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Roommates - C.H

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Y/n walked into her apartment dropping her backpack to the side, other arm holding the bag full of sweets and wine she had just got from the store. It was Friday night, two weeks before finals week and all she wanted to do was start the movie night with her two best friends that she had planned and maybe ask Calum if he and his friends if they wanted to join, but that whole thought changed at the sound of female moans coming from her roommate’s room. She placed the shopping bag down crossing her arms listening in trying to decide if she should let him finish or not, laughing at herself for even considering it since she had warned him two weeks ago that there was going to be a movie night and to not plan anything unless it involves his music friends because those were the three she could stand.

“Fucking hell, Calum,” she groaned, making her way to his room as she closed her eyes taking a deep breath to start the water works. She pushed the door open, a random blonde straddling his waist, hands groping her bare chest as she rotated her clothes hips into his, the door colliding with the wall in a loud crash. “You’re fucking kidding, right?” She questioned sniffling a bit, the tears starting to fall from her as Calum looked to her in disbelief. “Seriously Calum? I went to the grocery for ten minutes. Fuck you.”

“Wait a minute…you live with your girlfriend and called me to fuck…what the hell?” The girl screamed quickly climbing off of him grabbing her clothes as Calum ran his hands over his face, y/n biting her lip to suppress a smile.

“Baby girl, you’ve got it all wrong,” he said standing up as she pushed by him.

“Fuck off, Calum,” she said walking through the living room picking up her shoes. Headed right towards the door.

“Baby can you let me explain, please? She not-,” he started being completely cut off by the sound of the door slamming behind her as he clenched his fists. “-my girlfriend…” He closed his eyes turning his body to face the girl that was leaning against his doorframe, smirk evident on her lips. “Fuck you.”

“No. Fuck you. I told you weeks ago that I wanted the apartment for tonight and I walk into you fucking some bitch. And you and I both know you aren’t quick Calum.” They both knew all too well he would prolong the action as long as he could, more so to piss her off than anything, but they were all usually great fucks so it just added to it all.

“You sound a bit jealous there, sweetheart,” he teased with a smirk on his face. “You know, my door’s always open if you get tired of using your fingers.”

“Oh, fuck off Calum,” she groaned rolling her eyes. Rooming with Calum for her third year at Uni hadn’t been the most ideal thing in the world. It was a last minute mishap created by the school’s housing authority, assigning one too many students to a dorm causing a few to be left without necessary housing, y/n and Calum being two of the many others involved in this mishap. The school had a very strict rule about letting girls and guys room with each other, but whatever happened off campus, stayed off campus.

She met Calum through Luke, a friend who shared her major, knowing Calum was in the same predicament as she was quickly setting them up to move into one of the two bed, two baths right across from the entrance to the university. And after that first week, everything went downhill. Nothing was really wrong with him: he cleaned after himself, always restocked the toilet paper, never touched her food, and even finished her laundry from time to time. What she couldn’t stand was the sex. It was always sex with Calum, and he always made sure to go big or go home.

“Oh come on, y/n, I’m just trying to be nice.”

“If I wanted to fuck you,Calum, I’d just use my pinky,” she said in a huff before walking off to the kitchen. Calum looked at her with his eyebrows raised wrapping his mind around the fact she just called him small. He watched her for a moment as she unpacked the grocery bag before walking over turning her to face him trapping her between the island in the center of the kitchen and his body.

“Excuse me?” He questioned as she looked at him shocked. The whole encounter had escalated within ten seconds, y/n not expecting to have his body pressed into hers, his still clearly hard, large, dick poking at her abdomen, arms on either side of her resting in the counter, forehead resting in hers as her breath caught in her throat. “I know…you didn’t just refer to my dick being the size of your pinky.” It took her a minute to try to muster up words and ignore the heat flooding to her core at how close he was.

“I did,” she barely whispered, Calum throwing his head back in cynical laughter pressing that much closer to her.

“That’s cute.” He let one of his hands trail down resting on her hip pushing her shirt up a little to rest on her bare skin. “Want to choke on it first or do you want me to wreck you?” Her face darkened that much more at his words, mouth completely dry unable to form words as he started biting at her neck, a loud gasp escaping her as he hand on her hip moved to grab her ass. “I know you want both baby, it’s just a matter of choosing what you want first.”

“I-I don’t want you, Calum,” she practically whimpered as he smirked against her neck, his other hand dipping down from the counter to rub her through her leggings, a moan escaping both of them: Calum for feeling how wet she actually was and y/n for the friction against her core.

“Your pussy says otherwise.” She had her head tilted to the side giving him better access to her neck, hands gripping his shoulders keeping her upright as her legs shook under his touch, eyes squeezed shut and jaw slack. He hadn’t even started anything and she was already shaking at the knees. “If you don’t want this, all you have to say is stop.” He pulled back from her neck, discreetly checking out the large hickey’s left on her neck that she would most likely yell at him for after this was all over, bringing his face close to hers once again seeing the lust that had flooded her eyes. He smirked to himself knowing he had won and that finally, after three months of living together, he was finally going to get what he wanted.

His lips ghosted over hers waiting for a response from her, fingers rubbing slow circles through her pants as her breath hitched, eyes fluttering closed again. “I didn’t say stop Calum.” Her tone was aggressive catching Calum off guard, but only for a split second before gripping her her thighs, lifting her onto the counter, lips pressed together in a fevered kiss that was clearly long overdue. His hands roamed her torso completely, touching every inch of her, not being able to get enough. Within seconds, anything behind her on the island that could disrupt them was on the floor, including the bottle of wine she had just bought, landing with a loud crash on the other side by the stove. “That was fucking expensive.”

