those flags look pretty damn cool

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How would UT UF US Sans react to their s/o racing Dirt bikes and are really good that they always win. And they do really big trick that makes everyone cheer.

UT Sans: He isn’t a sports guy, but damn you make even him want to move those lazy bones. He thinks it looks pretty neat, but he doesn’t know anything about that sport himself. So he just watches you race while blowing about 30 airhorns at the same time.

UT Papyrus: He loves sports, but he thinks that’s a bit dangerous. He isn’t very good with bikes or skateboards. But he is good with cars for some reason. So he watches you instead of joining in like with most other sports. And he loves watching you race.

UF Sans: Dangerous? He is in. Moving? He is definitly not in. But he will watch you do your cool tricks from afar. Or closeup. He is holding a little flag with your name on it. It’s dirty and looks like……it’s his sock.

UF Papyrus: He is so into that. Holy shit. He cheers you on like nobody else with his booming voice. And he starts himself. You have never seen somebody drive that fast and insanely. Especially not right away as a beginenr. He’s failing and falling a lot. But his face is one big grin.

US Sans: He thinks it’s so cool, he is your biggest fan! He watches you all the time when you ride that bike, always cheering you on. He tries it himself a few times after one of your races, but he just drives around carefully. He doesn’t want to break any bones.

US Papyrus: Seems uninteressted but somehow always watches you ride and do tricks. Everytime you look hes there, just waving and smiling.