those eyes are killers!!

Man Face Monday - Winter Face in Spring Edition

Allo, Fabulous! Here we are, ankle deep in April and waiting for the sprint through final Arrow episodes for the season. I always feel conflicted about that. Excited to experience the action and the plot progression, but already dreading the summer hiatus. And so it goes. 

I am working on Sunday Bunny Day right now for this year. If you didn’t see last y(ears), here’s a link. 

How about a  bit of retro face from Season 1? I hope these are pretty enough for you. Let’s start with yummy black and white. 

The profile. The beard. 

The eyes that look like they might cry for Felicity at any moment. 

Intense face. Killer nose. Those piercing eyes! Eyelashes on this guy. Geez. 

I like how this came out. But he really resembles Robbie here, I think. 

Finally, some blue for everyone. Because the man in Green rocks  blue as well. (Enjoy, @hope-for-olicity.)

And there we have it! Some pretty handsome fellow for you. Because you deserve all the handsomeness and all the pretty life has to offer. I hope you have a great week ahead. You’ll be hearing from me again@ :-)

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anonymous asked:

Lolol! I didn't see it at first (minhyuns big head) until nuest members pointed it out but he's so good looking that it covers it up and he's always saying how he wants a small face 😂

I can’t explain exactly how his head is bigger but it just seems that way if you start looking out for it. It’s not super noticeable, though. I think it’s also that his eyes are higher set and his cheeks (and those killer cheekbones) take up more space and his neck is kind of long in comparison??? I don’t know what I’m saying??

This is my favorite picture because his head is so much bigger than Dongho’s omffggg. 

this is what i mean by his neck is long: 

His head compared to the other members:

not as great of proof because Minhyun’s leaning forward a bit, but it’s still funny: 

I think it was more noticeable a few years ago when he had a lot of his baby fat:

also look at those yaoi hands (also Jonghyun is Smol):

BYE I love this loser

Love at First Video Part 23: Yes

Misha Collins x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“What?” You asked, looking around frantically. Rich, Brianna and Kim were all standing around you, a huge smile on each of their smiles as the gestured to you to head up on stage. Making your way up the couple of stairs that led to the stage, the first thing you saw was Misha’s eyes staring down at you.

“Hi.” He whispered to you lowering the microphone down so no one else could hear him.

“Hi.” You said back, more than a little nervous about being on stage.

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green eyes

they taught the young boy
“watch out for the moon,
  it’ll break your fingertips
 and split your lips,
 it’ll pour moonlight in your veins
 if you’re not careful, boy,
 the wolf can be dangerous
 if you let your wild heart roam
 so keep those eyes steady, pup,
 keep them green”

they told him
“you’re not a killer”
when the black blood ran
all down his arms
“this is the life of the wolf
 it means fire in your bones
 and holes in your heart
 sometimes your eyes go blue
 but it’s okay, pup,
 they’re beautiful, too”

he’d heard many things
by the time he stood on his own
“monster, murderer
  you deserve to be alone,”
and so he became
a lone wolf
one with the moon
“I’m the alpha now”
said a wolf, barely but a pup
eyes bleeding red

but no one ever said
a single thing about the stars
the ones that left the sky
to settle on pale skin
and in strong brown eyes
demanding “trust me”
in a voice that sounded like home
a touch that told him
“you’re no abomination, boy,
  there’s so much life inside you, so much green”

anonymous asked:

Could you write about Kibum having a youtube channel (he does diy stuff like making candles or make something new out of his clothes just like in key's knowhow) and Jong is boyfriend who sometimes appears in his videos and all of Bum's subscribers just love seeing them together.(Just something fluffy and funny)

Title: Little Freak #1 

(jonghyun is of course Kibum’s biggest fan)

“Goood evening my lovely lil freaks, this is Key here starting up another episode of my little Knowhow!” Kibum greets with a bright smile, his newly dyed pink hair fluttering atop his head as his miniature fan blows a cool breeze against his face. “Today on my DIY I’m going to be creating candles,” he addresses the camera with a suggestive smile. “And for what?” he reaches behind him and pulls out a single rose. “A date night perhaps?” he brings the flower to his nose and tips his head back. “Sweet, yes? Today I’ll try mimicking this scent in the candle I create.”

Kibum started his youtube channel around two years ago and gathered a total of 3.8 million fans. He mostly uploads DIY videos, occasional vlogs and accidental uploads with his boyfriend; sometimes said boyfriend will make a guest appearance and help Kibum to edit the videos once they were done being filmed. Jonghyun—Kibum’s boyfriend—is known for the indie radio station he DJ’s every Friday and Saturday night—he has a pretty large fanbase of his own and overall, they’re one of Korea’s most popular online couples.

