those guys are in it too i guess

I had something random happen to me today.

I was on the way back to my dorm when some guy came up to me and gave me a bunch of coffee creamers and salt packets.

He told me to keep them with me ‘for protection’ and walked away.

Thanks, I guess?

Obviously, these traditions and 'rules’ come from old superstitions about about the Fair Folk. Everyone seems to be taking it pretty seriously though. Not that I mind – it’s kind fun. Too bad the school traditions didn’t take any inspiration from Greek mythology. I was (and still am) obsessed with those stories as a kid.

Also, I found this really pretty key outside. I asked around, but I couldn’t find the owner. If you recognize it, message me.

Hello! This is a message from Mod Vinegar!! I just want to bring up the fact that we have a TON of asks!! And with those asks, there’s ones we can’t even read.. We mostly guess with them!! Please, if you really want an ask probably answered, please make it eligible to read! We do sloppy writing too, but at least you guys can read it! It also is very tiring seeing jumbled up asks.. So please, for the sake of all mods, type a little clearer!! We want everybody to read it if we ever respond to it! We also love the humor some people have!! Thank you for reading!!

Over possessive Newt.
  • Y/N: Lately some of the guys have randomly stopped talking to me.
  • Newt: Is that so?
  • Y/N: Yea, one day we're all happy and joking around and the next day they just forget about me!
  • Newt: Don't mind them love, they're not worth your time.
  • Y/N: I guess, maybe they want a more attractive girl, I don't know. You won't leave me, right Newt?
  • Newt: Never Y/N. I promise you I will always be by your side.
  • Y/N: Thanks, you're the best.
  • (Later on)
  • Minho: So I heard you threatened one more shank, keep this up and the only guys talking to Y/N will be you and me.
  • Newt: Oh shut up, all those guys were flirting with her.
  • Minho: Yea sure, tomorrow you'll tell me Chuck was flirting with her too. Face it Newt you're way too protective about Y/N.
  • Newt: ... Just don't tell her about this.
Miserable Lester, Part 16: Those Guys Meet Marius, And So On

Okay, so one fine day the Stanley Yelnats of this story, Bossuet, is chilling outside the cafe where the Alphabetters always congregate. He’s daydreaming, and thinking not-too-concernedly about how he got kicked out of law school the day before, and how this means he’s gonna have to change some of his plans for the future, sure, he guesses. This guy really is admirably zen about worrisome stuff happening to him, although I suppose with his luck the main alternatives would be to get all defeatist and bitter and self-pitying or to retreat into flat-out denial, so. Suddenly a cabriolet goes by, moving at an unusually slow pace, like, you could jog faster than this thing. It’s like whoever’s inside it isn’t sure where he’s going. That piques Bossuet’s interest, so he looks inside the cab (not hard, because it’s so damn slow), and discovers that it contains a Marius Pontmercy. Bossuet knows he’s a Marius Pontmercy because he’s clutching a big overnight bag with his name written prominently on the front.

“Hey,” Bossuet goes like, hailing the cab to a stop. “Marius Pontmercy? You’re Marius Pontmercy? I’ve been looking for you, man!”

Marius is all, “Who are you? Do we know each other or something?”

Bossuet is all, “Nope!”

“Then HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME??” goes Marius, still holding a bag with his full name clearly printed on it in large block letters facing out the window of the cab.

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Here’s a HEMA thing I’ve been mulling over for a while now:

When you take up your sword and stab at a person, is it because they’re being a danger and this is the only way you’re getting out of this mess… Or because they’ve been a right asshole and you’ve fucking had it?

Because the thing is, those are two entirely different kinds of violence, governed by entirely different social rules. Trying to break someone’s arm is okay in the UFC, but not when it’s two blokes slugging it over what, exactly, the other guy is looking at. I have a (completely baseless, really) hunch that if we were to go back to, say, 16th century Bologna, we might well find that local swordsmen are more reminiscent of modern-day gangsters than anything.

I guess I should read some actual books on the topic but I’m, uh, too busy reading Star Wars novels instead.


I’ve noticed you guys like the stuff where Sasuke is embarrassed or trying to impress Hinata or is emotionally hurting over her.

This is not one of those.






Suigestu and Jugo were at a loss.

Sasuke had left his village again. He got approval from his village under the guise of collecting information on the most notorious people connected to the ninja world. This was not all a farce because their former leader was indeed doing what he said, but the real reason he left was because his girlfriend broke up with him. She was the heiress of some renowned clan or something outrageous like that, and both thought it was a bit fitting that Sasuke couldn’t leave any part of his life to normality.

