those moving pictures

i was about to make a post abt how fathering a moth last semester made me more empathetic towards caterpillars cuz i was walking about 100ft from one building to the next and saw six dead ones on the ground & got sad, but

then i found a very big alive one

so i scooped him up and now hes in a solo cup crunching some greens

im fuckin real determined to let caterpillars live to adulthood yall. do you guys know how fucked up their survival rate is in nature

im calling my mom to get her to bring me my butterfly habitat from home so i can house this small turd boy and maybe some other small turd boys i find. ill defend these weird wrinkly chodes w my life. they dont deserve the cruel fate mother nature hath wrought on their kind


Castle Title Cards:

  • Season 1, Regular Card
  • Season 2 Onwards, Regular Card
  • “Countdown”,  3x17
  • “Kick the Ballistics”, 4x04
  • “Always”, 4x23
  • “Secret Santa”, 5x09
  • “The Lives of Others”, 5x19
  • “Once Upon a Time in the West”, 7x07
  • “The Wrong Stuff”, 7x16
  • “Hell to Pay”, 8x21
Little Ham Man (Small!Hamisquad x Reader) 2

Welcome folks, to another installment of “The Adventures of Little Ham Man”! In this episode, the reader desperately tries to finish her essay! When she arrives at the library, what will happen? Will she finally be able to finish? Or will the little hamlisquad get in her way? Stay tuned! @sin-cake-finished-and-baked

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“Hey! Why not me? I’m mature, I’m nice!” Mulligan said, moving in front of his friend. “And Lafayette was in charge last  I’m the next in line!” He complained. You rolled your eyes at him, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“The last time you were in charge, Laurens had a broken leg and Hamilton was digging through my underwear drawer,” Hamilton yelled at your response.

“Hey! That wasn’t on purpose, I was just looking for more blankets!”

“Yea, sure. But anyway, Laf is in charge. I got to type up these papers, and my laptop is fried. So, again, see you later!” You heard complaining but continued walking.

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A Fish Out Of Water.

Request from anon:I’m sorry about my anonymous request but I’m having trouble with my login. So, I wanted that Bucky went to the aquarium and in one tank he see a mermaid (she isn’t a real one but it’s her job to entertain the visitors but she can be a mutant with hydrokinesis so she can control water and can stay much more time than average under) and he starts to visit more frequently because of her and falls for her and then meet her and falls even more and they knows about each other’s powers after some time.

Note: I hope this is okay! Think it ended up a little different to the request but I still hope it works for the anon that requested it. <3

Bucky x Enhanced!Reader

Words: 1,282

Warnings: None that I can think of really….if there is something you think I should put a warning about just let me know.

Disclaimer: GIF used was created by me.

Aquariums…they weren’t something new to Bucky as he would often visit them when he took ladies out on dates in the 40’s. Of course back then there were nothing like they were now  - not only did they have a bigger variety of sea life but some of the entertainment they had here was just out of this world, one prime example being the mermaid show they had.

A group of absolutely stunning women dressed as the mythical creatures swimming in one of the large water tanks to entertain young and old alike; it was like something out of one of those moving pictures he saw with Steve when they were kids. He couldn’t quite believe that people were capable of such a feat and yet here he was seeing it with his own eyes. It didn’t matter that this was the third day in a row he found himself watching it because it was still as mesmerising as it had been the first time.

Especially one of the girls in particular….


Your [h/c] locks fanned out around you and moved with the water in an almost hypnotic manner and even when everyone else had stood up from their seats and left he remained where he was just watching you. There was something about you that drew him here on a daily basis and it wasn’t just the fact that you looked absolutely breath-taking, no, there was something only he had noticed; where the other girls would have readily available oxygen during the show there wasn’t anything to indicate that you did and since being injected with the serum his sight had been sharper than that of a hawk.

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- yoongi scenario | puppy bites don’t hurt much -

♡  when you and Yoongi fall out, Min Holly’s on a mission to make things right again 

genre: mild angst, mostly fluff
word count: 1.6k
♡ requested by @inkjeonn >> based on this

[Min Holly’s POV]

I don’t understand humans. They don’t make a whiff of sense. Not the funny plastic bricks they talk into, not the moving picture boxes they watch, and certainly not their table manners. (Why do they use funny sticks to eat, when it’s so much easier to lick straight from the bowl?) But the one thing that confuses me most is you and Yoongi. Just when I think I’m getting the hang of you two, you’ll go and do something weird, and I’ll get confused all over again. Your emotions are as jumpy as spring hares. Why, just this morning, you were getting on so well. You were sitting together, chatting over breakfast, and Yoongi had pushed his chair closer to yours, so he could hold your hand over coffee and scrambled eggs. His other hand was empty and readily available to supply me with bacon rinds under the table, which I was very thankful for. My master is so good. I love him so much. Wait… Where was I going with this? Oh, yes! You and Yoongi, I was talking about you and Yoongi, and how you had fallen out.

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AU Memes: Tutorial for beginners


First of all

This might be disappointing for some of you, but;

You’ll need a Computer/Mac/Laptop to make those

There are barely any apps or ways to create AU Memes on a phone. At least I don’t know any. If you only have a phone, I’m sorry about that, but this tutorial won’t be useful for you. 

I also want to say that I use a Macbook. You’ll notice in this tutorial that I recommend a lot more when it comes to Mac / Apple cause I’m more experienced in that. But this should also help you out a lot when you have a regular computer, especially with understanding the process of making an AU.

So you have a Computer or Mac? That’s great. Then let’s get started!