Kibum gathers the items he’ll be needing for todays DIY, calling them out as he brings them to the camera lens. “Candle. Wax. A sensie.” Unbeknownst to him, the bedroom door creaks open and a brown tuft of hair peeps inside. Kibum continues to conversate with the camera as Jonghyun slips into his room, it’s only when the door clicks shut that Kibum looks to his right. He blinks and watches as Jonghyun tiptoes over to him. He gestures for Kibum to keep going, but at this point Kibum sighs and pushes his items away to make room for Jonghyun on the bed.

“Come sit.” He calls and Jonghyun pounces onto the bed almost knocking Kibum over in the process. Kibum glares his way and then looks back to the camera. “Some of you may already know Jonghyun…but this is my boyfriend.” Kibum grips Jonghyun’s chin and moves his head from side to side. “Say hi.”

Jonghyun grins crookedly. “Hello to all of Kibum’s lil freaks.” He gently removes Kibum’s hand from his chin and intertwines their fingers. “And some of you may already know, but Kibum,” he brings the back of Kibum’s hand to his lips. “…is mine.” He smirks at the camera before kissing the top of Kibum’s knuckles. Kibum shoves him away and flings a pillow at his chest.

“What do you want?”

“To help.” Jonghyun explains and Kibum’s eyes turn into two little slits.


“Yeah, you know how much I love candles.” Jonghyun tucks the pillow under his arms and sits criss-cross on the bed, he leans against Kibum and rests his head on his shoulder. “I won’t bother you.” He hums and Kibum relaxes and places his hand to Jonghyun’s knee.


Jonghyun looks up at him from the hood of his bangs. “Kiss me?”

Kibum’s eyes widen and his cheeks flush slightly. “But the camera…” Jonghyun purses his lips, Kibum rolls his eyes and then grips both sides of his face. He pulls Jonghyun in close until their lips touch. It’s a light peck, but Jonghyun’s feeling a little greedy today. He quickly slips a hand against the back of Kibum’s neck and holds him there until the kiss lasts a little longer. He pulls back with a snarky grin.

“You little—”

“Just one more,” Jonghyun holds up a finger. “And I’ll stop for real, I’m serious.” He does those puppy eyes and licks his lips slowly. It’s a killer combo for Kibum and so he nibbles on his lip before nodding. Jonghyun grins and excitedly taps the side of his neck.

“Here please.”

“Oh hell no,”

“Bum, you promised.”

Kibum turns to look at the camera and mouths. “This is what I have to fucking deal with.”

Jonghyun taps his neck insistently and Kibum shoves him down against the bed before climbing ontop of him. He shakes his head. “You’re ridiculous.” He grumbles and then leans down to kiss the side of Jonghyun’s neck. Jonghyun smirks and wraps an arm around Kibum’s waist, he pushes him into his body and licks the shell of his ear.

A few moment later

Kibum turns the camera back on a few moments after Jonghyun tackled him to the bed and did things to his body that could never, ever be posted to his Youtube channel. Kibum looks into the camera with a dazed, goofy grin. His pink hair was no longer swept up like he had it previously styled, but instead it was tousled and frizzy and there was a questionable red mark at the center of his chest where the collar of his shirt hung loosely. Jonghyun on the other hand was configuring the candle quietly, his body swaying to and fro.

“Uhm,” Kibum clears his throat—his voice sounded slightly hoarse. “Sorry for the interruption there my lil freaks,” he swallows. “Just ran into a little problem with filming.” He explains and Jonghyun chuckles from beside him, Kibum shoots him a glare.

Later after the video is uploaded they gather around Kibum’s Mac to read the first few comments.

DIYsoul: what cute candles and that rose is as red as the mark on Kibum’s neck ^^

“Suddenly that smiley emoji seems so threatening.” Kibum murmurs, Jonghyun laughs.

Babay453: uhm adorable? Why are you two so freaking cute

Redlightonly: do it yourself? More like with your boyfriend kekeke

“Nice, I think I like redlightonly.” Jonghyun says, Kibum shoves him in his shoulder. “Get out.” Jonghyun laughs some more and takes Kibum’s hand in his.

Freakingfreakfreak: oh nice, maybe I’ll try this myself! Looks pretty neat, thanks again Key for the amazing diy :D

Kibum smiles happily. “Finally a person that can appreciate the art of what I do.”