“Shut up. I’ll buy you another one,” he groaned pushing her onto her back, pulling her shoes off before tugging her yogas and panties off giving him a wonderful view of her heat. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.”

“Keep talking and I really will go finish myself off.” He pulled her closer by her legs, letting them drape over his shoulders as he leaned in attacking her pussy. Her back arched up off the counter, loud moans and profanities leaving her lips constantly as she pulled at his hair with both hands, Calum getting off on the pain moaning, himself, into her heat which only made it that much more pleasurable for her. He was licking at her like a dog, rough and quick, not bothering to take his time, especially when she tasted so good and may never let him do this again. “Fuck, Cal,” she moaned high pitched, barely above a whisper. The sounds he was making were obscene, filling the apartment with slurps and sucking noises, as well as her moans. He pulled back, arousal coating his lips and chin as she took deep breaths, looking up at him, bottom lip between her teeth.

“Come here baby girl,” he whispered, voice raspy as he backed away from the counter just enough to give her space to get down, palming himself through his boxers.

“I didn’t get to cum,” she whined, a smirk gracing his lips as he licked his lips.

“I’ll make you cum baby…don’t you worry about that. Now why don’t you come here and tell me again how small my cock is.” She bit her lip climbing off of the counter as Calum dropped his boxers, cock springing up slapping against his stomach. Her breath hitched once again just at the mere sight of him. “Now, what were you saying?” She sank to her knees in front of him shaking her head.

“Nothing,” she muttered spitting into her hand, running her hand over his erect member, thumb brushing the tip collecting the precum that was spilling over before taking it into her mouth. She stroked him slowly eliciting soft moans from him before latching onto the sip sucking hard, Calum’s eyes rolling back as both hands dug into her hair holding her in place as he took control of the situation, thrusting into her mouth slowly, going deeper and deeper each time until he was nearly down her throat, y/n gagging as he held her with her nose pressed against his pelvis. He looked down at her, cock practically shoved down her throat with the most innocent eyes looking up to him causing a groan to leave his lips, Calum practically ready to spill his seed down her throat.

He pulled on her hair letting his cock fall from her mouth as she gasped for breath, but had no signs of protest from being forced to practically choke on his cock. “You alright there baby?”

“I’m okay, Cal,” she muttered, Calum tugging her shirt off along with her bra before pressing their lips together in a soft kiss, completely contrasting the last one they had shared before, holding more emotions from both parties as he held her tight to his body.

“I’m going to absolutely wreck you,” he whispered in her ear, placing a kiss behind her ear before quickly twirling her around, pushing her down from her back and entering her without hesitation.

Calum had her bent over the counter, hair in his hand as he pounded into her, occasionally slapping at her ass as moans left her lips, just on the verge of turning into screams. She was on her toes, legs shaking as he wrecked her, going as hard as he possibly could switching between slow and fast thrusts, cock rubbing against her sweet spot nearly every time. She’d be lying if she said this wasn’t the best fuck she’d ever had, but then again it was Calum Hood. She should’ve expected this more knowing how many girls left their apartment the next morning barely able to walk. “C-calum,” she screamed, the last thrust going deeper than any other had, y/n just on the verge of spilling over him, until he pulled out of her leaving her confused and pissed off. “No, no, no.”

“Calm down, baby girl,” he laughed running his hands over her ass. He slapped her cheek once again, another moan leaving her. “Wasn’t ready for you to cum. I want this to be the best orgasm you’ve ever had.” He lifter her right leg having her rest it over the counter, stroking himself once again before entering her at a much slower pace than he had before. His hands gripped her hips snapping into her roughly, but dangerously slow. She bit down on her index finger hard, tears pricking her eyes from how good she felt.

“Faster…please,” she whimpered, Calum loving how wrecked she sounded as he sped up dramatically, knowing he was hitting her g-spot every time just from feeling her body and legs shake, her moans turning into screams as her free hand searched for something to grab onto. “Holy…oh my god!” She came around around him cum dripping down her leg soaking the floor as Calum smirked in triumph just at the simple fact he had gotten her to squirt knowing from many late night drunk talks that she was not a squirter. His thrusts slowed, pulling his cock from inside of her jacking himself off, his cum spilling over her ass as the remainder of her cum dripped out of her, her leg giving out, only staying upright from Calum’s grip on her body.

“Fuck,” she muttered feeling Calum’s other hand grip her hip holding her with both hands as her leg perched over the counter fell to help hold her upright.

“Well…now I know why neither of them answered their phones,” Ashton said causing both of them to look up, their five friends standing in their living room watching them with shocked expressions. “We’re just…we’ll see you guys tomorrow.” They all scurried out of the apartment shutting the door behind them as the two tried to wrap their brains around what just happened, y/n flushing with embarrassment while Calum just smirked, turning her around lifting her in his arms.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Clearly your movie night’s canceled, so I’m taking you for a round two.”

