those hands! the reflections!

lavender hues (m)

fantasy au (reposted)

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: angst and fluff
word count: 13.094
warnings: sexual content 
author’s note: previously named ‘if these wings could fly’ in my old blog. I’m just reposting it with a new name. :)

Beauty. If someone asked you to define it, your mouth would probably go dry and your heart would flutter yearningly, freezing as the words turn heavy in your mind and dissolve in the tip of your tongue.

Beauty is short-lived but ubiquitous, a transparent but shimmering liquid running in rivulets through hidden alleyways and veiled landscapes that the eyes don’t notice unless they look twice. Beauty is found in the unexpected, in the withheld words of the timid poets, in longing stares and authentic, carefree laughs. Beauty is found in what the eyes can see, in what the ears can hear, in the deep reverie of the colorful minds and in the dreams held close to the heart.

Beauty is fleeting and you’re unable to grasp it. All your life you’ve chased it, extended your hands towards it, longed to touch it with your fingertips. But your steps are slow and your hands are ungifted, and you can only imagine what it would be like to create beauty, to have the hands of those that are able to reflect love and joy and pain in books and paintings.

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As the most self-aware point in the birth chart by design, the Ascendant represents not just self-image, but self-image based in interactive context; it is not just “how we perceive the world & how the world perceives us,” but also a complex combination of the two – it’s how we perceive ourselves based on our interpretation of the world’s perception of us. It’s how we process the reactions we receive. We see ourselves quite apparently reflected in others’ responses to our expression, and we adopt our interpretation of those responses into our identities. The Descendant, on the other hand, denotes the reflections of ourselves in others which we refuse to see, which are repressed in the “shadow” of the psyche; we don’t want to interpret those responses, because we dislike or are unaware of what it means for us as individuals, and so we don’t attach to that part of us (until we evolve far enough to recognize it).

Bathroom Echoes

Stuart Twombly / Reader

Author: Me, myself and I.

Words:  1780

Warnings:  Fingering, penetrative sex [ unprotected, use a condom kids ]. Mentions spanking.

A/N: I wrote something similar to this on one of my other writing blogs [ which is deleted now ], but I ended up deleting it. I rewrote the whole thing and added so much more to it. The first one was just her giving him a blowjob but come on, just a blowjob? Gotta spice it up more. Also, note this might carry to a part two so look out for that. My next writing will hopefully be posted sometime this week, I do start school on Friday but we’ll see what happens! 

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I stroll into Google, carrying two cups of coffee and greeting people who bothered to glare at me. I make my way into this large office space with around thirty plus people typing away on their computers. Notice my boyfriend at his desk and run up to him, leaning down behind me and placing a wet smooch on his cheek. 

“Hey, babe.” I grin putting the coffees down on his workspace.

“Hey, bumble.” He half smiles calling me by my nickname from when we were kids.

Stuart and I’ve been dating for a while now, a little over a year, we’ve known each other since high school. We never talked to each other until he asked me to prom. Of course, I said yes and we hit it off from there. Our sex life is great, I mean I can’t complain, we try to have sex once every week but It isn’t enough. I thought once a week was fine but lately, I’ve been wanting more.

I grab an empty wheelie chair, identic to Stuarts and sit down next to him. He turns back around to the computer and continues to work as I push his cup closer towards him.

“Thanks for the coffee.” He picks it up, taking a sip and pursing his lips together.

He places the cup back down and continues to type away like everybody else in this room. Signing, I lean my elbow on the table with my chin in my hand, studying those eyes I love with the computer screen reflecting onto them. Thinking of all the things I want to do to him, making myself tingle all over and chew my lip. He notices as his eyes dart to me for a second and back to the machine.

“Hey, Stuart… Would you want to do something after work or maybe right now?” 

“Like what?“ He turns his head, scanning me up and down.

I stand up, fixing my dress and walking behind him as his eyes follow. Gripping his shoulders and leaning down, gliding my lip up his ear.

"Like skin on skin.” I whisper, softly giggling as he shifts in his seat.

“Right now? Babe, not here. Maybe later tonight.”

I groan moving back to my chair and flopping down, picking up a pen off his desk and fiddling with it.

“Hey, Stuart.” A slim, tall blonde approaches him, rubbing his shoulder and my eye slightly twitching with jealousy. 

"Oh hey, Kaley.“ Stuart smiles looking up at her.

