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Good news for those of you who have asked to see videos of my painting process (or might be interested): I’ve started up a Youtube channel

These are snippets from a longer video I’ve posted. It’s a little over 18 minutes long and is the perfect thing to fall asleep to, because it’s just the sound of the ocean, some painting, and no blabbering on from me (just written commentary for those who want to know a little more).

It would make me very happy if you visited my channel and (only if you wish to) Liked and Subscribed. At the very least, thanks for the love you’ve shown me here on Tumblr. :)

8 Facts About Me

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1. i’m from south korea and live in new jersey

2. i love candles and lemon tea with honey. seriously give me those two things and i’ll love you forever.

3. i’m really into alternative music and r&b and a little bit of rap

4. i can play guitar, piano, and ukulele and i love song writing lots

5. im 14 and only 5’ ah

6. i aspire to be a youtuber but i would love to also be on broadway (my dream role is eliza schuyler or alexander hamilton) do photography and music and ah lots of things really

7. i’ve been dancing for 11 years now in classic ballet

8. i lowkey learned to beatbox at 12 in the morning a few weeks ago and now i beatbox on the daily oops

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remember in the 90’s that one boy band- the biggest of them all- *NSYNC​ was omnipresent. i think they could have made any throw away video and it would’ve worked because the songs were just that big.  as an outsider looking in at the culture the NSYNC videos often seemed artistic and cinematic- every thing i had loved about all those videos i had taped on vhs (years before DVR or youtube was a thing). i was looking back at the video for “its gonna be me” — where they come to life as dolls-and we thought was there an analog to this story? like somewhere in that same store was there a dollar bin full of toy that no one really wanted? that would band together like the misfit, offbrand little outsiders they were. the toys no one ever wanted come to life. where would our band have fit in that story? we called up Wayne Isham, the director who did the original video (as well as some of our other favorite Mötley Crüe and Metallica videos), and pitched ideas back and forth… before long we came with the treatment- and were lucky enough to get a few cameos from the original source ;) as well as our partner in crime on the song Demi Lovato​.  

i know you don’t have a vhs tape (probably, though there is something about all the screenshots and memes made from our videos that feels pretty close to a modern version of that vhs tape ;) ) to record this. but i hope this video hits you in the same way- that you know we wanted to create something special for everyone that has ever loved an offbrand dollar bin toy, or has felt like one…

believe it or not we still believe in the magic of making these things- thank you for being a part of that with us.


Watch the video for Irresistible ft. Demi Lovato with special cameos by Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick 

Get the song on Apple Music or listen on Spotify 

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Jacksepticeye, CutiePieMarzia, AllThingsMusic :D

The best thing that has ever happened to me - I think the best thing is either joining the Jacksepticeye community and making loads of friends in it, or just discovering Jack in the first place ^-^ or maybe when my little niece and nephew were born, those days were awesome as well :)

What would be my dream date - cuddling and watching YouTubers while drinking tea or something like that, I would love this :3

Favourite artist: Absolutely has to be Coldplay, I love them :D

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[A]ge: 21
[B]iggest fear: Needles.
[C]urrent time: 14:41
[D]rink you last had: Water
[E]veryday starts with: Rolling over and checking my phone
[F]avorite song: Of all time: Tonight, Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins
[G]hosts, are they real: Yes.
[H]ometown: A little beach town in the north east of England
[I]n love with: A lot of people, things and ideas. Mostly people right now.
[J]ealous of: Those twenty something youtubers who have beautiful minimalist apartments/houses
[K]illed someone: Not yet. I’m trying, but I just wont die.
[L]ast time you cried: Like ten minutes ago.
[M]iddle name: Christopher Cain
[N]umber of siblings: One, my brother! I have a sister in law too, though.
[O]ne wish: To get the hell out of this shithole of a house with these shitty people.
[P]erson I last called/texted: I can’t remember? I think maybe my mum.
[Q]uestion you’re always asked: ‘Are you sure you’re gay?’
[R]eason to smile: Dragon Age 4!!!!

[S]ong last sang: Hurt by Johnny Cash
[T]ime you woke up: Iunno. Ten?
[U]nderwear color: Green
[V]acation destination: Paris or Florence every time.
[W]orst habit: Nail biting and constant self doubt
[X]-rays you’ve had: None!
[Y]our favorite food: Ramen
[Z]odiac: Leo

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little update thing bc i’ve been quiet

this week has been very slow and depression is slowly kicking my ass

but i recently got sony vegas to work, so soon i should be able to make videos for my music to post to youtube

and i have a few art projects i need to work on so hopefully i’ll get to those soon

music has been,,, nonexistant for a while, i need to do vocals for a song but im unsure about recording where i am (im also lazy) so that’s unknown

but i’m gonna try and get more stuff done soon for yall

alright. i know this is an unpopular opinion but hear me out. i’m actually really happy that dan and phil might be changing their branding. i feel like the lions and llamas fringe whiskers period is over. i completely understand that those things are a huge part of them but i don’t like that these things are what people  like those kind of things make them appeal to younger audiences and make them seem like little kid entertainers, and theyre so much more than that!! theyre two adults who have been through so much together and want to make all these people happy, and i feel like labeling them as “the two bloggers who love lions and llamas” is a huge understatement. these two men have written a worldwide bestselling book. they made an app. they’ve produced the most successful tour in the entire youtube community.

when i mention to people that my favorite youtubers are dan howell and phil lester and i see people wrinkle their faces in disgust, i feel like going up to them and making a list of all the reasons these two boys are my idols. it isn’t because they draw on their faces once a year. its because they’re so hardworking, kind, and understanding. despite having such a large fanbase, they have never made us feel beneath them. they do weekly liveshows. they attend as many youtube conventions as they can. they always stop to take pictures with their fans even when they have deodorant in their eyes. i know many people have told me that their only escape from trouble at school and home is youtube, and these two boys never fail to make them happy. and they give many people hope, that one day they’ll find someone that makes them as happy as dan and phil make each other. someone they can truly trust and be happy around.

so please don’t refer to them as two childish video makers; they’re so much more than that. they’re an inspiration to every one of us here, and they’re the reason some of us are here today. so i don’t know if theyre actually changing their branding or not? but these are just my reasons for accepting this change. i want them to finally be recognized as two adults who have found their place in life and are doing what makes them, and the people around them happy.

