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Hi ya! I have a VLD question: you've alluded a couple of times to Alfor's paladin color, and you seem to take it as a given that he was the Yellow Paladin. Do you have a post that explains why? (Beyond the yellow armor, which, duh, but is there more evidence?) I don't mean to sound rude, I just didn't pick up on it. Thx, and your meta is so amazing!

Besides yellow being a really strong color for Alfor, there are a couple of noteworthy things here.

Allura describes all of the Lions except Blue. She talks about Black in more detail than Red and Green, which makes sense as it’s the leader of the pack- but she also talks rather a lot about the Yellow Lion, in what seems like a particularly warm way.

I’m just going to type out that exact spiel here:

“The Yellow Lion is caring and kind. Its pilot is someone who puts the needs of others above his own. His heart must be mighty. As the leg of Voltron, you will lift the team up and hold them together.”

So what’s interesting about this is that, again, Allura is very neutral talking about the Black, Green, and Red Lions, the latter immediately after talking about Yellow, but she sounds genuinely happy talking about the Yellow Lion. Again, she doesn’t really have this warmth talking about the Red Lion.

Considering how much Allura adores and seems to have admired her father, it would make sense she would reserve particular fondness for Alfor’s Lion- after all, she just got done saying the Lions are a mirror of their pilots. 

(I’d just like to take a moment to waggle my eyebrows at everyone who has suggested Allura would enjoy interacting with Hunk, and the canon corroboration that Hunk taught Allura road trip games, suggesting they do in fact hang out- and also s2e9 where Hunk is able to effortlessly and with pinpoint precision put his finger on exactly how Allura feels about this whole thing and why)

But let’s look for a moment beyond the tone of Allura’s description of the Yellow Paladin and just at content.

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I didn't grow up with pokemon anime but could you explain why people are upset over new characters in 20th movie? I think they're cute and I don't see what's wrong with having them instead u know? Sorry if I sounded rude i don't mean to, I promise. I just wanted to know.

You’re not being rude, no worries. You have a legitimate question and I have a totally unbiased answer. 

Pokemon is such a long-running series, that many newer fans often don’t remember much of the old series, if they even watched it. But older fans, like myself, who’ve grown up with it have held it close to their heart. So even if we don’t watch the newer series, we at least know that the original series happened and is valued in regards to Ash’s development and experiences as a trainer.

So when the movie ends up trying to re-make the original series with brand new characters for no understandable reason, while keeping a few others, well, it’s kind of confusing and a bit off-putting. Brock, Gary, and Misty were established, fleshed out companions and rivals who played a HUGE role in Ash’s initial development as a trainer and as an individual. So by removing all of them, you’re essentially erasing the series. Heck, Brock was with Ash for a grand total of 3 different series (Original, Advance, and DP), so by removing him, you’re essentially removing those three series from existence as well. You could still have Makoto and Souji as movie-exclusive companions, but replacing the already-established companions for them is, at the very least, a confusing decision. 

That’s like if they made a celebratory 20th anniversary Naruto movie stating that it’d go back to Naruto roots in movie form (not that we need anymore flashbacks). And then revealed that Naruto, in this movie, wasn’t in a team with Sasuke, Sakura, or Kakashi, but with three new characters, because they wanted to promote something. The new, original characters are totally fine and well-designed, but that’s not the point. The point is that by messing with already previously-established events and replacing existing characters for no reason, you end up making a mess of things. Naruto, himself, changes because he no longer has the experiences that made him the person he is today. Especially when you could easily have the original Team 7 just interact with these new characters to recreate new plot points not previously covered in the series. You could use almost any series as an analogy for this, if Naruto isn’t one you understand. 

So, to summarize, to market a movie as a re-telling of the beginning of a beloved series, and then to replace integral companion characters with new ones for no understandable reason poses a noteworthy and understandable concern. Yes, they could definitely pass this off as an AU. But why? Why even bother re-telling Ash’s story if you’re not going to re-tell it with the original characters who played such an essential role in the beginning? Keeping the original cast doesn’t limit the story in anyway, in fact, you’d probably have more room for plot elements since many would already be familiar with the characters. 

But, to be fair, I’m not going to pass judgement on this movie until it comes out. If it’s a good movie, then fine. But if it’s an unnecessary re-write of an already established series for no good reason, then I will, admittedly, be a little upset.

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Sort of fluff idea...what about if he couldn't reach you for a while or he thought something To happened to you but you came home fine. He was all upset and you were so confused as to why, just didn't get his calls or something. How he would be when you walked through the door and he felt so relieved but kind of annoyed.

This ended up a lot longer and WAY more angsty than I originally intended… but I never write angst, so this is a first.  Enjoy.

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THANKS SO MUCH for shedding light on Taka/Hiro's relationship. I discovered Hiro through Taka and I got caught up in these horrible forums saying that Taka & Hiro don't like each other. I didn't wanna believe it! So I tried looking for ANYTHING(like pictures of them being chummy) to prove those people wrong but came up empty. What you said MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!It's totally understandable why they keep their Relationship away from the public eye. I'm happy they're on good terms. YOU'RE AWESOME! :)

You’re welcome (^^) This is going to be a looooonggg reply but it has to be said.

I’m aware of some people saying the brothers disliking each other. I stay away from OOR fandom because of these kinds of people. I found that the bigger the band got, the crazier the fans became. Some of those so-called fans behave almost like haters especially when talking about the Moriuchi family and MFS …… particularly Hiro.


To me it’s strange how these fans came up with their “conclusion” of the brothers “supposedly disliking each other” when all the clues and evidences are showing exactly the opposite.

1) These “fans” conveniently left out the fact that Taka started to personally show photos with his parents ONLY after OOR started breaking into the American market and performing at Yokohama Stadium. After people firmly acknowledged him as a star on his own. There were no photos of Taka and his parents at all during the years of OOR trying to establish themselves in Japan, right?

It took Taka more than a decade to break away from the “Mori’s son” image that was plaguing him in his Johnny days. So, isn’t it natural for Taka to want his little brother to be viewed and acknowledged as his own person by keeping their professional lives separate?

2) There is one person on YT who claimed that “Hiro dislikes Taka” based on the assumption that Hiro talked awkwardly to him about his birthday in that conversation with Takeru Satoh. This person even went on to say that Taka was the reason for his parents’ split. My Goodness! Papa and Mama Mori have always loved and supported their children despite that difficult time in their lives. A marriage is a complex thing. You are insulting them by accusing their son of that.

Hello people, Hiro speaks in “keigo / honourific language” with Taka because their mother Masako Mori raised him that way. She wanted her kids to learn to respect older people since young age. Hiro spoke “keigo” to the older members of MFS in the beginning too as he admitted in this HAL College interview. It may appear awkward or something different to other people but it’s normal to this family. I saw a video of their mother saying Taka’s friends thought it was “Sugoi!!”. Also, for Heaven’s sake, Taka is NOT the only “tsundere” older sibling in the world yo! 