Step 1: Find a video that you can turn into a gif

(Gif files are what those AU memes are made of. They are those moving pictures that repeat themselves in an endless loop. You know what I mean?


You basically start with watching videos on youtube (Tumblr, Twitter, etc..) and searching for suitable videos for your imagine / AU. I’d even say that it is the most work out of all the steps because it takes a lot of time. But trust me. It will be worth it in the end. 

If you already have gifs saved to your computer/Mac, you can skip all the way to step 3. 

BUT I advise you..
don’t use already created gifs from people on tumblr
(or from the internet in general) 
and if you do, make a note and give the owners credit.
Some people might not give a fuck if you use their edits, but a lot of people do so make sure to be friendly and not claim something as yours that wasn’t made by you. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to step 2. 

Step 2: Save that video

you found a video that you think would be suitable? Good. Now you need to find a way to save the video to your computer

you can …

… use youtube videos and download them via a youtube video download website or program. (I won’t link a website here because they happen to go offline often or have some issues, but..) You should be able to find a working one by googling ‘download youtube video’ and looking through the websites popping up. 

… use twitter/tumblr/instagram videos and download them via a twitter/tumblr/instagram video download website or program. Basically the same as the above. Google ‘download twitter/tumblr/instagram video’ and see what websites are working and helpful. 

I know it sucks that you’ll have to browse through the websites first, but like I said, those change often or they go offline or stop working, so if I linked a working one it might not work anymore by the time you’re reading this. There’s also often spam on those websites so be careful and make sure to have a firewall/antivirus, just in case. But there is usually at least one of those that works and let’s you download the video. 

Easiest Method that works in all cases is just to record your computer screen while watching the video. That’s the method I use currently. You’ll need a program for that but they’re usually cheap or even for free. 

Macbook: I use ‘QuickTime Player’. It allows you to record anything that happens on your screen. 

PC: search for a program at a well known provider or website (you can try googling ‘screen recording program’)

Step 3: Turn the video into a gif

To do that, you will need a program. 

Macbook: I use ‘GIF Brewery’. You should be able to find it at the app store. With that you can crop the video, cut out the part of it that you want to use and also add text and some effects. In the end it turns it all into a Gif. Everything linked here is made with this program. It’s not too complicated and pretty self explanatory when you give yourself some time to play around with it. 

PC: There should be similar programs available that are cheap or even for free. (you can try googling ‘Gif making program’) Also, make sure it’s from a well known provider or website! All that program needs to have is a function to cut, maybe crop the video and most importantly; add text. 

If you already have a prepared gif and no video, you will still need that program to add the text to it.

Step 4 (For tumblr): Make sure the gif is the right size 

If you want to upload your creation to tumblr, make sure the size is smaller than 2MB! Everything above it won’t work. 

Step 5: Put a little story together 

You probably had some kind of imagine story in your head. And you also already added the text to the scenes. Now all you have to do is upload it in the right order and maybe look at it again to double check that it all makes sense. And then, that’s it. 


Step 6: You’re done! 👏👏

Congrats! Now all you gotta do is patiently wait for people reacting to the things you’ve created. 

Originally posted by dan-tomlinson

Just a few more tips that might help you:

- In general, I consider a video/part of a video suitable if I can imagine a situation or dialogue with or about Y/N while watching it. 

- I often search endlessly to find the right videos and everything. This is also why it takes me quite some time and effort to make them. Using already existing gifs from tumblr might be easier. But trust me, it’s worth making different ones because if you keep seeing the same gifs over and over just with a different caption, it get’s tiring. 😪

- Trust me, you don’t want to choose the theme of the AU before searching for videos. At least not a too complex theme. It already takes time to find a video that’s suitable for an AU in general, it will take forever when you need it to fit a specific scenario. It’s much easier when you do it the other way around. Look through the videos that are out there and then see what scenario you come up with. It can be anything if you feel like it matches. Random scenarios are often the most authentic ones. (You might now understand why I don’t do too specific requests and why requests are often closed on my blog - because it’s much harder for me to do than to just put out what I randomly come up with)

- Snapchats are often very useful, especially if they’re taken by another person. This way you can always edit it the way that Y/N would be that person. You can often find Snapchat stories uploaded on youtube.

- You can use interviews/Youtube videos and pretend Y/N is there with them / behind the camera. If they’re talking and the interviewed person looks to somewhere behind the camera and smiles, or even talks to someone who’s not seen in the video, you can always pretend it’s Y/N.

- Him being on the phone is always a good video to use (’He’s on the phone with Y/N again’). always works. 😄

- If you’re not sure what to make the conversations of Y/N and him about: When I’m not sure, I make the gif without text and keep watching it until I get an Idea. It usually helps.

- If you add friends or family of the person to an AU, it can make it more authentic. A different persons point of view also can make it more interesting. 

(I might add on to this list if I can think of more)

I hope I could help a few of you !

I’m putting this out there because I want to support anyone who would like to make AU Memes. I LOVE checking them out and I think Tumblr needs more of those :)

If some of you reading this want to try making them, feel free to message me, I’ll gladly check them out and support you / give you feedback :)

Also, if you still have any questions, just message me :)

 - Mel

anonymous asked:

Would you mind doing number 3

I would not mind at all! Here you go, nonnie :)

3. He’s been gone for quite a while

“What are you doing?” Charity frowned at Vic and Adam as they seemed to be re-enacting a scene from the Chuckle Brothers as they tried to stick a banner up along the far wall of the pub.

“Trying to put this up,” Vic explained, as if it wasn’t already obvious. “Adam, it’s not level!”