Her eyes meet mine and that smug look flies right off.

"Who’s this? Your new assistant?" 

"This is my-” Instantly cutting him off and standing up tall, trying to get to her height while punching the wood aside of me.

“His girlfriend.” I growl.

“Oh, feisty. Need to put some chains on her.” She smirks crossing her arms, giving me nasty looks as her eyes travel up and down my body.

“Trust me, he already does.” Stepping forward to her as Stuart hastily gets between us, holding me back.

“Hey, babe, come on now quite it.”

“Yeah, quite it psycho.” She scoffs giving me a wink and strutting away.

“Son of a bi-”

“Hey! Calm down alright? What’s your problem?” Stuart cuts me off holding my forearm.

“My problem?! What hell is your problem?! Letting her touch you and feel you up! Are you kidding me?!” I snap throwing his hand off me.

“Babe, can you not create a scene here, please?”

“Create a scene? Am I embarrassing you?”

Stuart signs loudly and grabs my arm, pulling me along with him. 

“I’m not the one creating the sence! She is!” Everyone’s eyes glued on us as I continue to shout.

He opens a large door and drags me inside as the lights flicker on by themselves. A clean, one toilet bathroom.

“Not to mention that perfect bitch called me a psycho! Like what kind of person would-” Stuart’s hands hold each side of my face and crashes his lips onto mine.

I hum falling into it, closing my eyes as my hands find a spot to rest on his chest, heart rising. The kiss breaks and I open my eyes slowly to him staring at me. We take a moment, taking each other’s features in and feeling his breath against my lips.


“Shut up.” I mumble gripping the collar of his shirt and smashing our lips together as our teeth collide.

Sweeping my tongue across his lip and into his mouth while his hands explore down my back, to my ass and getting a good grip on it. I groan, sending the vibration through both of us as our tongues dance together. My hands hooking into his belt and grinding my whole body against him. His hand moves down up my inner thigh, taking my dress with him and touches his hand up my soaking panties, feeling his smirk on my lips. Slipping his hand in my panties, running his finger along my slit and into me. I gasp, gripping his forearm as he teases me, taking his finger out, back up my slit, stopping before he hits my clit and back down inside me. I pull out the kiss, biting his bottom lip with a growl as his eyes match mine and his finger slowly pumping in and out of me. He licks his lips darting his eyes down at his hand movements and back up to my eyes as soft moans escape my lips. My hand snakes around his neck, pulling him close as his finger curving in a way made me crazy, I yell his name, digging my nails into his skin. My head falls back, panting as his mouth latches on my throat, sucking roughly but yet so sweet. He walks me backward until my ass hits the sink, gripping onto it as he lifts me up on the edge, my back pressed against the cold mirror. His hand leaves where I need him most and he swiftly slips my panties off and continues pumping two fingers in me as my lingerie hands around my ankle. I cup his throbbing erection through his jeans, struggling to undo his belt not quick enough, my body begins to come apart. His fingers moving faster and his thumb pressed against my clit, getting a tight pinch in my abdomen and my legs start shaking, body trembling.

“Stuart!” I scream clenching around his fingers, arching my back and flinching as he continues to touch my bundle of nerves.

Panting heavily as his hand pulls away, coated in my juices. My eyes follow his hand as it leads up to his face, sucking his fingers dry causing me to shudder. 

“You’re so hot screaming my name.” He mutters as I  pull him closer and connecting our lips.

My hands move to his belt and down with his boxers. His dick springs free as I wrap my hand around him, stroking him firmly causing him to groan and escape the kiss. I bite back a smirk, tapping my finger over his precum as he signs loudly and sucking my finger while humming, loving the taste of him. 

“I- I don’t have a condom on me.” He whispers somewhat breathlessly.

“That’s alright, you can just pull out.” I giggle running my wet finger up along his shaft as his hips buck.

He grasps sink underneath me, pushes himself all the way in as both of us sign at the feeling and I adjust to his size.

“Stuart, move.” Giving him the ‘okay’, he starts to thrust, creating a speedy pace.

I wrap my hands around his neck, tugging the hairs as my hips roll into each thrust with his eyes locked down on my movements.

“Faster.” I whimper.