3) Did anyone notice that Takeru Satoh asked for Taka’s permission first at around 0:41**  before continuing telling that story about Hiro? Taka replied with “Hai…hai….”* or “Yes….yes…”.. Takeru didn’t simply blurt out everything just like that. He knew the conversation was being filmed and he remained respectful even though they are besties. Oh, didn’t Takeru said in this video that he’s also friends with Hiro?

*Update: Taka said 『いい / ii』not 『はい。。はい / hai…hai』but it means the same in this context. Sorry for the confusion :-P

** Update (5 Dec 2016) : Since the video I linked was removed, I put the original video the clip came from, 3にん. Takeru said it at around 13:37 time mark.

4) The fact that Hiro is friendly with many of Taka’s friends is a clear clue that he is VERY CLOSE with Taka. I think that applies to even ordinary people like us. You must be truly close with your siblings if their friends are yours too, right?

Top photo is GEN playing ping pong with OOR members Ryota & Tomoya with RxYxO Coldrain watching. Well, by now, many MFS fans (at least those who read my blog) should know who GEN is to MFS, right?

This photo of Hiro & Toru is REAL. Not Photoshopped. They were at Subciety’s Christmas / Year End party in December 2012. It was held at Wonderbowl Restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. Many of GEN’s friends were there like Maximum the Hormone, AIR SWELL, Takahiro Ikeda (BMX Pro rider) and a bunch of others. The entire MFS members were there. Alas, only Toru came representing OOR ….. huhu. Anyway, I think you can see from Hiro and Toru’s body language that they’ve known each other a long time.

5) When their father Shinichi Mori was hospitalized for cancer scare, I believe all the 3 Moriuchi brothers were together by his side because he informed all 3 of them about his condition. Read the translation here by Dessy.

Look at their message and flower bouquet for their father on his 50th Anniversary of being in the music industry. The 3 brothers shared the bouquet together instead of sending it separately.

6) I remember reading an interview where Taka said he’s happy that each of his family member is doing their own thing and specifically mentioned about “my brother has his own band”. Sorry I forgot which interview though. I believe it was from Ryeon’s blog. If it’s not there, at least you get to read a bunch of her OOR translations (^^)

7) This is an actual photo of Taka buying a present for Hiro and it wasn’t even Hiro’s birthday from Taka’s friend Yosuke’s blog on Ameblo (it’s gone now…huhu). But you can read that part on Dessy’s old Tumblr here.

8) Their mother Masako said her sons would visit their father during important occasions like Obon Festival and New Year in this interview or the translation by Dessy here.

9) Let’s not forget how busy musicians’ schedules are.
i. Touring. Packing. Unpacking. Packing. Moving. You know how exhausting that is?
ii. If they’re not touring, they’ll be in the studio working on new music or rehearsing for the next show.
iii. There are also series of meetings with staff and crew.
iv. Discussion with designers and engineers for their stage show, lighting, sound, merchandise.
v. Interviews and promo rounds with magazines, TV and radio stations.
vi. Photo and video shooting.
vii. Meet & greet with fans.
viii.Travelling from city to city. This takes a lot of time. Doraemon’s magic door exists in comics only.

OFF time from band to band may not match unless you’re on the same Tour. It’s unrealistic to expect Taka and Hiro to get together easily. Hey, I work a regular office job and I hardly see my own family even though we live in the same house!

10) That Daikanyama Unit sighting of Taka at MFS Live and his message on IG still make me feel warm and tingly inside (^^). The show was under Tsutaya Records’ special event ツタロック / TsutaRock for those who bought the ALONE single from them. OOR was scheduled for Ozzfest 2015 on 21 November. So, Taka squeezed in some time out of his busy schedule to see MFS on 19 November.

This is a photo of that Daikanyama Unit show. The concert report from Tsutaya is here.

Here is the photo that Taka uploaded to IG that night. Look at his message.

Take a closer look at what some of the Japanese fans were saying.

Isn’t it obvious that Taka is supportive of MFS and is happy for Hiro?

What I’m trying to say is the family is a lot closer than what we think or know. It might take a bit of effort to see the hints and evidences but they are there. So, it’s horribly mean and cruel to accuse the siblings of disliking each other simply on the basis that we don’t see their physical closeness.

One of the things I like a lot more about Trisha in Fullmetal Alchemist as opposed to Brotherhood, are some subtle hints about some of her personality flaws. Like, you get the feeling she may have been pushing some unhealthy things on to Edward and Alphonse.

It’s very, very, subtle, as for the most part she’s just a perfect wonderful mother, but let’s take a look at what we know and what is said explicitly in the series about her.

We know that Trisha loved Hoenheim very deeply, but unlike in Brotherhood, it is never explicitly stated how much she knew about his true identity. From the looks of it, not very much. Hoenheim leaves her as a way of hiding his decomposing body, suggesting she hadn’t known about it before. Hoenheim also never made any promise to return to her someday, so from that we can assume when he left her it was probably a traumatic parting she didn’t completely understand.

Rather than resenting him for it though, or hating him even, it looks as though she just continued to love and long for him to return to her to the point it might have made her physically ill. Perhaps even, dying of a broken heart? (ugh.)

But yeah, I do find that to be the implication when you take into account her dynamic with Edward and Alphonse. Everyone else in the Eastern Region Ed and Al encounter despises Alchemy and Alchemists. Even kind old Pinako is wary of it, especially considering the death of her son and his wife. Hell when Ed and Al try to transmute her a doll, Winry breaks down into tears in fright. But Trisha is immediately delighted.

She lets them use all of the books in Hoenheim’s study and for the most part encouraged them to use Alchemy as much as possible. This is a stark contradiction to Izumi, Ed and Al’s other mother figure, who refuses to even fix a little boy’s toy train with alchemy because it would be unnecessary.

Not to mention the realization later on that Alchemy is essentially an evil practice that uses the energy of those who have died in the other world, so Trisha’s encouragement of it cannot be a good thing.

Then there’s the competitive nature of Ed and Al’s relationship that Al brings up several times in the narration of episode 3, Mother. “We competed with each other for her attention getting deeper into the science that made you feel like magic.” The reason the two become so engrossed in Alchemy is specifically because she encouraged it and obviously would give them special attention when they did a transmutation for her. As for the competitiveness, I do think it is implied very much in certain scenes that Edward and Trisha’s relationship is very different than Alphonse and Trisha’s relationship. I’m not saying Trisha played favorites or that she neglected Alphonse, but considering Edward’s more apparent obsession with both her and alchemy, as well as the fact that as the older child he was probably privy to more responsibility as well as the benefit of being the first born, not to mention his clear resemblance to Hoenheim both in appearance and personality, is it too farfetched to assume she may have been a bit more affectionate with him, letting him get away with more than Alphonse did. It would explain why Alphonse out of the two often times seems the more understanding and responsible one. Maybe even why he holds Edward in such high esteem, because it was obvious Trisha did too.

