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Hiiii Blue! Can you tell me what happened today?? I was out all day :((

Louis was papped for Simon’s charity thing

Harry had a tour in Spain (just kidding some “fans” cornered him into a meet and greet basically, poor bub didn’t look that pleased)

That’s all I can remember hdjdjdk sorry

Important Things To Maintain Upon the Discovery of Larry Discourse
  • Self-appointed “Larries” are a diverse group of people. Yes, some are teenage girls, but our ages, genders, sexualities and personal beliefs vary greatly. We do uphold the protection over the teenage girls and their rights to exist, like things, and be the fun, accepting, intelligent and individual people that they are. 
  • The Larry discourse and all surrounding activities are not representative of how we spend all our free time. Critiques of how we “don’t have a life”, or a life outside of One Direction, are hyperbolised caricatures that are nonexistent. Everyone here is a different person with different habits, interests and personalities.
  • The acknowledgement of PR (including PR relationships and exaggerated or dishonest images) and abuse of power in the entertainment industry are paramount to understanding our position. These things do occur within and throughout the entirety of the entertainment industry. I cannot emphasize this enough. 

(VIDEO: Artifact Trailer, includes Irving Azoff)
(VIDEO: Excerpt from ‘Artifact’ - “How The Music Industry Works”)

  • Our beliefs of #BabyGate and/or Harry and Louis’ relationship are not based on a want (or jealousy) of the One Direction members for our own romantic fantasies. From experience it can be gauged that people simply see something ‘off’ about something pertaining to One Direction, see a relationship with The Closet that they too have experienced, find the handling of #BabyGate rumours and/or Larry bizarre and have questioned it further, or something similar.
  • The actions of one ‘Larrie’ does not represent the actions of every Larrie, the same goes for any other demographic of 1D fans.
  • Apply a rule of patterns. One thing that doesn’t make sense is an outlier, ten things that don’t make sense is a pattern. Larrie beliefs are based on contextual evidence that have built up patterns. We maintain that our arguments and opinions remain contextualized to the situation, so change with changing information.

(VIDEO: Crash Course on Argumentation

Resources for Beginners to Larry Discourse:

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Dear Cody....

you don’t know me, but I know you. I know that you’re 16. I know that you live in Pittsburgh which is exactly 5 hours and 38 mins away, give or take 20 mins depending on traffic. I know that you are naturally a brunette but recently dyed your hair black and got it cut. I know that you have tattoos and your lip pierced. I know you are in love with Harry Styles and I know you totally ship Larry.

but those things are obvious. those things are put on the Internet for people to see. if they search your name that it what will pop up. they will see your face and fall in love. they will see how you constantly delete tweets and get frustrated at you. they will see this because that’s what you put out for people to see.

they don’t see what I see. they think I’m here for your looks. they think I’m here because you’re ‘famous’. they don’t know you like I do.

they don’t know how insecure you are about your nose. they don’t know how the only thing you’re scared of is yourself. they don’t know that you are so fucking insecure. they don’t know.

they don’t know because you don’t want them to. you put on this bad boy facade and I see right through it.

I know you Cody Herbinko.

I know how much your hurting. I know what it’s like to deal with anxiety and depression. I know what it’s like to fight that internal battle and feel like you’re losing. I know what it’s like to look at your scars and be constantly reminded of what you did and how you miss it sometimes. I know what it feels like to hate yourself. I know.

but I also know how sweet you are. I know how you love every single person who supports you. I know because I don’t look at what’s on the outside. I pay attention to the little details people look over because they don’t think it’s as important.

they look over those small details and pick you apart from the outside in. they tear at the walls on the outside so you feel the hurt on the inside because they want what you have. they think they know you but they don’t.

only I know you.

and I wish you knew me too.

Here cutie have a nacho. 

Doodled this in class and then lined it. 

Yeah, old pen bc it looks cuter. Anyway, enjoy this for now. (I’ll do requests on the weekend. I’m currently borrowing wifi from my awesome roommate.)

I was excited for Soccer Aid but Larries were REALLY WEIRDLY excited for it, making posts looking forward to it for months, talking about how it was the only good thing happening, comforting themselves that at least they had soccer aid to think about, even predicting that babygate would be over by soccer aid because it was so important louis wouldn’t want… something… baby… hanging over it? I didn’t follow the logic but it put a lot of weight on this event.

And now it’s here and it’s already been even more delightful than I imagined, with Nouis banter and adorable promo videos and suits… and Larries are busy being miserable about Danielle being there and freaking out that Louis tweeted about how much he loves his son. :)))))))))

I’m actually kinda terrified that some larries just like…. won’t ever stop? Like I get that they should have known for sure that larry wasn’t real when Freddie was born but i feel like some of them are so far into this shit that they’ll never back out and continue to project their belligerent theories on other people.

i just wanted to tell you guys that whatever is happening tomorrow, whatever we are rooting for.. just don’t forget larry is 100% real