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Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds willingly? Why?

I talk a lot about why she would eat the seeds willingly here and here. And there’s another bit I wrote about female agency in the Bronze Age here.

But the long and short of those three wordy essays on that idea is this: Persephone was a goddess and one who was deeply feared and respected by the Greeks. Before she became the Iron Queen of the Underworld, she presided over vegetation and fertility as the embodiment of spring (Karpophoros) and would have known what those seeds meant.

And by explicating the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, her first appearance in written record, we see that she changed Hades himself. The story begins with him snatching her unwillingly and carrying her away to the Underworld in the way a bride would traditionally be taken to her new husband’s home. But by the time Persephone leaves, he has this to say:

“Go now, Persephone, to your dark-robed mother, go, and feel kindly in your heart towards me: be not so exceedingly cast down; for I shall be no unfitting husband for you among the deathless gods, that am own brother to father Zeus. And while you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit gifts, shall be punished for evermore.”

It is right after this scene that he slips her the pomegranate seeds. In this scene Hermes has come to bring Persephone back to grieving Demeter, and Hades doesn’t just say “here, Hermes I’ll return Zeus his property” but addresses and cajoles Persephone herself and offers her equal rulership over his domain something that would have been un-fucking-heard-of in a society where women were seen as chattel, as a way to simply produce sons.

But why did she eat the seeds? We know she didn’t do it because she was hungry. It says in the Illiad that gods do not require bread or wine as mankind does.

When she eats the seeds she is called “wise Persephone”, casting away doubt that it was done by mistake.

And she eats the seeds ONLY after Hades offers her timai, honor, and a chance to be something more than what she was in the world above: kore, a name that simply means ‘maiden’ or ‘girl’. If she hadn’t eaten the seeds, it would have compelled her to “remain continually with grave, dark-robed Demeter”, and she would have been a maiden without timai once more instead of the ruler over the dead that the Greeks feared and respected utterly.

Persephone herself says later that Zeus had given her to Hades with métis (wisdom), showing that she too was transformed by her time with Hades, and believed him to be a fitting husband. A good match for her. The alliteration of ‘dark-haired Hades and noble Persephone’ in how Hermes addressed them when he found them together would have also tipped off the ancient audience listening to the hymn that they were well matched.

Because she was a goddess of vegetation who would know the consequences of eating the food of the Underworld, because she held a place of such importance in the pantheon, and because she only did it after Hades promised her equal rule as Queen, I believe that Persephone ate the seeds conscientiously and willingly.

Boyfriend The8

Anon #2, that’s a good question ;;w;; I find it hard to pick just one but if I HAD to, either S.Coups or Woozi … or Minghao. I love Seungkwan so much too though … I love ALL of them, it’s so hard to pick >.<

And I hope that everyone reading this is having a good day! :)

His attempts of Skyping you always end up in shambles. It’s starts off cute, you both catch up and he tells you about the tour. Then the boys pile in one by one until there’s twelve loud boys screaming down the phone and Minghao’s pleading with his eyes for you to save him.

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Not overly affectionate at first. Skinship is shy and mostly in private, but as he grows more comfortable in the relationship and matures, he’s less awkward about publicly showing love. Although he would never do something like make out in front of well … anyone, he’ll definitely hold your hand on dates or kiss your forehead, even if the boys are around. He likes sweet gestures to show he cares.

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You can bet that Jun pushed him to ask you out. You were introduced to the boys through a mutual friend and although Minghao kept to himself at first, his dry wit and sense of humour made you try hard to befriend him. The more time you spent together, playing video games or laughing at his savagery, the more feelings grew between you.

It probably would have continued like this for months if Jun hadn’t played cupid and done that whole “invite you both to the cinema, pretends he’ll ill & leaves you both alone on what’s now a date” thing. It works, luckily for him. Minghao would have killed him for that move if it hadn’t.

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Facetiming works out more often, as he locks himself in the bathroom to do so. At first they thought he was doing “dirty things,” locked up for so much time in there but when they realise he’s talking to you, they stand outside the door and make animal noises. Well, the sunshine line do and 95 line try getting them to stop.

He gets frustrated but hearing you laugh melts that feeling away. It seems like one on one time with you is impossible, between living with 12 others and having a busy idol life. But he always tries to talk to you, through the power of the Internet, so you never drift apart.

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You worry about him, that he’s working too hard and loosing too much weight. Jeonghan is your inside man, always filtering back info to you if Minghao’s in a bad mood that day or if a fan made a negative comment during a fansign. Those are the days you show up to their place randomly with enough take out to feed an army. Minghao doesn’t know how you know when to show up to pick his spirits up but he’s glad that you do.

“Thank you for coming today. Shall we eat?”

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Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who remembers his martial arts background. He likes to show it off to you, leaving you in awe of his talent. He’s so smug and proud of this fact.

You also help him deal with his processed hair, with deep conditioning treatments and you both throw on face masks for a pampering sesh. He loves those times, not bc of how soft his skin and hair is afterwards, but bc of how chill and relaxing it is. You both cuddle up on the couch to a good movie, with those animal face masks on and take cute, funny pics.

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He melts every time you do something cute.

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Isn’t afraid of calling you out and that’s good. The spats between you two help you grow as people and to mature. They’re a healthy part of a relationship, as you both learn from them and grow stronger.

