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Pizza Boy!Vernon

a/n: for sunflower anon! hope you don’t mind that i made it bulleted!! also this is like my second time writing a bulleted scenario so pls have mercy on me i’m trying to expand my capabilities  

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• okay but like does anyone remember that jonas brothers song
• i fell in love with the pizza girl ,,, now i eat pizza every day,,,
• BC that’s what i think it would be like if vernon was your pizza delivery boy
• okay from the beginning
•you’re a university student and exams have been destroying your happiness lately
• you want to die basically
• like you work so hard at your job and at studying that you NEVER get a break and it’s so,,, stifling,,, you just want to graduate and LEAVE
•so when you finally get a day without exams where you can just chill, you order pizza
• because why not??
• and since you’re ordering it online it has that lil box at the bottom that asks for special instructions
• at first you were gonna write the classic “send ur cutest delivery boy”
• but you didn’t really feel like fixing you hair and outfit to impress some pizza boy that probably wasn’t even cute in the first place tBH
• so you go with your second option: “pls tell me a quality pizza pun when u arrive. thx.”
• most of the time those pizza places don’t even pay attention to the requests unless it’s like an allergy mention or smth so u don’t really expect anything
• when someone knocks on your apartment door you get up and head over w ur money
• you probably forgot that you even requested a pun lol
• you open your door to see a really cute delivery boy with a smile on his face

• “Why was the pizza shop not doing well?”

• u pause bc first of all what the heck
• then you remember your request and you excitedly ask him why
• so the boy just sort of gives you this dorky, satisfied grin and answers
• “They just weren’t rolling in the dough.”
• cue crickets
• bc like it was a good joke but it wasn’t /that/ good
• suddenly he’s embarrassed and red and he’s like “rlly let me try again i have better puns i prOmiSe!!!”
• since you’re feeling nice you let him try again
• “okay okay what did the angry customer give the pizzeria owner?”
• “wut”
• “a pizza his mind.”
• “that one was worst than the first one tbh”
• “NO WAY my puns are good”
• “mediocre at best”
• and the pizza delivery dude is not expecting a tip at this point bc you’re so freaking brutal abt his jokes that he searched the internet for on such short notice
• “pls im a college student w debt just have mercy on me”
• and now you’re actually giggling a bit bc did he think you weren’t gonna pay him??? like some kind of hooligan???
• please,,, you have class
• so you like hand over the money w his tip like “what’s ur name pizza boy”
• “it’s vernon”
• “makes sense. u look like a vernon”
• “is that an insult?”
• so he leaves and you’re happy bc of your pizza but also you’re kinda sad bc,,, dang,,, the pizza boy was cute and you didn’t even get his number,,,
• gUeSs yOuLL hAVe tO bUY mOrE pizZAs!!!1!11!1
• so that’s what you do and you don’t rlly know what to put under the special request to make sure you get vernon so
• you just kinda
• “send the boy with horrible puns pls”
• and everyone once again knows this is vernon bc no one tells horrible puns like he can
• so he’s back and you take more time to study his face bc he’s handsome obv 
• like just imagine his black hair tucked under a red pizza cap,, and his eyes are really dark in contrast to his boyish smile like wow. a visual.
• “who did your eyebrows?”
• “uh,,, myself? wait what does that mean??? what do they do to your eyebrows?”
• so you explain eyebrow beauty to him
where is this going destinee pick it up 
• and during this time he’s actually pretty fascinated but then gAsP he forgot to open with his pun!!!!!
• “What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes?”
• “…”
• “my pizza jokes can’t be topped!”
•“pretty sure they can be topped”
• “next time i’m going to conveniently forget your garlic sauce”
• “who said i was going to call you again, delivery boy??”
• hE cAnT wIN
• lowkey thinks you’re cute so he puts up with ur incessant teasing
• “what’s ur name anyway?”
• “y/n”
• “well, y/n, since we’re friends now do you wanna listen to my mixtape”
• he’s already pullin out a blank cd with some horrible handwriting on it
• nd you accept it but like,,,, what are you supposed to do???
• thank him??,??,,?
• anyway vernon leaves bc he is on the job and has to deliver other pizzas before they get cold ya know
• so,, since you’re bored,,, you listen to the mixtape while you eat ur pizza
• and like some of the songs are lowkey cringe but some of them are highkey good
• now what do you do
• tell the pizza guy you like his rap??
• is that too far?? like he said you guys were friends but,,,,,
• the next time he comes you tell him that you rlly liked his mixtape and behold!!!
• lil vernon is blushing!!! bc you’re one of the first people to compliment him on his songs and it makes him super happy and mushy inside like what a dweeb
• you and vernon keep this delivery boy/customer friendship or whatever up bc it’s fun and you guys kinda sort of think each other are cute
•like ObViOuSlY bc vernon is a d o r a b l e
•and you’re practically an ANGEL
• *20 starts playing*
• anyway yeah one day you’re craving pizza again so you make your order
• and when it asks for any special instructions
• you type in
• “send the cute pun boy”
• as a joke but gET THIS
• so like while you wait for vernon to arrive u r freaking out and sWeAtiNG bc vErNoN cAnT kNoW yoU liKe hiM !!!1!1
• that’s weird !!!!!
• your doorbell rings and you’re shaking as you open the door bc you’re sure you’ve just ruined ur friendship w him
• but like when you open the vernon is just,,, leaning against the doorframe,,, w a smirk on his lips and red ears to match his cap,,,,
• “you…called…me…cute…”
• nd suddenly he’s getting closer to you and his smile is widening like where did he get this confidence from???
• skkahdhs and just when you think he’s going to kiss you he whispers
• “d’you wanna hear another pun?”
• but you gotta keep ur composure right so you reluctantly nod like yeah vernon!!! listening to your stupid puns is how i want to spend my time!!! definitely not kissing you!!! that’s for sure!!
• but this meme:
• “How do you know if you’re in love?”
• nd you stutter out a lil “what” bc is this just a joke or is he on to smth
• and he kinda smiles shyly and opens his pizza box
• “if they steal a pizza your heart!”
• you look down and the freakin pizza is shaped like a heart and has “will u go out w me?” written in pepperonis
• and it’s so cheesy
hehe get it?
• that you can’t help but laugh like “ofc i’ll go out w you dork”
• and you invite him in to share the pizza
• luckily you’re his last stop for the night so the two of you can stay up all night talking and laughing and sharing puns over pizza
• goals tbh

