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Good Girl Ch 48: Last Day

Again Lovelies, I’m letting you know this chapter is not for people who are sensitive to aggressive situations 

You have been warned!

A week. A whole week of the chase, the capture, the tape and the room. My voice is gone. I’ve screamed my heart out, and to be honest I don’t think I could scream anymore if I tried. The tapes are the hardest part. I can handle their taunting words as they purposely walk passed where I’m hiding and their disgusting jokes about fucking my mouth when they capture me. Sitting in the dark cement room by myself is definitely the best part of my day.

The tapes have not really been violent, not counting the bruises that are on my wrists and ankles and every other part of my body that they held on to. Since Taeil ripped my clothes they’ve been making me wear nothing but my underwear, thankfully they gave me a blanket to sleep with but it can’t leave my tiny room. They feed me the leftovers of their meals, which is a surprisingly large amount of food. Zico is always the one to bring it to me. He hands me the large plate filled with rice and beef, as always he stands in the far corner with his arms crossed over his chest and stares until I’m done.

Even though I felt like Zico is the one I should be scared of the most he is actually the most kind to me. He is always the one to stop the other from going to far and actually raping me, and a few have been very close. He has never caught me, he doesn’t stay around for the punishment either. Purple just seems uninterested in all of this. He just follows Zico usually, he comes and gets me from my room and pushes me out of the warehouse.

Today felt different. I’m lying on the bare mattress with my blanket wrapped tightly around me. I’ve been awake for a while now but without a clock I’m not sure what time it is. My mind is on my daddies, at least it was a moment ago until I couldn’t stop crying. Did they really not care enough to come get me after all the things they have seen on the videos? Maybe they didn’t want me because of those videos, the tapes were cut off before Zico stopped the guys from actually rapping me so my daddies don’t know that I haven’t been violated but maybe they don’t want a dirty girl like me. I can’t hold back the uncontrollable cries that spill from my lips and echo threw the small room.

They abandoned me. They just left me with these guys. At least Joker felt bad for leaving me and he is only a friend. They were my lovers, my first. I thought they were my everything but now I see nothing but betrayal. Briefly my mind flashes to a sweet man in a black suit.


What is he doing with all of this? Does he know? Did anyone tell him? Would he even care? No one in my life seems to. It’s been a week. Another Tuesday where I didn’t show up, he must know something is wrong. He must not care. I guess I’m just going to die here. With no one to pay the price on my head there will be nothing saving me from their wrath.

As if they could read my mind the door opens. To my surprise it Zico standing there not Purple. He hands me a small set of clothes, a t-shirt and shorts that must belong to Taeil because they seem far too small to fit Zico. There is a note on top.

Last day.

I look up at him confused and concerned, “Last day? I didn’t know there was a time limit. What happens when today is over? Will there be another tape?” I’m on my feet now. He says nothing, just turns around and waits. I take this as my chance to get dressed. With new clothes on he leads me into the bigger room where the others are waiting.  

“Are you ready to have a fun last night with us?” Taeil mocks. I wish I could see his face. I just want to know if my punch had left a bruise, to know if I marked him like how he marked me.

“Hyung leave Kitten alone, she’s heart broken that she’s even had to last this long. She was probably expecting one of her prince charmings to come rescue her. Too bad they’re just thugs who care about nothing but themselves,” Kyung chuckles. “You should’ve known that Princess. A big group of boys like them couldn’t settle for just one little thing like you. Plus they are definitely not your best option.”

I glare at him, “What do you mean?”

He flicks my forehead, “Calm down. I’m just saying that you had a better option and wasted it for more pretty boys. I wonder how your friend would react to our little videos. I think he would have found you by now. But I guess that lucky for us that those lazy bastards didn’t even try for you. Now we get to have more fun.”

“You know the routine princess,” B-bomb says as we walk toward the warehouse exit. “But I’m going to suggest you hide better today. Tonight’s punishment is going to be especially brutal. But,” I can imagine him smiling at me behind the mask, “there is also a prize if you can make it until daylight.”

“A prize?”

“Yep, your freedom. We’ll let you go free of charge but if you can’t, you gotta get a punishment, you got it?”