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Not above getting silly with you. When you visit the dorm, only craziness ensues. He loves that you get on so well with them, since they’re basically his family. He has no worries about you, even if he’s not there, since the boys take such good care of you and you them.

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Takes you as often as he can to his home in China. Watching you fish with his little cousins or seeing his mom try teaching you how to cook his fav dish leaves him with a soft smile on his face.

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Brings you to the practice room so he can show off his b-boy skills and the choreo to their upcoming comeback. You even get to play with their crocodile toy, the loser having to buy the winner chocolate milk.

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Your relationship is very strong and sweet. There’s enough trust to be able to point out each others flaws without worry. And that helps you both grow. There’s a lot of growing tbh, as he’s still young and learning. This only makes your bond stronger, as you’re there for him through thick and thin.

Sometimes he worries that the relationship isn’t “mature” enough it’s hard to do those things w so many protective boys around but don’t worry about that. You’re young and there’s time in the future to worry about “mature” stuff or starting a family and things of that nature.

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the life and times of ryan ross masterpost

a few people have asked for all the posts in one place, so this is that! if this is the first you’re seeing of this, and you have no idea what it is, i shall tell you. it is an almost 7k word long, very poorly written quasi-biography of ryan ross. basically, i wrote down everything i remember about the boy then added pictures and links.

**i’ll come back and edit this when i have the companion pieces done, but here’s all of them for now

part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5   part 6   part 7   part 8

also, while i happen to have your attention, i also make ryden fic rec lists! you can find all of those right here! feel free to come cry about them with me at any time. liveblogging to my ask box is greatly encouraged, i enjoy passing along my pain

Who’s Stiff Now?

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,395

Warnings: Smut, Mirror kink, Metal arm kink, teasing, NSFW

A/N: Others wanted a continuation of the imagine, so here it is! Sorry if I haven’t been posting very much, life’s been a struggle for me right now, but I’ll try to post some more soon. :) Thank you all for being patient with me, it means more than you know. 

Based off my imagine: Imagine watching Bucky’s arm as he works out

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A Sunset w/ Izaya Ch. 1: The Man Who Came

A Certain Month on a Certain Day    Extracted from a Portion of a Region Newspaper Article

[A body in Bunokura - determined as the missing eldest son of a wealthy family-]

[Last night the body found in Bunokura was identified to be Ryuuichi Adamura (age 28) who had disappeared three days prior. The police are investigating from the case and accident-]

In a land from off from the town the newspaper article was written in.

In a small mountain hut one man gazed at the article.

It is unclear how he obtained a regional newspaper from another prefecture, but the date is certainly today.

The man smiles excitingly and threw the newspaper into the fireplace.

And then he threw into the fireplace various pieces for games you would amuse yourself with on a table like chess and Shogi pieces, and Mahjong tiles and playing cards.

The season is the rainy season.

Even on such a sodden, gloomy day he continued to light the flame in the fireplace.

The black-haired man watching the newspaper and game pieces turn into ash stroked the wheelchair left next to the rocking chair and took out his cellphone.

Then making a certain call he happily begins to speak.

“I will accept what we talked about before. I will bring some people and come to the town.”

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What If Hanzo's S/O is practicing Archery but they purposely leave the Arm guard off because they want to put Bruises on themselves to remember that they aren't worthy. And Hanzo makes them tell him why they don't have the arm guard arm and they start crying. Ps you are amazing!!

Thank you sweetie! For the compliment AND the prompt, please send me more (prompts)!
Warnings: like one swear word, self-hate, self-harm, a panic attack

The sting of the cord as it snaps against your flesh makes you pause and bite your lip. You glance at your arm before your hand draws another arrow from the quiver at your hip.


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The Arcana Chapter V - Theories and reactions (Part 1)

AKA Dream analysis and more Muriel!

So… THE NEW UPDATE IS FINALLY OUT FOR iOS!! I GET TO SEE JULIAN AGAIN. *primal screaming* And let me tell you… Wow, some things I thought I was ready for, and I wasn’t ready for it. I just wasn’t ready. As a result, this is probably going to be one of my longest, continual theory things to date. I’m sorry for the length, but I’ve just got a lot of thoughts and feelings right now.

I know that normally I would post my chapter 5 playthrough, but this coin thing has really messed me up - I chose an option that spent coins, so now I don’t have enough coins to replay the options to write up my playthrough. 

Instead, this is going to be a breakdown of everything that happened, all the pieces that are now falling into place to help put this puzzle together. I’ll work through all the different sections, which means this will undoubtedly have to be broken into at least 2 parts. Most likely more.

What did we get? 

  • We got Portia temporarily joining our party, which was sweet. 
  • We got some more Muriel, which was awesome to see, because he’s barely existed this whole time (adding weight to my ghost idea, see previous short theories for more detail), and although he’s being cryptic I’m pretty sure that he’s actually giving us clues. 
  • We got coins, and I don’t know if I can handle the pressure of these coins. I’m serious, trying to decide what was worth it and what wasn’t was torture. Do I get the fancy clothes? What if something important comes up? Damn it, I need more coins now! 
  • We also got THAT GRIN, which I will be talking about a lot.
  • We finally got Asra to talk… UNTIL…
  • And finally, we got tears and heartbreak. The characters too, not just us.

So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road, because I feel some theories coming on!

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Attach yourself to the Book of Allah, you will find every answer to your question, every solution to your problems. Your heart will find rest, you will suddenly feel comfort only in His words. The sabr you’d been wanting to let go off, you’d find it more in your heart. The very same sabr will become your strength, it will become sweet.