sometimes in the right light, the brown in the middle of alec’s eyes would go honey colored, like melting amber, like caramel, the sweetest brown through his heavy fan of lashes. other times the green would stand out, all marbled, eclipsing all the other colors and making his eyes glow almost unnatural underneath dark heavy brows. and other times they were just so hazel, the two different colors striking and present together as alec was staring up at magnus, chin tilted, watching him like he was the only thing that could have possibly existed. the room was quiet, alec bent, tying up his boots like he did every morning and the way those eyes looked, lids still a little heavy from sleep was something else. magnus had seen hell, had seen horrors, had seen beauty of incomparable depth, and yet he felt himself pause, dazzled by the way alec looked up at him. because although the color was stunning, it wasn’t the color. it was the look on his face, the way all the sharp edges faded into nothing, the slight wideness of his eyes, receptive, open and listening, eager and loving. his eyes spoke of so much adoration, even now when he was late for work and he hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet. “magnus?” he asked, eyebrows rising as he stood, expectant and waiting for whatever magnus had been about to say. magnus couldn’t remember for the life of him, something about eating, something about not forgetting his bow, something about staying safe. it didn’t matter though, really.. did it? he stepped closer, reaching out to link their fingers, his lips curving into a slow smile. “just… kiss me.” he replied after a long pause, feeling as soft as his voice was, as lost as it sounded, in this moment, and in alec. alec complied, blush rising in his cheeks, leaning in and his mouth was soft and sweet and minty.


Lee Taeyong x female reader

  • zombie au, angst
  • warning: blood and injuries
  • word count: 1,219
  • a/n: I suck at writing angst and this is my first zombie au one shot pls tolerate the cheese also forgive me for the bad title @yongsexual 

The dead had come to life and they were very, very hungry. They craved human flesh and they were everywhere. The world was becoming a living picture of hell. Chaos engulfed the shopping mall you were in. The town screamed terror. The monstrous creature started entering and they were everywhere. And there was one coming right at you…

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The closest I’ve ever been to the Garden of Eden is the genesis on the battlefield when the shrapnel’s still falling like hail on a tin roof. You look at me with those blue eyes all hot and electric in your face, blood on your cheek, soot smudged over your nose. Bone of my bones. Were you taken from my rib? You must have been, or maybe I was made from yours. And God damn, I want it. I want back inside you. I want you now, same as I wanted you before, prettier than hell even with a bloodied nose and split knuckles. Don’t care you were smaller. Liked it, even — same as I like you this way too. You make me hungry. You understand? You make me hungry. That mouth pink like spun sugar, though it doesn’t stop you from talking fit to cut anyone down to bits with your angry words. A spitfire since you learned how to speak, and I’ll tell you something, it’s hell to love a fighter.
—  “The Thirteen Letters,” drop-deaddream and whatarefears

dat-slytherin-girl  asked:

HEY omg so, my name is Katherine, I'm a slytherin, my patronus is an otter, I'm quiet but fiesty, Super super shy and hate getting called cute unless it's a nice person, love pickup lines, I have bleach blond hair with browny roots, sea blue eyes, 5ft1 😂 and I'd love a oneshot with Draco hecking Malfoy pleaseee, and fourth?five?year..THANKYU UR A BLESSINg U MAKE ME smile kfjnfmfj!!!!! THANKYOU

OMG UR SO CUTE I’M SORRY ITS SO SHORT BUT I THINK ITS CUTE I GUESS Katherine was shaking as she walked away from the first task of the triwizard tournament. She wasn’t one of those Slytherins who hated Harry, she was on no side. Dragons. Bloody Hell those Dragons were scary. She just wanted to lay down in an warm bed and cuddle. But of course there was no one to cuddle with and it was way to early to go to bed.

The blond girl walked down the corridor as she suddenly ran into a warm, soft, good smelling wall. She stayed with her head in that wall for a bit, but then the wall spoke. “What the fuck Katherine” And then she realized the wall was none other than Draco Malfoy. She instantly blushed and tried to talk but did not succeed. Katherine slowly walked away from Malfoy and his “Potter Stinks” button and found another reason to go to bed early today.

Then Katherine remembered Pansy had a huge crush on Draco and by now the whole school including Pansy, who stayed in her room too and would kill her eventually, would know about her “accident”. Why was she so short, anyway? People called her cute all the time and she hated it. It wasn’t practical to be that short, damit.

The blue eyed girl decided to stay in the most quiet and comfortable corner of the slytherin common room. She did not much besides reading and dreaming and the room was almost without people now. She thought that is would be for the best if she slept here and was half asleep as she felt an nice presence next to her.

“Hi there Kat.”, Draco said with a cute smile. She blushed automatically and mumbled something like “Hi Drawcoh”
He laughed and she had to smile about this innocent little cinnamon roll just sitting there. “Hey Kat. Your Smile is like the Expelliarmus spell. Simple. Yet disarming.”, he said blushing. Katherine was going to die. Why was he so nice and used a fucking pickup line. She liked them way too much. “hebwknah”, Katherine “said” and Draco laughed as he said: “you’re way too cute I think my father will want to hear about this” Katherine laughed and blushed. She wasn’t sure why but Draco, making a fool of himself and calling her cute was not that horrible.

“You know our little cuddle today wasn’t so bad, was it?”, draco asked playfully. “it wasn’t. You smell good”, it blurted out of Katherine and she regretted saying immediately. But Draco pulled her into a hug, they layed on the sofa and stayed like that.

So Katherine had someone to cuddle with after all.