The Trampoline

Summary: Dan’s very gay and very in love with Phil, who has always been 100% straight. Also, there’s a trampoline.

Word Count: 5.3k

Genre: smut

TW: underage drinking


read on ao3

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Boyfriend Series; Woozi/Jihoon

- lee jihoon is a big softie
- you know this more than anyone
- for your first date, jihoon takes you to a humble little coffee shop because he just wants it simple
- you both sit at a table near the window and talk while eating your cakes and sipping your lattes
- you both don’t even realize how much time you’ve spent at the café because times just flies when you’re with him
- when you and jihoon finally leave, it’s already dark outside and you didn’t dress warm enough for this winter weather because you weren’t expecting to stay out this late
- jihoon notices how cold you are and takes off his scarf to give to you
- you say “oh no, i’m fine, jihoon!! put it back on, you’re going to get cold” but he says “i’m fine, i’m more worried about you”
- while he’s wrapping his scarf around your neck, you stare into his eyes, and he looks into yours when he’s done
- then he slowly leans in and kisses you right on the lips
- not only that, but the first snowfall happens that very moment, and it’s a first kiss you’re never going to forget
- since he likes winter, that’s when you both go out the most
- you don’t like seeing him freeze when he gives you his scarf, so you share it with him and he gets embarrassed lmao
- jihoon’s always surprising you with gifts
- not flowers or chocolates or things likes that but things you mentioned weeks ago you didn’t think he would remember or some of your favorite things
- like sometimes he’d meet up with you, and he’d say “oh, i passed by the convenience store today and got you your favorite snack” and you’d just be so touched
- jihoon also gets you both matching cellphone charms!!!
- tends to scold you a lot when you hurt yourself or get yourself in trouble, but he does this because he cares
- “don’t make me worry…”
- but then he makes YOU worried because he overworks himself sometimes to the point of nearly collapsing of exhaustion
- you both just take turns scolding each other because you make each other worry so much
- sometimes he gets really stressed and explodes at you which makes you sad
- he feels really bad about it afterwards, and moves close to you and buries his face in the crook of your neck, mumbling “i’m sorry for what i said earlier…..”
- he’s too embarrassed to call you any cute nicknames, but on his phone, your contact name is “mine” and that’s enough for you
- ready to beat up anyone who hurts you with a guitar
- pda makes him cringe to death, but when you’re both alone, he loves holding your hand and cuddling with you and all those cute things he’s too embarrassed to do in public
- kisses on the forehead!!
- he pretends he hates them by scoffing and telling you “really? i’m not a child, (name)” but deep down, he LOVES it
- his way of asking for kisses on the lips is so….. shy and innocent…. LOL
- “since i worked hard…. a hug would be nice…. or maybe even a kiss……?” and his face is all red when you nod your head and smile at him
- his phone’s lock screen used to be a picture of you together but the other members kept teasing him about it so he removed it
- but don’t worry, when you unlock his phone, it’s a picture of just you as his wallpaper
- he sometimes locks himself in the studio for hours on end, so you honestly have to drag him outside to get some fresh air and to get him to actually eat something
- if he insists he has to stay inside, you always bring him his favorite meal—jajangmyeon and spicy ramyeon noodles mixed together
- you actually asked mingyu to teach you how to make them and whenever you tell jihoon you cooked the meal, he always says “oh, no wonder it tastes better”
- he listens only to you
- like seungcheol once suggested something and jihoon said “no, that’s not a good idea” and when you came to visit the dorm, you suggested the SAME THING as seungcheol and jihoon said “oh, that’s a good idea”
- seungcheol’s mouth just fell open
- jihoon actually gets really jealous sometimes
- when he sees another member get too close to you, he glares daggers at them like if looks could kill, they’d be in pieces
- he literally pokes his head into the room, and glares at them until their eyes widen in horror and when you turn around to see what they’re looking at, jihoon’s already gone
- you love watching him play the piano because his fingers are so gentle as they run across the black and white keys
- he finds it cute how you sway from side to side while sitting next to him on the bench, and he finds it even cuter when you unintentionally hum along to whatever he’s playing
- when you decide to keep him company in the recording room, you like to sing along to the seventeen songs he plays on the piano
- he once wrote a song for you and you actually teared up when he was done
- “why are you crying?? did i mess up?? i knew i was a beat off in the chorus omg i’m so sorry—” “jihoon shut up, i love it and i love you”
- he actually hasn’t told you he loves you yet
- he feels like he has to wait for the perfect moment to say it, but whenever the opportunity comes, he gets too shy
- but now, as you’re lying your head against his shoulder with your eyes closed after a long day, jihoon shakes your shoulders gently and asks “(name)? are you awake?”
- you don’t answer, and pretend you fell asleep
- and that’s when he kisses your forehead and whispers “i love you”
- you keep pretending to be asleep, and when jihoon falls asleep next to you too, that’s when you say “i love you too, jihoon”