And then of course there’s the clincher, Trisha’s last words. In the manga and in brotherhood, they’re left unknown, but in the original anime, there’s a pretty dark twist to them. At first she’s laying out all the things her kids need to know, telling them where their money is, asking them to take care of each other and stay by each other’s side. But then she makes a very sad request of Edward, by asking him to transmute her a wreath of flowers the way her husband always used to, presumably to put on her casket. Now of course its implied she’s not entirely in her right mind when she requests this, and this is more of a subconscious want, but it says a lot about her and how she’s raised her children.

Alphonse says it all, she loves their alchemy because it reminds her of Hoenheim, the man who broke her heart and left her. So really she was almost substituting the hole he’d left in her life with her children, encouraging him to grow to be like him. Then her last request, is really just longing for Hoenheim again, and it seems pretty inconsiderate to Edward and Alphonse, considering how much Edward despises Hoenheim, (even at that age) and of course by ignoring Alphonse entirely in the request and making it specific to Edward. It’s just one sentence but it says so much.

And again, that’s not to say Trisha was a bad mother, like I said she’s still the perfect mother archetype. She’s just like every other character in the series, acting on a selfish impulse, maybe even subconsciously, without much consideration for the rest of the world at large. After all, how different would everything have turned out if Trisha had just encouraged Ed and Al to garden, or had scolded them for scaring Winry that first time? Like of course the first things these kids would do in the wake of losing their mother was try and use alchemy to fix everything. That was all she’d ever encouraged them to do. 

Either way, it just adds a small level of tragedy and depth to her character that I found was absent from Brotherhood, where she was perfectly understanding and perfectly perfect the whole time. It helps me feel a bit better about her being fridged because she had more impact on Ed and Al’s story outside of dying. 

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The part in which Bum tries to poison the food (and does so), Bum eats first and, respectively, gets sick. What about Woo? How come we don't see any sign of sickness from him, considering that he did eat the food Bum made (didn't he?)

Aha, you’re not the only one to ask about this scene, Anon. I’ve gotten two more asks wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a clear explanation for this in the original webtoon either. However, let me just switch from my linguistics cap to my murder-story-writer cap.

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CrissColfer the Year in Review

So, it wasn’t quite 2015 and most of this is subtle and even obnoxious, but despite the fact that Darren and Chris were never once confirmed in a room together this year nor did they acknowledge each other on social media, we did get quite of bit of CC. This got very long  so I posted it under Read More  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my fellow CCers!!!

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Hi Em! First let me say that you are a devastatingly beautiful writer. I can't believe I didn't know about your love of mermaids, did you happen to see that post on tumblr about a potential origin story for mermaids? That long ago, women on board a ship was considered bad luck and so they'd throw the women overboard and that these poor women were turned into mermaids as a chance of revenge against those who wronged her. Luring sailors to their death, in hopes they were her killers? Part 1/?

There’s more to this idea, but I don’t want to flood you (and I can’t find the original ask I sent someone else). Imagine the mermaid origin story but applied to Omegas in an A/B/O ‘verse. Stiles as an Omega, traveling in secret to visit his father. Peter as the captain who spitefully reveals Stiles’ status because Stiles rejected his advances. Peter cowardly fleeing the sea because Stiles is constantly searching for him, instead meeting (and falling for) Peter’s descendant, Derek.

Alright, I am going to tell you now, if you want to flood my inbox with mermaid headcanons, lore and messages, never question it. JUST DO IT. Because mermaids are my thing. I mean, one night I sat for three hours watching a “scientific documentary” about merfolk and was still captivated by it. I LET PEOPLE CONVINCE ME MERMAIDS HAPPENED. DON’T JUDGE, IT WAS 4AM.

As for this fic idea, I adore it. I really need to write more mer!Stiles (because mer!Stiles is my favourite). And so, maybe Peter throws him over but because he’s part spark the ocean saves him by turning him into a merman. And at first, Stiles is like all merfolf, he’s angry and bitter and wants to kill the man responsible for his death. And most merfolk stay this way; most stay dark and bitter and seek death as much as land humans seek love. 

And one day, after years of searching, Stiles finds the same ship he was thrown off of. Except instead of finding Peter, he finds Derek. And, you know, Stiles doesn’t have any humanity left in him, no moral compass (think vampires in Buffy) and he thinks, well, good enough, he can kill this man for now. 

However, Stiles is still just a baby merman, and he isn’t a match for Derek’s crew- Erica, Boyd and Isaac- who manage to capture Stiles and put him in a kind of special tank (this can be modern day, shhh). 

Anyway, OF COURSE, bonding will start to happen and there are moments when Stiles remembers his old life, remembers his mom, remembers his dad, remembers Scott and Lydia and other moments of being human. And they don’t last for long but Derek can’t bare to let him go back to the sea, he is convinced there is a way to bring Stiles back because PLOT TWIST, DEREK KNOWS STILES FROM WHEN THEY WERE KIDS. He was really close to Stiles, they dated, but then a war broke out and Derek had to go to sea and Stiles’ father was captured, leaving his only son to stand with the soldiers on the home front. And his dad was all Stiles had left, so he agreed to let Peter take him on his ship even though Stiles always hated Peter and Stiles suspects he may be on the opposing side of the war (I don’t know what the war is, maybe supernatural vs supernatural hunters). Peter is easily bribed so he could be working for the other side, he has no allegiance to anyone or anything. All he cares about his power.

And THEN LET THERE BE A SLOW BUILD UP. MAYBE ONE DAY STILES MANAGES TO BREAK OUT OF THE TANK, BUT INSTEAD OF DYING HE FINDS HIMSELF HUMAN AGAIN. AND THE OLD STILES RETURNS. BUT HE CAN NEVER STAY THAT WAY FOR LONG. And so, every night Stiles must go back in the tank and become a merman again. And it becomes sadder and sadder because Derek and Stiles fall in love but every time Stiles becomes a merman again he wants to kill Derek. And it breaks both of their hearts, especially Stiles’ who always remembers everything the next day (think Nogitsune, almost). And of course there might even be a love scene which is very angsty and sad because they want to stay together like this always and there are long painful kisses and holding each other close and I love yous whispered.


And the war isn’t over yet, not by a long shot, but Derek and Stiles are together and they know they will be okay as long as they are together. 


First of all I love Davina Claire. So if you’ve come to bash her… BYE BYE NOW.

Moving on…

This episode was everything I wanted and more.

Everyone is complaining that Davina is way too young. Wasn’t Elena in high school when she slept with Stefan? Wasn’t Caroline in high school when she first slept with Damon in season one of TVD? Yes. That’s what I thought. And just like Stelena’s first time, Davina was in control. SHE took of Kol’s shirt. SHE took off her dress. SHE kissed him first. He never pushed her. Not once. He would’ve been content enough just to dance and stare into her beautiful eyes. But she’s very much in love. It was a beautiful moment. And it shows how in love he is with her (even though he hasn’t said it yet), just the way he looks at her, defends her, wants so badly to do right by her, and caresses her and watches over her when she sleeps. He’s a protector.

