those interactions make me happy~

dallowmayhem  asked:

Fucking fuck??? Fuckity fucking fuck?? I just catched up with your fic LMLS and I am in tears. Everything about it so far is so perfect but it also makes my heart ache so much because of the angst. One thing specifically that I'd like to compliment you on is Jeremy and his dads interaction. Those parts make me feel so safe and just so goddamn happy you don't even know. It makes me so happy to just be able to see Jeremy having his dad to talk to and what they both went through. Thank you so much.

aw geez, thank you so much!! i’m always really relieved to hear that i’m doing good by the characters when writing difficult situations like those that occur during LMLS. it’s a very… intimate and heavy story.

the conversations between joel and jeremy have probably been the hardest for me to construct so far, so i’m glad that they had an impact on you in some way!! as the story (slowly) reaches its conclusion i hope you continue to like it!!!