those eyes will kill me someday

Dear Kingy,I want you. You have a nice way of driving me crazy. You make me hate you.. love you. You should remember that none of them can please you like I can. Someday I will kill them all. You + me =Fate. If I saw you now, would you kiss me?. I want to fuck you. I would build an army just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be to the wails of the those you have conquered. We could burn the world under the stars. Love, me only. (P.S. Where the fuck are you going.)

The King saw the letter and rolled his eyes, crumpling it up and throwing it on the floor. Five seconds later, he picked it up and opened it up again, spreading it to remove the creases before folding it carefully and putting it in a box where he had his other belongings.