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o0o0o0o how about TodoBakuDeku and 47: “ You’re cute when you’re angry. ”

For once, I didn’t write smut! lol I’d like to write a smutty one with these three eventually though, so keep those prompts coming! 

200 prompts list can be found HERE.


“Get the fuck out of my face, you half-and-half bastard!”

“No one’s in your face, idiot. Has your temper corroded your brain?” Todoroki retorted. He was standing beside Midoriya, Bakugou staring him down. Or rather, attempting to, but Todoroki had grown quite a bit in the past couple of years, inheriting almost the full height of his father. Bakugou, on the other hand, hadn’t grown quite as tall, still the shorter between the two.

Midoriya attempted to break up the animosity, placing his hands out in front of him, “Guys…quit it…” 

Although they had all recently graduated from UA, all of them having turned eighteen, some things never changed. Such as Kacchan having a short fuse and feeling the need to pick fights with Todoroki, and Todoroki having no patience for Bakugou’s unnecessary anger. 

After finally getting the two of them to agree to spending the day together–all three of them–Midoriya had hoped they wouldn’t fight while he was around. Both of them had confessed to him on different days before graduating, expressing their desire for a relationship greater than friendship. But Midoriya hadn’t been able to choose between them, instead proposing that he go on dates with each of them separately. At least, to start. He wanted to see if he liked one of them more than the other. It seemed only fair.

In all honesty, he had been hesitant about the entire situation. He hadn’t really given his feelings about anyone any thought, especially not to these two boys, but he found he couldn’t refuse them. Not when Bakugou turned into a blushing mess who started saying cute things while attempting to continue wearing his tough facade, and definitely not when Todoroki had been so sincere, so direct, and so resolute that it forced Midoriya to look away from that intense gaze, heat rushing to his face. 

Having gone on a couple of dates together with each of them, Midoriya found that he couldn’t choose between them, enjoying his time with both of them in very different ways. While his time with Bakugo always wound up being fun and often an adventure, his outings with Todoroki were calming and romantic. 

He didn’t feel that anything was lacking with the two of them around; what he couldn’t get with one of them, he could get with the other. It was a good balance that made him happy. But…he was starting to feel like he wanted more. Like he wanted to be with them together rather than always having to spend time with them separately. Maybe being with the two of them could help him come to a decision, or at least, let him talk to both of them about how he was feeling.

As Bakugou continued trying to pick a fight with Todoroki, his explosive quirk beginning to spark in his hands, Midoriya shook his head, lips pulling down into a frown. Maybe getting them both together had been a bad idea, but…this was what he wanted. They both liked him, didn’t they? They would listen to what he had to say, wouldn’t they?

“Umm…Todoroki, Bakugou. I wanted to talk to–”

“Don’t look down on me, you bastard,” Bakugou cut Midoriya off, shifting one of his legs back and moving into a slight squat as he moved into a fighting pose. 

Oh no. 

“Bakugou,” Midoriya attempted. 