When it comes down to it, Davina saved him in more ways than one. Both physically and mentally. Enough that he flat out tells her he used to be a “psychotic maniac,” but isn’t anymore because of her. Because falling in love with her is worth way more than slaughtering humans. He’s trying so hard.

Yes, he lost control. Is it in his nature to mess up? Of course. He’s over 1,000 years old. He has the Ripper in him just like Stefan does. And just like Stefan, they have to work harder than the rest to control that. Habits from 1,000 years won’t change over night. Will this create conflict between Kolvina? Of course, absolutely. But will they become stronger because of it? 100%. It wouldn’t be a Julie Plec show if it was all rainbows and butterflies. But the two moments that were critical were that when Kol was caressing Davina’s back while she was sleeping, you could tell the moment he listened to his body and knew he needed some blood. He identified the hunger and was about to very well control it. He kissed her neck. Didn’t eye it and lick his lips. He puts all his control in not hurting her. So yes, when the blood bag was empty he has a look of complete FEAR. This is Kol Mikaelson; he doesn’t show fear. This man takes what he wants and does what he wants… Until now. He wants so badly to not let her down… That he tries to hide it. He’s so scared of losing her. He’s vulnerable for the first time in 1,000 years. He loves her so much he’s scared of her. So he slipped. But did you see his face when he was done drinking that girl? He was so disappointed and upset with himself. Finn showing up and being judge mental as always sure didn’t help.

He’s going to try to move past this and try and try and try. The problem is he needs to be honest with her and say,“I want to do right by you, but I’m having a really hard time controlling this. I don’t want to be Klaus or the vampire I was. I need help, Davina.” By admitting that weakness will show her he’s truly willing to change for the better. Do I think he’ll say this? No. That would be too easy. He’ll probably wait right before to the point of her walking away forever before he says something like this. His fear of losing her might be his biggest downfall. He needs to let go of his pride and ask for help.

I think it’ll get worse between them before getting better. But we saw last episode just how in love they both are with each other. I honestly think Kol loves Davina more than she even loves him. But that love scares him. That’s why he hasn’t said I love you back, even though he has shown it in so many ways. She comes first to him. Just realize in his entire existence, he’s acted out because he has always felt as though others don’t love him. He felt like the trio never loved him, parents, or anyone else. He has never been in love either. The closest thing Kol was ever in love with, was magic. And his mother and father took that away from him. So yes, he acted out. It was completely a cry of attention. And instead of being a strong family unit, like the siblings were for one another, they weren’t for him. No, they staked him over and over again just to put the “dog in his kennel.”

Fast forward to Davina. She was the only one that believed in him. She helped him fall in love with magic again. And they fell in love with each other because of it… More so on her side; he fell in love with her because of her willingness to believe in him. Show forgiveness of his family and who he was. He has never ever had that. She also saved him when no one else would. Yes, Rebekah tried… But Davina succeeded and pushed her own safety on the line. She knows how important Kol is and didn’t care the outcome. She knew he deserved more in his life. So I don’t give a shit if Klaus is upset or being hunted. Like Kol implied… He deserves it. You can’t go around doing whatever you please and avoid consequences for those actions. Everyone is so quick to judge Davina, yet she sees people for who they are. How has Klaus changed for the better? Yes, shows glimpses but he’s still selfish has hell. Maybe only towards Cami, Hope and Caroline does he show another side. He has tormented his siblings for centuries. Of course it would catch up with him. Yet they support him. But who supports Kol? Truly only Davina when it comes down to it.

So yes, he’s terrified to lose the only good thing he’s ever had in his life. And she’s scared of losing him to the darkness. Wouldn’t you? If I knew my love used to be a sadistic murderer… Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be okay with it. But she’s trying to show forgiveness which is more than any of the Originals deserves. So when she realizes he’s out drinking from other people again, the man she fell in love with, yes the man who she could share magic with in a positive way, will be moving further and further from her sight. But slowly I think she’ll realize that Kol is Kol. And she’ll love him for what he is… Or she’ll have to let him go because she can’t be a part of who he is.

I hope he’ll ask for guidance and I hope in my heart she won’t give up on him like so many others in his life have… Because honestly their love story is unique and beautiful (I do see similarities in it both with Stelena and Delena though). But they are Kolvina and Julie Plec and the writers brought Kol back for a reason. He’s already been the sadistic maniac vampire. He’s now been witch Kol. Different face Kol. So it’s time he battles with his inner demons and changes for the better for the love of his life and himself.



Just remember:

OTP: “I didn’t have you.”
OTP: “You’re worth being good for.”
OTP: “I’ll have to do right by her.”
OTP: “You are the best part of being alive.”

Kol loves her. And always will.

That’s worth fighting your most inner demons for.

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ok, so... seems everyone's still waiting for the "3 Garridebs Moment" where John realizes how much he means to Sherlock. But he saw the video at Magnussen's, how Sherlock reacted to his being in danger. There seems to be a consensus that that's not the moment - but I am unclear as to why. It's drawn out, sure, the injury was 2 episodes before the realization, but still.

That’s a good question. 

I think some of it comes down to what we’re actually shown in HLV. waitingforgarridebs​ summed up what John sees in the video at Magnussen’s pretty well here–because Sherlock’s face isn’t shown in the video, John doesn’t fully see Sherlock’s panic, so he doesn’t get the full emotional impact of the moment, though I think he’s definitely got to be at least starting to put it together now.

Mostly though, I think it’s because the TEH & HLV bonfire scenes don’t parallel the ACD canon Garridebs moment closely enough. Let’s look at the original scene:

“You’re not hurt, Watson? For God’s sake, say that you are not hurt!”

It was worth a wound – it was worth many wounds – to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation.

“It’s nothing, Holmes. It’s a mere scratch.”

He had ripped up my trousers with his pocket-knife.

“You are right,” he cried with an immense sigh of relief. “It is quite superficial.” His face set like flint as he glared at our prisoner, who was sitting up with a dazed face. “By the Lord, it is as well for you. If you had killed Watson, you would not have got out of this room alive.”

Based on that ACD scene, I think there are several key things lacking in the bonfire scenes that we are really looking for from the Garridebs moment on the show. 

Firstly, John needs to be conscious to see Sherlock’s reaction so that he actually understands how shaken up Sherlock is. After the bonfire, John regains consciousness when Sherlock is whispering his name; he doesn’t hear any of the panic that came before it. Like I said above, I think the video in HLV showed him some of Sherlock’s panic, but he still doesn’t get the full force of it. He really needs to see it himself in that moment to really feel the weight of it. There’s an immediacy to the original canon scene that we’re sorely missing in the bonfire scenes because they are two episodes apart, which dulls the emotional impact for both John and us as viewers, but the real Garridebs moment needs that sense of urgency, not only in Sherlock trying to save John but also in the realizations that come afterward.