This is too short I’m sorry but it was very fun to write :3


WWII US Soldier Sex with German Prisoners Of War

Excerpt from the book: My Queer War by James Lord

“If only I knew.” I sighed. “I can hardly say. But I was assigned to a couple of prisoner of war camps.”
“You don’t say. So was I. Where did you do it?”
“Mannheim, Heilbronn. You?”
“Bad Kreuznach, Oberstein. What an assignment! All those boys. They’d lost everything, and they were ready for anything. And I was ready to give it to them. All those sex-starved kids. Course you had to clean'em up a bit first, feed'em a little, but then… Whew! Blond and blue eyes fighting form all over again. So I gave'em what they wanted, what they needed. What a wonderful war! So how did you make out?”
“Are you actually telling me you had sex with the prisoners?”
“Naturally. Didn’t you?”
“Of course not.”
“Why the hell not, you silly goose?”
“It wouldn’t have been right. Taking wrong advantage. They hated us anyway, and that would have only made it worse.”
“Don’t be an ass. You’d have been doing them a favor. Oh, yes, at first some of them were a bit Wagnerian, wanted to be great warriors all over again, but they got over that soon enough when their pants come down. They didn’t really hate us. They were just hungry. You could say they were war-starved, and fucking with the enemy, well, it was like they were fighting again, and, you know, every orgasm is a kind of victory when you’re swimming in the other guy’s come and
there’s nothing else. It’s all just sex, is what it’s all about. If you know what I mean.”
“But how did you do it? In the camp in front of everybody?”
“Naw, course not. You could take a prisoner in and out as easy as pie. The MPs had their own rackets anyway, didn’t give a shit. You don’t know what you missed. Some of those boys, the ones who could speak a little English, begged me to take them back to Cailfornia, and natch I said I would. It was war, and all’s far, and it was even love too. What can I tell you?”
“I wish I knew,” I said sincerely. “I wish I knew.”

Imagine Zac being reminded of a drunken encounter where he told you he loved you

“Shit!” Attempting to shake out the pain, Zac watched as the skin on his left hand quickly turned a bright pink. His widened blue eyes moved in your direction, the furrowing of his brow making you laugh. “What the hell was that for?”

“Oh, don’t you dare give me those pathetic attempts of puppy dog eyes,” you giggle. Dragging your plate of fries away, from the center of the table, you watch as his gaze follows. “Don’t touch my fries.”

“Come on, YN,” he sighed. Leaning back in his seat, Zac glanced over your shoulder in search for your waitress. It was nearly eleven thirty, and you two were having another one of your infamous late night snack sessions, sharing your favorite booth. You’re tucked away hidden from the eyes of anyone who could recognize him. “You have an entire plate, my food hasn’t even come out yet, let me have one.”

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Request Scenario: “Can you do a long jungkook smut with lots of foreplay and nipple play pleasee”

Genre: what do you think.

Word Count: 2190

A/N: I’M GOING TO HELL BECAUSE OF YOU ANON. HELL. HELL. BURNING FIREY HELL. thank you so much for your request :3 I tried my best “nipple play”. 


Okay, you admit that you were maybe trying to rile Jungkook up, but it wasn’t for no reason.

He spent so much of his time making his fans go crazy through his sensual hip thrusts, wetting of his lips, those eyes fucking contacts that by the time he spends his time with you, it’s like he is drained from doing any real sexual activities. No lingering touches, no suggestive looks, for god’s sake, he doesn’t even look at you like he used you when you purposely bent over to show a glimpse of cleavage. Boobs guy my ass. You were sick and tired of not being physically loved, you don’t even remember the last time you guys slept together. You understood that he was tired and just wants to rest when he goes on breaks, but this has been happening for far too long and you were beginning to feel deprived from him. Every waking moment nowadays are spent having to go everywhere and see his face, knowing that you are the one he truly loves, but not getting that attention physically.

So when you were a tad bit tipsy and touching Taehyung just a little more than casual friends do, the glare Jungkook was sending your way from the other side of the room was sinfully satisfying.

“You wanna tell me why you are being so flirtatious with Jungkook literally looking like he could murder me without a second thought over there?” Taehyung leans forward and whispered into your ear.

“He haven’t fucked me for two months.” That’s all you had to say before you saw Taehyung topple over laughing.

“Oh man, you are really asking for it tonight.” The older boys shouted through the blasting music of the party.

“How mad do you think he will be?” You shouted back, this time, placing your perfectly manicured hand on his thighs, making Taehyung raise his eyebrows.

“Well, he is coming over right now.” Taehyung nodded towards the dark-haired maknae who was barging though the sea of drunk dancers. He didn’t even need to get close to you for you to see just how dark his eyes were, swirling with a mix of anger and a hint of something new.

“Hey ba—” This was working a lot better than you thought it would as Jungkook dragged you across the crowded dance floor and into a more secluded hallway.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?” He slammed you against the cold marble wall, it felt so nice, contrasting your heated skin.

“Honestly Jungkook, what are you talking about?” You were really pushing your limits now.

“Don’t play innocent with me, Y/N. You know exactly what you were doing.” The way he said your name was almost too quiet to have any ounce of cute little Jungkook left in him.

“Seriously, I don’t.” His body pressed against yours harshly as you felt his hard-on digging into your stomach. It wasn’t until now that you realize how strong he has gotten. His powerful leg forced yours apart as he began to rub your core with his leather-clad thigh. Oh, did those pants drive you crazy every he wore them on stage.

“You don’t touch any other male beings like that. Only me.” He barked into your ears, making you understand he truly meant what he said. “Do. You. Understand.” He stated, wrapping his long fingers around your neck not too loosely.

“No.” It didn’t settle within your mind why you said that, but the look Jungkook was beginning to scare you.

Oh god, I shouldn’t have done this.

“No?” He repeated.
“No?!” He screamed, striking the wall next to you head. You felt his arms around your knees as he threw you over his shoulder effortlessly like you were one of his language bags.