“Then are you saying I don’t appreciate you enough?” Jonghyun questions with a pout.

“Jonghyun, what do you want? First you crash my video and then you…” Kibum’s eyes flit to Jonghyun’s lips and he looks away quickly. Jonghyun grins.

“Go on.”

“No.” Kibum refuses clicking away at the mouse as he scrolls through the rest of the comments. Jonghyun looks to him with sparkling eyes and pulls Kibum up and onto his feet.

“I’ll treat you to dinner.” He suggests trying to coax Kibum back into the joyous mood he was previously in.

“White wine?” Kibum asks with a childlike look.

Jonghyun nods and slides an arm around Kibum’s waist. “White wine for my gentleman.” He winks and Kibum laughs lightly as he falls into step with Jonghyun, they dance around the bedroom to the music in their heads.

Paris Hilton places sixth in FHM’s “100 sexiest women” list, 2003

FHM says: Maybe it’s those boudoir eyes, that killer body, or her limitless wealth, but there’s something irresistible about the star of The Simple Life. Whether she’s walking the catwalks of the world, milking cows or appearing in amateur Films, we salute her. 

She Says: “Australian guys are very sweet and so polite. And I love the australian accent.”

10 Reasons: Top!Sherlock

1. Right from the beginning, he established his role as the Alpha Male. When they got to the crime scene in the first episode, Inspector Lestrade asks, “Who is this?” And Sherlock repeats “He’s with me”. If Greg were also into men that would explain the subtle inflection that Sherlock isn’t losing his new flatmate to this dense detective; thus, being subject to John recounting their dates all hours of the day as a result. Also, at the crime scene when Sherlock says, “Shut up,” and Greg is all, “I wasn’t saying anything,” Sherlock was asserting his dominance over him in front of John.

2. He exercises control in all things, Miss Ste- (Oops, wrong fandom). Still, Sherlock uses knowledge as both his shield and his sword. When he loses control of a situation, it triggers a state of instability that requires a quick dose of insight to tip the scales back in his favor. Only when he is in complete control and assured victory does Sherlock maintain his mental footing. There’s no telling what he might do if he loses the upper hand; that’s when he is most dangerous.

3. For those of us who are into the phrase “Eyes of a killer”… He has those. Cold and calculating, picking up on every minute detail. Sherlock’s eyes are the kind of steel that can pierce right through your heart, tear you into tiny pieces, and remain dry and impassive the entire time.

He even instructs John to inflict physical pain on him for a simple disguise. As far as a “self portrait” goes, what might we deduce about his self worth or value of life? The man is not afraid to die, faces his own death head-on more than once, and puts a bullet in the head of the man who threatens to dictate control  of his existence.

4. Because you can’t tell me that the path his eyes take is totally casual and not him checking out the goods. Sherlock is actually gay.

During their first adventure, everyone who has known Sherlock for years (years!), makes a comment that implies John is Sherlock’s new man; his landlady Mrs. Hudson, the police officers who resent and ridicule him, a restaurant owner he paid a kindness, and his very own brother. Sherlock does nothing to dissuade this idea although he does make a point to establish that women are not his area.

When he was fake-dating Janine, he never slept with her and didn’t show the slightest bit of compassion when revealing his plan was to break up with her from the start. He exploited Irene’s feelings to win a power struggle. Molly’s subtle flirtations were dismissed without acknowledgment. Even Jim Moriarty’s obvious, pretend(?) interest was swept aside and forgotten until John became involved in the pool scene. It was a phantom sadist that intrigued Sherlock with a challenge; the only time he took an interest in someone besides John.

Yet, he never let anyone get close enough to become a liability until he fell for the man who wasn’t even trying to woo his romantic attention.

If anything, Sherlock might just be “Johnsexual”.

5. Do you realize that he ended this phone call, got that man (who has been professionally trained to defend himself and valuable political leaders) out of that chair, and shoved him through a window without the least bit of deception? The American was fully aware of Sherlock’s intentions and still got thrown from the second story… how many times? I lost count.

6. His voice is like sex all on its own. Low and hypnotic; the kind of tone that keeps you grappling with the frays of consciousness while making sure you’re so wound up in its dark promise that sleep is impossible.

7. From quippy one-liners to season long mocking, his sassy side is a force to be reckoned with and not a single person escapes its grasp. Sherlock takes sarcasm to a whole new level and his lofty views often shield the fact that he thinks the biggest joke is his own humanity.

