those pants are red

drawing uniform designs on a boring late afternoon because i cant stop myself thinking about an after WWI AU.

this fandom is so “AUable” it is amazing !

edit: i redrew it ‘cause this post was like 3 years old and so was the art >:’) and a few more

SHERLOCK:   "What in god’s name is that?“
JOHN:  "I believe it’s called Tumblr.”
SHERLOCK:   “ … ”
JOHN:   " … “
SHERLOCK:   "So those pants… are very…”
JOHN:   “Red.“
SHERLOCK:   "Yes.  Yes.  They are.”
JOHN:   “And that beekeeper uniform… is very…”
SHERLOCK:   “Impractical.”
JOHN:   “Sortof missing the spirit of the thing, Sherlock.”
SHERLOCK:  “ … " 
JOHN:  ” … “
JOHN:  “So what say we-”
SHERLOCK:  “-go shopping, yes, that, at once. Come along, John.”


– art tumblr displayed is that of @reapersun

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Gime more Roman Godfrey smut

So since this was pretty vague, I decided to use this as an excuse to write one of the prompts @weallhaveadestiny  had sent me awhile ago. So this prompt is “Reader wants a job at the Godfrey tower, but when Roman Interviews here, he’s got something else in mind. Hopefully you enjoy!

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Hi! Lovelies, really appreciate what you do! Anyway we can have an update on Homeless!Stiles or whore/Slut!Stiles or prostitute!Stiles? Not sure how you have it tagged. Thanks again!

the homeless stiles tag was just updated.. the other tag you’re talking about is our prostitute stiles tag… we also have an experienced stiles tag

It’s Just The Price I Pay by LordOfThePies88 (15/15 | 23,053 | NC17)

“The customers like it when they have something they can rip off me. It’s like opening a present!” Stiles winked when he caught Derek staring at him in the mirror. “Like what you see?” Derek turned away to hide the red blossoming across his cheeks.

“Those pants are ridiculous,” Derek muttered. He knew it was obvious, had been for months, but he tried in vain to conceal his attraction to Stiles anyway.

“Right? I think they make my ass look fantastic.” The dressing room door flew open and all activity came to a screeching halt.

Pull Me Out Alive by XxHazelHeartsxX (1/? | 2,698 | NC17)

All Stiles really wanted to do was forget it ever happened. He taught himself to never expect more from his life and he most definitely didn’t want his feelings to ever come in his way. Obviously, his heart had other plans.

One life stand by Vendelin (6/6 | 84,278 | NC17)

Stiles is used to selling himself to make ends meet. But it’s getting harder to keep those ends meeting, and there’s only so much of Stiles to go around. Until a too-fancy car shows up in his neighborhood, and he meets Derek Hale.

All Derek wants is Stiles’s time, someone to stay on his arm for events and smile for the cameras. It’s the easiest job Stiles has ever had, the best-paying one he’s ever had, and he’s more than happy to sign up.

Derek is everything and nothing Stiles expects him to be, with his tailored suits, sharp mind and his quiet way of caring. But it’s just a job and Stiles never meant to fall in love.

                                        It’s Just The Price I Pay

                                              By @lordofthepies88

                   [ 23k / Prostitute Stiles / singer Derek / Call house AU /
                   angst / awesome (wot do u mean this is not a tag???) ]

“The customers like it when they have something they can rip off me. It’s like opening a present!” Stiles winked when he caught Derek staring at him in the mirror. “Like what you see?” Derek turned away to hide the red blossoming across his cheeks.

“Those pants are ridiculous,” Derek muttered. He knew it was obvious, had been for months, but he tried in vain to conceal his attraction to Stiles anyway.

“Right? I think they make my ass look fantastic.” The dressing room door flew open and all activity came to a screeching halt.

*SCREAMING*!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!?!?!? CAN U SEE WOT I SEE???? am not crying i swear ;v; GO READ IT U GUYS!!!!

Tama Tonga NSFW Alphabet

Originally posted by frentique

Because he’s a shithead. I still love him though

This was inspired by @roman-reigns-princess and @running-ropes (I can’t seem to tag that blog though)

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A: (Aftercare - what they’re like after sex)

He’s a total cuddlebug. After he’s got a chance to come down from the high a bit, he’ll (gently, of course), pull out then go get a washcloth to wipe you off then make sure you’re okay (he’ll do so by asking repeatedly if you’re alright.) He’ll also wrap his arms around you and pull you close so you can rest your head on his chest. Some nights, though, he’ll probably fall asleep right after.

B: (Body Part - their favorite part and their favorite part on their partner’s body)

He actually loves his entire body. Man doesn’t spend 5 days a week in the gym for nothing. His favorite part on you is your legs. You might hate them but he loves them, especially when they’re wrapped around his waist in bed.