“Let me go!” You shouted, banging his back repeatedly. Oh my god. Oh my god. You mind was racing with so many thoughts, you couldn’t even keep track. You also didn’t understand why you were enticed by this side of Jungkook. It was just so different. Not that you two haven’t had rough sex before, but it was never because there was a reason behind it, you just wanted it to be fast, so it turned into rough. This… This had a reason and you were getting more and more intrigued by how he will take care of this situation.

When Jungkook let you go, it was at the back of the limo you all arrived at the party in. Demanding the driver to drive straight to the nearest hotel, you couldn’t even believe your ears when Jungkook basically told a stranger that he was going to have sex with you. Not only that, he took a remote control and scrolled the screen up to block the view from the driver.

“Kookie…” You tried to speak softly, not wanting to make him anymore mad.

“Don’t even think about calling me that tonight. You have been so bad and I’m going to punish you.” This was new and so was the amount of wetness that was settling in your panties. On the way to the hotel, Jungkook gripped your thigh, making crescent moon marks on your inner thighs. As you delighted in the sting his grip gave you, he index finger suddenly stroke your fabric-covered center.

“Nobody else make you this wet, can they.” It wasn’t a question to be answered, it was an affirmation reminding you who you belonged to.

The pad of his finger lazily rubbed circles on your clit, not increasing in speed, just staying the constant. You were stuck in a painful buzzing moment where you are about to reach your orgasm, but he wasn’t going fast enough for you to actually reach your breaking point. 

Never tease Jungkook again, or you will be the one that suffer the consequences. Your mind made note of that quickly. 

The sleek black automobile silently halted in front of a glamorous hotel.  Pulling you out of the seat, leaving you still vibrating in pleasure, you were now trying to pull down your black dress. Jungkook did slightly want to humiliate you, but he also didn’t want unnecessary attention brought forth to you, so he reluctantly helped you with your dress and proceeded towards the gold-edged elevator. The interior was covered in mirrors, giving Jungkook an idea when he immediately pushed you against the mirrors. Your chest was roughly forced against the reflective surface, leaving you to see your messed up expression with eyes bloodshot and hair decorated all over the place. You haven’t even had sex and you already looked like you were ready for the walk of shame.

“Who are you wet for, princess?” Your eyes screwed shut, unable to form coherent words with the way Jungkook was thrusting his fingers into you. After a few seconds of you continuing to moan in pleasure, his hands landed on your bottom, slapping you. You were positive tomorrow you will see a dominating handprint, tattooed against your smooth skin.  

“You! Jungkook. You!” Screaming on top of your lungs, you were surprised people weren’t calling the managers, wondering what was going on within one of their elevators. Leaving you empty once again, you whined at the lost of contact as you two stumbled towards the hotel room. Fumbling with the card, Jungkook snatched it out of your hands and swiped the door open.

“Strip.” Jungkook demanded, pushing you towards the bed. You slowly tugged your ruined dress off you, while his eyes were following your every move. He was like a predator, observing his prey before attacking. You have never felt so vulnerable before, having Jungkook command your every single action. But you secretly enjoyed it being under his control. He was your puppeteer, moving your every limb for his enjoyment.

“Kneel.” He looked down at you and petted your hair, deeming you his. The plush carpet sank in as your knees made contact with it, “Look up.” Following his order, you saw Jungkook grinning down at you cunningly and the all black suit he was adorning on his body was not helping with the imagines you were playing in your mind.

“Are you just gonna stare? Get to work princess.” He growled, pushing your focus towards the constricted black pants. You could drool over how much you wanted to taste him. Unbuckling his leather belt, you liberated his pulsing shaft. Without hesitation, your enveloped his leaking head with your mouth, making the boy above you pull on your hair. Moaning onto him, you were rewards with a caring touch on your cheek. That was his way of telling you good job. Stroking his base you felt him buck into your mouth, no longer able to hold onto his release. “Y/N…” He grunted lowly, seeing you swallow all that he has given you.

His eyes were hooded and dark, his usual self was gone, lifting you onto the silky sheet, he crawling on top of you. Both his arms were upright next to your head, while his thighs trapped you under him. He looked like a lion ready to pounce and he did, roughly biting your neck and then soothing it with his tongue, he was ready to cover you in him. He wanted to brand you his and forever his. He wanted to own you, all your emotions, his. Letting every human being know that you were his. Jungkook has never felt so possessive over you until he saw the way you can ensnare another male under your playful hands.

With your mind unclear about what was happening, you were shocked to feel your breast suddenly bared into the cold air, seeing that Jungkook didn’t even reached behind you to unclasp your bra, he held your torn up piece of clothing dangling above you. He did not just rip your favorite bra. You lifted your legs and fastened them onto Jungkook’s hips, trying to flip him, but you were powerless against him as you felt his pouty lips latch onto your raising nipples.

“Jungkook…” You moaned weakly under his simultaneously grinding pelvis. Dancing really helped him move better in bed that’s for sure.

He blew onto your sensitive bud, making them calling out for more attention and then he would softly bit down, as his hand massaged the other. Kneading them roughly, you whimpered his name over and over again. Jungkook could cover your nipples and suck on them until they were reddened with raw attention. Moving his head between your breast he trailed kisses towards your stomach, taking the lacy trimming of your panties between his teeth, he tugged them off and immediately began lapping on your swollen clit. Pulling hard onto his previously styled hair, you thrusted into his mouth as he slide his tongue in between your trenched folds.