Every struggle will become easy to deal with. Every pain will vanish & you will His love in everything. His love will remove the deepest, the sharpest pain in your chest and it will comfort your heart. Every sin that leads you to Him is a blessing, do not beat yourself over your sins. After you sin, repent to Him each and every moment and do good to wipe those bad deeds.

Whatever you do, do not give up believing in Allah. Do not give up on reading and reflecting His speech. Do not despair in the mercy of Allah for none can remove your hardships, sadness and pain except Allah. To Him we belong and to Him we shall return, everything happening in your life is only to bring you back to Him.

But when you do come back to Him and you still feel this emptiness inside you, know that your focus is somewhere else. Your heart is yet to submit to Him, know that you have attachments to everything other than Allah.

The day you return and submit to Allah wholeheartedly, you will experience true contentment, true happiness, true success. If you don’t know His love for you, everything else that you have means nothing. It is all dust.

Allah is the Most Kind of those who show kindness, the Most Generous of those who give. When you lift your hands up to the sky to beg Him, know that He will answer for He is too shy to let His servant go empty handed.

O Allah, we seek refuge in You for the sins we commit, Your blessings cannot be counted, Your favours we all admit. We confess our sins to You for none forgive sins except for You. O Allah, You are the Most Forgiving, You love to forgive so forgive us. Ameen.

The Aftermath (Can be read as Part 3) Drake x MC

I’m not a hugely active member of the fandom community. To be honest, I joined Tumblr to read the amazing fiction that all these talented writers have produced. This is my take on what happened after the Coronation, and it eludes to events mentioned in my previous chapters. I hope everyone enjoys. Getting the feedback I have already has been amazing. Things are pretty stressful at the mo and my escapism into writing has helped massively, so thank you

MC name is Riley Tanner

Again, probably a ton of typos and clunky sentences


My head is spinning, and I can vaguely feel a gentle pull on my arm as I am escorted from the palace. Maxwell and Bertrand make the occasional noise from somewhere behind me, but I don’t feel the need to seek where. Numb. I have been well and truly played by this awful place. I arrived tonight, expecting to privately tell Liam that I was not his ‘one’, let him choose another, and slink back to New York without bringing shame on the Beaumont’s, unable to marry just for the finances, especially when my heart was firmly in the palms of a certain grumpy commoner. The night had passed in such a blur, only my time with Drake shining amongst the hazy memories, well that and Liam telling me he loved me. I just couldn’t formulate the words that would shred his heart in that instant, and then time had trickled away. I had left it too late, and any chance Drake and I may have had did too.
My lips still hum with Drake’s touch, our stolen kisses by the bar, and I know how lucky we were that it was the Tariq pictures that the press had got hold of, the ones that can be explained as a misunderstanding. My stomach drops as I imagine someone capturing my 'moments in between’ with Drake.

That night with Drake after the Beaumont ball still haunts me, how close we came to becoming one, before he had changed hid mind. His words, designed to sting, had hit their target and I truly believed he didn’t care. Tonight, he betrayed himself, showing his emotions, and that maybe he feels something deeper.

The guard leading me takes his hand off me, and I finally note that its Bastian and that we’ve reached the guardhouse by the gates. His eyes are narrowed at me.
'Your personal belongings will be collected and brought to Beaumont house. We ask you to remember the privacy agreement signed before the social season started regarding the press, the Royal Family take their security very personally.’ He sighs, and lowers his voice so the guards giving the same spiel to Maxwell and Bertrand don’t hear his voice soften as he says 'I’m so sorry this is how things have turned out Lady Riley’. He turns, gesturing wordlessly to the other two guards to follow him back within the palace gates which close with a clashing finality. Bertrand is already on the phone, walking away, his expression unreadable. Maxwell approaches, and wraps me in the jacket he’s just removed. I hadn’t even noticed the chill in the air but appreciate the gesture.
'I gathered from what you and Drake were saying that this has been a set up, but we mustn’t discuss it until we are away from prying eyes, we could be in serious trouble.’ I squeeze his hand, and smile weakly at him. He squeezes back and I take comfort in knowing that he’s still my friend.
As we stand waiting for Bertrand to return, the grand gates are suddenly illuminated by headlights, and I recognize the Beaumont limo, grateful it’s the promise of leaving this place for good.
I slide inside, knees together, and swivel round, and come face to face with non other than Drake. I throw myself into his waiting arms, and finally let myself feel what I’ve been ignoring. He lets me cry, holds me tight, and caresses my hair. There’s shame, so much shame, in how pictures of me in my underwear are everywhere. Knowing I deserve to feel like this, but certainly not because of Tariq.
Anger, at how a situation where I was the victim has been made to look like I’m encouraging him. I still shiver at the genuine fear I had felt when he didn’t appear to be listening to my refusals.
And weirdly relief. Relief that something outside of my control or influence has allowed me to leave, not engaged to a man I cannot love.

