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The source of property rights is the law of causality. All property and all forms of wealth are produced by man’s mind and labor. As you cannot have effects without causes, so you cannot have wealth without its source: without intelligence. You cannot force intelligence to work: those who’re able to think, will not work under compulsion; those who will, won’t produce much more than the price of the whip needed to keep them enslaved. You cannot obtain the products of a mind except on the owner’s terms, by trade and by volitional consent. Any other policy of men toward man’s property is the policy of criminals, no matter what their numbers. Criminals are savages who play it short-range and starve when their prey runs out—just as you’re starving today, you who believed that crime could be “practical” if your government decreed that robbery was legal and resistance to robbery illegal.
—  Ayn Rand

dont reblog an artist’s work with hateful comments (we see those)
dont reblog an artist’s work with hateful tags (we see those too)
dont reblog an artist’s work if you’re only going to bash it

please keep in mind that you may not be the intended audience for every piece of media. just keep scrolling. 

starrhoney  asked:

sorry if this is SUPER cliche and cringey but i really wanna get "Not all those who wander are lost," tattoed in Khuzdul or Dwarvish Runes. think you could help a girl out? ' v ' (also WOW great blog! love the dedication! thanks for all the work!!)


Thank you for those kind words. I have translated this once for an identical request, please find the translation below.  

Do take into account of course that Neo-Khuzdul, is not original Tolkien Khuzdul. It obviously uses all that Tolkien published on the language, yet much of this Neo-Khuzdul version are inventions of myself and others based on our understanding of Tolkien’s work and Semitic Languages. It’s important that you understand that before you would have anything inked permanently on your skin.  

Ever at your service,  

The Dwarrow Scholar.

Improving Nocturnal Sect

Apologies if this has been asked before and I’ve missed it, but how would you personally alter Astrologian to make Nocturnal Sect more viable? I’m thinking primarily of Time Dilation and Celestial Opposition, and the way they currently interact with it.


Given the way shields and buff duration increases work, there isn’t really a way to improve how those skills work with shields unless you add a different effect to Nocternal Sect cures that aren’t shields. I personally can’t think of anything to change it because I believe it’s fine the way it is. Even if CO and TD don’t interact well with shield placement they are useful in extending the duration of your card buffs which is more what they were created for in the first place.

I could suggest a potency increase effect when you use TD/CO on shielded targets, but as a healer who dual mains SCH and AST, I would rather not give ASTs even more excuses to shit all over a Scholar’s primary job. In fact if any change can be made to Noct Sect, I’d like it to be made so Nocternal Shield can’t overwrite Galvanize. AST is a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none. Nocternal Shield should not be able to overwrite Galvanize.

– Mod Mhi

anonymous asked:

How long did it take for you to learn anatomy?


Im still learning i suppose…theres still a lot of things i find hard to draw, but most of what helped me was drawing gestures and naked bodies during school years. ALSO SKELETONS!!! drawing those really helps you out understanding how things work. I guess observing things a lot also helps…but my best advice is to try and animate things. because that way you are drawing the same thing a lot of times and man does it do wonders!

Sorry this is such short advice, Im not quite sure what to say! I do hope you have a good day!

mydarlingheda  asked:

Everybody is telling me not to use the binder that I got recently from the super cheap Wish app. They say that it can cause bruising and that it doesn’t bind properly so it’s unsafe. I can breathe fine in mine and I don’t feel like it’s too tight at all. So I really don’t know what to do. The other binder that I have was bought from the lesloveboat site. So I don’t know how much better that is. I'm only an A cup so I don't see what harm it can do..

Be EXTREMELY cautious and seriously pay attention to your body. If it hurts, TAKE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. ‘Cheaper’ binders tend to work on smaller chested people BUT that doesn’t mean putting your guard down.

I understand money can be an issue, so I’d say as long as you’re being EXTRA careful those binders could work, for now- as a temporary solution.

If you can/when you can, PLEASE buy a safer binder. I recommend GC2B or Underworks.


anonymous asked:

Hi Cameron, I'd like to submit a transit map that I made, for your analysis. However, under the "Terms of Submission" it says that Tumblr takes over basically all rights to my map -- reproduce, modify, etc. Is there a way that I can send you my map without basically signing away my copyright privileges?

Take it easy, Anonymous.

Tumblr has to say that in their terms and conditions or they simply wouldn’t legally be able to display your image on the Internet. “Modify” means converting your image to the version hosted on their servers, and “reproduce” is serving that image to people who visit Tumblr-based websites. You’re simply granting them permission to do those things, not signing away the intellectual property rights to your work. You always own your own creative work unless you explicitly sign it away.

In fact, if you read through the full terms and conditions, Tumblr even spells things out for you in plain English:

You retain ownership you have of any intellectual property you post to Tumblr.


When you upload your creations to Tumblr, you’re giving us permission to make them available in all the ways you would expect us to (for example, via your blog, RSS, the Tumblr Dashboard, etc.). We never want to do anything with your work that surprises you.

So go ahead and send me what you’ve got via my submission page: things aren’t always as bad as they first seem!

– Cameron 

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if you think OC muses should be treated with the same respect as canons. 

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.

dozing off.

I think I will only accept a lion shuffle if it’s literally everyone ends up with a different lion.

Like, oops, Allura was actually TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG about EVERYONE because she had literally just met them 20 minutes ago.

Black - Lance (sure okay why not let’s give it a shot I’m down to clown, develops leadership qualities, this is reminding me of the pirate captain from Stardust for some reason, ‘the heart of the team’, Will listen to everyone and make the right call (eventually))

Yellow - Keith (Really works with his impulsiveness tbh?, The yellow lion makes him slow down and think b/c he can’t just bolt in, Will pull back and make everyone think twice, Sees the Big Picture better than everyone else on the team, No your family/Allura are not more important than the rest of the entire universe guys)

Green - Hunk (nosy, interested in learning, wants to touch EVERYTHING, will steal and read your diary and go through your files, crazy smart and eager to question)

Red - Pidge (I’m gunna BREAK INTO THE GG and SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER AND READ YOUR FILES then SCREAM AT YOU, openly impulsive and quick to temper, often takes the bullheaded approach, Will do her own thing regardless of what others think)

Blue - Shiro (The one that keeps the group together and calm, Moral support and there to listen, Will encourage you and make you feel like you can do anything)

if you’re afraid of becoming like your parents, you won’t
if that is a genuine fear you have, you won’t

you’ll see those behaviors before anyone else does. even IF you do something they would do, you’ll see it, you’ll stop it before it starts. you’ll know how to avoid that. 

people become their parents because their parents are good people, or because they aren’t aware of anything. 

if you’re aware enough to know you don’t want to be like them, you won’t be. 


Speed Paint of an older Insomnia page. For the peeps who are more curious about how I go about making a page (with more involved backgrounds.)


David Tennant + Tumblr [Part 1/6] (insp.)

For the lesbians who don’t want to be lesbians. For the lesbians who desperately try to force themselves to be attracted to men, for the lesbians who hate that they are lesbians.

You aren’t gross, you aren’t dirty, and you deserve happiness. You might struggle with it now, but you’ll get there someday. You might not love it now. You might hate it. But you still have a wonderful future ahead of you filled with joy and happiness.

You aren’t a bad lesbian for having these feelings. You are still valid and lovable and worth it. You are still good.

You will make it. You will be okay.