C: (Cum)

He loves seeing his cum on you, especially on your tits and stomach. He also loves to cum inside you (only if you let him - the rest of the time, he’ll wear a condom (safety first, kiddos!)) He really, really likes seeing your cum on his fingers and if he gets you really excited, it gets in his beard - that drives him crazy in the best way.

D: (Dirty Little Secret)

He would never admit this out loud and if you tell anyone, he’ll be pissed, but he would totally be down for a three way between you, him, and Finn. Hell, he’d probably get off watching Finn fuck you.

E: (Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

This wild Tongan is definitely experienced. Remember when he first got to Japan and was pretty much partying all night, every night? He wasn’t just drinking and having a good time with Karl and the Good Brothers of the Club, if you know what I mean. 

F: (Favorite Position)

He looooveeesss doggy style. Mostly so he can smack your ass and pull your hair while he’s fucking you from behind. He also loves you on top so he can grip your waist as you ride him.

G: (Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc))

He’s kinda silly at times - I mean, have you seen his comedy matches? He’ll have your sides splitting with laughter at times. Other times, he’s rough and dominant but he’ll always make sure you get off first.

H: (Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.))

His hair may be a bit wild and fluffy when it’s dry (hey, curly hair is a bitch at times - I speak from experience) and he keeps his beard trimmed. He also shaves everything else.

I:  Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

There are some nights when all he wants to do is “take it slow just as fast as he can” (thank you, Sam Hunt for that lyric) and he’s very romantic and intimate with you. Other nights, he’s ready to rumble and that means being a little rough and dominant with you, so don’t wear anything you’re gonna have to replace later.

J: Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

He’s the type that will jack off if he absolutely has to (meaning if you’re not around or can’t answer the phone when he’s in Japan), but most of the time he’s fine if he doesn’t do it.

K:  Kink (One or more of their kinks)

As mentioned earlier, he would be down for a three way but won’t act on it. But he does love seeing you tied to his bed with a blindfold on. Definitely is into spanking, especially if you decide to be a brat in bed. If you tell him yes, he’ll also choke you a little - not enough to make it unbearable, but enough to make it good. He’s also the type that will edge you while in public; just enough so that you’re raring to go as soon you get some alone time.

L:  Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Heh heh. He loves fucking you in his bed but his favorite place to do it is in the living room - the danger of someone walking in at any moment is enough to turn him on. He, and don’t tell his brother this, actually fucked you in his brother’s bed once and he giggles like a maniac sometimes when he thinks about it.

M:  Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

You, basically. He loves seeing you in anything, everything and nothing. When you’re at the gym and you’ve got those black yoga pants on, when you’ve got a little red dress on for a night out, that yellow polka dot bikini at the beach, just his tshirt (that’s his absolute favorite thing to see you in, especially when you’re wearing absolutely nothing underneath), and of course, when you’re naked in his bed.

N: NO  (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He’s not going to be overly rough with you and certainly won’t degrade you in any manner - his mother (and pretty much his entire family) would kill him; so he won’t leave any bruises and stuff on you - quite a few hickeys though if the mood strikes.

O:  Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He loves receiving, but he really, really, really likes giving. It’s like his third favorite thing to do to you in bed. He’s super skilled at it, as well - all that time in Japan has certainly taught him a few things.

P:  Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Both. He’s into the slow and sensual route some nights, and definitely up for a rough and tumble session.

Q:  Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He is down for a quickie or two. There was that one time in the locker room in Japan when he was supposed to be painting his face - his brother couldn’t look either of you in the eye for like three weeks after that.

R:  Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Again, the quickie in his locker room that one time. Most of the time, if he’s feeling particularly devious (he’s not named the Bad Boy for nothing, after all), he’ll get you going in public and then when you two are alone, all bets are off.

S:  Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Boy, oh boy, does Tama have stamina. He can definitely go quite a few rounds and during his cool down periods, his time is spent with either his head between your legs or his fingers between them while he’s making out with you.

T:  Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

He doesn’t own any for himself but he does have quite a few for when you come over. He likes using them on you, particularly a nice little vibrator when you’re tied up in his bed. Most of the time, he prefers using his hands and mouth on you.

U:  Unfair (how much they like to tease)

This motherfucker is a total fucking tease at times. When you two are on a date, he can’t help himself. He’ll slip his hand under your dress and tease you til you’re wet. When you’re just hanging out with his friends, he loves having you sit on his lap so he can grind against your ass a bit. When you’re in bed, he’ll tease you relentlessly til you’re begging for it.

V:  Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He’s got a dirty mouth and when he’s getting close to climaxing, he’ll for sure let out a string of “fuck’s.” Most of the time, though, he’s talking dirty and telling you how beautiful you are. On the slow nights, he’ll ask if you’re alright a lot.

W:  Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He loves waking up next to you in the mornings. The feel of you in his arms makes him feel a little tingly inside. He also adores taking you out dancing or watching you do anything - he’s a total sucker for you.

