those pants are red




sexuality headcanon: Demisexual. 

otp: Mari, duh. Why’d you even ask, Kay? You silly goose. 

brotp: Nino. Plagg. Fox!Alya. Chloe. GIVE THIS BOY ALL THE FRIENDS!

notp: Chloe. 

first headcanon that pops into my head: Is very confident about his physical appearance, but that’s about all he’s confident about. 

one way in which I relate to this character: He is the cat son and I have a cat. Also, he wants his father to love him and I would also like to be loved by his father, especially when he wears those bright red pants. 

thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: The entirety of his relationship with Mari in Serendipitous Fate. 

 cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Cinnamon cat loaf.

You always taking his shirts and forgetting to wash them and give them back… So one day he only has crummy shirts left and cant find any of his good shirts (he owns like 3 shirts) and he knows u always take them.. And he sees one of your pastel floral print crop tops on the ground, and he puts it on thinking it would teach you to stop stealing his shirts. But its so tight. He goes to see you with the gang bouncing off ideas for another skit. And you guys all get quiet and look at tyler. The greek statue boi in a crop top with a happy trail even more prominent than normal because its all u can stare at. Hes wearing those red pants all three boys have. Mark erupts in laughter “hey big boy felt like bringing back the 80’s???”

Jikook Internet Friends AU 9


This happened when they met

Where Jikook are on a date(?) and Tae is bored


Sorry I had to put those red pants somewhere lmao. I made a masterlist so I don’t have to be editing all the posts to put the links, you can find it in the MENU tab of my blog or just in any of this posts. As always if you have something to ask or to say, go ahead! Is it okay if I post this often??? lol *is bored* I’m currently working in the ideas some of you gave me :-)

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!

This week on “Guess the band member by the way they stand”

Don’t ask me why, I just wanted to paint something, and instead of working in old linearts, I ended dooling something New. Also, I like the guys together. I imagine Tendo being Besties with Newt and having a good relationship with Hermann…
Those red pants belongs to Alison, And Newt totally bought those clothes to Hermann, and he pretends he dislike them, but he totally loves them.

primary colour flashy trio

(I may turn thins into a print because i liked it)

emetyo replied to your photo “if i ever play d&d ever again i gotta play as this……person she’s a…”

The lighter hair color gives a really good contrast to her entire color scheme!

131-di replied to your photo “if i ever play d&d ever again i gotta play as this……person she’s a…”

I like the dark hair! looks more natural for the overall dark scheme

is it weird that the idea of the light hair looking “unnatural” actually makes me like it more lol.

i think the light hair is more striking/memorable, but i also don’t think it’s necessary or anything.

i guess the real question is, which makes her look less young? coz she’s short… (her body actually looks way more normally proportioned than it looks, she just wears those huge red pants. but she is real short) but as immature as she clearly is i don’t want her to read immediately as “little” you know what i mean

kenshi decides to go casual

no one has the heart to break it to him that sento was probably fucking around with him that morning, but he can feel their hesitation and he’s like “what is it? did i put something backwards?”


GM Father: red plaid pants, denim jacket, rose on shirt
GM Friendship: red plaid pants, denim jacket, rose on jacket

I don’t know what it means, but it’s definitely not an accident. (And doesn’t Maya wear those red pants at least one other time?) Also in GM Friendship, Maya wears at least TWO “New York” t-shirts over the course of the episode.

Riley’s in yellow for GM Father, but in GM Friendship and in GM First Date (the two most romantic-looking Rilucas episodes), Riley wears purple in the major scenes (horse & kiss).

I’m just taking notes, but the outfit similarities for Maya in Father and Friendship are waaaaaaay too close to be any kind of a coincidence. Same with Riley wearing purple for the two biggest Rilucas moments. I still don’t have any kind of unified color theory, not really, but this seemed worth noting.

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