I felt my only decent suit get soaked with a mixture of tears and mascara and I didn’t give a damn, I’d only worn it to impress Tanner anyway.  I had tried to follow her out, held back by the guards it was an impossibility. Hana was going mad, clawing wildly at them, leaving marks but making no progress in getting through. Changing tact, I appeared to concede defeat and I’d snuck out into the garage and found the Beaumont limo. The driver was on the phone, already no doubt speaking to Bertrand and I seized my opportunity and snuck in.
I knew that Liam had misgivings over the nature of those photos, but he had still put his royal obligations in front of his and Riley’s needs. All this time, I had thought that Liam had deserved a chance at true love, but how could Riley be that if he could turn away without a whimper. Of course Liam professed to love her, but suddenly he didn’t seem to be the superior option anymore. He was never going to put her first, and she deserved that.
Snapped back to the present, I become acutely aware that Maxwell and Bertrand have entered the limo, and have most probably been watching us for several minutes. Bertrand looks angry, but Maxwell has a small smirk on his face. The rest of the drive is silent, except a few hiccups from Riley who has folded herself up into the crook of my arm, and tenses every time I move, afraid to let me go. The feeling is mutual and I rub small circles on her shoulder, feeling the tension in them lift slightly. We arrive at the Beaumont’s estate and I hesitate, not knowing if I’m welcome after whatever it is they’ve assumed after that limo ride. Riley yanks my hand, but I look for Bertrand, and he clicks impatiently.
'We may as well have all the facts, don’t you think Drake? Please, come on in’. This time when Riley pulls my hand with hers, I follow her lead. We head towards the study, the scene of our first kiss, and Riley squeezes my hand tight, I can’t help but squeeze back. I have to smother a small smile, literally an hour ago I thought that I would never get the chance to touch her again, that she’d be engaged. I hate how she’s been humiliated and dragged through the coals, but its my hand that’s wrapped protectively around hers and I can’t help but savor it. All the reasons for pushing her away before seem redundant, we may have made a mess of our feelings but this situation would be happening regardless of any actions we had or hadn’t taken.
We take a seat, choosing the two closest chairs, and I force myself to break the contact, letting her hand slide away.
'Shall we begin everyone.’ Bertrand remains standing behind the impressive desk, whilst Maxwell takes the seat the other side of me. Bertrand looks every inch the scolding Headmaster and I scowl, as Riley is not at fault when it comes to those photos. I stand, despising feeling like a naughty child.
'The night those photos were taken, Tariq made unwanted advances to Tanner. There were no locks on her door and he let himself in. I heard her cry out, came to investigate and kicked him out’. I chance a look at her, and she holds her head up, her back straight, and I’m so proud of her for not backing down before the quailing face of Bertrand.
'Drake is right, I was undressing for bed, hence the underwear by the way, when he appeared from nowhere. I tried to let him down gently, but I was actually beginning to worry he wasn’t going to take 'No’ for an answer.’ she turns her gaze to mine 'I’m so thankful you were there that night Drake, I’m not sure if I ever thanked you properly.’ I wave off her thanks, just grateful that I was there to intercept.
'Well then, this makes things simpler! We just need to explain the situation, Drake was a witness. Liam could still change his mind!’ Maxwell exclaims, smiling round at everyone. I tense, even though I knew that would be the plan once they found out the backstory. Riley stands, and her posture remains proud. I see a shaky breath expel before she lifts her chin and looks to Bertrand.
'I appreciate everything you have done for me,’ she turns to Maxwell, 'Both of you. But I will remain in Cordonia long enough to clear my name, and expose Madeline as the manipulative witch she is. But once Liam is free from her grasp, I will return to New York…indefinitely’.

A Princess At St. Stallone's - Chapter 1

Temporary Title Page and Summary

Chapter 2

So as soon as I get an account (4 days from now) I will be transferring this onto AO3. And again, a thank you to @midnightclubx letting me use St. Stallone’s from their story @tiafoe (Tom is a Force of Evil).

I apologise for the very British names, I’m not good at names and I was just thinking nobility and stuff so.

I hope you enjoy.

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Dating (young) Sirius Black would include...