Sasuke couldn’t just date someone ordinary.

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SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 25- Do You Believe in Magic
Summary: He’s waiting for her to finish her shift at the hospital, when a very intriguing patient of hers catches his attention. Kids are certainly weird creatures.
A/N: AHH! Another theme I had to struggle to write! All the ideas were AUs and then I kept thinking about that quotation, and then there was Moana and then I cracked XD Just kidding, guys… I’ve tried something different with this one, and I wanted it to be shorter, too, but in the end I guess I couldn’t really write less than 2,5K words XD Still, I loved the way it turned out! Hope you enjoy it, and please, tell me your opinion!!
The hospital cafeteria is by far the best place where those destined to wait can literally sit and relax. The chairs are comfortable, the disinfectant smell gives the feeling of a safe atmosphere and the large variety of food certainly helps those who must spend hours confined in those white walls. It’s the perfect place for those who want to take a break from all that stress caused by all kinds of illness and procedures; and certainly the one place where those who can’t allow themselves to sleep go to remain awake for the following hours. The demand for coffee is abnormal, but thanks to her, the Uchiha understands the importance behind that beverage.

For the Konoha Hospital is never quiet or empty not even during peaceful times, the medics aren’t allowed to be sleepy or tired at all. They have to be alert at all times whether they like it or not, and of course the pink haired woman- aka the head medic of the hospital, is one of those whose vital functions are fueled by caffeine. If she has coffee, he’s seen, then she can go on for days without anything else in her stomach. That woman is certainly neglecting when it comes to her own health, therefore his presence there is more than just necessary, as he waits for her shift to end so they can go grab something decent to eat.

What an annoying woman, he thinks. Making him wait like that almost every week after her night shifts. She should feel guilty for making him go through those silent, lonely hours just so that he could make sure she would take care of herself.

Annoying, indeed.

Luckily, waiting was never a problem for Sasuke. As long as there’s nothing bothering him, the raven haired man can be alone with his thoughts for hours. Time is precious, and thanks to his grumpy reputation, no one in the hospital dared bother him.

No one who actually knew him.

“ Hey, ojji-san… Do you believe in magic?”

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anonymous asked:

nat can you please tell us what ayato is saying on twitter now? ;_; is he still with the mukami?

I’ll make a full list of all of everyone’s tweets once they’re done talking (which will probably be tomorrow morning…I’ll be sleepin) but here’s everything ayato has said so far!


-The Mukami guys went to an amusement park, so Yours Truly came too!
-I’m damn sleepy
-But I’ve gotta keep watch so they don’t do anything weird!
-Those Mukami guys are annoying about every little thing.
-Yours Truly specially came along, so we should ride what I want to ride!
-If it was gonna be like this then I should have come alone from the very beginning.

later yuma said “that ayato guy disappeared” so I guess ayato went to go play on his own cuz the mukamis were being difficult…….lol poor guy. I hope he has fun anyway!

Matt: Actually we do, but-

Edd:  Eduardo.

Jon: Oh, hey, Eduardo, check it out! Matt’s band has been doing that thing where they blog and answer questions!

Eduardo: Eugh,,, Whawazzat??

Jon: You know what? We should do that too! I bet it’d be a ton of fun!!

Eduardo: Uh. Sure? *yawn* Why not I guess?

Mark: (Watch where you’re leaning, Eduardo, oh my god,)

Jon: Feel free to send us questions, guys!! We’re ‘The Numero Unos!’~

Eduardo: Yeah, better us than those losers!

Thinking about Frisk being to blame for everything is super fun.

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Hey! Do you know of any songs that are about being transgender by transgender people? I guess especially by trans guys, but others too.

Hey! So…

“Tell Me A Story” by Skylar Kergil
“A Guy Named Joe” by Joe Stevens
“Breathing Underwater” by Ari Zizzo. I’m not actually sure it’s actually about him being trans and I definitely don’t think we should take that for granted, but it sure could be so just in case.
“Mother” by Jake Edwards
“Second Puberty” by Jake Edwards

Some of these artists I’m pretty sure of has other songs about being trans too, but those are the ones that I’m more aware of.

Those are the ones that I know of, but there’s also “True Trans Soul Rebel” and “Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues” by Against Me! with the lead singer Laura Jane Grace who’s a trans woman.