“Sorry. It’s not my fault the only way to look at you is down,” Todoroki smirked, smoke and ice beginning to drift off his skin. 

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Midoriya could understand Bakugou letting his anger get the best of him, but Todoroki? The calm and collected one? No way. No fucking way. Not on this day. Not when they were supposed to be going on a date together. He’d be damned if he let them ruin it. How could they even think to do such a thing? After they had both agreed to spending the day with him.

Midoriya felt the rage rising within him, unable to control himself as he watched Todoroki and Bakugou’s quirks fully manifest. 


Bakugou lunged forward first, fist aiming for Todoroki’s face. 

Not. Today.

Powering up his One For All, Midoriya swiftly stepped between them, using the force of his speed to blow away their fire and ice with a large gust of wind, a hand coming down against both of their chests. 

In a voice unbeknownst to him, ripping out from the pit of his stomach, Midoriya belted out, “ENOUGH!!”

With both abilities having been blown away, along with Midoriya’s rare anger, Todoroki and Bakugou stared at Midoriya in disbelief, mouths hanging open. Thank goodness they were in an outside area no people were in. 

 “I’ve had it with your fighting–I didn’t come here for this! I came because I thought you’d set aside your differences to fucking be with me, dammit! You said you both like me, so fucking act like it!” There were tears threatening to spill out. Just like Bakugou’s anger, some things hadn’t changed with Midoriya either. 

Bakugou spoke first, “Whoa. Deku...” He looked over to Todoroki who met his eyes. They both nodded at each other as if they had communicated telepathically. 

Midoriya caught his breath, huffing out an annoyed, “What?” 

Bakugou continued, “It’s just that…well, you’re surprisingly cute,” he looked over to Todoroki and smirked. 

“Huh?” He had just yelled at them and Bakugou thought he was cute?

“Yeah. You’re, uh,” Todoroki chuckled, “You’re cute when you’re angry.” 

And just like that, both Todoroki and Bakugou bust out laughing, as if they hadn’t just been trying to kill each other moments before. Now it was Midoriya’s turn to stare at them with his mouth open, brows scrunching together in confusion. 

Once again nodding to each other after they finished laughing, they each took one of Midoriya’s hands into theirs. 

Todoroki raised the hand to his lips, “I’m sorry. You’re right. We’ll be on our best behavior from now on.”

Bakugou squeezed the hand, interlacing the fingers with his own, “Yeah. What he said. I let my anger get the better of me again, huh?”

Midoriya couldn’t help but blush, the steam from the blood rushing to his face so rapidly that it practically rolled off his head similarly to Todoroki’s quirk. He closed his eyes tightly for a second, wondering how he got so lucky to have two amazing boys that cared about him, even though they got on his nerves sometimes. 

Without giving it much thought, he blurted out, “I love you. Both of you.”

He opened his eyes again and was met with surprised expressions, each face developing a tint of red. 

Todoroki turned to Bakugou and shrugged, still holding Midoriya’s hand, “I guess it can’t be helped, huh?”

Bakugou rolled his eyes playfully, the corner of his lip raising in a smile, “Yeah. Looks like we’re stuck with each other, half-and-half.”

Reylo kiss in TLJ?

I know most people in our fandom don’t expect a Reylo kiss in TLJ (hell, even I don’t) BUT, at the same time I wouldn’t be that surprised if we were to receive one. And I’m not talking about one of those “cute and in love kind of kisses”, but more like an angsty and impulsive one - initiated by Kylo of course, lol. Because he has so much angst and conflicted feelings towards Rey inside of him. And in a moment of fighting heat, I can actually see him grabbing Rey’s face and smashing his lips on to hers to release some of that tension. I mean it would be so shocking for the general audience… And then we would see a flustered and shocked Rey, giving him a big Force push away from her, or after slapping his smirky yet shocked by his own actions kind of face for….yeah, stealing and basically being her first kiss. And then imagine HER being conflicted and even more confused about him afterwards.

[Recap] Jikook/Kookmin in BTS Gayo track 13

Hello everyone~, I’ll try to make it quick and short as usual, but I might fail as usual too xD

Again, please don’t take everything here too seriously.

Let’s go!!! Bangtang gayooo~~~~

Our Jungkook is already distracted right from the start, I wonder who he’s staring at?

Still distracted to the point he’s the latest to do the introduction 👀👀

Staring contest, what’s new? The way Jungkook dances to Dope cutely then Jimin lazily moves along tho 🐥🐰😆😆

Jungkook ah~… your expression… 미안 xD

Everyone, say hi to the new God of Destruction ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jimin is guiding Monie to juggle.

Jungkook’s no.1 notp strikes again, how can he miss the fun?

Time to show who’s the man.

