those guys are my top biases too ;a;

So I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I was curious about how JaDine’s past music videos will make me feel now that I have accepted the fact that I ship them. HARD. Reel or for Real. 

Alam Niya Ba

Now, this was JaDine’s first ever project together. While watching it, I did get some feels but it was obvious that Nadine wasn’t that comfortable. Nevertheless, they still looked cute and really good together. It was a bittersweet music video and throughout the video, I did see some little sparks that proved that they did have natural chemistry together. I also commend James’s lovey dovey looks towards Nadine, but I could still tell that it was only reel. 

OJD: 7

No Erase

This song was from their first ever blockbuster film Diary ng Panget. At this point, it was obvious that they were more comfortable with each other.Nadine’s smiles were more genuine albeit I could tell that it was still reel. I couldn’t deny how in the music video they did look like they  more comfortable with each other compared to Alam Niya Ba. I saw more of their developing friendship in this music video. One thing that didn’t change was that they still looked really good together.

OJD: 7.5

Bahala Na

NOW WE’RE TALKING! Guys. I just can’t with this music video. It’s super obvious how they’re better friends now and I can already see some snippets of the real JaDine. Their chemistry was just exploding I had to hold myself back from squealing. This is actually my favorite song of theirs, so I’m not biased or anything. They look more comfortable with each other and their sweet gestures for this music video was just too much for my shipper heart. The part were they were just nuzzling their faces against each other really got me. Like dayuum guys, have mercy on my heart. Even though this music video was more genuine than the last 3, I knew that they could still top this.

P.S. They still looked really good together.

OJD: 9

Hanap Hanap

Okay, let’s talk about Hanap Hanap. This music video was oozing with natural chemistry. Those prolonged looks and hand grabbage got to me. The part where James slowly encircled Nadine’s waist around his arms was just epic. The whole music video as a whole was very touchy which I loved. JaDine legit went from 0-100 real freaking quick. I can’t believe that from Alam Niya Ba to Hanap Hanap their comfort level with each other has surpassed my expectations. I can vividly tell how close they have gotten with each other in a short amount of time. Is it reel or real? Who knows. A round of applause for these two for messing with my feels, please. 

P.P.S. They still looked really good together. Just saying. 

OJD: 9.8 

On The Wings Of Love

Halp. Have mercy. Please. These two are too adorable for their own good. This music video sent chills down my spine. The line between reel and real was too blurry. They looked like they were not even acting, they were simply just being themselves and having fun. My thoughts were proven right on this, when I watched an interview with James saying (pertaining to this music video) “after we were done acting, no, not acting. After we were done having fun.” [not verbatim but pretty close.] I literally teared up while watching this mv. Their smiles, the consistent heated looks, the intimacy and everything that should be cliché pierced an arrow through my shipper heart. It was all too much. I just can’t with these two. Plus, you know what? The still look really good together. They are individually really attractive, so I guess it makes sense why they make a beautiful pair. *whipers* imagine what their babies will look like.

OJD: 10+