With those words, he looks up to me to double check and I nod. He starts to slam into me quicker than before, rough just how I like it. Moaning between each thrust as he leans close to me, breathing heavily against my neck, moving as humanly possible. I pull on the back of his shirt, twisting into a fist as his hand pushes my thigh back and my body was about to slip.

“Stuart-” He cuts me off grabbing underneath my thighs and settling my feet back on the ground.

My legs weak as I turn around, bending down in front of him, practically waving my ass in his face. He pushes my dress up and his strong hands grope my ass as he pushes his dick back in. Moving painfully slow as I grip the sink, thinking as though I would break it. His hand moves to grip my hip and a hard slap lands on my cheek causing me to flinch. I hum, biting down on my lip as he stops moving, just standing there, enjoying the view. Becoming impatient I move onto his dick, moaning at the new angle. His grip on tightens, and he pounds into me suddenly fast as I scream. Taking a bunch my hair, pulling my head back as I notice him in the mirror, biting his lip, eyebrows furrowing, and his nose and cheeks red. Hitting all the right spots as he caresses my ass and lands another hard slap making me yelp. The sounds of pleasure and skin slapping skin, echoes throughout the tiled walling. I get a tight familiar feeling in my abdomen as my toes curl in my shoes, screaming his name and clenching around him. I see stars and my body begins to feel weak again as I almost fall he wraps his arm around my middle, holding me up. He slows down his rhythm, letting go of my hair and pulls out, cumming all over my ass, moaning. I breathe heavily as he pulls his pants up and grabbing some toilet paper, whipping my ass and helping me stand up straight.

“You alright?” He smiles looking me in the mirror.

I nod my head and he throws the paper away, flushing in down the toilet as I pull up my panties and fix my hair. He hugs me from behind, leaning his chin on my shoulder smiling happily. We make our way to the door and open to see everyone eyes on us as I swallow thickly.

“I think they heard us.” Stuart whispers in my ear.

I look around and spot that tall blonde from before, staring also with an awful expression. A smirk stretches across my face and I flick my hair back, strutting my way down the office.

“That’s right, he’s mine. Not yours.”
I don't think they were even playing, tbh. More like he was just going through cards he thought were good, humourous playing ones. But that's besides the point. They pointed out the fact that those looked like his hands and his reflection in the window. I didn't ask you to explain the logistics of PR, just that I'm starting to waiver in my belief it is, but I'll go back and read since I didn't yesterday and am intrigued because I truly don't know what to believe anymore.
Again, unless you are looking at his palm and somehow able to compare hand size to every other man Lili knows in Vancouver, there is literally no reason to believe that was Cole. This is ridiculous. SHs find one of their “breadcrumbs” and use it at proof. It’s not, unless either Cole is visible in the video or Cole posts a video in the same location at the same time, Cole is not necessarily with Lili. I don’t know how SHs make it seem like they are 100% in the same place, but Lili posting a video with male hands holding cards, not proof of shit. Hell, she could have had a one night stand or a Tinder date. It could literally be ANYONE. Don’t fall for SHs assuredness.

Yess……this makes way more sense than the guy she’s been linked to romantically for over a year being at her pad (maybe it’s his pad, too????) late at night, chilling and relaxing, with his babe.

Nope, PR Stooge Lili is merely a tramp who has ONS that she teases us about JUST enough so we’ll know she’s fucking around indiscriminately, but not to reveal her victim’s actual identity. That’s even better than “platonic sleepover cuz they might be filming together in the AM and the studio van will pick them up anyway!”

My Princess…. You are My True Beauty 💗

My Princess…. You are My True Beauty
Your real beauty is a work of art - hand carved by Me. I have given you beautiful lips to speak words of life, beautiful eyes to see Me in everything, beautiful hands to help those in need, and a beautiful face to reflect My love to the world. I know you don’t see yourself the way I do because you compare yourself to beauty idols that will soon be forgotten. I will work wonders that will radiate true beauty from within. And when My work is completed, your character will show off My craftmanship, and your beauty marks will be remembered by all that were loved by you.

Your radiant King
Our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.
Psalm 144:12

Reference - His Princess Love Letter from Your King Sheri Rose Shepherd 💗

Beast Boy often found himself fascinated with Raven’s hands. There was a sort of strange, reserved softness to them that spoke of her history and tribulations, sometimes the ones that she was too frightened to talk about. Conversely, Starfire’s hands spoke of strength and power, quick to light with energy if her righteous fury surged through her. Her hands were scarred from battle, but those fights never even reflected in her personality, leaving her sweet and innocent and everything she should have been.