Secondly, John has to acknowledge that he understands that Sherlock loves him; even if you want to argue that he does understand from the video he sees in HLV, we don’t get any acknowledgement of that fact. We need to hear him say something or see him write something on his blog or something, anything to parallel the “It was worth a wound…” statement. That is really the crux of the Garridebs scene in ACD canon–it’s the reason people still talk about it. Watson says it’s the one time he really and truly understood how deeply Holmes’ feelings for him ran, so we absolutely have to have John acknowledging that realization on the show for it to be considered a Garridebs moment.

Finally–and I suppose this could be optional, but I personally think it’s necessary to really complete the parallel–the villain needs to be present to feel the force of Sherlock’s love for John. Yes, Sherlock shoots Magnussen in HLV because he loves John, but again, there isn’t really that obvious connection that he does it in response to Magnussen hurting the person he loves. I think John sees that Sherlock did it to help Mary and by extension him because there was no other choice. Some would argue that John thinks Sherlock does it because he loves Mary. I don’t personally subscribe to that theory, but for the purposes of this argument, the result is the same. Either way, John doesn’t see that Sherlock shoots Magnussen directly because of what he’s done to John. In the canon Garridebs moment, Sherlock threatens the villain and makes the connection explicit–”If you had killed Watson, you would not have got out of this room alive.” Therefore, I think the villain needs to be present when John is injured so that Sherlock can threaten/actually harm them in some way so that John again sees how much he means to Sherlock.

So those are all the logic-based reasons that I think the bonfire is not the show’s equivalent of the Garridebs scene. Beyond that, I think there are also reasons that we hope that the Garridebs moment is still to come, chief amongst them being that we want to see it turn into an actual love confession and a potential Johnlock kiss. The show has already managed to take so many non-Johnlock moments from the original canon and turn them into beautiful displays of Johnlockiness (I’m especially looking at you, John and Mary’s wedding) that I think we all live in hope that they will take what is potentially the most Johnlocky moment from the stories and dial it up to 11, that it will be the undeniable moment at which it’s no longer subtext, it’s absolutely 100% canon, that Sherlock Holmes loves John Watson and John Watson fucking knows it.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I didn't know if you were still doing headcanon-descriptions or whatever; but, if you are, how do you think the RFA would react to MC being pretty androgynous?

Sure am! This will hold minor spoilers for Yoosung and Jaehee’s good ends and parts of Zen’s route.


  • He sees you standing with the other RFA members but he doesn’t put two and two together until he’s on his way over.
  • He’s a little surprised at first, honestly; not a bad surprise, but the picture he’d had in his head was a little more…well, feminine.
  • But it’s not like it diminishes his love for you or anything, because after all, he fell for you as a person, not for what gender you “look” like.
  • He’s still proud to walk up to you after his speech and give you a kiss, claiming you as his in front of everyone.
  • You’re still the same goofy, supportive person he had so much fun with and you make his heart beat insanely fast when you stand close to him.
  • He does ask you more about it a little later (is it on purpose? Do you identify as something other than girl/boy? Preferred pronouns? Etc) because he’s both curious and wants to make sure he refers to you correctly.
  • He threatens to beat up anyone who dares to make fun of you for how you look and you find that incredibly adorable much to his dismay
  • He proudly shows you off in public anytime you go out together.


  • He knows you’re on your way over and is waiting anxiously by the door.
  • You’ve been mysterious in the chat, never sending any pictures or talking about your appearance and he’s dying of curiosity.
  • It doesn’t help that Seven likes to comment on how cute you are but refuse to show anyone else. out of respect for your privacy, suuuure
  • When the knock comes, he flings it open and is a little taken aback, at first.
  • You’re beautiful, that’s for sure, but… he can’t really tell if you’re a boy or a girl.
  • He’s says your name in surprise and you nod, so he lets you in, watching you closely as you walk past.
  • You notice his reaction geez zen you’re an actor you should do better than this so you take the offered seat and explain to him why you choose to look/dress/act this way.
  • He relaxes after a little of conversation because it’s increasingly evident you are the same person he had fun with in the chat room.
  • And it’s not like his attraction to you was snuffed out or anything; no, oddly enough, he found it more attractive, honestly?
  • Which made him question his sexuality a little
  • But ultimately he loves you for who you are and doesn’t care at all about the fact that you don’t dress/act/look like what he had originally pictures.
  • You’re perfect just the way you are.


  • She’s a bit… taken aback when she sees Jumin talking to you in the corner of the room.
  • She hadn’t known what to expect, but she made the assumption that you would be distinctly female since you two bonded so easily.
  • Nonetheless, she distracts Jumin and then approaches you cautiously, still excited about meeting the person who changed her life and gave her so much courage.
  • You respond with your token kindness and generosity, and she just knows that it doesn’t matter that you don’t look like what she imagined because you’re still everything she ever wanted.
  • Besides, she actually realizes that you’re really very cute even if you can’t easily be sorted into male or female.
  • She does question if you have a preferred gender though, and then researches to learn more about it if it’s something different that she’s unfamiliar with.
  • She makes sure to refer to you however you want and will correct anyone who makes a mistake in a kind yet firm voice, making sure they know there’s no room for argument here.
  • She’s just head over heels for you and couldn’t imagine you any other way now.


  • Eh.
  • He doesn’t really care much about looks, honestly.
  • Although it does briefly cross his mind that if he could get you to wear glasses you might have worked in his assistant position.
  • Although you’re still very attractive so maybe not.
  • Nor does he care if you act or dress in an androgynous manner.
  • He still feels more comfortable with you than with anyone else and you’re still the one that shows him he needs companionship.
  • You’re still the one that I love, the only one I dream of…
  •  He may take to buying you new clothes, though; still trying to stick to your particular sense of style but also finding ones that make you even more attractive because he really likes to show you off.
  • You explain to him the concept of your gender/why you look/dress/act this way, and he just accepts it because it’s a fundamental part of you as a person.
  • If anyone misgenders you or makes any incorrect assumptions, he doesn’t hesitate to completely crush them verbally.
  • It’s soon a well-known rule in the business world not to mess with Jumin Han’s significant other.
  • “Does Jumin Han is gay?” spikes a little when newspapers can’t pin down what you are.
  • Jumin Han is in love with you, regardless of what sexual orientation that puts him at.