“Jesus Vic, Aaron won’t even notice,” Adam sighed, quickly losing interest in the task he’d been set.

Charity narrowed her eyes and tilted her head as she tried to read the message on the banner with Vic and Adam both standing in her way.

W E L C O M E  H O M E

“Who’s that for?” she asked dismissively.

“Aaron and Robert,” Adam answered, sighing as Vic nudged him again to move his side of the banner up higher. “They’re back off honeymoon today,” he answered, shooting a beaming smile in Charity’s direction.

“Ahh, have you missed you little friend?” Charity teased him.

He rolled his eyes back at her, only half concentrating as Vic finished off fixing the banner to the wall.

“Well, he’s been gone for quite a while, ain’t he – ”

“And Robert has,” Vic reminded him, unsure why her brother always seemed to get forgotten about.

“Yeah, but what with this and prison I feel like I’ve hardly seen any of him for the past few months,” Adam replied.

Vic and Charity shared a look of feigned sympathy between them.

“Aw, bless,” Vic teased him; Charity joining in with her.

“Shut up, alright,” Adam moaned back. “I’m more looking forward to having a hand at the scrapyard again, to be honest.”

“Well that’s charming.”

All three of them turned to see Aaron and Robert sauntering into the pub, bags in hand, Aaron shaking his head with mock disapproval at overhearing Adam.

“Oh mate!” Adam beamed as he made his way over to him, embracing in their familiar brotherly hug. “You know I’m only joking,” he added with his arms still wrapped around Aaron’s shoulders.

“Yeah, whatever,” Aaron laughed. “Back at work tomorrow then am I!”

“Damn right,” Adam teased, pulling back and offering his hand out for Robert to shake as Vic peeled herself off her brother and hugged Aaron.

“Sort us a pint, eh, Charity,” Robert requested, smiling as he realised she’d already started pouring them one each.

“Come on then, tell us all about it,” Vic grinned as she took a seat at the bar, “What did you get up to?”

Aaron and Robert looked to one another, mouths open wide and smirking as if they were looking for something to tell her, both of them breaking into simultaneous laughter when they realised they hadn’t got much they could offer that was fit for public consumption.

“Oh, right, I get it,” Vic smirked knowingly. “I don’t wanna know! Guessing you hardly left your hotel room?”

Aaron smirked sheepishly and dropped his head, unable to hold her gaze, focusing instead on the pint that Charity had placed before him and letting Robert take the lead.

“We did,” Robert insisted. “We saw Liv and her mum, and Chas. But there wasn’t much we could do and they limited the visitors at the hospital. So we just did a lot of sunbathing…and…celebrating,” he added with a knowing laugh, placing his hand against Aaron’s shoulder as they stood next to one another at the bar.

Charity rolled her eyes at them.

“Got any pictures? It’s meant to be like paradise over there,” Vic asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, probably got a few on my phone,” Robert answered as he took his phone from his pocket, not thinking as he got his gallery up on his screen and tapped on the first image of the view from their hotel room.

He passed his phone to Vic, looking at the screen as she swiped through the images, explaining each one in turn, from the picture of Aaron on the beach, to the bar they went to for drinks most nights, and a few of the places they’d eaten in. There was one of Aaron and Liv, too, and one with Chas.

She flicked onto the next image – a blurred shot of their hotel room floor – and Robert had a moment of realisation about what image would appear next in his photo gallery.

“And that’s enough!” he let out suddenly, eyebrows raised, as he grabbed the phone back from his sister just in time.

Aaron glanced up at him, wide-eyed as the realisation hit, and he stared up at his husband in disbelief at what had almost happened. He thought he’d die of embarrassment if those images were ever seen by anyone other than his husband.

“You two are unbelievable,” Charity sighed, shaking her head as she smirked towards Vic and Adam, all three of them sharing a knowing laugh about what they’d just narrowly avoided.

“You’re just jealous,” Robert shrugged, before leaning down and placing a kiss against his husband’s temple, making a mental note to make sure those pictures got moved pretty sharpish to the hidden file on his phone where he kept the rest of them.

Aaron Dingle was for his eyes only.

yoongi scenario | puppy loving

♡ cuddling wouldn’t be complete without Min Holly, Yoongi’s dog, getting in your way  

genre: fluff
word count: 1.6k

[Min Holly’s perspective]

Ding dong. I spring up. I know what that sound means. Y/N’s back!

Yoongi and I have the same reaction. I scramble out of bed, he scrambles behind me, and together we careen down the hall, my paws clicking on the wood, his sock soles sliding on the floor. I’ve never seen him this excited before.

Quickly, open the door, open the door! I leap up at the handle. I bark a few times. Quickly!

“Alright, alright, Holly,” he fumbles for his keys on the hook, and then, gently pushing me aside with one foot, he goes to the door. And there you are! I dash around your legs, barking at you to let you know I missed you. Your face crinkles into a smile when you see us. “There’s my two favourite boys.” With one hand you lift me up, your other hand pulling Yoongi in for a hug. I wriggle about in your arms, trying to lick both of your faces at once. You’ve been gone so so long. Where were you? What took you away?

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(Mobile blogging on my lunch break so we’re doing it this way)

I’ll give my favorite new headcanon, in detail below. It can be best summed up as the following:

Newt Scamander is a terrible flirt who doesn’t understand innuendo even after they’re together but he tries oh my god does he try and usually ends up embarassing everyone except for himself.

Credence is, secretly, and in ways that only come out during rare and blink-or-you-miss-it bursts of confidence, devastatingly smooth as fuck.

