those glasses pls

Whaddup y’all, I need some drawing suggestions for a time lapse video! 

no full fleshed out comics or anything, just like lil drawings that I could do a few of and then speed it up (Netty style xD)

Any suggestion is welcome, but I will take the liberty to pick and choose as I like xD (’cause I can :P)

Also I might do this kinda video more often in the future (if y’all supply enough suggestions that is xD), so don’t worry if your idea might not make it this time around ^^ just comment again next time when I make a post like this one :P

Reply to this post with suggestions!! :DD

anonymous asked:

Can someone please explain to me what happened and why kenzie is getting hate ? Did I miss something 😕

I’m sorry, but I really don’t know. All I know is that the clips of her doing those quite sexual moves on dances have been going around quite a bit and that in combination with her taking those weird pics pushing her lips out and wearing those glasses (someone pls explain to me why they think this looks good??) people have started sexualising her and making inappropriate comments and then it all took a turn to the worse and yeah. It’s the ig fandom, they’re all crazy over there, I’m glad Kenzie seems to be confident and not let it get to her because it’s honestly so awful. :( 

Where are the Hamilton shotglasses?

It’s so easy. Just label them with “My Shot” on one side, and the star logo on the other.

People will buy them solely to make I’M NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT jokes as they do shots.