  • Well, he knows, of course.
  • He knows a lot about you before you even meet.
  • After all, he did a very thorough background check, so he knows how you look, what you prefer to be referred to as, etc
  • He really doesn’t care one way or the other.
  • He still falls for your goofy side that treats him like a human being and always manages to make him feel good.
  • But this has never been about looks or gender for him.
  • He never thought he could have anyone, regardless of any of those defining factors.
  • And when you break down his carefully constructed wall, he pours his heart and soul into a relationship with you, treating you however it is you wish to be treated as an individual.
  • But he does have that extremely overprotective side so God help anyone who makes fun of or upsets you because of your personal choices.
  • Hackers can do a lot of things to mess with people these days, after all.
The signs as weird/funny shit that happened at my school (part 2!)
  • Aries: When one of my friends told one of my guy friends that he should get a girlfriend and my other friend responded by saying "oh, you mean a FUCK-BUDDY?" really loudly in the library and everyone stared.
  • Taurus: When some nerd in my AP US history class was trying to prompt the teacher to move the test to an earlier date (much to everyone's disdain)and the teacher went up to him, put a hand on his shoulder, and said "this is why nobody likes you."
  • Gemini: When one of my friends was able to swallow an orange in 6 seconds because we would literally have orange swallowing competitions during lunch, but had to stop doing those because someone almost choked.
  • Cancer: when we would yell "YOU GIVE ME CANCER" every time someone said something stupid during color guard practice but had to change it to "you give me arthritis" because someone told us the original one was potentially too offensive.
  • Leo: The girl in my choir class who claimed that she "mastered the smoky eye look" but actually just looked like she got punch in the face and had a black eye.
  • Virgo: We played a prank on our English teacher and he pretended to get pissed off and gave everyone detention forms to fill out, looking very serious. We were all really scared and thought we were actually in trouble over a prank. Then he finally lost his shit and we realized he was kidding. He pranked us back and it was savage AF.
  • Libra: When I was taking a math test and me and my entire class could overhear a really loud break-up argument happening in the hallway. My math teacher decided to interrupt them by shouting "JUST KISS AND MAKE UP" and slammed the door shut.
  • Scorpio: The obnoxious freshman fuckboy whose method of flirting with a girl was by asking "I've got a dick and a knife, which one do you want in you?"
  • Sagittarius: When one of my friends showed up to school wearing a giant red lobster costume and proceeded to take pictures with random people for the rest of the day.
  • Capricorn: When our band director threatened to put his "Jew magic" on the people who weren't playing their music right.
  • Aquarius: When some idiot made a snapchat story that said he was going to shoot up the school. The next day, word got out and only a quarter of the school showed up to attendance. Me, being the brave soul that I was, experienced one of the emptiest school days ever. Nothing happened and the kid was expelled.
  • Pisces: When my history teacher, a major germaphobe, stopped mid-lecture and kicked a guy out the class because he sneezed in her direction and didn't cover it.
Real Talk

A tip for anyone going through a ‘phase.’

This was originally a really long rant but it got too personal so I shortened it to this.  Longer than I thought. So sorry guys but maybe give it a read?

It doesn't matter what you like and how much you talk about it. No one should tell you not to. 
You like One Direction and you’re told they’re just a generic boy band? Fuck ‘em. You go listen to Drag Me Down and Listen to Harry’s vocals at 4:55 onward. DROWN THEM OUT. 
You like 5 Seconds of Summer but people hat their genre of music? Don’t listen to that bull shit. You go listen to Voodoo Doll and appreciate Michael’s voice. 
You like The Beatles but people believe you’re too young to understand them or even know who they are? Tell them to go shove a spork up their asses while you watch Help. 

But it’s not just music people do it to. 

If you enjoy Marvel don’t let people stop you. If you like DC don’t let people make your opinions and interests inferior. You like those comics. You like those films and TV shows. You enjoy all the bad ass characters. You enjoy it loud and proud. 

Enjoy the TV shows you want to. Watch Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, The Flash, Green Arrow, Daredevil, Political Animals, Agent Carter, X Factor, X Files, CSI, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and so many more. Let yourself relate to the characters you need and feel you relate to. Don’t let people pass it off as them just being fictional. 

Read what you want. Get immersed so completely the world seems to stop existing outside of the book. Hate and love with characters and cry and feel. Don’t hold back and don’t put a book down if someone says that the book isn't very good or the movies are better.

If you’re ever told that it’s wrong that you watched something because a certain actor is in it and you genuinely didn't you don’t need to explain it. Same as if you did watch it because that actor was in it and you wanted to see some of their earlier stuff. It’s not anyone else’s business. Go watch The Covenant if you like Sebastian Stan. Enjoy some good old fashioned Fantastic Four. Go watch one episode of CSI because you want to see Misha Collins. Fuck what anyone else says. You do you. 
Go watch the 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine or House of Wax.

You watch YouTube Let’s Plays? Good. Awesome. If someone tells you it’s pointless, especially if they watch sports on TV which is basically what you’re doing just you have video games instead, sprinkle glitter over their heads and whisper no until they learn to shut their mouths. If you want to watch Cryaotic crap his pants while playing Outlast or get really excited when his ship sales in Life Is Strange. 
If you want to watch Dan and Phil mess about with FnaF then you do that. Don’t stop enjoying Dan falling off of his chair because someone says that YouTube is just full of idiots overreacting. They need to stop and shut up. Reevaluate their own lives because if they’re criticizing the things that bring you joy there is something seriously wrong with the way they think. 

Like what you like and enjoy what you enjoy because it makes you feel good. Don’t censor what you like and do not EVER let someone else censor you. 

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay warm. Drink enough water and eat enough food. Get some sleep and if you need to take any meds today and you've forgotten, please go take them now. I love you all and if anyone needs to talk just message me. I’m always here to talk to. 

Bye guys.

Love, a concerned and unknown to you friend. 

anonymous asked:

All right, I have to ask - why Cullen? I'm sort of mystified here, it's not like I hate the guy, and I even romanced him myself, but I thought it was just okay and not really anything special (don't hate me <_<). I didn't play DA2, is that why I Don't Get Cullen? What's the appeal?

Hold onto your hats, kids. This one’s going to get long.

(You know it’s bad when I don’t even pretend I’m going to be brief. Also: I know absolutely nothing, really, about any of the other romances, so please don’t think I’m critiquing them. I am only speaking about my experience with the Cullen romance.)

Spoilers under the cut.

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fatpinkhairedfeminist  asked:

hey, I just saw this in your ask "So I recently learned about the origins of intersectional feminism and why a non-black person claiming it is appropriative. " I had no idea.. i did a quick google search, but didn't come up with anything on appropriation. Do you have recommendations on articles/blogs/resources to read on this? If not I'll continue to google and see what I can come up with, but i want to be SURE I get the right resources from someone who knows.

Of course! This seems to be a hot topic right now, so I’m happy to provide you and anyone else with resources.

Tumblr user strugglingtobeheard wrote a piece about a year ago on how White women using the term “intersectional feminist” to describe themselves is appropriative. The general gist of it is that because the term “intersectionality” was coined by a Black woman seeking to discuss and analyze the intersection of oppression specific to Black women (gender+race), White women cannot use the term because they do not live at that intersection. Because White women cannot understand how it feels to be Black, they cannot do justice to the original intent of the word. 

Here’s an excerpt for those who cannot read the full post now:

intersectionality is meant as a bottom up approach, not a top down approach. those with power cannot be “intersectional”. you are also not living intersectional experiences. intersectionality was always about exposing the ways Black women are caught up in multiple systems of oppression, namely race, gender and class, but often many more. it is meant to help Black women understand their experiences in a white supremacist patriarchal culture like the U.S. or much of Western nations that have applied this model onto most cultures from the outside. 

Shortly after that post, theroguefeminist made a PSA about it, saying that White feminists shouldn’t use the term because they experience privilege and try to use the term as a shield from being called out, etc. 