“Mmm you taste so good princess.” He commented quickly, diving back into feasting on your core. It was pure euphoria when your core tighten and your legs shook with pleasure you’ve never reached before.

“Are you okay babe?” Jungkook’s voice was returning to his normal octave as he smiled shyly, unable to comprehend the past hour of what he did. You nodded lazily, trying to get down from the body shattering feeling that was still coursing through your body. Although you were tired, you could see how tense Jungkook still was and you knew he would just ignore it as much as he can, but you wanted to give him at least this.

Reaching down and wrapping your small hands around his harden member, Jungkook groans likely as your sank into his length. He may be the youngest, but he might as well be the biggest. Filing you to the ends of world, your bodies rocked together. Holding you tightly against his chest, Jungkook planting sloppy wet kisses along your jawline. Unlike the roughness that took place, this wasn’t fucking, it was love making and it didn’t take much for you two to began trembling, crying each other names. You already felt the dryness within your vocal chords, grating against each other.

“I’m sorry for being so rough just now. I don’t know what came over me, I just felt so jealous the attention Taehyung was getting. I’m so sorry baby.” Jungkook mumbled, covering his face with the back of his hand while the other kept a hold of you close to his.

“Don’t you dare apologize for the best sex I’ve ever had.” You corrected, booping his nose that you loved so much.

“Oh…” As if he face was flushed enough already, another shade of pink took over.

“But in all honestly, Kookie… Don’t make me try to get your attention like that again okay? I know you are tired and I may be sounding incredibly self–” Your turn to mutter out as much as you could was stopped when his lips landed on yours.

“It’s my fault for not seeing my baby girl’s needs. I’m sorry.” He smiled, displaying his bunny teeth.

“I love you Jeon Jungkook.” You cooed, sleep beginning to take you over.

“You are my life Y/N.”


Say hi to Satan.

Hope you enjoyed this and I’m sorry it took a while, I had to mentally prepare myself for writing this. Being a noona can suck sometimes.

//gif is not mine–neither is the boy, unfortunately//

Silent (Part 27 of Faking It)

Still not sure how the hell I’ve made it to 27 parts with this series. Hope y’all are all still having as much fun with it as I am!

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, Rough Around the Edges, Sticky Sweet, Slow Burn, Adult Film 101, Date Night, Hell on Heels,  The More, The Merrier, Even More, Even Merrier,  Hunter’s Aftercare, and Under Arrest, Flexibility, Melting,  Anger Management,  Tight Spot, Under Control, Still Under Control,  Not Faking Anything, Elbow Grease,  Soaking Wet,  Art LessonsYou’re Mine, and Bare.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, thigh riding, silent sex (Not sure if those are warnings, but there you go)

Word Count: 3050ish

“Oh, fuck yes.” Dean’s eyes lit up as he handed you the slip of paper.

Have sex without making a sound.

You were confused for a moment as you looked at Dean’s handwriting. “You don’t want me to make noise? But listening to you is part of the fun. You don’t think that about me?” you pouted.

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It was fun and exciting—the two of them against the world.

Sam put his finger to his nose in the secret signal, at which Evie’s eyes fluttered. She swayed on her feet. “Oh, ohhhh…” She swooned as attractively as she could, and the officer caught her. Through slitted eyes, Evie watched Sam steal his keys.
       “Oh, thank you, officer. If I could just sit down somewhere until I feel steadier on my feet?”
       The officer led them inside to a waiting bench. Evie winked at Sam and he whispered low in her ear, making her neck tingle. “Sister, together, we could be a hell of a team.”

She enjoyed the hunt as much as he did and they were in it together.

Satisfied, Evie sneaked back to Sam under the stairs to wait.
       “What did you do, future Mrs. Lloyd?”
       Evie grinned. “Good things come to those who wait.”
       Sam gave her that lupine grin. “That a promise?” he said, and Evie’s stomach went flippy-floppy again.

Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell just to keep getting your fix.

Karen Marie Moning

Saw this and immediately thought of Will Graham and his conflicting riotous feelings for Hannibal. There were people that brought the best out in Will and the worst (side-eyeing you hard, Jack) but only Hannibal brought out Will. Made him vibrant and powerful, made him alive.


Petyr Baelish Week: Day 1 - Favorite Book

“And there it stands, miserable as it is. My ancestral home. It has no name, I fear. A great lord’s seat ought to have a name, wouldn’t you agree? Winterfell, the Eyrie, Riverrun, those are castles. Lord of Harrenhal now, that has a sweet ring to it, but what was I before? Lord of Sheepshit and Master of the Drearfort? It lacks a certain something.” His grey-green eyes regarded her innocently. “You look distraught. Did you think we were making for Winterfell, sweetling? Winterfell has been taken, burned, and sacked. All those you knew and loved are dead. What northmen who have not fallen to the ironmen are warring amongst themselves. Even the Wall is under attack. Winterfell was the home of your childhood, Sansa, but you are no longer a child. You’re a woman grown, and you need to make your own home.”
“But not here,” she said, dismayed. “It looks so … ”
“ … small and bleak and mean? It’s all that, and less. The Fingers are a lovely place, if you happen to be a stone. But have no fear, we shan’t stay more than a fortnight.” […] Lord Petyr made a face. "Come, let’s see if my hall is as dreary as I recall.”

-A Storm of Swords
(( &Thanks to souberbielle for suggesting this scene to illustrate! Specifically, “arriving at the Fingers with Sansa + Bonus points for Kella/Grisel/Bryen/other smallfolk.” ))


Devil’s Trap

Requested Imagine: Crowley taking advantage of the reader while he’s chained up and tricking her into making a deal. Do with that what you will.

