those eyes are so beautiful and look at those frills

Hi everyone, frithislord here. With chapter 3 of Nick’s Family and this one will have a song. ( Yes you read right a song lol ). Hope ya’ll enjoy ; )


Nick’s Family

Chapter 3

After giving his smaller then him step- mother a hug. His step-dad Frank crawled up the Fox’s pant leg, up under his shirt and repeatedly hugging and kissing Nick on his cheeks.
The crazy frilled-neck lizard rambled before his wife yanked him by the ruff of skin on his neck.
“ FRANK…settle down!!!”
The bunny and cheetah were still in a state of shock. Till Clawhauser finally broke the silence. “Hopps, what are those things? Are they monsters?”
“No, they’re reptiles!” Judy answered with excitement.
“What in the name of goodness is a reptile?”
“I remember learning about them in high school, they were thought to been killed off over hundreds of years ago. We’re one of the few mammals to see living fossils. Nick wasn’t crazy, we couldn’t see them because they were using camouflage. They’re REPTILES!!! Oops” Judy said covering her mouth, realising she said reptiles too loudly.
All the reptiles turned their heads torwards the bunny who shouted reptiles.
Nick’s frilled-neck lizard mom shouted with excitement with her arms in the air and her head thrown back.
“ A GIRL!!!”
They all shouted while a anaconda wrapped his scaly tail around the bunny’s waist and throwing her at Nick. Which the fox quickly caught her.
“ Nick, what’s going on?”
“ I just go along with it, fluff.”
Then they all looked at Clawhauser and a copperhead named Mater said “ And he’s brought dinner.”
“ AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Clawhauser screamed like a girl before fainting.
A roar of laughter erupted from the scaly creatures.
“ I just ta’ kiddin’ ya’ll, hey little bunny my name is Mater. It sounds like "tuh-mater,” but without the “tuh”. “Tuh-Mater.” said the copperhead who judy noticed that among the other copperheads he was the only one without fangs. But two big buck teeth.
Without realising she was still in the arms of the fox. Which made her ears turn red. Not wanting him to put her down. But Nick did anyway.
Nick’s frilled-neck step-mom ran up to her. “Look at those long ears, very good for hearing” she replied. “ Such strong legs, strong teeth, big beautiful amethyst eyes, nice big booty.” Francine finished with before slapping the bunny on her buns.
“ OW, hey” spoke an angry bunny.
“ Nicky, she’s so pretty.”
“ And look at those big big feet. They’re huge.” Ted the crocodile said.
That made Judy more mad. Losing her fear of the reptiles and thumping her foot on the ground. Which made the reptiles laugh at her.
“ I’m a bunny, bunnies are supposed to have big feet.” Judy said in a both angry and annoyed tone.
“ Well that’s okay. Our Nicky here has a foot fetish.”
“ UNCLE LEWIS!!!” the embarrassed fox shouted.
“ Yep, big beautiful feet on a beautiful girl. Ain’t dat right Nicky.” Lewis the alligator said while everyone laughed even harder at the fox’s embarrassment as Nick covered his face with his hands. Judy couldn’t help but blush. She never thought of herself as beautiful before. She was always so determined to be a police officer, she never care about her good looks or never even cared about going on dates. But hearing others call her beautiful is very flattering.
“ You will do prefect for our Nicky” Francine said.
“ WHAT!?!” both the fox and bunny shouted.
“ No, No, No, that’s not why brought her here.” Nick trying to derail the topic.
“ I-I mean…uh.. I’m a bunny, he’s a fox.” said a embarrassed Judy.
“ Does it bother you he’s not the same species as you.” asked a voice that was rude but very sexy.
They all looked at where the voice was coming from, while poor Clawhauser was now coming around and noticing all the cute and curious babies.
The voice came from a very gorgeous viper. With beautiful blue eyes. Lime green, brown, black and white colored scales and two lotus flower clips on her head and she had no fangs. She slithered towards Nick, wrapping her body around the fox’s body and drowning him in kisses, trying to hit his lips. But the the fox only let her give him cheek kisses.
“ Hey sis” Nick said.
“ I told not call me sis, handsome” she replied. “And who is this?” eyeballing the bunny with distrust and a hint of jealousy.
“ Viper, this is Officer Judy Hopps. Officer Hopps my sister Viper.” Nick answering her question.
Hearing this fox calling her officer made her feel repected. But made her heart soar when he called her by her name. Why did mean so much to hear this fox say her name. Could it be maybe she might be feeling– no it can’t be.
“ Also he’s girlfriend.” Mater added with a sly smile.
“ WHAT?” the viper shouted.
“ Nah, I’m just kiddin’. The bunny likes the fox for his body. Hehe.”
“ Okay okay look, we are not dating, and It dosen’t bother me that he is a fox.”
“ Then what’s the issue dear.” said Francine, “Why are you holding back such a hot hunk of mam–male.”
( Song Time )
“Is it the sloppy way he walks. ”

“What?” said Nick.