Read on for details

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(requested by @angelicshinigami )

word count
: 2 453
summary : Reader has a bad social anxiety and Kai helps her out of her shell. (I made a few slight changes … hope you like it tho..)
*not my gif


Kai walked upstairs. He had no idea why the Salvatore’s had invited him to that party since they didn’t like him. He had asked Damon this to which he had answered : “To bury the hatchet.”
God knew it was an enormous hatchet , hard to bury with just one party but Kai couldn’t shake the feeling there had to be some other reason.
Kai didn’t feel like spending time with a bunch of  strangers downstairs and Damon had said the floor upstairs is off limits which only made him want to see whats upstairs more. Most of the doors were locked , except one…    

    “It’s your birthday.We are throwing you a party and you are coming. It can’t be your birthday party without you there..” Stefan had said , poking her in the stomach playfully.  
    “I don’t want a party, Stefan. You know how I feel around large groups of people … ” she muttered to her best friend.
   "Trust me about this one. Okay ?“
   "Okay …” she had agreed.

The party itself was fun , there was music and her friends had made sure to have all her favorite snacks and drinks but each of them had also invited someone who had invited another someone and so on. Things had gone out of hand and when she had stepped inside the house expecting only a couple of people to be there and seen so many people some of which she didn’t even know … her anxiety had kicked in. Stefan had helped her upstairs because she had felt nautious , dizzy and was afraid she might pass out. In the end she had stayed in her room most of the evening unable to untie the knot in her stomach. It had been fine until she heard footsteps down the hall and a moment later the person she least expected to come through the door did.Kai pushed the door open carefully not wanting to scare whoever it was in there. There was no doubt there was someone inside - he could hear someone breathing and a heart racing fast.
“Oh hello.” he said smirking , leaning against the door frame. Y/N was sitting on the floor next to the bed , a plastic cup standing next to her. She looked startled at first , then got up and quickly headed for the door. Kai blocked it. Y/N kept looking at her shoes , taking a step to the left then to the right trying to find a way out.
“Don’t be scared. I’m not going to hurt you…” he said putting his hands in his pockets. “Why are you hiding up here ? The fun is downstairs … or so I’ve been told.” he trailed off.
“I .. I don’t .. I don’t like being around lar-ge groups of p-people.” she mumbled.
Kai grinned. “We have something in common.” he said , lifting her chin up making her look at him. “Come on , Y/N. Don’t tell me you are scared of spending a few minutes alone with the big bad heretic.”
He couldn’t tear his eyes off her and could swear the corners of her mouth twitched a little at his last words.
“I’m .. I’m n-not scared.” she mumbled , taking a step back from him her gaze falling to the ground again.
In that moment it hit him why the Salvatore’s had invited him. It hadn’t been because they wanted to ‘bury the hatchet’ as Damon had said , it had been because of her , why else would Damon specifically forbid him from going upstairs.
“Then what is it ?” Kai asked curious. Y/N sat down on the floor again , finishing whatever was left inside of her cup and turning it upside down on the floor. She didn’t answer his question.
Y/N felt as if she’d pass out again feeling the lightheadedness return. She took a few steps back to her previous spot on the floor and sat down. Kai was nice , well … nice-ish. He had done some awful things but Y/N had never been afraid he’d hurt her , more like her anxiety / shyness that kept her from getting to talk to him and get to know him more. Y/N was always guarded , he had thought maybe she just didn’t like him but now he saw it. He knew that feeling , he had had it many times before specially after he got out of the 1994 Prison World.
Kai pushed himself off the door and sat on the floor opposite her trying to catch her gaze. “Oh-kay. If you don’t want to talk , don’t talk.”
Kai reached inside his pocket pulling his phone out. “Do you want to see some really embarrassingpictures of me as a kid ? Weird how some of them had survived after all these years. I thought my father had erased all trace of my existence but I went back to Portland before the wedding and there was a whole box with them in the attic.” he said amused , opening the gallery on his phone showing it to her , hoping to get her to relax. “I haven’t shown these to anyone .. and in case you are wondering - I won’t be mad if you laugh. Ohh look - it’s me and my sister in one of those awful matching Christmas sweaters… and here is baby me.”
Kai kept talking , his finger swishing across the screen switching picture after picture pointing and laughing.
“Am I annoying you ? Damon says I talk too much… ” he said , leaving his phone on the floor next to him.
“No.” Y/N said quietly. “I’m … I’m just … I g-get nervous arou-nd people.”
“You have a lovely voice.” he said not taking his eyes off her. He wanted to get her to smile , to talk to him. “And you don’t have to be nervous around me. I get it. … Hey , do you want to hear the story of how I accidentally set my room on fire when I was 14 ? It was hilarious , I had siphoned some magic - accidentally of course…”
Y/N glanced at him for a second before looking away not believing him for a second. With Kai there were rarely any accidents.
“… and tried to light up a few candles , but instead the curtains caught on fire and Jo ran into the room to see what all the smoke was about…” he trailed off noticing her eyes on him. “..and then my father came in , I cloaked my self in a second flash , of course. The look on his face though - ”
Kai imitated his father’s face - eyes wide , hands on his head pulling at his hair ,  his mouth semi open in shock  … and then he started laughing. Y/N broke into laughter too.
“There it is.” Kai said smiling. “That smile … ” he reached pinching her cheek gently ,  Y/N pulled away. “Sorry , I didn’t meant to over step …”
“N-no. It’s o-kay. May I ?” she said pointing to his phone. “I kind of want to see those pictures …”
Kai moved to sit next to her , handing her his phone their hands touching for a split second. Y/N unlocked the screen - some nature shot - and opened the gallery. Kai didn’t even look nervous as most people would if someone else is scrolling through their phone. There weren’t many pictures , maybe 20 or 30 and a part of her was flattered he was letting her see them , the other part was terrified she’d get another anxiety attack and scare him off.
“Awwh … you were so cute back then!” Y/N said switching pictures of Kai when he was maybe 7 or 8 years old. Kai stared at her accusatory.
“Back then ? Erhm hellooo ?!” he said pointing at his face. “Don’t you see this face?!”
Y/N laughed at his shocked expression. “I said you were cute back then , now you are kind of … I don’t know. Hot ?”
Kai laughed a little at her comment happy to hear her laugh. She switched to another picture , a 6 year old Kai with missing front tooth smiling and holding a hand turkey drawing. His hair had been a little bit longer and absolutely messy. He looked happy , genuinely happy.
This must’ve been taken before his parents found out he was a siphon. she thought. Y/N couldn’t help but smile. She turned towards Kai who hadn’t taken his eyes off her. “You know … Your family made a mistake treating you the way they did. You are actu-ally quite awesome and kind… even if you build walls to protect yourself and let everyone think you’re not a good person.” she said giving him back his phone.
“What about you?” he asked curious studying her face. “I know it’s your birthday… You should be down there celebrating with your friends instead of here with me.”
“Yeah … n-no.” she said her gaze falling on the ground again.“N-not with .. all these people. I don’t even k-know half of them.”
All of the sudden she felt her anxiety try to make a comeback. It was one thing spending time with Kai and her friends , but around other people …
Kai felt he had pushed it a bit far and wanted to fix it. Y/N was nice , loving when she lets go. He looked around the room an idea forming in his mind.. but what he needed was missing.
“Stay here. I’ll be right back.” he said whooshing out of the room. He sneaked into the kitchen , snatching a cupcake from the counter , checked a few of the drawers finding the birthday candles , noticing a second later that Stefan was starring at him.
“What are you doing … exactly?” Stefan asked curious.
Kai grinned. “Wouldn’t you like to know… ”
A second later he was gone , picking up one last thing on his way back up. He sneaked a peek into the room - Y/N was right where he had left her. Kai used his magic , dulling the light inside a little making her turn towards him with a confused expression on her face.
“Close your eyes.” he said. Y/N tilted her head slightly but did as asked.
“I don’t like surprises …” she muttered.
Kai walked towards her , sitting on the floor opposite her. “Trust me , this one you will like.” He carefully pushed a birthday candle on top of the cupcake , hiding his other surprise behind his back. “Ready ?”
Y/N nodded.
“Open your eyes.” he said. Y/N opened her eyes slowly , taking a peek at first and her eyes widened a little. Kai was holding the chocolate cupcake in the palm of his hand , closed his eyes for a second lighting up the candle with magic. “It’s not a birthday cake , I couldn’t sneak it upstairs even if I tried. Damon would kill me on the spot. ” he laughed nervously. “ … but , it’s your birthday and you have to blow a candle and make a wish.”
The “big bad scary” heretic… she thought with a smile , closing her eyes and making a wish , wishing her anxiety away at least for a day.