Requested by anon

  • Coming up with new pick up lines all the time and always strolling up to you casually, looking you up and down as he bites his lip and say  something stupid like: “On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9. I’m the 1 you need.” “We’re already together you weirdo”
  • Sirius dragging you to see a motorcycle he couldn’t stop talking about  
  • Going on the first ride, but - to sirius’ amusement - not before adding all kinds of spells so you won’t fall of and die 
  • Still being scared and holding on tightly to Sirius as you fly through the sky; he’d push down the gas harder because every time he did you’d cling onto him even harder and he’d love it
  • “Trust me.” He’d say and press a quick kiss to your lips before running off to do something stupid
  • But you would trust him, when it really mattered that is
  • Nose kisses
  • Studying together and when you’re concentrating on something he’d be looking at you and forget to study too; he’d get captivated by the way your hair falls, how you bite your lips, or the way you furrow your eyebrows like the book insulted you when you don’t understand
  • Changing the locations of studying depending on the season. So cuddling in the kitchen (as often as possible let’s be honest) near the warm ovens and trying new pastries and sipping tea or chocolate; spreading out under a tree near the lake in relieving shadow as the sun’s gassing over you; in the library where Sirius when bored immediately would gather piles of books and move them around to build castles and stuff which he would try to fit into; the common room and him lying down with his face in your lap or agains your shoulder and cry out in agony
  • In the library he has more than one time hid under the table and put an open book on his head with the pages down, then slowly risen so he could look at you over the edge of the table (trying to catch your attention, and when it doesn’t work he’d start to make weird UFO noises)
  • UFO’s would really fascinate him, he’d not like space as much bc of the name he’d been given, but the muggles’ ideas about aliens and UFO’s would he would find really interesting
  • Buying him books in that area, as well as forcing him to read ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’
  • Trips to the kitchen to bring a worrying amount of sweets to the dorm (but James probably forcing you to share then), or for a picnic at some secret location where you could be alone
  • Stuffing your faces and laughing so your stomaches and cheeks hurt mixed with talks about anything and everything; laying down or sitting next to each other, fingers or legs intertwined as you sit next or opposite each other.
  • “Oh, Merlin you have to taste this.” Then holding it up for the other to take a bite of, and then mashing it into their face
  • Quiet ‘I love you’’s, and cheeks kisses; whispered in the dark, during a class, during lunch, whilst studying, or just whenever
  • And then you would mix it up with competing about who could scream it loudest
  • “WELL I YOU MORE, (Y/L/N)!”
  • “WELL I-”
  • Having a very public relationship like that, neither of you afraid to show everyone how you felt (I mean, you’d probably be really embarrassed in the beginning, but I wouldn’t take long for you to adapt to the drama queen you loved)
  • Seeing each other from across the room or corridor and running towards each other very dramatically and meet in a hug, and he would swing you around or pick you up, like you hadn’t seen each other for months (instead of just 45 minutes)
  • McGonagall would tell you off, but you could see her eyes twinkle with laughter at your escapades 
  • Marking out where all the mistletoes are around christmas, and dragging you around so you go the route with the most (even if it’s a giant detour); he’ll sweep you under every single one to have an excuse to kiss you (not that he needed one
  • Showing him your favorite music and in the beginning he would laugh and stuff, but quickly paying so much attention to the songs you showed him. He understands how much music says about a person and he wants to know everything about the person he loves
  • You would be laying on your/his bed listening to it, and you wouldn’t be able to not sing along quietly against his neck
  • Sleeping in his bed in his dorm, or you in his (if you share dorm/staircase to where your dorms are, or if he somehow manages top find a way to get up to the girls dorms, cause I believe that if you wanted to he’d try anything) and lazily having your arms around each other. Spooning a lot, he’d like to be the big one bc then he could bury his face in your neck and press kisses to your skin; but as the little spoon he could cuddle up against you and I think he would just love the feeling of security it gave
  • Sudden passionate kisses when you realize that you’re alone
  • Dramatic letters during the summer and those weeks when his parents would force him to stay at “home”
  • It’s been 32 days, 5 hours, and 12 minutes into my imprisonment. The light seems grayer for each day passing; and I know that’s because the house swallows the time when I should be away from this bloody place. And I know that the light will come back when we reunite, and the sun will shine in your smile; like always the sunshine is with you. I shall keep writing to you in hopes that the time shall pass faster and that you one day, soon, will storm the house in shining armor, put the Bat-Bogey hex on all my biological relatives, and ride with me into the sunset on a white unicorn (but a dragon would work too, I’m not picky. And the dragon could lit the house on fire too which would honestly be such a relief have you can’t even imagine how horribly my mother has redecorated the salon). - Your forever imprisoned love, Sirius
  • He would have some experience, but would still be a little insecure when he was with you
  • Comforting him when he runs away, knowing that despite how bad people they were, they’re his family and he hoped that he could change their ways of thinking
  • James, Peter, and Remus always laughing when they see him zone out in a class or when he’s hanging out with only them bc they know it’s most probably you he’s thinking about considering the large smile spread over his face
  • Spending a few weeks of your summer at James’, and him spending weeks at yours 
  • Your family loving him, he’d quickly charm them even though he was soo nervous before
  • Sirius being scared when Remus wants to know why he’s away so much, bc you can tell that they’re hiding something; as much as Remus is your friend he wouldn’t tell you if it wasn’t so that he could see what it did to yours and sirius’ relationship ((edit: wtf does this even mean??? what?))
  • At Lily’s and James’ wedding you would both be able to tell really embarrassing stories about them, then dance wildly the whole night (and then in a slow dance he would realize that this is exactly what he wanted to have with you)
  • Babysitting Harry a lot, but only when you were together bc Lily and James could still find pieces of burnt cake and frosting all around the house from when Sirius was alone with him
  • Taking care of harry together when Lily and James die
  • He’d break down, cling onto you for dear life. 
  • During the war (and after) he’d often wake up all sweaty from horrible nightmares
  • Warm, comforting hugs to know that the other is there, to keep each other stable
  • Sitting in peace, quietly tracing patterns on the other’s skin
  • Having a very goofy relationship, never being able to stop laughter that would take you through the war, and always bringing out the best in each other
Imagine being a long time family friend with Jax & Opie. You’ve always had a thing for Juice ever since he prospect. ..

okay the title was mega long, this one might turn into a series so stay tuned. :)
(whole title ) v v v
Imagine being a long time family friend with Jax and Opie (pretty much a sister to these guys) and you’ve always had a thing for Juice ever since he prospect but was always scared to do anything about it because you thought he’d never go for you and you finally take a chance and he admits that he’s always had a thing for you but he was always afraid of what his brothers (your brothers) would do to him. * 2 or 3 part story *

