those manly faces

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Hello ^-^ You are awesommmme :D Could you pls do EXO's reaction to finding out your blog :D and also your love to yeollie ;)

Hello there sweety! Well this is it, hope you’ll like it cause I hade fun doing this one and just imagine what the guys would think about my blog and would die if Kris would say that in real life!

Sehun:*scrolls through the pages* Omg this is so funny….*sees a post about himself* Okay I’m done with her shit!

Kai:Why are the pics moving, is this some kind of a sorcery?I’m going to die cause I saw this, am I cursed?

Tao:*finds all the jokes about him on the Law of the jungle*

Kyungsoo: *stumbles over the Baeksoo jokes* I already like this blog…..*clicks on a reaction* Oh shit she knows about the dark lord! I have to found out where she lives and have a little chat with her!

Chanyeol: I’m her bias? Is that a good thing or…..*googles what bias means* I still have it with the ladies!

Chen: This jokes about Tao are pure gold! Maybe I’ll use some of them later

Baekhyun: Better yehet today than kkaepsong tomorrow, I like this…..

*as he scrolls through the blog*

Lay: Does everybody knows about my secret, not so secret anymore, stash?

Kris: This blog is a masterpiece!! This girl it’s just like Picasso

Suho: They call me sugar daddy! That’s right bitches!

Luhan: *surprised face*Ohhhhh she thinks I’m not manly enough and that I’m so  pretty that I can win Miss Korea

*still scrolling* And she doesn’t even ship Xiuhan! What is this?

Xiumin: Sorry Lu-ge but those posts with your manly face are hilarious!

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