra rolls especially in the armpit area, and back fat rolls were always there. I’m not being rude, you can’t deny that a lot of over weight people have these common factors. I had friends who said these things too and they were over weight and admitting these things. So, all I see above is big boned women with some extra weight on them.

Yet the fat community worships and praises these types of women for going out there and looking fierce and showing off those curves, and yet none of the people saying this look like these women. I have never ever seen a person in my life look like this.

Have I seen skinny women look like the skinny models you see so often? Yes, in fact I have more often than not.

I’m not saying these women don’t exist, don’t think that. I know they do. But the majority of over weight people in the world do not look like this.

So the next time you think “Oh a ‘curvy’ girl should be represented here too!” It’s probably going to be a mostly flat stomached big boned woman.

Which sets an unrealistic standard for plus-sized women.

And an even more unrealistic standard for people like myself, who are neither “plus-sized” nor “skinny” but the border line of both; the in between.

(All in all, almost everything stated here can be reversed and said the same for slender/skinny women as well.)