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Growing up with the MC was easy mainly because you were pretty much one of the boys, you had always been with Jax and Opie for as long as you can remember. Running through the streets of Charming, being chased by police, and being around the club. The three of you grew up together, you watched as your brothers prospect together and get patched in together, huge party when they got their patch, bigger than the fourth of July.
Sometimes it wasn’t easy, sometimes you wanted a gun and a Harley just like Jax and Opie and sometimes you wanted to wear that kutte just as much.
Gemma knew how you felt so she kept you busy, Clay had taught you just like the boys how to fix the bikes and trucks so you helped out at the shop most of the time. Gemma taught you how to cook, how to garden and how to be a woman.
You were strong, you held your own and you didn’t take crap from anyone. You knew everyone that was part of the MC you even had a thing for Juan Carlos Ortiz, a Puerto Rican from Queens. He had a mohawk, and tribal tattoos on his head, he had this most adorable smile ever and these big beautiful almost puppy dog chocolate eyes. The moment he prospected you were into him, he didn’t look like the kind of biker you always knew but there was something about him that you just couldn’t shake. Plus he was your age, Ope and Jax were a year or two older than you not a big deal but they always treated you like their little sister.
Overly protective, like whenever you tried to have a boyfriend around they would scare him off and their motto was if he can’t fight and protect you, you deserve someone who can so in all fairness they were right.

Years went by, and you were still practically in love with Juice. The two of you had gotten closer, to everyone’s eyes the two of you were just ‘ best friends ‘. You guys were always together, helping each other out of just hanging out. When there was a SAMCRO party and you see Juice hook up with a random crow-eater, it would hurt for you to see that so you would either drink more, and hook up with the first guy that you found interesting or you would just leave.
There was a party that was suppose to happen tonight, a welcome back party for Bobby he was just getting released from federal lockup so the guys were throwing him a huge party.

Everyone was getting ready, stocking up on a lot of booze, weed and food. Gemma had you running errands all day, Juice volunteered to help you with some like grabbing the weed and some booze. First stop was at clear passages, Juice own 30% of it, and then the two of you were off to pick out some booze. You picked which ones to buy and Juice loaded into the van, Juice said;

“ boy, Y/N that’s a lot of booze. “ You smiled as you drove and replied;

“ yep i know, but Gem wanted a lot. Bobby was inside for us for nearly 5 months Juice, he deserves a lot more “ You both agreed and laughed. You pulled into the lot, backed the truck up into the entrance of the clubhouse and the prospects and guys unloaded all the supplies that you got. You hoped out of truck and Gemma said as she approached;

“ good work baby, you got the entire liquor board. “ She smiled, and wrapped her arm around your shoulder. You giggled and watched as the guys finished unloading. You and Gem walked into the clubhouse, and towards the kitchen. You watched as you walked by, Juice stocking the shelves watching as his muscles worked with every movement, and you turned to watch where you were going. As you walked with Gem, Juice glanced your way watching as you walked into the kitchen, the way your hips swayed and he was startled by Chibs slamming his hand on the counter of the bar trying to get his attention.

“ Aye Juicy, lets have a beer “ Juice put away the whiskey that he had in his hand and grabbed the scottsman a beer.

The night had finally arrived, everyone was showing up and it was slowly getting packed with members from different charters, crow-eaters, sweet-butts, family friends and just hang arounds. The drinking has started, the music was playing and the weed started flowing. Bobby’s car pulled up and Clay, Juice, Jax, Opie, Happy, Kozik, Chibs, Tig, and Piney all greeted him with hugs, hoots and booze. Before you knew it, Bobby almost greeted everyone at the party, he was smashed and enjoying himself. The guys were drinking away, some were trying to score, some where fighting in the ring, some where just sitting and chilling. You haven’t seen this many people since Ope and Jax’s party a few years back. The Teller-Morrow lot was packed with cars and bikes, the club house was packed with people inside and out.

You were drinking, already feeling a buzz. You were sitting with Ope and Jax cheering on Kozik and Tig as they fought in the ring. You happen to look over to see Juice getting a lap dance from some redheaded bimbo, your heart dropped when you seen that, seeing him enjoying himself. You put your head down and took a deep breath trying to calm yourself and trying to remind yourself that he’s not yours to get jealous over. Jax noticed that you seem upset so he said while sitting down next to you and nudging your shoulder causing you to look at him;

“ what’s wrong sis? “ You looked at Jax, trying to keep the tears from welling up, but Jax wasn’t stupid he knew something was bothering you but you still said;

“ uh, nothing. nothings wrong, uhh that weed just hit me wrong. “ Jax knew you didn’t even take a hit of weed at all that night because he was with you for most of the night but he just said hoping that you’d tell him the truth anyways;

“ oh okay, well if there’s anything the matter and you wanna talk, come talk to me okay? “ You gave him a fake little smirk and nodded in agreement. You got up and said;

“ i’m going to go get a refill anyone want one ? “ They declined and you walked over towards the clubhouse, you walked by Juice. Trying hard not to look at him but you did. He did notice you for a second, but you walked by to quickly. You made it through the sea of people and to the bar, asked Chucky for a beer. He passed it to you with a smile and said something with a rhyme but you weren’t really listening.
You turned and scanned the clubhouse, you sipped your beer and it went down smooth. Soon enough, you were standing with Kip he was the new prospect and quite the cutie you thought or it was just the 6th beer talking. You were enjoying his company just talking about random stuff when you notice Juice walking by with the same redheaded bimbo headed towards the dorms.