New Girl

Went to a Super Bowl party filled with strangers. I’m not exactly one of those people who see strangers as potential friends, but I made myself go because I do need new friends in this town. The guy who invited me had some loose connection to foster care and wanted to show me off…I guess that was his motivation.

Anyway the food was fantastic and there were tons of arms to pass around and cuddle Noodle. It felt like parties with my old group of friends so that was nice. I’m glad the guy laid the backstory for me so it wasn’t too awkward. Normally being a foster parent immediately throws you in the spotlight of these situations, not my bag.

It was worth a little anxiety. I had a decent time.

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Hi, I'm not that same anon that just asked, but you forgot! Jen said Mish was hot and looking dapper as usual. And I think he made a cheeky comment about Mish being attractive and working out. And it seems it means more considering Jen is supposedly a shy guy. Rarely do I hear Mish sincerely praising Jen... Hmm wonder why?

oops i can’t believe i forgot to mention those quotes. thanks for reminding me!!

yeah jensen is normally shy and reserved but when he’s around misha, or when he talks about misha, he just opens up completely. and when misha’s around jensen, misha becomes the blushing shy guy. so i guess maybe misha is just too shy to praise jensen in front of people.

a-bit-of-an-attitude-problem  asked:

You like killing stalking? Can you tell me what it is you like about it? Bc I was reading some of it this afternoon and it was just creeping me out. I was getting too many 50 shades vibes to be comfortable. So I was just wondering what it was that made people like it

ya, it’s definitely not for everyone lolol

i guess what i like about it is that everything with the main characters is grey. there’s no real “I LIKE HIM BECAUSE HE’S THE GOOD GUY” kinda things going on. it’s a bad situation. and not everyone likes to read those and that’s ok ^^

i’ve always liked psychological stuff. paranormal horror just makes me laugh most of the time. i like stuff about what makes ppl tick. it’s like hacking into people’s brains lolol 
stuff like this is like…studying ppl. how they think and what they do in extreme situations. that’s why i like it. 

definitely not for everybody tho lolol so if it makes u uncomfortable, u probably shouldn’t force urself to read it

blameitonthebritishguy  asked:

I'm way too old and married to be a fan girl, but I've been following Dan since the whole DA nightmare because I though he was treated badly by some fans and some press. I guess I just wanted him to prove those people were wrong. I don't know the man, and I'll never meet him, but I feel strangely proud of him tonight. It all begins! Can't wait to watch what happens :)

Thanks for the note!

I’m with you on the probably too old to fan girl…lol…and I’m very very happily married… and yup…survived 2012 as an original Dan defender…I’ve met him twice and he’s  first and last a nice guy…

I couldn’t be more proud of how he’s handled it all… it begins to pay off tonight!!!


EXO OT12 Interviews
  • Interviewer: What do you think about girls, Sehun?
  • Sehun: What about them?
  • Interviewer: What's your ideal type?
  • Sehun: I like noonas. They spoil me, so that's good I guess.
  • Interviewer: Okay, but what about looks?
  • Sehun: Um... -pulls up list randomizer on his phone- I like -hits button- long hair... and uh... -hits button again- tall...and um... -hits button again- boobs I guess... those are the things guys like, right?
  • Tao: -trying not to laugh too hard-
  • Interviewer: What about you, Suho?
  • Suho: Long hair, reads books, pale skin, shorter than me, cute, and nice.
  • Suho: -looks proud-
  • Suho: -nailed it-
  • Sehun: Your boyfriend is taller than you and has short hair.
  • Suho: LOL whaaat hahaha you're so funny ha ha
  • Suho: What's the next question??
  • Interviewer: What member would you date if you were a girl?
  • Suho: OMG
  • Tao: Sehun.
  • Sehun: Tao.
  • Kris: Me.
  • Chanyeol: Kai.
  • Kai: Taemin.
  • Luhan: Xiumin.
  • Xiumin: None of them.

okay so i haven’t seen dsod yet, but apparently kaiba puts the puzzle back together. which means the puzzle is still in existence, and the other items likely are as well.


that raises the question.

were the people of kul elna was ever released from the items? are they still in there? does anyone even care?

was it just. too hard for someone to say “hey, remember those guys who were horrifically murdered to create these nice shiny things? maybe we could dO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”

90% of the problems that occurred in the yu-gi-oh! world were the result of atem’s douchebag uncle slaughtering thief king bakura’s entire village.

but i’m guessing kul elna isn’t going to even be mentioned.

i can’t possibly be the only person who sees a problem here.