  • Crowley x Reader
  • Based off the first few episodes in season 9
  • No warnings
  • 535 Words

You circle the man in the devil trap. He’s watching you, squinting those beady little eyes. Around his throat is a collar with the markings on it to keep him from using his power, to keep him at bay. Now, you recall the Winchester boy telling you not to remove this. You were sent to watch over this man, this thing. You weren’t to listen to him, you weren’t to set him free, you weren’t to look at him.

Crowley smirks a little, eyeing you closely. He’s sizing you up, trying to break you.

“I am your king.” His voice is scratchy and tired. “Free me and I will give you whatever you want.”

“That’s impossible.” You shake your head and stop just in front of the demon. You were careful not to step over the paint on the floor. Funny how paint could trap something so powerful. “You can’t.”

“I can. For starters, you want a different life. Hunting isn’t for you, is it, doll?” He smirks and you feel your skin crawl. “Free me and we’”

He was right, the hunting life wasn’t yours. Your father brought you into two years ago, sending you on demon trips around the states. You hated it, resented him for it. When you met the Winchesters, they brought you deeper into the game. You wanted no part of killing demons and vampires and wendigoes.

You step right over the trap, careful not to step on the actual blood red paint. He’s smirking triumphantly. “You will do as I say.” You command.

“Yes, my love.” He holds his head high. “Anything.”

They trusted you with the key. Trusted you with this demon’s life. They trusted you too much and you trusted them too little, that was the problem.

You step over and unlock his collar. He rises to his feet and you hear him pop his neck a few times. His arms snake around your waist and pull you close. He’s chuckling darkly, feeling the air with his joy. He had a hunter on his side.

“Now, break the trap.” He whispers in your ear and the chills run down your spine.

The seal was easy to break. You drag your foot across the outside circle, scratching the paint right off the floor. The air felt different now.

Crowley comes up behind you and grabs your waist again. You spin around to see him smiling at you. “Your deal?”

“I want revenge on my dad.” You state. “Then I want out of this life.”

Crowley smirks. He nods and leans down, his lips not far from yours. “Deal.” He whispers. And it’s a soft whisper, a soothing whisper.

His lips brush yours, sending more chills down your spine, making your head spin in circles. He deepens the kiss, pulling you closer to him and causing some warmth at your core. You didn’t want this to end, and it was clear he didn’t either. He holds you closer still, grabbing the back of your head to steady you.

When he pulls away, you two are no longer at the bunker but in a stone building. Along the walls are lit candles and there’s a throne sitting in the middle.

and I hope one day
after it’s all said and done
something still makes you think of me
like the old ache in your knee,
the kind of reminder that never really goes away
and you’re still haunted by my eyes
that were the same color as yours
and the darkness of my hair
that resembled your heart
with all those other girls before me
and I bet,
babe, I bet,
that you’ll look back on it all
and smile
because we sure as hell were a mess
but a damn good mess.
—  idk how this is gonna end

“Sam’s in hell.”

Dean said it with such surety, such a bland lack of emotion, that Cas had to look at the man to make sure it wasn’t some kind of twisted prank. He glanced up sharply and saw Dean gazing back at him, emotions playing on his handsome features that would be unreadable to anyone but those who had known him the longest. He looked apprehensive, angry, disgusted, and underneath all the layers he built up to hide himself, scared.

Cas played with the seam on the back of the couch where the two were sitting, squinting his eyes and choosing his words carefully.

“I can go and get Sam alone,” he finally decided on.

“No!” Dean nearly shouted, then shook his head and softened his tone. “No, Cas. You know there’s no way I’m letting you do this by yourself. He’s my brother.”

“And you don’t have to take on everything alone, my friend,” Cas replied, tentatively reaching down to cup Dean’s hand in his own; the other man paused, then gave it a squeeze. “I imagine this will be difficult for you.”

Dean sighed and scrubbed his other hand down his face.

“It’s the first time I’ve been back since I spent forty years down there. I-I was a monster, Cas. Alistair may have tortured me, but I didn’t have to give in. I could’ve fought it, I should have done more,” Dean’s eyes dropped away in shame, tears threatening to form. “The things I did…I can never make up for that. Damn, sometimes I think I deserve to go back.”

“Dean,” Cas turned his palm and entwined their fingers together. “The good you have done in this world far outweighs what you were forced to do in hell.”

Dean gave an aborted nod and looked at their linked hands before finally drawing his eyes back up to the angel. There was a tiny, infinitesimal spark of hope in his eyes that drew Cas in like a beacon.

“What if…what if I freeze up?” Dean asked, sounding ashamed to even consider the thought. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my mind ain’t exactly the best place to be sometimes. What happens if I panic?”

“In case you have forgotten, I pulled you out of hell once already,” Cas’s lips tilted up in his familiar little smile. “And I will gladly do it again.”

Something doesn't feel right;

It hurt, literally, it all hurt. The IV, in her arm. The 4 broken ribs that made it hard to breathe, the stitches just under her left breast, under her jaw line and above her perfectly arched right brow. The bruises that covered her tiny frame were multi colored and hurt with every movement, it was hell.

Her eyes were closed, her back resting against several pillows in her hospital bed. She was naked under her gown and that didn’t help to make her feel any more comfortable when complete strangers were coming in and out of her room. She knew her nurse was in the room, it felt like she was always there…hovering…poking and prodding. She could hear her sneakers on the tiled floor. Her soft hum filled the silence. It was slightly annoying…but those scrubs really did make her ass look kind of great…not that she was looking or anything. Her eyes fluttered open and her head fell to the side in the direction of the blonde.