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You swallowed what you were feeling and turned around and got 6 shots of whiskey, once chucky put them in front of you. You downed 3 of them in seconds and the other 3 after that. Chucky and Kip both surprised and Chucky said;

“ shall i just leave the bottle for you to wobble ? “ You looked at Chucky as you tried to come back from those shots, and you grabbed the bottle of whiskey and looked at Kip who you were pretty sure was terrified of you and what you might do to him. Kip said;

“ you alright Y/N ? “ You looked at him once more, and then you just lunged at him, your lips found his and he was stunned. He didn’t pull away, he kissed you back, he was just shocked that you would kiss him, You stood there kissing Kip, without a care in the world. You didn’t even notice that Juice seen the two of you. The way you were feeling at that moment, you didn’t really care who saw you. Before you knew it, you were pulled apart and you said in a drunken tone;

“ whats the big idea fuckhead ? “ You looked up to see Opie with his ‘ pissed off ‘ face and you smiled at him and said;

“ oh hi ope, didn’t realize that was you. “ You were wobbly, and drunk then Kip while still in Opies grip said;

“ look, she kissed me i’m sorry i didn’t know what to do “ Opie looked like he was going to kill Kip then you stuttered;

“ yeah ope, reeeelax. i kissed sack he didn’t really have a choice. okayyy sooooo don’t be mad at him big brotherrrr” You smiled at opie and hugged him. Opie let go of Kip and said;

“ if i ever catch you kissing her again, well i’m sure you can guess “ Before we knew it Kip was out the door and out of sight of Opie. Opie looked at you, sat you down on the bar stool and said;

“ how much did you have to drink Y/N “ You smiled and took a drink of the almost empty whiskey bottle, but as you were about to down the rest of it Opie ripped it from your hand and said;

“ jesus christ y/n “ You said as you were denied your drink;

“heyy ! i was drinking that.. “ you were upset that he took your drink, then you hiccup and leaned forward just a tad to much, but Opie grabbed you and put you over his shoulder carrying you outside to the car;

“ yepp, it’s time for bed sis.” Opie placed you in the back seat of Donna’s car, and Donna and Opie drove you back home. Opie carried you inside, while Donna unlocked the door and they put you to bed. Before leaving, Opie said to you quietly as Donna watched from the doorway;

“ goodnight sis, your going to regret this in the morning.” He placed the trashcan by your bedside, some Advil on your night stand along with water. He closed the bedroom door, and him and Donna headed home.

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part 2. coming soon. stay tuned.


‘Well now,’ he says. He feels awkward attracting attention back to himself. 'The reason I have come, tha king has sent me with a gift.’ It is wrapped in silk. Jane looks up as she turns it in her hands. ’You once gave me a gift, Master Cromwell. And in those days, no one elese did so. You may be sure I shall remember that, when it is in my power to do you good.’

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I do tag for Kingsman: The Golden Circle content with the tags “kingsman 2″ and “kingsman 2 spoilers.” If you don’t wish to see either of those, feel free to blacklist them! The former tag is for general common knowledge that’s been released officially (i.e. Harry coming back and the Statesman) and the latter is for clips/speculation/stills that dig further into the basic “Eggsy and Merlin go to Kentucky and help save the world from Poppy” premise. 

"Imagine Legolas Realizing He's Falling In Love With You After Brushing Up Against You Accidentally One Day"

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Goodness, these linens weigh a ton! “Where is that sister of mine?!” you wonder aloud, quickly figuring out that she shirked her delivery duties to be with her new boyfriend. This batch of sheets requires the strength of two, maybe three people. King Thranduil will surely know if you’ve dropped one. You feel beads of sweat forming, thinking of that scenario playing out.

But you cannot fail. Your father’s linen business with the Mirkwood Elves is tough enough, with Thranduil making demands for higher thread counts and more and more unusual colors. The King paid handsomely but only if the job was done to his liking.

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Lion King Starters
  • “Life’s not fair, is it?”
  • “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?”
  • “He’s madder than a hippo with a hernia.”
  • “I quiver with FEAR!”
  • “Well, if it isn’t my brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners.”
  • “That was today? Oh I feel simply awful.
  • “I shall have to practice my curtsy.”
  • “Just think - whenever he gets dirty, we can take him out and beat him.”
  • “When it comes to brute strength, I’m afraid I’m at the shallow end of the gene pool.”
  • “Before sunrise, he’s your son.”
  • “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”
  • “Cheetahs never prosper.”
  • “Oh very good. Pouncing. Pouncing!?! Oh no, you can’t be serious.”
  •  “One day you will be king; then you     can chase those slobbering, mangy, stupid poachers from     dawn until dusk.”
  • “I despise guessing games.”
  • “Yes. Well… forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know.”
  • “Oh dear, I’ve said too much! Well, I suppose you’d have found sooner or later, you being so clever and all. Oh, just do me one favor - promise me you’ll never visit that dreadful place.”
  • “Okay, okay, I’m clean. Can we go now?”
  • “Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you two turtle-doves have no choice. It’s a tradition going back generations.”
  • “I wonder if its brains are still in there.”
  • “Hey, did we order this dinner to go? ‘Cause there it goes!”
  • “You could have been killed. You deliberately disobeyed me.“
  • “What? You want me to dress in drag and do the hula?”

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One of my biggest issues with Tim becoming RR is that they hyped it up & made it seem like Tim was going to be this morally ambiguous anti-hero character, in #2 Tim himself has said that he was no longer a hero and honestly I didn't see all of that?

