those lovable idiots

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I'm loving all the Clexa on my dash! A+ content right there. I really miss those lovable idiots.

GREAT! I’m glad. Honestly from now on imma have clexa day once a week. The fandom’s presence has shrunk significantly – for obvious reasons – and I wanna make sure folks know some of us are still on this ship. It’s in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight and has a bunch of holes in it but dammit I’m staying.

Does anyone recommend any good nalu fanfics where Natsu isn’t a asshole, isn’t treated like dirt, he and Lucy are friends from the beginning, and Lisanna isn’t made out to be a mega bitch?

I just finished watching "Shattered Sight" and this is what I learned
  • Rumplestiltskin is (and has always been) the ultimate villain. He is constantly manipulating, scheming and only looking out for himself. 
  • Regina, Snow and Charming laughing is the BEST thing ever. 
  • Dark Henry is hilarious. 
  • Charming brought up Whale!
  • Leopold is scum. The scummiest of scums. Blah. Fucking Leopold. Snow was just 10-years-old when he went to Regina’s house and let Cora answer his proposal on behalf of her daughter. GROSS. Regina was still just a child herself when she was forced into marrying him. And then to spend 10 years of her life under lock and key, without love or hope or light. Yeah, I’d go crazy too! It’s no wonder Regina hated the King so much! 
  • I cried a little when Ingrid cried. 
  • Baby Neal must have been under a sleeping curse. 
  • The Queens of Darkness are coming, and I am so excited. 
  • Also, THAT OQ KISS in the promo for next week! The finale will most likely hurt, but it’ll be a temporary hurt.