“Do you ever go home?” She asked? Her voice was dry, and void of any real emotion. “I feel like I see you every hour on the hour.” She shifted in bed and a loud groan left her soft lips. “Fuuu—ckkkk…” she closed her eyes tight as the pain slowly faded. “Can you at least give me more morphine?”


If there was one thing that bothered you more than a bunch of rowdy guys, it was an arrogant guy who could make you fall in love with him with just those pretty golden eyes.

8/10 of the 1k follower series
Pairing: Kise x Reader (female)
Rating: K+
Word Count: 988

                    for kurokonolove who approved my haizaki hell
                               and kurokonocomfort who brings everyone comfort

One of the things that bothered you most was a bunch of rowdy teenagers who thought that they were some badass gangsters coming into a freaking coffee shop where people studied and worked, making a lot of noise. You growled quietly to yourself as you placed the empty cups in trays and they were all screaming and laughing like a bunch of idiots. People started to pick up their things and leave, unable to concentrate with anything around. Your friend at the counter looked tortured that she couldn’t do anything. You huffed. You had to take things into your own hands.

“Oy,” you smacked a tray down on the table in front of them. They all stopped whatever they were doing and turned their surprised eyes at you. Some turned annoyed while others seemed amused. “Can you guys keep it down? Some people are actually trying to do productive things.”

One of the guys snarled at you, “Well, it’s none of your business what we do here, is it?”

“It is if you’re scaring away the customers. Now you better keep it down or I’ll throw your asses out of here.”

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Touka TGRE 58  Mini Theory: Why No Mask?

It’s a small theory I have as to why Touka isn’t shown to be wearing a mask.

Touka is probably a Kakuja now.

The reason why I say this is that as a Kakuja she would be able to make her own mask at a moment’s notice.

The size of those shards that killed the investigators were HUGH!. In Part 1 whenever Touka shot out with her Kagune it was always multiple but mini shards. In this chapter however it was revealed that her shards have grown, those things had to he over 3 ft long and thick as hell. 

Considering that Ukaku lose their energy so fast…being able to make those and not at all be winded is an amazing feat. Or at least an eye opener in terms of strength and stamina. Ayato for instance when he is getting tired in a fight would morph his Kagune to become a sword on his arm to prevent it from excessively wasting RC Cells. 

Gfalls Theory On Where Bill is/doing

So if it IS weird that Dipper was so hell-BENT on turning off the machine that he insulted his own sister and put her life at risk, especially when so far he’s done SO MUCH to protect her and show her he loves her, then why?

Why did he do that?

In those few seconds that Dipper seems to jump towards Mabel to turn off the machine, his face elongates and his eyes look eerily like they were when Bill possessed him… Which makes me think…

Dipper never did close that deal with Bill did he? He never said it was off, that Bill could no long use him as a puppet or manipulate him. 

Something else thats bothering me and making me interested is that we all seem to be under the impression Bill knows EVERYTHING. Well, clearly he doesn’t and CAN’T. He’s been surprised before-

Dipper and the others finding out they could do whatever they wanted in the mindscape, not anticipating Mabel’s use of Dipper’s physical weaknesses against him, Mabel not giving up the Journal and dragging him into the cake.

So Bill clearly doesn’t know EVERYTHING in Gravity Falls, maybe he only knows what happens where he has a branch- an EYE. Did anyone spot an eye in the basement in the Shack? No, but prettymuch everywhere else theres an eye SOMEWHERE. Kinda similar to how Gideon only knew so much by spying, but it didn’t work if the townsfolk werent wearing the cam pins- so Bill’s “’‘omniscence”“ doesnt work unless he’s been in that place he wants to spy in on before hand.

That means, Bill must not have know Stan was opening the portal- why the FUCK would he let Stan get his brother back, the fucking AUTHOR OF THE JOURNALS HE’S CURRENTLY TRYING TO DESTROY, if it wasn’t that he just had no goddamn clue as to what Stan was doing.

So combine that with now Bill has a walking, talking camera- Dipper. He can tap into Dipper mind whenever the hell he wants and see what he sees. Of course, he’s HORRIFIED when he sees Stan opening the portal, and it trying to push dipper to press the button, but there isnt much he can do without appearing and switching bodies with Dipper, which would waste time, and probably not work and end up revealing himself. So all he can do is SCREAM in Dippers head, and then is INFURIATED that Mabel ends up being the one to make the choice.

Now the portal goes off and hes so mad, he temporarily actually takes over Dipper, which is why he warps like that. 

Now Bill is angry- more than angry. He just had a  wrench- NO, a fucking CAR thrown into his plans, all because of this little bratty girl who loves her fucking family.

Now he devises another plan- to break her support system.

Break her.

Take her brother away, emotionally, mentally, and eventually- physically.

{ Hallway Hermit }

Mako looked up at his roommate, who was rubbing his neck. He raised a brow at him. “….what’s up, man? Why are you looking at me like that?” The roommate clicked his tongue and sighed at Mako.

“Sorry man, my fiancé is coming over to um… Spend the night. Sooo… You can’t ugh… I… I don’t know if you wanna stay here…”

Mako widened his eyes. “Hell no, I’m out of here. Have fun man.” He got up and just walked out, making gross sounds. Gross. Those two were gross. He sighed tiredly and just shrugged, laying outside of the dorm next to his and falling asleep.