those other 2 guys


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What is the relation between Chanwoo and those 2 guys? (from Astro and Sf9)

They’ve known each other since childhood days bcs they were all childhood actors back then and they appeared in TVXQ’s ‘Ballons’  together T^T 

as for astro’s moonbin, he and chanwoo also both payed roles in the drama ‘Boys over flowers’ and seemed to be very close friends T^T

the best scene in game of thrones is in season 3 when tywin, cersei, tyrion, baelish, and those other guys are all scooting their chairs around for 2 minutes in complete silence


i was like “let’s draw bear and mouse as children” and i cried profusely the whole time


“And the more she tells Neal ‘It was ten years ago, I’ve moved on,’ we know she hasn’t, we know it’s hard for her to live Tallahassee with someone else. Neal has always regretted that day as he actually says out loud. So for us it’s how do two people who love each other come together when there’s so much hurt?” –Eddy Kistis


They all have their own spin on holiday romance – how Infinite would ask someone out on Christmas for anon

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It's so funny to me when people speak out against racist treatment of marginalized characters & white dudebros started yelling about all supposed cishet white males that get killed off and no one cares. But it's like Well yeah Billy. When a show has 10 characters and all of them are white guys, one of them gets killed it's not a big deal because there's 9 more. Vs. A show that has 10 characters and one is a Chinese woman and other is a black guy, yet those those 2 are killed off. That's an issue

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hey girl :)))))))) I’m not like those other guys :))) u don’t need makeup for me 2 think ur attractive :))))))) i want to rub your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS not your disgusting body :))))))))))))

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When I was 12 I decided that after school I would head over to Petco for an errand. I was walking alone wearing a knee-length flowy skirt, an oversized bulky sweater, stockings and boots. As I exited the store a man drove by and shouted out his window "Hey mama lemme see what's under that shirt"... I had to cross a stopwalk and 2 other guys catcalled me as I passed. Those were my first catcalls and my only thought was of utter revulsion. It hasn't stopped since, no matter how modest I'm dressed.

Petco. Where that assholes wait outside to yell at girls, I guess.