those fur coats

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That Taeny mb you made really gave me a sugarmommy vibe.. Lol I'm dying. This needs to become a fic.. - ace anon

yes i 100% agree tbh like i saw the pics of them in those fur coats and i was like oh my GOD pls let this happen 


Fanart: Lukas Fehrwight, Graumann, the Rose of the Marrows in fashion of the Hanseatic League (except Sabetha who wears a dress inspired by Polish nobility) [Gentleman Bastard Sequence]

Some “Vadran” fanart. thethornofcamorr had the idea of Lukas Fehrwight wearing one of those typical heavy fur trimmed coats. I added the other two for fun ;)

The font I used has a really weird “k”.


Fankids and their consorts!

Also, concept-y art of their lands. 

Land of Forest and Crowns, Land of Corals and Rhythm, Land of Rise and Frogs, Land of Fall and Demons.

(click on the image to see which is which with short desc.)

Joan’s colour pallete is my fav, and Ross has my favourite Land. Dina and Gale need a bit more work, especially Gale. The colours just don’t seem to click with me.

Poor Dina. Not everyone can have cute reptiles to follow them around I guess.

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Shout out to the anon who talked about mafia AUs bc the volleydorks would be in a mafia group based on their schools and kageyama wouldve been the would be heir to oikawa's title but he upped and left and they wouldve dubbed him a traitor and gah

Oh my god, I need street rat Hinata working his way through the ranks of the Murder of Crows. Don Daichi looking out for ALL his children. Hinata looking rival mob boss Ushijima in the eyes and saying “I WILL be the one to take you down.” Oikawa and his bodyguards (Seijoh third years) and their gambling den. Dateko’s cocaine ring, with Futakuchi in one of those fur coats studded with bones, and Aone behind him keeping all the riffraff away. Fuck, I need Kuroo and his organized crime ring, and Kenma the tactical advisor. FUCK I need Big Boss Bokuto ordering a hit on someone, and his second in command (who actually makes most of the decisions) Akaashi delivering the order to one of Owls. FUCK WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!

  • MC: ..and the award for the best leader goes to.. SHINee's Onew!
  • Onew: thanks, but I don't actually lead my members. They pretty much do whatever the fuck they want. Key keeps buying those fur coats at the thrift store. Imagine how our dorm smells... And the other 3 need to stop stripping every chance they get. Geez.. I failed as a mother...
  • Onew: thanks for the award thou

Scan - Bridegroom GEORGE gets an admiring look from his wedding belle, PATTIE, and from the only remaining Beatle bachelor - PAUL.

“‘I pity Paul,’ said George Harrison, with a wry grin, ’'cos now he’s the only unmarried Beatle left, you lot will hound him all over the place. He won’t get a moment’s peace.’
By ‘you lot’ George meant the world’s Press… dozens of photographers and journalists, who sardined into a small room at the weekend to hear about The Wedding Of The Year.
For the record, George finally tied the knot just after the NME went to Press last week (thanks!). He and Pattie were married in a quiet ceremony at Epsom. Most of Pattie’s relatives were there and George’s mum and dad had four days notice to travel down from Liverpool.
Pattie wore a short, red fox fur coat given to her by George as a wedding present.
George settled for a dark, Victorian-style suit and one of those gent’s fur coats, reminiscent of old gangters gear you see on the telly sometimes.
At the Press conference a girl reporter breathed up to him and fluttered her eyelashes as she said: 'How on earth did you manage to keep it a secret?’
'Simple,’ said George. 'We didn’t tell anyone.’” - NME, 28 January 1966


Planet Earth Is In Our Hands: And We’re Destroying It

Planet Earth. Dominated by over 1 quadrillion litres of water, 8 million species of animals and orbiting one of the 400 billion stars in the Milky Way. We are about twelve seconds into this video and in those last twelve seconds we have killed over 60,000 animals to feed humans, it is now over 100,000 and continues to rise rapidly.

For every ten humans that die, 47,560 animals will be killed at the same time for human consumption. Over 150 billion animals will be slaughtered this year which equates to about 500 million animals a day. For comparison of numbers, about 100 billion humans have lived on Earth at some point.

The cruelty doesn’t end here, if you’re squeamish look away but continue listening. In China and many places around the world, animals are killed, tortured or skinned alive for their fur, with them getting electrocuted to death, having their skin peeled off while still alive and being dumped on piles of skinned bodies, while still alive. This happens millions of times a year and is so cruel that it can take these skinned animals hours to die, leaving them suffering for all that time. This is used to help make those fur coats which people wear and with tens of millions being killed a year, it’s one of the cruellest things which humans do to animals tens of millions of times a year.

via sciBRIGHT.