Raven, however, had always been different. Her hands were delicate, smooth, nearly perfect, but these things hid the truth inside her. There was indescribable evil inside her that she was forced to fight everyday. She was helpless against the demon inside, a real reminder of the stain of sin splashed across her soul. And yet her hands spoke none of this. Her hands showed her in the way he wanted to see her: perfect.

Beast Boy, glancing around the room to ensure they were alone, threaded his fingers through her own, and lifted her hand to his lips.

Raven never once looked up from her book, but she didn’t have to, Beast Boy saw her smile just the same.


I’m being controlled all the way to my fingertips
Becoming insanely numb
Inside my head I’m breaking down
Where am I now and why?
The light before my eyes disappears
Permanently sleeping, even death

Tempting complaints
Those scarlet lips

The pounding of my numbing heart becomes disrupted
Stain yourself by drowning in that blood

Eyes facing neverending lands
What do they reflect?
Please please hold me in those hands

As the hands of the clock overlap
I contemplate my inner ways
I touch my hands to my chest and wish
That I will never ever wake up

Even this heart littered with wounds
Is healed by watching you
It’s not about desire
I know this even unconsciously

The drug that heals my wound feels good
We’re not going anywhere tomorrow
Do you hate that?

Stain yourself by drowning in that blood

The dream and scattered stars
Which I saw with you day after day
I touch my hands to my chest and wish
That I please please won’t wake up

What is this tender feeling?
It changes colour every second
Forever and ever hold me in those hands with love

Tempting complaints
Heal the wound

Eyes facing neverending lands
What do they reflect?
Please please hold me in those hands

As the hands of the clock overlap
I contemplate my inner ways
I touch my hands to my chest and wish
That I will never ever wake up

The dream and scattered stars
Which I saw with you day after day
I touch my hands to my chest and wish
That I please please won’t wake up

What is this tender feeling?
It changes colour every second
Forever and ever hold me in those hands with love

today, i awoke and there were tears on my pillowcase that i did not remember shedding – as if my body knew, before my mind, that i was waking into a nightmare.

there is a dark cloud that is lingering above my heart. it aches, and i feel the fire of a thousand hopes being ignited by the torches of those with scowling faces and black-as-ash hearts;

today, i awoke and smelled smoke, and it seemed too much of a cliche to even be true.

i hold the hands of those i love most, and i can see the fear reflected in their eyes.

do you want to know why i am afraid? because i am one day going to raise a daughter in a world that told her that her sexual safety is not enough; i am going to raise a son in a world that told him that if you bully, you will succeed.

the sun came out this morning, even though i can feel the knots turning themselves into metal in my stomach. the sun came out this morning, and i hold the hands of those i love most – i hold the hands of those whose hearts are bleeding just as profusely as my own.

and the smoke doesn’t smell like death, anymore. i think of the word “hope.”

have you ever heard of a phoenix?

—  mourning today, battle tomorrow // (h.q.)

SAMHAIN - October 31 to December 1
Also known as All Hollows Eve or Halloween, the fire festival Samhain is one of the most important Wiccan festivals. It marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the dark half of the year.
It’s a time to remember lost loved ones and honor the ancestors and is the last of the harvest festivals.
The goddess in her Crone aspect mourns the death of the God, but also understands that his passing was necessary so that the Wheel of the Year can move forward. It’s thought that at this time of year, the veil between worlds is thin, making it easy for spirits to wander and for us to communicate with them.

The pronunciation is varied, use what feels good to you.  You can say “sow-in” or “sow-een” (like cow).  Then there’s “sow-in” (like glow) and “shah-vin”.

DEITY: all deities of the underworld (ie: Kali, Lilith, Anubis etc.)
ALTER DECOR: acorns, nuts, berries like Hawthorne, pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, candles, photographs of loved ones who have passed away.
HERBS + SPICES: Basil, frankincense, sage, myrrh
COLORS: Black, gold, purple, orange

Honor lost loved ones by setting a place at the table for them. Light a black candle and place in front of it photographs of those who have passed away. Gaze at your reflection in a hand mirror. As the spirits to bless you with a vision and speak aloud any messages of love. Let the candle burn down and except any thoughts or images that come to you, they could be signs from the spirit world.