I nod before stepping over the threshold and running as fast as I possibly can on my aching limps. I need to hide. I need to get out so I can ask them why they didn’t come for me. The paths have become more familiar to me and I’ve learned where to hide for a little while but they always end up finding me. But today I’m trying a new place, some place I’ve considered hiding every time but lacked the courage. I’m not any braver than I was a few days ago I’m just more afraid of whatever punishment I could receive compared to falling off a fairs wheel.

With a deep breath I quickly climb up the latter that leads up half way before shimming across the slightly raised beam to one of the carriages. The siren goes off signaling the being of the game just as I sink into the carriage. I need to hide until day light, I can do that, I know I can with this hiding spot. Their taunting words echo from below and for once, I don’t feel a sense of panic or fear. For the first time all week I actually feel kind of safe.

The search for me goes on forever, I can hear them genially getting irritated that they can’t find me. Curses and their ridiculous pet names for me are yelled from all over the grounds. It takes all of my self-control not to peek out to see where they all are. Laying on the floor of that dirty carriage I feel relaxed enough to close my eyes and drift off into a warm slumber. I dream of freedom, of warmth, and for once, not of my daddies. I see Jiyong, he’s offering me his hand and his warmth and his love, like he always does. No matter what I said to him he was there for me.

My nap is interrupted by the sound of a machine groaning to life and the sudden trembling of the carriage. My eyes snap open to see a new pink sky, day light, it’s almost here. But it’s too late. The fairs wheel groans to life and slowly begins to rotate. I press myself against the floor, hoping that maybe, just maybe, they could miss me. But luck is not on my side.

The carriage door rips open and someone drags me out by my hair, I look up to see Taeil’s familiar mask glaring down at me, “You were so close Pumpkin.”

“What a shame,” Kyung chuckles, “I was actually kind of rooting for you at this point. Someone tell the boss we found her. He isn’t going to be around for this one.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to be the one to tear you are apart.” They drag me back to the warehouse where I’m thrown on the floor. Taeil crouches down to my level, “Are you ready for the beating of a life time?”

I shake my head, “Please don’t, I was so close! Day light was right there! Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Nope, that’s not how it works Pumpkin. You failed, you get the punishment you deserve.”

“What did I do to deserve this?” I scream at him. My voice cracks in fear and in over use.

“You should have known to avoid our world,” B-bomb tells me. “This isn’t the place for a little kitten like you. This world is for cold hearted people like those bastards who left you. They may have seemed warm but that was just a show, you were just a toy to them, nothing more. Now if you think you want to continue in this world, if you really want to live knowing that no one wants you, you will take your beating like a good girl.”

“Don’t make the girl’s whole world seem so hopeless,” U-kwon scolds.

Jaehyo nods in agreement, “She might have one person.”

“One?” I laugh sadly.

“One is better than nothing,” Kyung gives me a sad smile.

“Enough of your guys hopeful words to the girl, lets get down to business,” Taeil cracks his knuckles. “I’ve wanted nothing more than to break her into a million little pieces.”

“Please go first,” Jaehyo offers.


Taeil steps up and stands over me, his fingers weave threw my hair and grip the roots tight before delivering a hard punch to my jaw. He doesn’t give me a second to recover before doing it again, and again, and again. Blood is spilling out of my lips when he releases me to move down to my lower body. One kick, two, three, four, he hits my face again and I just don’t know anymore.

I don’t know if they switched out or if it really is just Taeil delivering blow after blow. I don’t know which way is up or which way is down. At this point I’d be lucky to tell you my own name or open my mouth to say it.

I just know that everything hurts. My eyes are so swelled up they won’t open. Something might be broken, if not I’m impressed. My body will be covered in bruises, I can already feel them forming underneath my skin. I try to roll over on to my front but they don’t stop. I begin to wonder if I’ll be alive when they do.

Do I even want to be?

Hanji: Hey, Levi!

Levi: Yep?

Hanji: Weren’t we going to make a quick quarrel today so that the lazy weirdo from the other side of the screen has something to post on her messy blog?

Levi: No.

Hanji: I have a feeling she’s gonna be disappointed.

Levi: I don’t give a shit. And I protest. Lately she totally exploits us.

Hanji: Ok then. I’ll make some tea.

Levi: And I’ll water your shitty weeds.

There’s a scrawl but don’t open it if you have a deep sense of aesthetics ;)

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