those glasses work for him

Fucking Tony Stark with his Fucking walk in wardrobe and literal Fucking stand for his glasses and he’s making his Fucking bodyguard grow a beard like his because he lost a bet and he thinks the Peter is sophisticated and he designs his Fucking AI to talk about Steve and I’m just Fucking not okay my garbage kid is fragile and trying his Fucking best and honestly? It’s working i believe in him you put on those glasses and kitty shirt and help ur spider kid save the world I’m so proud of u bby keep slaying that is all goodnight

I always see fics and imagines with Marcel Styles as this like, rags to riches, She’s All That type story, where the nerd meets the girl and she helps him to discover the hottie Harry Styles inside of him.

But shit like, Marcel his hot all on his own.

Check out that jawline and those dimples!

The sweater vest and the glasses really work for him!

He has an adorable mischievous personality…

And some sweet dance moves!

Plus that sweet emotional side women love.

You’re perfect just the way you are, Marcel. Never change.


requested by anon ( thank you for requesting tysm )

  • that guy that girls crush on but aren’t sure if they should confess to him  [wouldn’t he be attached alr ?]
  • his hair is always fluffy like cotton flowers
  • hangs out with student!taehyung alot along with other seniors
  • really likes arsty socks or sock s with some colourful or weird print
  • his style could go from off duty male model to I-wore-my-grandpas-clothes-and-still-look-good
  • there is no in between
  • spends his break by sketching turtles in sweaters I have no idea whats going on in that boys head
  • hard working student , takes notes in classes
  • wears those wire glasses that make him look even more precious than he already did 
  • you first met him when he was in your art class
  • you sat in the empty sit next to him 
  • this poor sweet potato started fidgeting non stop
  • he played with his pens
  • rubbed his palms together
  • scratched the tip of his nose
  • tapping his finger tips on the tables
  • ‘‘ hi , I’m Y/N’‘
  • ‘‘ p-park, uh I’m park jimin ‘‘
  • he quickly turned his head to face the window he was just trying to hide his beet red face
  • was it the garlic bread you had for lunch ???
  • he just thought you were really cute 
  • your first lesson was on the sketching the human anatomy
  • and your teacher felt that the best way to learn it was to have one half naked in class
  • he got a bunch of names in a box and picked out a name
  • ‘PARK JIMIN , would you do the honors of being our model for today ?
  • this poor pumpkin nodded shyly
  • you did your best to find his best angles TBH he looked good in all angles
  • when he saw your sketch he got really shocked [ not to mention a bit tongue tied]
  • ‘‘you’re really pretty , UH what I meant is t-the sketch is really pretty ,really good”
  • “ well, I had a cute model”
  • he couldn’t look at you straight in the eye for the whole day
  • awkward-art-student!jimin is just a ball of sunshine that gets shy around you ples notice him

Send in request or any inspiration THAAAANNK YOUU

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In the beginning of the comic, we hardly see Holster with glasses. I feel like it’s only when we are halfway through he starts wearing them around more, and lately he’s been wearing them a lot.

Headcanon that it’s because he used to have a weird macho hangup against wearing glasses around, because he thought it would make him seem “weak” and thus “feminine” somehow (this is A Thing, I have had more than one male friend walk around half-blind than be seen in their glasses, and yeah, it’s as stupid as it sounds)

But since living in the Haus and listening to Shitty rail about toxic masculinity and the stupidity of weakness being equated with femininity and all that jazz, he slowly starts realizing that he’s being ridiculous. First he leaves his contact stuff out in his and Ransom’s room instead of hiding it in his bathroom bag (and Rans says nothing about it, because why would he?)

Then he decides one morning that it’s too much work to put his contacts in so he just says fuck it and wears his glasses to class. One of the pretty girls he always tries to sit next to says I didn’t know you wore glasses, (and the way she says it sounds like a compliment, so he’s happy about that too) but other than that, still nothing – no chirps from the team, no passed remarks at a party

So he wears them more often, because fuck it, he looks good. And he is very nearly blind.

Captivity {AU}

A large scaled ceature tapped it’s black nail against the glass that contained it. The long, large, coils of it’s grey and crimson tail pressed up against the glass aswell.

This ‘lab’ was boring, the small people here was boring, and to top it all off the food was terrible.

So for amusement, the large serpent like creature- or naga as the scientists had called it- teasingly made faces against the glass. Both annoying and scaring those that worked around him.