Here’s a snippet from that post:

Some of us like to think if we call ourselves “intersectional” then we’re not like ~THOSE~ white feminists those ~non-intersectional~ white feminists, but that’s not true. We are white feminists–we have white female privilege. We benefit just as much from white supremacy as anyone else and we are just as able to be racist and exclude, talk over, invalidate or ignore woc.

Another blogger, timemachineyeah, was doing research on the topic (just like you), and drew from both theroguefeminist and strugglingtobeheard’s posts, and others. The post was answered by strugglingtobeheard, who made a very interesting point on white women wanting to call themselves intersectional feminists:

White women really are not hands on. they want to be saviors and they want to be named and praised for what they have said but not what they do. and i think the focus on the naming is really an extension of that reality. what do you do? for women? for women of color? how are you applying the knowledge that women have intersectional experiences to your application of feminism? is feminism just an identity or is it how you live and do things?

And finally, here is a post from gradientlair, commenting on how Black feminists’ work in the field is often erased, while the credit is given to someone else. 

An apt bit here:

Womanism. Intersectionality. Matrix of domination. Misogynoir. Four of the many concepts that are fought tooth and nail to not exist[…] Subject to the scrutiny of imperialist White supremacist capitalist patriarchy (this is bell hooks’ combined term) and how it shapes epistemology. Eventually once accepted, then they are disconnected from its originators often for the purpose of silencing other Black women. There’s people who use the terms and ideas to push their agenda (agendas that usually exclude Black women) yet none of the originators are anywhere on their sites. […] when they discuss modern issues in feminism, they refuse to name Black women currently doing the work. They gladly name any White woman they’re referring to.

As for my thoughts on it, I’m of the belief that because anti-blackness is pervasive in every group, only those who can call themselves Black should be able to lay claim to the term “intersectional feminist.” This way, the term will always bring to the forefront the origins of the word. Though I also believe that everyone should apply intersectional theory to how they analyze oppressive institutions in general. 

I know this is a lot to read, so for a quick TLDR;

If you’re white, don’t call yourself an intersectional feminist because-

  • you do not experience the type of oppression that the term was coined to discuss
  • it has been used by white feminists as a shield to avoid being held accountable for bigoted actions or words
  • some white feminists fixate on it as a way to separate themselves from other white feminists in order to seem less problematic without putting in actual intersectional work (again, avoiding accountability)
  • intersectionality is often used without proper credit being given to the creators of the concept (Black women)
  • claiming it as a white woman erases Black women and pushes away the issue of anti-blackness

Hope all of this helped! And fellow Black/intersectional feminists, if I got something wrong, please add a response or send an ask!

-Mod T

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Ser Davos? He seems like an easily forgotten character because his whole story is about Stannis; however from time to time I'm reminded he such a wonderful character in his own right. Such as his reasoning for delivering food to the garrison at Storms End; not because he believed in their cause, not for gold, but because people would starve if he didn't. That simple reason speaks volumes about him.

Anon, you’re preaching to the choir here. Davos is a huge favorite of mine.

He seems like an easily forgotten character because his whole story is about Stannis. 

Almost all the POVs are used to give insight into something/someone bigger than them at some point. Examples include- but aren’t limited to- Sansa in ACoK/ASoS being used to see King’s Landing and the turmoil in the Red Keep with inside perspective on the Tyrells and others, Tyrion ACoK/ASoS for the same except with an inside perspective on the Small Council and the Lannisters, Jon’s whole storyline pretty much to see what’s going on at the Wall, Arya is used in ACoK/ASoS to see the sufferings and lives of the smallfolk and the BWB, Sansa in late ASoS and AFFC is used to see Littlefinger and his scheming, Theon in used to give us insight into Winterfell/the Boltons, Barristan with Meereen/Dany, Catelyn into Robb’s campaign and even Renly’s, Brienne and Jaime illustrate the war torn countryside especially after Arya leaves Westeros, Cersei’s POV started so that we could see into KL after everyone else left, and so on.

Point is, even when the character is super important (like Jon, Arya, Tyrion, and so on) they can still be used to give insight into something not themselves. That doesn’t take away from their characterization and importance (though it does say something when you have a character who’s completely detached and still being featured a lot.)

Is Davos all about Stannis? Right now we’re seeing the possibility of him going to Skagos and meeting up with Rickon. We also get an inside look at the Manderlys and what the Northern lords are really thinking through him in ADWD.

however from time to time I’m reminded he such a wonderful character in his own right

Amen, anon! Davos is fantastic in so many ways. He embodies unquestionable and never ending loyalty, is perceptive and grateful, tries to do the right thing, is honest and gives good advice, he’s a fantastic character! He’s decent, too, which is unusual as we know in alive Westerosi characters. 

My favorite aspect about Davos, though, has to be that he comes from nothing. Think of every POV character in the series. Almost all of them have one unifying aspect- they come from a highborn house. Within major POV characters (i.e. characters who have at least double digit numbers of POV chapters,) Davos is the only one who is not from a well respected, high status house. Even with the Night’s Watch, which is supposed to be an army of thieves and crooks, our main POVs are Jon (raised as a Stark and of highborn blood) and Sam of House Tarly. We get insight on the sufferings of the smallfolk in Westeros chiefly through Arya (a princess) and Brienne (a highborn lady.)

These characters don’t really understand what it’s like to not have a name and a status to make you worth something. Even those captured and put through hell (Sansa and Theon come to mind) are still considered useful alive because of their name/house. Contrast this with the absolutely tragic nonchalance the villagers’ lives at God’s Eye (from Arya ACoK) and Mycah’s life get. Westerosi society has an extremely rigid social hierarchy. Keep in mind Dany gets a taste (a taste because she always had her family name, which afforded her some importance) pre-AGoT when on the run with Viserys. Arya gets a complete assimilation into that lifestyle (so much so that even in ACoK she thinks that if she were to reveal herself to Tywin, she’d just be beaten and not believed.) But even Arya was valuable- like for Sandor and even Yoren stuck his neck out for her because of her family name.

But Davos had none of that. Ever. He’s always been a character that was born into nothing and achieved so much. He’s a Hand of the King, for crying out loud. Granted, Stannis hasn’t taken the Iron Throne, but he is still the last of the War of Five Kings standing.

He got attention by saving besieged people from starvation. He rose up higher through honesty and intelligence. 

And you know what? He has some of the most chillingly good lines. I’m talking about the ones that make you cheer.

What’s the worth of one bastard boy versus an entire kingdom? “Everything.”

You’re going to spout nonsense to him? “Jared of House Frey, I name you a liar.”

Also, can we just take a second to remember that GRRM named Stannis Baratheon just in an interview because he went to the Wall to help. That Samwell Tarly calls Stannis the “king who still cared.” And why did Stannis drag his men to the Wall, why did he come?

“Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne." Jon, ADWD

He got through to Stannis about temporarily overlooking his rights, someone who is both stubborn and has been burned in terms of rights before, and told what is one of the biggest truths that highborns and rulers miss out on in the series: save the kingdom to win the throne, not the other way around.