Lol Taehyungie is not impressed (he said Jimin did better, awwww best friends ♥)

Jimin is having fun tho. As expected of him, everything Jungkook does amuses him ♥

Jimin is having fun again, thanks to Jungkook’s “Kimchi kimchi ya ya jja jja” lol, I did too xD

Let’s skip forward a bit, I mean I don’t wanna go as far as capturing everything, sorry ><

But apparently Jimin took Taehyung’s answer and got it right so he thanked Taehyungie (awwww~ ♥), but he thanked Jungkook too? I have no idea why? Probably because Jungkook didn’t run as fast as he could (he looked to Jimin’s side before running). Anw, don’t trust me, I’m biased xD.

Single Ladies killed me tho, I didn’t know that it sounded like that haha.

Jimin’s high-pitched laugh at 5:59 tho, ah my hearteu 💙💙

Congratulations, Jeon Jungkook-ssi! Once again, you just proved that your PhD in Jiminology wasn’t just for decoration!

While everyone else including Jimin is busy inspecting Jimin’s picture, Jungkook is at ease preparing for his buzzer.

(please don’t be distract, friends, look at Jungkook, remember to look at Jungkook, don’t lose your focus elsewhere, I’m not responsible for anything, okay~? xD)

Well, can’t expect anything less from Jimin’s biggest fan right? He walks away like it’s no big deal getting the answer (in relation to his Jiminie hyung) right, and Jimin is impressed af

JK *proud af*

Never forget their high-five 🐥🐰🌺

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you mentioned the mama video being sketchy in one of your tags, why? would you mind sharing your thoughts? it's perfectly fine if you prefer not to though!!

Well, it’s another one of those videos that I watch religiously so..

Just a disclaimer, everything I personally find sketchy is things I see at face value and things that everyone sees so it probably not that interesting. I don’t really squint at the background and be like “OMG THERE’S A WRAPPER. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. CONDOM.”, because that just takes so much effort and idk how some of you guys do it XD

Anyways, I just keep watching this because it’s cute it just makes me think things lol. First of all, JIMIN AND JUNGKOOK ARE ACTUALLY IN A HOTEL ROOM TOGETHER *gasp* irrefutable evidence this time, js. And it’s just the two of them no one else ^^ 

And then I started asking questions like: why is jimin’s voice like that? why are they in the washroom ‘practicing’? were they practicing that hard? what were they practicing? WHERE DID JUNGKOOK’S SHIRT GO (AND WHY)? why did they even start filming in there? who was at the door? why was it cut? why is just the two of them in the first place?

and why. why did he have to look at him like that:

too soft for my cold heart plz

anyways, when they both ran to the big window window and jungkook was being all cute and shiet and they were like “Wow, the Hong Kong view is so nice…” “…yeah” and then Jungkook just sat down on the bed seeming quite pleased with himself and idk it just felt like something I would write in my fanfics and it just felt so warm and intimate ^///o///^

tl;dr jimin and jungkook are in a hotel room together. that’s it. that’s the sketchy. lol

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The PV of the dj I am screaming !!!! It's a huge turn on and kink of mine when one of them is sleeping and the other person is doing something lewd to/with them or also beside them.(I think you said you also have a sleep kink too lol) Nemu riding Maya fjdsqis so hot(and I'm also appreciating those muscles and that nipple lol and nemu's tummy so cute) and his face is so lewd feeling it ahhh. This dj is gonna be so hot I'm already turned onjust by those few pages 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

You noticed too! HIS TUMMY IS GIVING ME LIFE!!!!!!!! T___T 

This Dj… is gonna be glorious. I’m SO HYPED!!!

And yes, that’s one of my kinks too huehuehue
Also, Nemu riding Maya: 

What Maya said. 

(For a second I was really tempted to post all the riding scenes, but I was able to hold back. Phew. xDD)


Ok, so, we got Helo on Christmas Day and we have one of those two story ferret nation cages. When we have to put them in the cage and open the bottom doors to let them out again later, Helo is usually on the second story.

He STILL hasn’t quite grasped the concept that you can go down the “staircase” to go downstairs and out lol. Bless his heart. He’ll usually look at me like “GET ME OUT OF HERE MOMMY WHY DO THE OTHERS GET TO GO OUT?!” We’ve been trying to show him and train him but no luck so far. 😂😂😂

This is the face he gives me.