X:  X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

If those tight pants or those Sleefs he wore last year for G1 don’t tell you anything, idk then, bub. He’s a pretty good size - not too big and not too small, definitely not average though.

Y:  Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Boy got a sex drive like no other. When he gets home from Japan, he is allllll over you for days at a time. He’s got a decent cool down period, but once that time is up, he’s ready to go.

Z:  ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He tries to wait until you fall asleep before doing so himself, but if he’s just home from Japan, he’ll probably pass out right after. Same if he’s in the rough and tumble mode.

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is it possible to update the living hales tag? thanks a lot y'all!


The dumb kid that used to follow you around (That’s not what you were). by scarlettletterr (1/1 | 10,843 | PG13)

Once upon a time, Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale were the Best Friends in the Whole Wide World, per Stiles’ saying. Nowadays, Stiles is pretty sure that Derek hates him.
Derek is pretty sure Stiles hates him too.

The thing is, neither of them really hate the other one.

Derek and the Librarian by tabbytabbytabby (1/1 | 1,855 | G)

Derek never goes to the library, instead preferring to buy his books. However, when he can’t find the next book in the series he’s reading at any of the local stores he’s forced to go to the local library. There he meets Stiles, the librarian. After that Derek finds himself going to the library more and more often just to see Stiles. Little does Derek know, Stiles is taking extra shifts at the library in hopes of seeing Derek.

a feeling so startling by alphahel (L1ghttAng3ll), apollonian (1/1 | 6,441 | PG13)

Stiles and Derek,
swimming in the ocean,
causing a commotion,
‘cause they are so awesome.

Alternatively, the one in which everyone is a merperson and Stiles and Derek have a chance encounter.

Together Again by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 2,672 | PG13)

“Der-REK! You’ll neverrr guess who I found,” she hiccups and Derek looks up from his phone to see she has someone’s wrist in her hand. She yanks the wrist, and the person attached comes into view for Derek to see. “STILES!” She opens her mouth comically wide like she’s so pleased with herself. Stiles looks like he did not want to come over here, but drunk bride-to-be’s usually get what they want.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek get back together after breaking up a few years before.

It’s Just The Price I Pay by LordOfThePies88 (15/15 | 23,052 | R)

“The customers like it when they have something they can rip off me. It’s like opening a present!” Stiles winked when he caught Derek staring at him in the mirror. “Like what you see?” Derek turned away to hide the red blossoming across his cheeks.

“Those pants are ridiculous,” Derek muttered. He knew it was obvious, had been for months, but he tried in vain to conceal his attraction to Stiles anyway.

“Right? I think they make my ass look fantastic.” The dressing room door flew open and all activity came to a screeching halt.

The Third Rule

Based on the one word prompt “Party” sent in by @bailci (ty!!). Happy Valentine’s Day (especially to my fellow single people spending today with fictional people instead of real ones. you rock). You’re all wonderful and I love you all so much <3

Summary: When Nico reluctantly goes to a Valentine’s Day party with Hazel, she sets three rules for him to follow if he wants for her to agree to take him home after an hour. The first two are easy enough, but the third one poses a bit more of a problem, due to the fact that Nico really isn’t sure how the whole flirting thing is done.

Word Count: 2735

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“Alright, I have three rules,” Hazel announced as she parked the car.

Nico rolled his eyes. “I thought you promised tonight would be fun.”

“These are fun rules.”

“There’s no such thing.”

She leaned over to punch his shoulder, perhaps a bit harder than necessary. “Hush. Now, rule number one is that you have to actually try to enjoy yourself, okay? You’re not allowed to give up before you’ve started. Again, we can leave after an hour if you really don’t want to be here anymore but you have to try. Got it?”

Nico nodded resignedly.

“Good. Rule number two: Limit the alcohol.”

Nico raised his eyebrows. “And by that you mean no alcohol?”

Hazel sighed, biting her lip. “No, and if this doesn’t show you how desperate I am for you to have fun then I don’t know what will. But yeah, someone’ll have brought a keg or something and I’ve made the questionable decision to let you have some.”

“You know, last time I checked, I was the older one.”

She punched him again. “Yeah, but I’m the wiser one.”

He scoffed but let her continue.

“Right, so you’re close enough to twenty-one that I’m willing to turn a blind eye to you having a little to drink, but there’s no way you’re getting anywhere past tipsy, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled at that.

“Alright, then. Rule number three, and this is an important one, Nico: I swear to God, if a cute boy starts flirting with you, you are absolutely required to flirt back.”

Nico frowned, pulling his jacket tighter around himself.

“Oh, don’t give me that look, you’re lucky I’m going easy on you.”

“Easy?” Nico asked, incredulously.

“Yes, if I were a little bit meaner then I’d require that you be the one to initiate the flirting.”

Nico just shook his head. “Fine, whatever.”

Hazel grinned, unbuckling her seatbelt. “Good! Let’s go!”

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