I think that’s a perfectly reasonable point. I only have the middle 2.5 sections of RR so I’m not as familiar with the first book as I am the others but I do remember that Tim was very angry and broody and definitely shown to be going down a darker path than before.

But the way I always viewed it is that RR #1-11 are some of the darkest points in Tim’s life. He’s lost Steph, his father, Kon, Bart, Bruce and was removed from the Robin role against his will. He states in like the first few chapters of RR that he’s tired of being the good guy and being taken advantage of and he’s going to be a different kind of hero. But also… aren’t we all overdramatic shits when we’re sad? So Tim starts to head down that path, he’s working with Ra’s and his assassins and you start to think maybe he is going to follow through. Maybe he will compromise his morals and work with killers, maybe he will decide the rigid code he’s followed as Robin isn’t practical to his needs as Red Robin. Tim, deliberately or not, leads us to believe that he might have really been changed by his experiences and actually get into some morally grey territory.

But then as the story progresses, Tim flips it all on its head and it’s simply brilliant. Tim hasn’t compromised himself at all. He played Ra’s, the League, Tam, even his family/friends for resources and information and assistance in getting Bruce back. To me, it’s a shining moment for Tim, one of my favorite comics moments where Tim smiles at Ra’s as he disables the immortal’s network and wreaks havoc on his organization an basically says that he would never allow himself to go against his own beliefs. And the readers think ‘Wow, Tim sure fooled me! I thought he might have become like Jason for a moment!’ and we move on and Tim slowly becomes more like his old Tim self again. Yes he’s still darker and harsher than before but he smiles, he stops grieving dead people that have been resurrected, he repairs his relationships with the batfamily. Things start to look up for Tim.

The key that really wraps up the RR story, IMO, is the last few chapters which loop back over what I’ve been talking about. Things are going good for Tim now, he’s got his own mantle, he’s got some respect, he’s got his friends/family back. He should be back to his Pre-War Games (AKA when things first went to shit for him) self. Except he carefully manipulated the situation to allow Captain Boomerang to escape. The effort and calculation that went into Harkness’ escape and making the criminal act just as Tim wanted was quite creepy. Tim keeps trying to justify it saying ‘Harkness can do something else and if he does I’ll him go’ but we all know Tim had manipulated everything to ensure Boomerang did exactly as he wanted. And as Tim is later railing into the man who killed his father, he asks himself “Why am I doing this?” and that goes back to issue 1 of RR where Tim is bitter and angry and feeling reckless.

That never left. Tim is a master of hiding his emotions and thoughts. He’s been lying to Batman for years, if Tim doesn’t want you to know what he’s feeling/thinking, you never will. All that anger and grief and darkness that Tim tried to pretend was just a fleeting phase was still there, was always there. And it makes me think back to the whole thing with Ra’s and how much was Tim simply pretending and biding his time and how much was Tim actually going along with the immortal’s plans without care or consequence. I think that’s the reason Bruce was so harsh on Tim when he came to stop him. Because Bruce understands that anger and careful calculation Tim had to do to release Boomerang and he knows that’s not a “I got caught up in the moment” thing like Tim tried to claim. Bruce probably saw for the first time what all the trauma and grief in Tim’s life has actually done to him. Tim isn’t an evil mastermind, but his is a traumatized kid who is bitter and angry and not dealing with his negative emotions in anything close to a good way. And of course Bruce also is incapable of dealing with uncomfortable feelings, does the exact opposite of what he should have and scolds and berates Tim for the near death of Harkness.

Anyway, I love Red Robin and I love it for many reasons and one of those reasons is Tim is, at times, an unreliable narrator even within his own thought bubbles. Because Tim has all this pent up rage and aggression that he refuses to address and lets it build up. We get hints of it but most of the time it’s pretty quiet until suddenly he does something and we think 'wow that was pretty rough for Tim of all people to do that.’ but it’s always been there under the surface. It’s visible in every bitter remark, every time he struck out in anger and acted more resolutely than he ever has before. And I just find that so cool. It’s such a disappointment that RR stopped there because I have so many ideas of where they could have gone from there. I’m still in love with the idea of Ra’s gifting Tim with the 'Detective’ moniker, as if he has decided that if he can’t have the father than he shall have the son. I’d like to imagine Ra’s coming by trying to influence Tim over to his side and we maybe would see Tim start to waver because one can only ignore those ugly feelings for so long. There’s so much intrigue and nuance to Red Robin, layers on layers of 'what was he thinking there’ or 'why did he do that’ and it’s hard to know what’s going on in Tim’s head because the boy lies so much, even to himself, we might not really know even with all those thought bubbles.

So circling back to your original point. I think the thing is that DC hyped Tim as being an 'anti-hero’ as being 'the new Jason Todd’ and they did that for marketing purposes. But that description is not only wrong, it’s incredibly simplistic and boring. Because Tim is not the kind of person who would break cleanly like Jason did, to go on a spree of killings. Tim is someone who shatters into tiny pieces and holds those piece together through sheer force of will, but that doesn’t mean you’re still not broken. Red Robin was all about testing the former boy wonder’s resolve to stay on his chosen path, to remain the kind of person he was before he put on the green tights. And he trips and falls and fails a couple times and we see that he really isn’t the same person anymore no matter how he tries to pretend and I think that would have been fascinating to explore and how Tim and everyone else would deal with the changes that happened to Tim during that period of his life.