BTOB: dating Changsub would include

▪ get ready for the ride of your life with this boy

▪ tbh ever since meeting him, your life will probably never be the same 

▪ in a good or weird way…I’ll let you decide 

▪ when he saw you for the first time it was a straight up kdrama scene where the guy looks at the girl for like 10 hours dramatically 

▪ someone has to snap him out of it before you see it and run away 

▪ he’s just so shocked someone could have an affect like that over him bc it’s never happened 

▪ so he’ll do his best to try and sweep you off your feet 

▪ with a little help from the boys aka fairy godmothers, he does just that 

▪ you’ll be in tears for the rest of night 

▪ not only bc he tripped on your feet as he was trying to proclaim his love for you, but bc he was so romantic aw

▪ he regrets doing all of those ugly faces when you were around lol he just wanted to make a good impression

▪ but eventually he won’t care and does it all the time to annoy you

▪ speaking of 

▪ ugly faces compititions 24/7

▪ the others being so annoyed with you two all the time bc how can yall be so cute yet so annoying 

▪ random dates at random parts of the day

▪ neck massages when you’re both tired 

▪ he’s actually hella romantic sometimes and it surprises you 

▪ he’ll talk about his deepest thoughts with you bc he knows you never judge him

▪ he’ll tell you about all his insecurities and from then on you’d make sure to love him even harder to show him that he’s perfect to you

▪ him doing the same and making you forget about any flaws 

▪ buys an apron for himself that says “kiss the cook" 

▪ refuses to let you walk into the kitchen if you don’t give him at least 10 kisses when he’s wearing it 

▪ since he’s always mentioned wanting to be a father, he’ll absolutely melt if he sees you with kids or talking about kids

▪ doesn’t care who’s watching when he leans in to kiss you

▪ he’s just hella more affectionate ever since you came into his life

▪ inviting the guys over to watch movies or to hang out and forgetting all about them bc you two would be so engrossed in each other to care about them 

▪ basically being best friends and knowing you can’t live without each other 

▪ and they’d be ok with it, they’d just steal all your snacks and leave smh 

▪ so stressed and anxious when he’s away from you and always calls just to hear your voice 

▪ binge watching TV shows together and crying about them for like a month 

▪ tummy rubs when you’re not feeling well 

▪ it’s just an excuse for him to buy yall more snacks and stay on the couch and cuddle until you fall asleep 

▪ you buying him a watch bc he’s always late to everything 

▪ and he’ll treasure it forever bc he loves it when you’re being thoughtful 

▪ and bc they’re so close to Vixx, you’ll probably meet them and they’ll know exactly why Changsub is in love with you

▪ you two are basically made for each other and everyone can see it 

▪ so pls treasure this insane boy forever 💖

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Come a Little Bit Closer - Tredd Furia

@sonsoflucis has been filling my head with filthy thoughts of Drautos, and even before I learned Tredd’s name (I did not remember much of Kingsglaive lol) I thought he was cute, he was like the only Glaive whose face I remembered haha. After those threesome HCs Sons did for me last night I couldn’t get this idea out of my mind, and then I heard “Come a Little Bit Closer” when I was listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soundtrack (I have always loved that song lol) and it was all just so perfect… so here’s this self-indulgent drabble, lol


There she was—the most gorgeous woman in Eos, sitting at the bar with nothing but her phone to keep her company. On a night like this a woman that beautiful wouldn’t normally be left alone, but most of the bar’s male patrons are giving her a wide berth. Pussies, all of em. Tredd takes a large sip of his drink as he lets his eyes wander over every delicious curve. She looks up suddenly, her eyes boring into his own, and he feels a sudden warmth spreading through his body as she smiles prettily for him.

“Tredd…” Nyx’s voice in his ear carries a warning tone. “I don’t care how tempting it is. Don’t do it.”

Tredd rolls his eyes at Nyx. “I’m not about to ignore a clear invitation from the only woman worthy of my dick in this shithole…” His eyes fall on Crowe just across the table, and he gives her a lewd wink. “…present company excluded, of course. I’m always happy to let you see what you’ve been missing.”

“Gods above, you’ve done it Tredd… you’ve cured my homosexuality!! What is this feeling… it’s like… a sudden, irresistible craving for dick?” Crowe turns to her right, placing a coy hand on her neighbor’s arm. “What are you up to tonight, Pelna sweetie?” Pelna sputters and coughs into his beer, his face darkening in embarrassment. Crowe turns back to Tredd, slinging an arm around her friend’s shoulders and curving her middle finger up in a rude gesture.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Crowe. I’ve got my eye on a sweeter prize tonight…” Tredd tilts his chin up at the woman across the room and raises his glass to her, taking another sip. Nyx shrugs, returning to his own drink.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

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Hello Sapporo!

Special thanks to Sophia (@aseria) for proofreading!!

Visual Board Tour Event: 

Sendai | Sapporo

Mitsuki: Let’s start today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Riku: This web program is presented by the popular idol group, IDOLISH7! It takes place the same time as our new program, “Visual Board Tour”!

Iori: We’ve received lots of warm responses from Sendai. Thank you very much. It seems like there were a lot of people who visited far from Sendai just for I7. We’re very grateful.