Kai couldn’t explain to himself why he cared so much.  He had never done anything like that for anyone before , but the more they talked the more he realised he wanted to be her friend… if only he could get her to open up somehow. He reached behind his back pulling out a dried rose.  He spun the flower stalk in his hands muttering a spell , bringing the flower back to life. The look on Y/N’s face was a complete awe.
“Happy birthday !” he said giving it to her.
“Thank you.” she said with a shy smile. “Why are you being so nice to me ?” she asked twirling the rose in her hands , bringing it to her nose taking in its scent closing her eyes for a second.
*click* A camera sound made her look up.  
‘Woww’ Kai mouthed looking at the picture he had just taken.
“Kai ! What … No.” she shook her head covering her face with her hands looking at him through cracks in between her fingers. Kai was making funny faces , squishing his cheeks  , sticking his tongue out , putting his hands on his head waving his fingers.
“Who knew you were such a goofball.” she said laughing. “Come here , you want pictures ? Let’s take pictures.”
Kai smiled and scooted over to her , Y/N snatching his phone from his hands. He blew his cheeks while she stuck her tongue out. *click* He put his arm around her shoulder pinching her cheek while she looked surprised. *click* She surprised him with a kiss on the cheek , snapping a picture.
“I like you , you are fun… Hey maybe we can be friends ? It would annoy the hell out of Damon and that would be a nice bonus.”  he said amused.
“Shut up.” she said playfully punching his shoulder.
They kept on taking pictures , playing with different filters and somehow without realising it , her anxiety had gone away.
Kai heard someone coming up the stairs and glanced at the door right in time to see a Salvatore standing at the door.
“Kai … I thought I told you not to come up here.” Damon said starring at Kai and Y/N sitting on the floor about to take another selfie.
“Uh-oh … the party police is here.” she burst into laughter. “Relax, Damon … we were just talking.”
“Yeah … ” Damon said pulling out his phone. “I can see you ‘just talking’ … in like 15 selfies on Instagram and … what’s up with those filters on Snapchat ?”
Kai grinned. “Did you see the puppy filter ? It’s hilarious !”
“Can I talk to our frenemy here for a moment ?” Damon asked motioning for Kai to follow him. Kai reluctantly followed him outside and Damon pinned him to the wall his hand wrapped around his neck.
“Wow , relax Damon. We were just talking … I’m not planing on hurting her if that’s what you are worried about. In fact I kind of like her.” Kai said pushing him off.
“That’s whats worrying me twirp…”
Y/N showed up at the door a second later , poking Kai with her finger , a small smile on her face. “So .. where’s my birthday cake ?” she asked Damon , who looked back and forth between Y/N and Kai. In the end he and Stefan had had the right idea with inviting Kai over.
“It’s um … it’s downstairs… We can bring it up here if you want ? I know things got a little out of control with the amount of people down there…” Damon said.
Y/N shook her head slightly , grabbing Kai’s hand who looked surprised for a moment and then a small smile showed on his face.
“I-I think I’ll be fine … as long as he gets to stay… unharmed. Think of it as a birthday present.” she said.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017