“ Or the cocky way he talks.”

“Or that his tail has that musky smell.”

“ l was out in the rain you know.” Nick said trying to stop the singing.

“ He’s more then just a handsome
face he’s so full of love and compassion, despite his tacky taste in fashion.”

“Hey look i- whoa-whoa” Nick trying to get them to stop. But Crush got under Nick’s feet and the fox tryed to keep his balance on his brother Crush’s shell.

“ So, he’s a bit of a fixer-upper.
So, he’s got a few flaws.
Him being a fox he had to get by,
by breaking a few laws.”

Nick tryed to get them to stop, but no luck. Clawhauser was just dancing and laughing with the baby reptiles.

“ So, he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
but this were certain of, you can
fix this fixer-upper with a a little bit
of love.”

As they all pushed Nick and Judy close together. Nick had to get this singing to stop. While Judy was thinking why this song was so familiar.
“ Can we please stop this, lives are at stake here.” Nick said.
“ I’ll say” Francine said before pushing Nick towards the other scaly creatures. “ So, tell me, dear.”

“ Is it the way he runs scared
Or that he’s socially impaired.”
Or that he has connections to
dangers dudes.“

” I kind of already knew about that" Judy said.

“ Do you fear your one of the many
pawns, to another one of his cons.”
Or the way, he tries to hide his
honest goods.“

” He’s just a bit of a fixer-upper,
he’s got serious trust issues.“
"Which is really smart, he will
only open up give he’s feels and
trust to those he lets in his heart.”

“ Awww” Judy cooed realising he opened up to her and trusted her. So that means he let her in his heart. Feeling her with joy.

“ So, he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
But we know what to do.
Way to fix up this fixer-upper is to
fix him up with you.”

Then cobras wrapped their tails around the fox and bunny’s ankles. To turn them to face each other.
But Nick turned around and looked at his family.
“ Enough, look we gotta solve this Missing Mammals Case, or a family of otters will lose a husband and father and she’ll lose her job and everything she worked hard for, okay.” Nick tryed to explain.

Frank replied “ So she’s a fixer-upper too.”
Nick looked at them with disbelieve and said “ Were you even listening I sai-”

“ So, she’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
she’s got more then one flaw.
she’s an honest cop, but you
Know blackmailing is against
the law.”

“ Wait, how did you know about the-whoa.” Judy tryed to asked before she got lefted by up hundreds of garder snakes under her feet.

“ You don’t think before you act,
that’s a matter of fact, that’s the
type, you conferm the dumb
bunny stereotype.”

“ I am not a dumb bun-ah, not again” said the dizzy bunny, as the lizards throw her up in the air.

“ So she’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
but we know what to do.
Way to fix up this cute fixer-upper
Is to fix her up with you.”

Francine took Judy to the side and hailed her paw and looked into the bunny’s eyes, while the lizard stood on a tortoise’s shell.

“ We’re not saying you can change
him. ‘Cause animals don’t really
change. Only saying loves a force
that’s powerful but strange.
” Everyone makes bad choices
if they’re mad scared or stressed
but throw a little love their way.

With that she opened up her hands and let loose beautiful fireflies. Which Judy looked up in awe.

“ You’ll bring out their best,
true love brings out the best.”

They pushed the rabbit and fox together. When they really looked at each other. Nick never realised how beautiful she is and she never realised how handsome he is. They just stared at each other in awe.

“Everyone’s one a bit of a
fixer-upper, but push
comes shove.”

Clawhauser jumps in
“ The only fixer-upper fixer
that can fix a fixer-upper is…
All jump in
” True, true, true, true, true
Love love true love true"

At that last moment Viper threw Judy in air. Judy didn’t think much of it, just good fun, till she saw something coming at her in the air. It was a hawk with hunger in it’s eyes. It grabbed her with it’s huge talons around bunny’s little body out of mid-air.
Judy screamed.
Nick and his family looked up in terror.


OH NO!!! A hawk got Judy. What’s gonna happen to her? Who will save her? Or will she be saved? And did Viper do that on purpose??? Find out next Chapter. Hope you all enjoy my Zootopia version of Fixer-upper song lol. Please comment and tell me what you think. You are all awesome. :D

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