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Watched the vid where nini ask kyungsoo hyung to pick the glasses for him too many times already. And i just realised that theres not even a sign of annoyance on ksoo's face. None at all. If i were ksoo i wouldve hit my friend or ignore him/her or just tell them to take it themselves lol i mean who wouldnt get annoyed if someone being so persistent and whiny haha. But at first soo just smile or shake his head /lovingly/ but give up eventually. Seeeee he has a soft spot for nini😍😍 kaisoo 😍😍

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It was so freaking cute anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nini really really really wanted those glasses T___T he even stomped his foot, and was impossible to resist with that puppy look on his face, and Soo is like “fine” and goes and gets them. Then he looks at Soo wearing those big heart shaped glasses, and then they nod at each other at the same time ;;;;;; it’s seriously adorable! 

some things i genuinely appreciated about The Raven King
  • when ronan openly called gansey “dad”, thought that was a nice touch good job maggie keeping it Kinky & Classy TM
  • metal bees. just metal fujcjing bees everywhere man . nice
  • that one part where two boys kiss and decide to adopt a screaming hoofed dream creation and raise it as their Child
  • gay
  • i know i couldnt actually see her but blue looked really really cute in that weird hoodie dress thing , u go babe
  • henry cheng taking out the Trash wearing nothing but a madonna shirt then getting kidnapped & brought to a grocery store at 11pm,,,,, #relatable content
  • gansey fangirling so hard when blue kissed him that he Actually Died,,,, lmao what a dork amirite ladies
  • having to rush to google translate any time one of those nerds said something in Gay Latin lol im fine i Love Death 
  • “Thanks, Parrish. I like your face, too.” (WHAT KIND OF G AY ASS RAVEN FLUFF )

in conclusion thought it was great 8/10 would bang :)


Murasakibara is being swarmed by kids! XD

He probably didn’t expect it. He thought the kids would be scared of him but instead they thought he was cool because he was so tall and they all wanted to ride his back to reach the net and shoot. 

mama Himuro thought it was adorable and secretly took a picture to set as his wallpaper later. 

After playing basketball, Murasakibara gave the kids some of his snacks to take home. ofc kinda reluctantly but himuro sealed the deal

“Thanks Murasakibara-oniichan, Himuro-oniichan! Let’s play again sometime! Basketball is so fun!” one kid said as he waved goodbye.

Murasakibara and Himuro waved back with a smile on their faces. (just a hint on mukkun’s face tho lol)

“Did you have fun, Atsushi?”

“….Just a little.”

Himuro smiled that smile of his that said “I know what you really mean.”

//idk how this turned out like this but one thing led to another and here it is lol//

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Hii. This is my first request ever on tumblr and even though I've had this account for like a year idk how this app works haha... but what would the RFA+minor trio answer be to MC asking them what "the beauty blender" actually is lol. I've seen a lot of memes from girls who ask their BF what it is and some of those reaction were really funny lol... have a good day! x

Your first request? I’m so honored. (even though I don’t think I wrote this very well at all…;;)
I had to look up what the heck a Beauty Blender is because I didn’t even know gahh
(If by minor trio you meant V, Saeran, and Vanderwood, I don’t write Vanderwood, so I’m sorry about that!)

-“A what?”
-Just imagine his cute confused puppy face
-Like he’s heard of it but has no earthly idea what it is
-Teach him

-He knows exactly what it is
-He’s a musical actor okay he knows his way around makeup and beauty products
-“Why do you ask? Did you want to borrow mine?”

-Jaehee doesn’t have time for things like makeup
-But she knows what a Beauty Blender is from watching beauty gurus on YouTube or from modeling competition reality TV shows
-“Yes, why? Do you want one?”

-The shape is… odd
-This kid doesn’t even know what a donut is, do you expect him to know what a Beauty Blender is?
-“…Is that a popular product? What is it for? Commoners are so strange.”
-It’s not really a “commoner” product but okay be that way

-Saeyoung knows what it is from cross dressing
-“Yeah, of course. How else do you think I can pull off my disguises?”
-He knows how to use it better than you do
-Have fun with that

-V knows what it is because he’s a photographer
-He doesn’t work with models or anything, but he knows what kind of makeup works with different kind of lighting etc.
-It’s actually really impressive
-“I do. Would you like me to get you one?”

-What the heck is that and why do I need to know this
-“No, and I don’t care.”
-But he does care
-He watches over your shoulder when you use it to see what the hell it is and he’s still confused
-You have to explain it to him when you catch him staring

JJCC in Houston

First let me start off by saying that I flew to Houston from LA and I HATE FLYING. But I needed to see JJCC because they are literally the loves of my life and I was salty af about them cancelling back in 2015. 


I met some hella cool people ( @kattheskat @eberry 😗) They made the entire experience so much better! And they’re definitely helping me through the post concert depression. I’m the blonde lmao.