My boyfriend is super cool and also he & his dad work for the Billy Joel tour so today we got to go backstage then see the concert from 8 rows back so like #girlfriendperks


Arthur Shelby x Reader

(Not my photo, credit goes to its owner/s)

Arthur must’ve paced up and down your living room over a hundred times, sweeping back that usual mop of hair that always failed to stay put. He never considered himself a shy man even If you were to ask his brothers they’d tell you the same thing, however something in his head would shut down completely as soon as he tried to have a proper conversation with you. Today was different though, he woke up with a new sense of confidence, today he was going to tell you how he felt! Even if you didn’t feel the same way at least he’d no longer be eaten away by the ‘what if’.


You’d finally gotten out of the bath - that’d you had been craving for all day - and gotten dressed before descending the stairs of your parents home whilst fixing your wet hair into a messy bun. You wasn’t expecting to see anyone as you rounded the corner into your front room, especially not Arthur Shelby.

“Arthur!” You blurted out in surprise - not intending to sound as rude as it did.

“Sorry I knew I shouldn’t 'ave come, this was a bad idea. I’ll leave you be.” Arthur grumbled as he began walk towards you to aim for the front door.

“No no please stay, I didn’t mean to sound so startled, I just wasn’t expecting to see you in my front room.” You explained whilst letting out a bout of nervous laughter, “Ergh how embarrassing”. You thought.

“It’s alrigh’, yer mum let me in sayin’ I could wait here until you were finished bathin’.” He said as he turned around to take a look out of the window.

You couldn’t help but notice that his relatively calm demeanour was beginning to crack as he started to fidget.

“Y'know (Y/N) I’ve been wantin’ to have this conversation with yer for some time.” He began, all the while still staring out of the window. “I jus’ wanted you to know I like yer, like a lot.”

“I like you too……” Was all you could mumble out before being cut off.

“No I don’t just 'like’ you, I like you like you.” Arthur stressed returning to burning a hole in the carpet as he paced up and down once again. “I can’t believe I’m such a fuckin’ state! Call myself a fuckin’ Shelby!”

Tentatively you approached Arthur, resting your hand comfortingly on his forearm hoping to stop him from withdrawing into himself.

“Arthur, please.” You pleaded. “ I like you like you too, I never said nothing before because I just assumed you wouldn’t be interested in me. After all I’m not like one of those pretty moving picture girls.”

“No (Y/N) yer not, yer far better.” He started. “It’s me who should feel unworthy of yer attention, I’m not gonna lie to yer, I’m not a good man. I’ve hurt people, I’ve REALLY hurt people.” He said, placing his larger hand atop of yours.

“We’ve all got our demons Arthur, we’ve all done things we regret but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to love or be loved.” You reassured, looking up at him just as leaned down to place a tender kiss. A confirmation of his feelings you could say.

“If anyone could banish my demons it’d be yer.”

SeptiplierWeek (Day 5)

Characters : Markiplier + Suicidal!Jacksepticeye
Prompt : Sam and Tim
Event hosted by : @septiplierweek

All previous and future days are all part of the same storyline. I might continue it eventually, but for now it’ll remain incomplete.


When Sean woke up, he felt some sort of…disappointment. There was a bandage around his neck, thick and plain. The room was so blank and empty that no matter how blue the walls were, he felt it even more. Just the bed, a counter and a window. He honestly was surprised they had managed to get a private room. They were a little more pricy than the shared one but he supposed nobody wanted to share a large room with a crazy man.

He sighed heavily, glancing around. He was dressed in a hospital gown, a tube stabbed into his arm, fuelling him with blood and another with nutrients. He did not bother moving. He just tried to go back to sleep. But obviously, it seemed that he had slept for too long anyway. He wished he hadn’t woken up, hadn’t had the bandage. He wished whoever that had found him had been too late. He glanced over and spotted several things. His phone, the small video camera and several others. Marks phone was there too. He really felt bored, but he didn’t want to look at his phone either. It’d probably be filled with thousands of messages and missed calls. He didn’t care about that right now.

He picked up the camera, sitting up a little. He kept his gaze downcast and he examined it. It was switched on and the battery low. He assumed Mark must have been watching it repeatedly for a while now then. As he flipped it over, his finger grazed over the faded name plaque he had glued to it, the cursive name ‘Jack’ engraved onto the side, parallel to the ‘Sean’ he had printed. Jack. That had been a name he hadn’t used for a long time. But he didn’t particularly care. All he could think about was his old life with that name. Now he was Sean and he wanted to leave that past behind.

This camera had been his opening up present from Mark, Amy and Singe, but he didn’t particularly care to relive that memory now. Perhaps later, after everything was done and over. He scrolled to the first few videos. Little tidbits of nature, his environment and home. The friends he used to have. Bob, Wade, Felix and Marzia too, along with Mark and the others. As he watched through the hundreds of short videos in there, he found several where he had been filming them without their knowledge, watching as they talked lively to one another without noticing him. They looked happy

Without him.