8. They have that whole Dom/Sub thing going on. Sherlock bosses John around like an expert (and John obeys!). Even when he’s in the flat robed with nothing but a sheet, John carries him around on the laptop, leaning down to the grass and talking to him through the microphone despite the gawking onlookers. John points out that it is “humiliating”, and yet, does it anyway. John is an army man; and a doctor at that! He is used to taking orders only from his superiors (as a doctor he holds reign over most other soldiers) and here he is following Sherlock’s whims.

In the first episode, he calls John back urgently because he knew where he was and who he was with; he tells John to give a text, to see how well he takes orders. John is resistant and a bit bristled by the request, but he does obey. His pride will make it that much more exciting when he is finally taken by Sherlock.

Sherlock insults John: “Because you’re an idiot.” But then tells him not to ‘look like that’ and offers a minor comfort; ’practically everyone is’. But, Sherlock doesn’t apologize to anyone, right? So why make an exception for someone he just met?

“She said you get off on this.”

“And I said dangerous, yet here you are.”

He knows John gets off on the risk, the danger, and being put in a threatening situation. Just perfect for his sub, perhaps? ;) That would certainly provide a plausible reason for him to coddle the ego of the man he has designs on.

9. In a state of unfocused drunkenness, on the eve of John’s wedding, his brilliant mind makes this connection. Most people would equate John to a masculine identity with the limits of alcoholic incoherency, or make a joke of it by putting someone like “Mother Theresa” or the name of the local nurse. But, to Sherlock, John will always be his sexy woman. *blushes*

10. Because he looks at John like this; with all the hunger of a pure predator.

BONUS: Because he also looks at John like this:

With so much affection the words “cynical” and “damaged” no longer apply.

Mango Kisses in the Rain

Originally posted by wonhontology

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2241

Written by: @niggaliciousjoe

A/N: Here’s another story I wrote for Admin Smuttyfairy that she’s (yet again) forcing me to submit. I’d also like to thank Woozfairy and Admin Jaefairy for putting up with me while I worked on this. I love you guys a ton! And a Happy Belated Birthday noona!

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Fandom: Suicide squad

Pairing: Killer Croc X Reader

Prompt: 34 & 36 for Killer Croc

Rating: Mild

Warning: light mentions of sex, one swear word (is damn even a swear word? IDK)

Notes: FINALLY GOT AROUND TO THIS!! Tried to make it longer…but it’s not one of my best :/
As your eyes flickered open, you moaned gently at the bright light shining through the window and into your fuzzy sight. You heard a deep chuckle beside you and you turned to see Waylon Jones, your boyfriend of a few months, lying next to you, staring at you. You smiled and rubbed your eyes.

“Good morning Handsome.” You grumbled, moving the sheets to cover you chest.

“Morning Gorgeous.” He said, nuzzling your hair before whispering into your ear. “Last night was…exciting.”

You felt a blush creep into your face as you flopped into your pillow.

“Just put some pants on, idiot.” You said, trying to keep you voice from cracking. Waylon let out a deep laugh as he got up and did what he was told.

Slowly, you let your face come out of the pillow and let your eyes start to examine the hulk of a man in front of you.

You had met when you fell into the Gotham sewers, very drunk, and he stumbled upon you. He saw how drunk you were and took pity on you, going against his reputation of being a heartless monster. Slowly, you got to know each other. He didn’t scare you…anymore…sure, his hulking frame was starting at first and his scale-like skin and sharp pointy teeth scared even Batman himself, but as you got to know Waylon Jones, the less you say of Killer Croc.

His eyes…those were what hypnotized you at first. The yellow orbs with slits for pupils and the cool way they blink like an actual reptiles…you found them wondrous.

“Like something you see?” Waylon asked slyly as he caught you staring. You blushed at first, but then quickly got over it.

“You.” You answered simply before getting up and putting on a tank top that was laying on the floor, the left strap ripped from Waylon’s claws. You made a mental note to fix it later.

“Why do you stay here?” You heard him ask and you turned to see Waylon staring at the floor, so you were unable to read his expression. But you knew it was going to be one of your deeper conversations.

“…it’s my apartment.” You said simply, trying to avoid the answer.

“You know what I mean.” He growled, unamused. “Why do you stay here with me? I’m a monster, and I’m putting you in danger. You should forget me! Fly to another state and start a new life. Get a great job, a real house, a guy that you can go on public dates with…the life you deserve.”

You sighed as you walked over to him.

“I can’t lose you…and I dont know when I’ll snap. What if I hurt you?” He added, sadly.