The whole concert was more than i could’ve ever hoped for. All the members are the nicest, sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever met. And they all spoke in English!! Now I’ve been to a lot of kpop concerts and usually they’ll try and speak some and I really appreciate it, but most fall back on a translator. Everyone, besides Eddy lmao, tried their best with English and I just wanted to tell them to speak Korean like boi! it’s okay. You don’t need to struggle so much for me! BUT THEY DID! When it got too hard for them they would ask Eddy to translate and it was honestly the cutest thing. 

What I really want to mention tho is after the concert. When it was my group’s turn for a picture I was first and I literally went up to them screaming. Im not kidding. I hate myself but I had to. Im p sure I scared Yul poor thing. Like I was walking up the step and I was saying/yelling “HELLO!!! HI!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!” Everyone said hi back and I think someone said “I love you too” but im not sure. So i get to Eddy, my main man, my bias, my love, I and i say hi, i love you, what not. I grabbed his hands, looked into those beautiful dark eyes and i told him “You’re my bias” And he said, “Yeah! I’m your bias!” and Simba turned and was like “Bias?! Hes your bias?!” all shocked and it was so cute cuz Eddy just rubbed it in his face and I was in heaven. I have no idea how those pics came out yet. But after, I hugged Eddy and told him thank you for coming. I hugged Simba and I shook Yul’s hand. 

Then it was time for the polaroids!!!!

I shuffled my way to Simba and he he shuffled with me for a second and it was so cute! I hugged him again lol. The staff was like “its pose number 1″ in korean and i repeated it in korean and Simba said “You speak korean?” in korean. And i replied, “lol just a little” he was shooketh lmao. I hugged him again after the pic, just i need to.

Sancheong was next and he was so much calmer than Simba. BUT STILL CUTE AS HECK! I hugged him too lol. He and Simba (Yul and Zica too) were so tall, like taller than i thought. All of them had to bend down for me. He was so nice and just ASLDKFdksjsa i miss him.

ZICA!!! The tru bae cuz he took my phone during the concert! He was like “why did you pick the weird pose” and then taught me how to do it lmao. But i kept losing my balance so it took us a while to get lol. He was really sweet and he kept saying be careful and i was like boi im trying. I hugged him before and after the pic too.

Yul was an actual angel???? He kept his hand on the small of my back the entire time I was with him??? He was so soft! like his voice was soft, his hair looked so soft, his smile was so soft??? I cried. I hugged him before and after the pic too lololol.

EDDDDYYYYYYYY MY LOVE! He’s obviously the shortest but still a taller than me. I just cant speak at a normal volume okay. I literally got to him yelling again like “HELLO AGAIN!!” someone needs to stop me. I hugged him before the actual pic, and then the two pics (cuz i bought two for him cuz im trash.) I didn’t speak much and I forgot all the cute and witty things I was gonna say in the moment. 

Hugg Count: Eddy -> 5, Simba -> 3, Sancheong -> 2, Zica -> 2, Yul ->2

AND THE TRU MVP IS SIMBA THO. It was my sister’s 16th the same day birthday and I ditched her for JJCC. But her bias is Simba. And she told me, 100% kidding to get a birthday shout out. And i knew she was kidding but i was there like…..i could ask. like what are they gonna say? So i wait til Simba’s line is done and i go up to him and say “can i ask you a question?” and hes like yeah so i explain the best i can in korean that its my sisters birthday if he could say happy birthday? And i think because i was practically begging he said yes. I told him her name is Mckayla and he practiced saying like four times before he was like “okay.” AND I GOT IT ! And everyone else was awe-ing and I will love him forever. 


JJCC ARE SOME OF THE MOST HUMBLE AND KIND PEOPLE IVE EVER MET. They really do care about their fans and try so hard. Im still crying over this. I dont think I’ll ever recover. Thank you JJCC for loving me as much as I love you! I hope to see them again soon!!

[ANiShi May 13th Confession]

Since Arashi Ni Shiyagare changed again, I was one of those people who was upset with the new segment, all time talking and talking. But I have to say that today’s programme was more than incredible.

It’s a long time since Arashi changed clothes and started to dancing leaving their shyness away. I could laugh a lot because this time we could see how Arashi was having fun truly.

It made me to remind those episodes of Shukudai-kun when they did everything without questioning it if it’s funny or not, they only did it and laughed.

How Aiba made to laugh Nino when he had to suck the water and almost drowned Nino xD

How they changed clothes and danced full of embarrassment (so cute) but so funny (especially Ohno, oh god) xD

How Sho and Jun made sport with Okada and Oguri showing how good are they friendship. They looked so happy ^^

How Sho didn’t mind again to put that horrible face when he ate that or to shout like a girl (LOL) when he was on top of Okada xD

In summary, I wouldn’t mind to see more programmes like this because that’s what I really like, Arashi being Arashi and proving things which others wouldn’t prove.

Thanks if you reach this ♡