He felt his eyes water again, but he just kept watching. True… they had always seemed to have a small air of tiredness when they talked to him. He had heard that once before people have told him that he had two voices. One that drained their energy and another that gave them life. The sad thing was… it was his real voice that drained them. That fake, happy part of him was what was valued. He was worth more and liked better when he pretended he wasn’t broken. When he pretended he was okay. Nobody wanted a problem. Nobody wanted to take care of someone’s mental issues. So he slowly, ever so slowly reverted back to the Jack they all knew. The one they loved. He smiled and laughed and he screamed. But no one had seen the pain it hid so well, and although some were genuine, they were also rare. Eventually, he became Jack. A normal, loud kid.

A kid everyone liked, loved and adored. Someone who gave people life and made others happy. A person who wasn’t a burden. Jack…the man who always lied. As he watched the videos of people talking he felt more pain, swarming at his neck, at his heart. If he didn’t exist, they wouldn’t be so worried. If he wasn’t alive, Mark wouldn’t be struggling to make a living. Mark would be happy with another man or woman, could experience kids and have a good life without something like him weighing him down. Without him…they would all be happier. He didn’t understand why they were trying so hard to save someone who couldn’t even bother to live.

Someone who didn’t want to anymore.

“I’m so fucking stupid…” Sean clutched his head between his hands, trying to make himself smaller. He wanted the world to swallow him deep underground, where no one could hurt him and he wouldn’t be another. Useless, stupid, fake. There were so many things to describe himself. Everyone only liked him because he was playing pretend. Everything he did was a stupid lie. And suddenly when he showed Mark his true self…when he trusted him so much to tell him everything he thought… he got shoved away. He was abandoned.

He couldn’t do anything right. He just wanted to make Mark happy and he ended up making him suffer. He made him upset and angry, and cry. He was the one stressing him. He kept watching those mindless moving pictures and all he could think about was how much he had pushed Mark into a hole of anger and stress through these years. To think he was selfish enough to think he was helping him… he was fucking narcissistic, wasn’t he ?

And god he was so useless. Mark was always taking care of him. Could he really not do anything for himself ? Mark paid the bills, bought the food, moved the furniture and planned holidays and events. What did Sean do ? He worked, but like Mark had said, it wasn’t a real job. He barely contributed anything. He cooked, he cleaned and he took care of their dogs, but could he really do nothing else ? He was so replaceable. He wouldn’t be surprised if Mark had wanted to break up. It wasn’t like it was hard to find someone to take his place.

He felt himself choke more, watching how Mark laughed so freely, how excited he looked, how happy he was. Without him. Without him, he could be happier. Without Sean…he could live. He could do what he wanted and he didn’t have to stay with Sean. He could stay with ‘Jack’. He could stay with the one he had fallen in love with. But now, Jack was dead and all that remained was a shadow of the man that had worn that name. Now all that was left was the boy who feared hatred and being a burden to his friends. He just wanted to be happy with everyone else, but they always just looked so much better off without him living. How could he even love and care for Mark if he couldn’t even love himself ?

He started to cry, and he couldn’t understand why. He tried to tell himself that he didn’t care about the pain. It didn’t matter, he deserved it, right ? Deserved it for lying, for deceiving them into believing Jack when all he wanted to do was stand as Sean. A broken, husk of a person who so badly needed love to fill him, but had cracked so much that it all leaked out. Wasted and used.

When Mark returned, he didn’t expect Sean to be awake. No, he thought he’d still be asleep. He felt like he really should be as well, but he hadn’t slept in several days, pacing and waiting anxiously for him to wake. Now as he came in and saw him awake and cradling himself, he immediately dropped the two large bags he had been holding and ran towards Sean, trying to pull his hands down from the tubes he had been so desperate to rip off earlier.

“No ! Get off ! Let me go !” Sean screamed, even though it hurt when he did, thrashing. “Let me die ! Just let me die !” He stared wailing, eyes shut as his body trembled. “Sean ! Calm down ! Please, it’s just me, it’s Mark !” He yelled, trying to hug him but he was struggling to hard to, shoving and kicking. The camera topped and crashed onto the ground, the screen cracking, along with all their most cherished memories.

“I don’t want to be here !! I want to leave ! I want to go home !” Sean cried, refusing to touch him. “Shhh, shh…come on, buddy… calm, calm…” he whispered soothingly to the unhinged Irishman, holding him close despite the hard shoves. “You’re safe, you’re safe here…” he assured. “I don’t feel safe ! I don’t want to be safe !” Sean screamed, his struggles weakening, his panic attack weakening. “I…I…” he couldn’t find the words, trembling and quivering and crying loudly against Mark. He just wanted to stop. He just wanted everything to end and go dark. He just wanted to die.

Useless, pathetic, burden, unwanted. He couldn’t hear anything but those words and they kept beating him down, kept screaming that it was what he was. It made him cry harder and he completely stopped struggling, hugging his knees to his chest and rocking lightly, murmuring through his sobs. He just wanted… he just wanted someone to love him for who he was. For Sean, not Jack. He was not Jack. He could not be that green haired, hyper and talkative persona he had built for himself. It had all fallen away and it revealed who he was. A weak, emotional boy who had strayed too far from home. A twisted, unbearable home, but a home nevertheless.

Mark eventually pulled away, adrenaline shaking his body, staring at Sean, who couldn’t stop shaking. He kept crying and saying things he couldn’t understand, trying to scratch himself, clawing at his neck. He didn’t know what to do, trying to remember what he had talked to the therapist about. How does he help ? He glanced around the room for any signs or clues before he found the bags again. He rushed over and quickly tore the paper bags apart, pulling out two large and soft objects, before running back over to Sean.

