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A Too Detailed Rocky Horror Post

Alright, folks. I have finally watched Rocky Horror 1975 and 2016 back to back and aside from the obvious 40 years of camera quality improvement… let’s take a close look at the differences. Fox has somehow made a movie that, while having the same exact script, feels completely different on an emotional level. 

Let’s be nerds and explore EVERYTHING ABOUT RHPS below the cut! 

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The Ladies' Lament
The Ladies' Lament


Cause I got one week up on the TV.
Then I got shoved off and told “I’m sorry.”
No one will remember me.
I guess that’s fate for “Supernatural” ladies.
Three days since I saw the guys.
They expected me just to push my life aside.
There’s no way I’m doing that.
Cause I’ll beat all the monsters in two seconds flat!

We deserve more but it’s not here.
Yes, we hold the bros dear,
But we’d like to have some story lines.
Those writing me, can’t you see? I just want some equality.
We’re people too!
You could give us such a good design.
Cruel like Abaddon, complex face it;
Like Bela Talbot.
You could give us some more episodes.
You could make us nice and classy
Or mean and sassy, there’s more than just your basic code.
There’s Jo and Ellen, felons quellin’
Those in hell n’, then they’re yellin’
at each other, cause they’re not just your damn side girls!
Women undermined, but then you’ll find
Us girls have minds, come from behind,
But it’s so dangerous;
the writers won’t give it a whirl!

How can we help it if you think we’re threatening when we’re great?
You don’t have the mind to appreciate
All the good that we do for “Supernatural.”
Can’t understand what we mean?
Well, you soon will!
We’re smart enough, done the research, read the books.
But in show, we’re just loved for our looks.

It’s been one week since you last saw me,
But they’ve moved on to different parts of the country.
No one can remember me.
I guess that’s the fate of “Supernatural” ladies.
Now it’s, three days after I got left.
The bros have moved on, they don’t look bereft.
Maybe you’ll see me next season;
I’ll get a name drop, a flash back for some good reason.

Ladies like Linda, like Lisa, Lenore;
We’re monsters, hunters, wives, single, and so much more.
Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on,
Sometimes don’t need one,
But either way we all end up gone.
So bring us all back, we’re necessary!
And make us vary!
Or are we just another plot device?
Romantic int’rests can be useful,
But that quota’s full!
How ‘bout we a girl we see more than twice?
Jodie’s faking, staking, taking names.
Charlie’s stunning, gunning, running games.
Let see them back again before this show is over!
And how bout Claire, is she out there?
Cause we’re prepared to see her come right on back in
With the fight to bowl us over!

How can we help it if you think we’re threatening when we’re great?
You just don’t have the mind to appreciate
All the good that we do for “Supernatural.”
Can’t understand what we mean?
Well, you soon will!
We’re smart enough, done the research, wrote the books.
But in show, we’re just loved for our looks.

It’s been seasons since you’ve heard from me.
I’m just that woman with no sad backstory.
You all have forgotten me!
That’s the just the fate of “Supernatural” ladies!
Well, at least I’m still alive.
Through my episode I thought I was gonna die.
Now, I just live quietly
Cause it’s a million more weeks ‘til I’m back on TV!

This is the fate of Supernatural ladies.
This is the fate of Supernatural ladies.
Most of us died cause we slept with Sammy.

Taron Egerton is unbelievably gorgeous

I had loads of pictures and gifs I wanted to post so I figured I’d put it in one post altogether. After all, Taron deserves an entire post just for him.

(Gonna do one for Colin Firth too.💖💖)

Whether or not you’re having a bad day, these are bound to make you feel a whole lot better.

Firstly, he looks heavenly in the picture considering how the light is shining on him. It’s just wow.

This must be what angelic means. His face is literally reflecting the light.

Just look at that glow. Like wtf, I don’t look that ridiculously photogenic in front of hundred flashing cameras.

Because being shy is hella cute.

Gift wrapped, please.

Look at those arms. He can just whisk you off like a prince.

Or just wrap them around you. I swear, those arms could be your castle.

Speaking of prince…

Your princess is waiting here. Where art thou?

Looking dapper as heck in a suit. This is why I appreciate suits a lot.

Looking good, Eggsy. Looking very good.

This wonderful smile that can make you feel on cloud nine.

And my personal favorite…

God, help me.

This gorgeous photoshoot.


This slightly awkward smile that can only look cute on Taron’s face.

That’s exactly my expression whenever I’m in an interview.

Again, this expression that only looks cute when Taron does it.

While he looks incredibly adorable, the rest of us would look like creepy stalkers with this expression.

These dance moves.

Oh yeah baby.

Look at the way he’s gazing at Hugh Jackman.

And when Jackman looks at him..

What I would do to have Taron stare at me like that.

Bonus: These GIFs speak for themselves.

Yes, Taron. I feel the same way you do.

I would just love be in his place here. Or Colin’s place. Either way, it’s a win.


Can I squeeze in between you fine gentlemen???

Bit more of a cat person.

Marry me.

This laugh.

I would just be sitting next to him like this:

Pug life.

Gorgeous guys and dogs, I tell you.

The best question ever.


Better yet, he gives me one.


This which doesn’t need words.

Two times the gorgeousness in one picture.

This BAFTA red carpet flawlessness.

It’s no wonder he won an award for the best-dressed man.

The intensity in these monochrome pics. He makes black and white look beautiful.

External image

Look at that glorious jawline. It can cut through glass.

Combine that with a little stubble and this man is everything dreams are made of.

I have no words for this, either.

It’s getting way too hot in here.


Only Taron can make this attire look hot.

Because you see, it works the opposite in his case. We choose the clothes that make us look good.

Taron makes the clothes look good.

Only he could possibly make those jackets look cute. If he shows up dressed like this, I wouldn’t mind at all. 

When he looked adorable in glasses.

This endearing puppy look.

This beautiful close-up.

You know the icing on this cake? This guy has a wonderful voice and can sing like a champ.

Manners maketh man.

He’s more than welcome to teach me manners.

The way he laughed and nodded his head in reply to this important question.

Not anymore, because I’m here. I’m coming, Taron!

I don’t know what he’s saying here nor do I care. I’m too busy gazing at him.

This lip bite.

And finally, to put the cherry on top, this classy, sexy Kingsman style.

Taron is a wonderful, lovable and endearing chap. His acting prowess is amazing and he has a beautiful singing voice. In other words, he’s all the best things in one package.

The fact this gorgeous man stole my heart in a glimpse is proof of that.

anonymous asked:

Loved the new video! I was actually worried when I first saw the title, because I thought it was going to be a passive aggressive rant like so many youtubers have done when they get "big." One thing I've always loved about you guys is how in general, you're usually pretty polite when responding to hateful comments, so I was like "No! Don't sink to their level!'" Obviously I was worried for nothing though, because you ladies are way too classy for that :) also wtf were up with those comments haha

Awww this made me really happy! I’m glad you think so!