“Waylon!” You said sternly and he lifted his head, although hesitant. “I’m with you because I love you and you’re the only one I want.” You said, rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone.

“But what if I-”“Hurt me?” You cut him off. “Please, you’re a huge teddy bear…just with scales and canabilllistic tendencies.” You said, and suddenly Waylon laughed deeply and pulled you into one of his tight bear hugs that sent warm happy feelings straight through your body and into your brain, making you overjoyed.

“I love you…so damn much.” He whispered into your ear.

“I love you too.” You replied.

I love you

Kon el x reader

Warnings… idk
Small little cute thing.

You had met lots of people in you life… but not many of them meant anything of importance.

Not like kon had. The moment you saw him, you knew he was diffrent.

You saw it in his blue eyes. You saw it in the way he carried himself and you sw it in the way he talked.

As of right now, you were wrapped in him arms while to both of you were sitting in the couch in your apartment.

No matter what you were doing, he always watched you from the corner of his eyes when he thought you wernt looking.

He was in love with you since the day he met you. Never in a million years did he think he would have been so lucky to end up with someone as loving as you.

“What are you thinking about?” You looked up and saw him looking down at you.

Those killer eyes which complimented that bad boy smirk made your knees weak.

With out answering you leaned upwards and placed a kiss on his lips.

He pulled away and smiled at you. “What’s that for? Feelin a little-”

“Oh my god no shut up” you can’t help but laugh.

He raised a brow and turned his body so he was facing you and not the tv.

“Did you just tell me to shut up?”


“Oh I think you just did….” With that he pushed you back and sat on top of you as he started to tickle your sides.

“I dont know,y/n…I think I just heard you tell me to shut up”

You try to speak but can’t due to the fact you are being tickled so fiercely by your boyfriend, you can’t utter a word over your laughing.

Kons eyes sparkle in glee. There is no better music to his ears then the laugh of the one he loves and adores.

“I love you” he whispers.

Star Struck, Fuck! {Bidadore} Tonksie

A/N: So while I was writing DMISWD I had a plot bunny! Unlike most of my plot bunnies it did not just leave me alone and wait it’s turn until I was done! So after writing it in my journal it demanded to be written. Enjoy!

Summary: Soulmates AU- A world where you see black and white until you touch your soulmate for the first time! Bianca Del Rio, winner of RuPaul’s season 6 has the best top three friends ever in Courtney Act and Darienne Lake! They Surprise Bianca with Danny Noriega tickets, a pop star Bianca secretly loves!

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Ride or Die (Happy X Reader)

I had some downtime yesterday at lunch and this has been stuck in my head for 2 days. 

This is a loose continuation to Ain’t No Loving Me. If you haven’t read it, you don’t have to. For those who have read it - the Reader in this short is the same one as in that one. 

Word Count: 6,431

WARNINGS: VIOLENCE, TORTURE & LANGUAGE (Also potential triggers)

Playlst: Gangsta - Kehlani

Originally posted by lowmans

Originally posted by bribooth

I blinked, trying to focus on the room around me. Was it moving? It was too bright and I shut my eyes again. I heard voices around me, and hands touching me. I couldn’t breathe… there was something covering my mouth. I thrashed to the side. More hands gripped down, attempting to hold me in place. I felt a jab into my side and moaned out in pain. The sound brought forth more pain in my chest and I coughed, tasting metal in my mouth. My eyes rolled back. I groaned. I opened my eyes again, searching desperately for some type of clue. The only faces I could make out were Asian. I cursed, the blood spilling back in to my throat. Triad.

“She’s coming to.” My mind registered that voice.


I kicked my legs, giving the men holding me down a fight to the death. There was no way this was how I was going out.

Fuck Jackson Teller.

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Who Needs A Soulmate Anyway?

Your mama had raised you on the fairy tale of soulmates.  If you were one of the lucky few, God had chosen someone meant especially for you and no one else. When the time was right, the two of you would cross paths, and the first time you touched your name would appear somewhere on the other person’s body and that’s how you would know you were destined to be together forever.

Bullshit. You stopped believing in fairy tales the day mama was killed by a demon right in front of you and soon after you stumbled into hunting. If (and that was a big if) you ever settled down, it was going to be with someone YOU chose.  You didn’t believe in fate and no one was going to pick who you spent your life with but you.

Hunting didn’t make for an easy love life.  The traveling. the injuries, and the killing made it tough for a happy ever after.  You met your physical needs with an occasional one night stand and that worked for you.  You didn’t have time in your life for romance or soulmates.

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