“Hey, buddy…come back now…” Mark kept his voice calm and soothing, sitting down beside Sean on the bed. He felt so horrible at how he looked. Pale, fragile skin, hollowed out eyes and dark circles. His hair messed and faded and the bandage looked so constricting and tight. Like a collar. And the way he was trembling… it was like a scared, injured animal, and the sounds he was making emphasised it even further. Heartbreaking, panicked sobs.

“Shh, shh…you’re crying a lot aren’t you..?” Mark was not so sure how to do this but he was going to try as much as he could. Even if it meant spending years like this. “Does it hurt ? It does, right ? I know…I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but I know whatever it is, don’t believe it, okay ?” He lightly pulled those shaky, injured hands away and held his own around Seans head, caressing his cheeks. He found those faded light blue eyes and he felt himself worry even more. But he could hear his breath hitch and the sobs pause. He could feel the shivering quiet a little bit, no matter how little it was.

“I love you. It’s okay” he smiled meekly. “You don’t have to worry anymore…you’re okay…” he gently took his hands again, playing with his fingers, letting Sean stare at their intertwined hands. “It hurts when you speak right ? We found you at the park, and you looked real bad…” he told, moving his hand over to grab something. It did hurt to scream, or even talk. But it hurt him even more to know even though Sean had ruined him so much, Mark still cared and loved him. He was going to respond with a harsh, bitten back sentence when he felt something soft move into his hands. He looked over and he felt his pain pause, even though more tears surfaced. His voice didn’t break into sobs, but the tears continued to run down his face in silence.

“Cute, right ?” Mark smiled, watching Seans confusion, surprise, nostalgia and a sense of…perhaps relief ? A little memory ? “Little Tim and Sammy, remember ? We spent so many nights designing and talking about them…” he had the septiceye Sam plush in his lap and had given the tiny box Tim to Sean, though he wasn’t sure If it was exactly tiny. It was fairly large, but it seems he had taken it into interest, distracting him from the pain - at least for now. But any break was greatly thanked for, especially if it kept him from getting hurt.

Sean grasped the soft toy, feeling the short fur and the roughness of its details. How nice it felt between his fingers, and how squishy it was. How much it reminded him of before… of a time where he was happier just being ‘Jack’. He pressed his flushed cheeks against it, closing his eyes. “You do remember him !” He heard the excitement in Marks voice and he felt a faint warmth. “I got one for each of us… so use it as much as you want, okay ?” He hesitated slightly, before reaching over and gently feeling Seans hair, running his fingers through the soft strands of green. He felt him relax under his touch, leaning into it. He wanted to say more but he could see how tired Sean was. So he just slowly moved close to him and hugged him, gently calming him down with his own embrace and eventually, they were both comforted into a gentle sleep.


Sean glanced around the room, cross legged on the sofa. His therapist sat across him, talking about something he had long lost interest in hearing. The plush sat comfortably in his lap, and he kept running his hands against the soft fabric, pressing his face against the side of it. He had been getting better. A lot better than he used to be but it hadn’t been easy. And now, it still wasn’t. But he was getting better. Amy, Singe, Ethan and Tyler had been helping him, talking to him and encouraging him. Mark had done the most out of everyone, but depression did not discriminate. Sometimes he felt alone, and sometimes he felt so empty and lost without Mark around for things like this. But, as he breathed in the faint smell of cinnamon, he felt his anxiety fade and he relaxed, eyes closed.

Tiny Box Tim had become a close Friend of his now, as Septiceye Sam had become Marks when their original counterparts were not with one another. The dolls reminded each of them so much of one another, and while Sam smelled lightly of the ocean and the man he loved, Tiny Tim smelled like comfort. Like the fire roasting over the winter wood and the warmth of the thick wool around his body when it was too cold.

It smelled of Mark.

ok so listen. i like the word movie. but what the fuck even is that word? you guys literally named moving pictures “movies”? like, someone looked at the new invention and went “oh my, those are moving pictures indeed! such movement! we shall call them… MOVIES!”. this is such bullshit. this is like calling airplanes “flyees” because they fly. look at this majestic flyee. look at it go.

oh wait


i’m so done with this languages thing


慶一 x  夕魅

Here is the official introduction of her into the story. We only seen her name been mentioned by Ryuuki in chapter 1, now I give you the actual person. Once I’m done preparing my wordpress, you can read my full version of the chapters so far. There’s more conversation between them at that time about her. I also added some extra scenes in most of the chapters that have been released, too! :D


back down south

Artemi Panarin #4

Requested by @sweet-s-killer:  Helloooo girl! How are you doing? Can you do another panarin imagine about his first nhl fight? the next time i will ask you for another player, promise hahaha

*Hiii!! I’m really good. I hope 2017 is treating you well so far. Don’t worry about the Artemi requests, I like writing them. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 796

Originally posted by temipanarin

One of the disadvantages of staying home and watching the game through the tv broadcast is not having an eye, at all times, on your boyfriend. When you’re watching in the arena, you can have your sights trained on Artemi every second he’s on the ice, as compared to when you’re watching the game on tv, you only have eyes on the person who has the puck.

That’s why you were shocked when commotion outside of the frame happened. It took the camera guy a few seconds before zooming in on your boyfriend dropping gloves and fighting Scottie Upshall. Artemi is not the biggest guy out there but you know he can hold his own. He boxes and does jiu jitsu on his off days so you know he packs a punch but knowing that didn’t stop you from calling out a silent prayer for him the moment the camera panned to his fighting form.

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