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How did you recover and stay v lean! Please help? Like step by step what do I do? And are you still scared of like vegan cake etc...

its the hclf diet that makes you lean. early nights, lots of water, good foods, little bits of exercise, lots of rest and sleep and mainly loving and listening to your body

no way look this is the cake i ate on my birthday - first time having a birthday cake in a long time :)

things do still scare me but everyday im loosing those fears 

Okay, guys.  I’m gonna go ahead and say it.  Not since Alys Fowler have I been so inspired, nor have I found a person who taps into the gardening community in a fresh, exciting, new way than since I stumbled upon Laura LeBoutillier at Garden Answer.  Her YouTube channel is serious garden porn for those who want a fresh take on all things growing.  I binge watched well over half of her 100+ videos last night, and I plan to spend the day today, a washed out, rainy one, watching the rest.  She’s amazing.  A good portion of these videos are succulent related, but a lot of her methods and theories translate over to edible plants and ornamentals too.  To start you off, I highly recommend the raised bed tutorial, this one on windowsill gardening, and I loved this quick little video of an herb planter being arranged.  Grab yourself a cup of tea and a blanket, and allow yourself to get pulled in.  I can’t believe how much I learned from her already.

  • “joe’s a bit drunk” zoe i think that’s a bit of an understatement he’s doing calf exercises 
  • HIS BLISSFUL SMILE WHEN HE’S SAYING HOW PROUD HE IS OF ZOE FOR QUAD BIKING HE’S SO SOFT AND HAPPY ABOUT IT (drinking game: take a shot every time joe says quad bike)
  • “oh just type in joe sugg on google you’ll find it” CHEEKY LIL SHIT
  • joe rambling about his absurd thoughts while zalfie argue about socks welcome to the days of our lives: youtube fam edition
  • his impression of a quad bike im
  • “i’ve got two phones! i’m mental” i am just so happy about this look at that smile and all those crinkles around his eyes like he’s legit so confused he’s adorable oh my goodness 
  • “thing is, right, listen.. listen.. it’s the time of the year, right..” little rambly puppy 
  • have i mentioned how much i love joe and zoe’s relationship it just makes me so ridiculously happy 
  • joe talking about how he’s always a gentleman to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yESS!!! it’s his favorite thing about himself probably how well behaved and kind and incredibly sweet he is and i’m so so happy we’ve got this recorded so we have proof of him acknowledging himself for that bless you son i love you
  • the suggs’ singing  (◠﹏◠✿) (and joe closing his eyes and snapping his fingers and being so into it what an idiot)
  • joe acknowledging he’s been overworking himself and is tired and saying he’s trying to do vlogmas i want to cry?? my baby boy please rest??
  • next on days of our lives: youtube fam: the suggs have no calves
  • “joey skinny legs!!!!!!!!1″
  • OK BUT joe and zoe make each other so happy #siblinggoals
  • basically drunk!joe is my favorite thing in the entire world and my cheeks hurt from laughing rn
Why you don't have to leave the phandom.

I see so many people considering leaving phandom, which to me only means I’m bored of the tour (to be honest, we all are) and I want weekly live shows and videos back and I’ve been a little bit sceptical about it.

First of all, People seek so much from d&p’s private life now and to be fully honest I do to, but does it mean that i have to blame them? Absolutely not. We are just so crazy about the idea of phan and the 2009,2012,2022 and those little theories that when we get what we don’t expect, it’s upsetting.

Second, the phandom is so enormous right now. There are people very young in the phandom and actually that’s understandable. We post a lot of content, topping any other youtuber as a fandom (like srsl, have you seen pewdiepie’s video about tumblr?). Young girls simply love to be obsessive over things that are new, that’s just the way it is, so 13 year olds in the phandom is not such a new thing, we are very popular and mainstream now. Dan and Phil are aware of that, that’s probably why there is a tour now. Not for the older audience that knows them so much that every move is recognisable, it’s for the new audience that don’t really get the world of Dan and Phil as much.

They are at the top, and that’s fair because they are super professional now. The editing is better, camera quality is great, gaming channel is not that bad and even their posting schedule wasn’t bad (before tatinof). That’s amazing because I believe everyone would love to be professional at something they are good at.

So, for my final words:

If you think you absolutely need to let them go, then go ahead. Followers will miss you, but after some time everything will be normal. Don’t feel bad for leaving the phandom, if that’s affecting something in your life or you’re simply bored and unhappy because of it then freely leave the phandom.

But if you like the way it is, consider sticking along for some more time. After all, it’s not all about phan or their ‘fake’ branding or the book or the tour. It’s about the communities we’ve build and friends we made because of it. It’s about people like phanfic and phanfiction catalogue and all other amazing blogs providing us with content that work really hard to make us happy and answer our questions. It’s about the artists and creators and even musicians that made the little piece of the phan into something beautiful. It’s about bloggers like phancuddles that is here for quite a long time and still posts to this day.

Other creators may joke about us, people may criticise Dan and Phil but all we should make all the work we put into the phandom actually worth it.