Davos is fantastic. He’s a great character with compelling lines, basic human decency, intelligence, and origin story. He’s rags to riches, but doesn’t let it get to his head. He laughs about his own humble birth, his kids have to remind him to think of himself as a knight and not a smuggler. More than that, he thinks to himself about how strange it is the a “lowborn smuggler” is in his position. And don’t even get me started on how hilarious and perfect it is that Davos didn’t even try to pretend or deny his origins, but oh no- Davos chooses an onion as his sigil. 

That, to me, is enough reason to fall in love right there.

But despite the acknowledgment of the strangeness of his rise to power and self-deprecation, Davos truly does rise to the occasion. He uses his position to say things that matter, to truly be loyal and do what he believes is right, and to provide security for his family.

I’m just saying, anon, I’m with you. Davos Seaworth is freaking awesome. 

anonymous asked:

It will probably always bug me that Mike Brown and Trayvon are the faces of #blacklivesmatter, and not Cece, even though her story was the first in the recent years. Why doesn't she count? Is sexual violence off topic here? Was it because it wasn't by cop? Are black trans women just too complicated for every community? They just muddy the topic up too much? Was it because she's a woman, or didn't die? What's the fake reason? This is so mentally tiring I want to shake someone.

It seems like a lot of people miss the fact that #blacklivesmatter was started by women.   One of them, Alicia Garza, has even spoken about the ways in which the movement has been changed and Black Queer women silenced as the cry and the movement were taken up by the public.  She said:

Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes.  It goes beyond the narrow nationalism that can be prevalent within some Black communities, which merely call on Black people to love Black, live Black and buy Black, keeping straight cis Black men in the front of the movement while our sisters, queer and trans and disabled folk take up roles in the background or not at all.  Black Lives Matter affirms the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, Black-undocumented folks, folks with records, women and all Black lives along the gender spectrum.  It centers those that have been marginalized within Black liberation movements.  It is a tactic to (re)build the Black liberation movement.

Cece McDonald is just the latest in a long line of trans women of color who have been hurt or killed but seem to escape the public outcry that comes with killings like Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin . 

What’s frustrating is that while we seem to be beginning to accept that Black lives are being stolen and Black bodies being put in prison at massively disproportionate numbers , it’s even more staggering that so many Black Trans lives are being taken with impunity and at the indifference of the media when you consider that Transgender people only make up 2-5% of the national population.

When you consider that, it’s wholesale slaughter how many Transgender lives have been stolen, even just this year.  And much like the way that national media botches the facts when they report on most Black lives lost, even when these stories DO make the news they are cloaked in misgendering and transphobia.

Institutional racism is further strengthened by misunderstanding toward and bias against Trans individuals and transmisogyny, which are part of the reason why so much violence and murder is largely invisible to much of the general public.  There is even transphobia within the protests that are currently occurring. 

 It seems like the indifference toward lost Black Trans lives is another layer of complexity on what is already such a deeply rooted issue in our society.

Janet Mock posted back in February that :

I’ve seen folks juxtapose the recent media visibility of trans women of color and these recent murders. I’ve read sentences to the effect of: “At a time when trans women of color have visibility, we still see trans women murdered.” I find this logic to be quite basic.

Yes, trans women are being murdered. Yes, trans women of color have gained mainstream visibility. But trans women, particularly those of color, have always been targeted with violence. The differences now? There are some systems in place that better report violence and there is finally visibility of a select few that helps challenge the media’s framing of these women’s lives.

But cultural representation is just one piece of the social justice pie, and we must be clear about one thing: Trans women of color have had one year of visibility in the media, after decades of erasure (think about how many times historians, archivists, filmmakers or books mention the revolutionary work ofSylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson or Miss Major Griffin-Gracy). It’ll take more than a year of a few trans women in media to transform decades of structural oppression and violence, decades of misinformation, decades of exiling.

I think her observations are powerful and really speak to some of what’s missing from the #blacklivesmatter movement.  Or, more to the point, what has disappeared from what it was when it originally began.  

I think what’s at the heart of the movement is largely the same.  Consider the words of L'lerrét Jazelle Ailith in her Transgender Day of Remembrance piece:

I envision a period where being a black trans woman in all her glory is not deemed “courageous” or “revolutionary.” It is a ridiculous notion to think that one being themselves is revolutionary. I want to be able to walk to McDonald’s at 9:00 at night and not have to worry about being killed by transphobic bystanders, sexually molested by misogynistic jerks, or both of those things being perpetuated by police officers. I want to see my sisters out of jail cells. I want to see my sisters with jobs. I want to see them happy. I want to see black trans brilliance everywhere and until that day comes, we will not stop. The movement will always continue. Our voices will forever be the loudest. We will always walk with the fervor and passion that our fore sisters embodied. We are the revolution. We are Goddesses. Our lives matter.

It is important that when we take up the cry of #blacklivesmatter, we do not forget its roots.  We MUST listen to Trans Black voices and use our privilege in any way we can to make sure that there is space for them at the table of national discourse about Black lives.


anonymous asked:

I understand what you mean, but I want you to know the other side too. I'm a pro-marriage equality, evolutionist Christian who didn't resent anyone outside my religion. I'm not going to try to convert you, that's just rude. You haven't tried to convert me. But I would like you to know that (At least in the Church of God I attend) the basis of Christianity is to help people, not condemn them. It saddens me that so many people of my religion are ignorant and refuse to be any other way.

I understand that Christian like yourself exist and of course I find Christians like that to be much more agreeable than their fundamentalist counterparts but it’s still always a bit confusing. I can’t really understand how someone can use their sense and logic to say that they know better than their religion in some areas but still turn to a religion for some of the most important and biggest answers in the entire universe. You are saying that your holy book is wrong on certain topics yet you’ll still follow the other teachings. How can you live with this contradiction and hypocrisy?

Especially when it comes to the topic of evolution because to me that really undermines Christianity completely. If you believe evolution to be true then the story of Adam and Eve can not be true. If the story of Adam and Eve is not true there was no “fall”. If there was no fall then what purpose did the crucifixion of Jesus serve? What importance would Jesus have at all? If there is no “original sin” to be forgiven it is simply a bloody murder and nothing more, how do you resolve this in your own mind? Or is it maybe something you’ve never considered or simply written off in some other way?

I can’t really relate or understand people that only put a half ass effort in to their beliefs and don’t critically examine them. I personally couldn’t live with such a contradiction, being a person of reason and logic that type of conflict and doubt would cause me constant turmoil. Assuming you’re a logical person, how do you do it? Hopefully I won’t be met with one of those sappy “spirit of the message” type comments because you and I both know those are complete and total garbage when we’re attempting to discuss the historical veracity of Christian claims. If you only follow the religion because of the “spirit” it invokes you’re essentially admitting that your religion is no more correct than any other and is unworthy of serious consideration when it comes to it’s validity. Either you must come up with some way to resolve this within yourself or your faith is on very shakey grounds.