those eyes are killers!!

I Dont Date Cops

**How i imagine Madison would meet Jason.**

Madison huffed & glanced down at her watch. She had been standing in line to get a smoothie for almost twenty minutes & now all the tables in the cafe were filled with chatty middle aged soccer moms.

While scanning the room for an open seat her brown eyes locked with blue ones & Madison quickly turned away. A few seconds passed then she looked over her shoulder only to find the blue eyes were still locked on her. The guy with those killer eyes smiled & lightly waved to her. He wasn’t alone, there was another guy at the table wearing a brown leather jacket also looking in her direction.

When Madison finally got her smoothie she awkwardly looked around trying to find somewhere to sit. From the corner of her eye she saw one guy stand up & make his way towards her.

“Hi.” Madison looked at the man with her straw between her lips but didn’t answer. “Would you like to sit with us?” She peaked over at the table seeing the guy with the leather jacket still staring at her. “Cmon…. we don’t bite…. I’m Richard but people call me Dick. This is my brother Jason.” Dick smiled sweetly & gestured for her to follow. “What’s your name?”

Jason scooted the chair out for her with his foot & the corner of his mouth turned to a smirk. “I’m Madison…” she answered sweetly then looked to back to dick. His gentle smile made her relax a bit. “Thank you for letting me sit with you.” Even though her focus was now on Dick, she could feel Jason’s stare. Dick’s brother also had intense blue eyes that were gave her chills when her brown ones locked with his. Jason mouthed ‘hi’ to her while chewing on the straw of his smoothie, this cute little action made her giggle.

Across the table Dick raised his brow to Madison & glanced between her & Jason. Were they having a moment?! His faced pinched at the idea of Madison being infatuated with Jason. The guy was a prick for crying out loud! And, he didn’t even pay taxes!! “So Madison, what’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?”

This pulled Madison back to reality & she stopped eye fucking Jason. “I just came in for a smoothie.” She took a minute to admire the two boys. Both had dark black hair except Jason had a white clump of hair near his bangs & it looked like he had just rolled out of bed. Madison’s smile grew bigger when Jason caught her eye again & gave her a wink.

Dick cleared his throat, “anyway Madison.” He kicked Jason beneath the table. “Do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend? Are you married? And if not, do you have any dinner plans tonight?” He flashed a charming smile trying to bring her attention back to him & away from his brother.

“You work fast don’t you?” Madison laughed & shook her head. This was a first, she never had a guy approach her & try to flirt his way into a date. Now that she had a better view, Dick was actually a rather handsome guy. Beneath his navy blue shirt she could see curves of muscle. She liked muscles. “I’m single… & I don’t have dinner plans.”

“Watch out for him,” Jason chimed in with a smug look. “Dick’s a ladies man, he’s got a girl every other week.” Madison nearly cracked her neck as she turned to Jason. His voice was deep & manly which made him ten times more attractive. Jason sipped his drink innocently when dick shot him a glare but his focus was on the short girl before him.

“That’s not true!” Dick argued, “cmon. You’re a good looking girl, I’m a good looking guy & I think we would have a good time together. What do you think?” There was a moment of silence before dick pressed again. “Do you want to go to the movies? Or skating? Do you know how to skate? We can go get some ice cream, you like ice cream right?”

Jason rolled his eyes at his brothers attempt to win a date & Madison only giggled. “You’re asking an awful lot of questions, what are you a cop?”

“Actually…” dick smirked thinking this would seal the deal. “Yeah, I am.” He reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet & flipped it open to flash his shiny silver badge. “Officer Grayson.”

The smile on Madison’s face was gone immediately. Her nose scrunched, “I don’t date cops.” With a grin she turned to Jason. “What about you hot stuff, are you a cop?”

The smug look was back & he shook his head. “No…”

Madison smiled & dick nearly fell out of his chair. “What do you mean you don’t date cops?!”

“I just don’t. I think all you guys are pricks running around in a blue suit wishing you could be as useful as batman.” Her tone was serious & the look in her eyes said ‘I don’t give a fuck if I offend you’.

Jason gasped & started laughing. Everyone in the cafe turned in his direction to see who was causing such a ruckus. “ HOLY FUCK! Oh shit!” He exclaimed.

Dick looked horrified so Madison continued. “You look shocked, I’m guessing I’m the first girl to ever tell you no?” Madison stood up & took her smoothie in her hands. “Thanks for letting me sit.” With a smirk & flare of her skirt she turned away. Just as she predicted, the two guys chased after her & blocked her path. Jason was still giggling like a child & dick looked less than happy.

“There has to be another reason. I’m a fun guy! Tell her Jason.”

“He works too much.” Jason added with a smirk.

Madison giggled & sipped her drink. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not..” she shrugged, “What can I say… I’m a fireman’s daughter.”

Jason was calming down but this comment made him gasp again & burst. “You never had a chance!” Jason slapped dick’s back & wiped his eyes. Everyone knew firemen & policemen didn’t get along & the public always favored the men rolling in red trucks.

Madison smiled to dick then turned back to Jason, “So hot stuff, you got any plans tonight?”

Now Jason was smiling, “nope.”

Madison reached into her purse to grab a pen. Her soft hand took his so she could write her number on his palm. “I’ll see you tonight.” With a sway in her hips she stepped aside the boys & walked to her car. Jason’s laughter rang in her ears until she closed her door & drove away.

**Yay or nay? Maybe it sounded better in my head?**

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I love you

Kon el x reader

Warnings… idk
Small little cute thing.

You had met lots of people in you life… but not many of them meant anything of importance.

Not like kon had. The moment you saw him, you knew he was diffrent.

You saw it in his blue eyes. You saw it in the way he carried himself and you sw it in the way he talked.

As of right now, you were wrapped in him arms while to both of you were sitting in the couch in your apartment.

No matter what you were doing, he always watched you from the corner of his eyes when he thought you wernt looking.

He was in love with you since the day he met you. Never in a million years did he think he would have been so lucky to end up with someone as loving as you.

“What are you thinking about?” You looked up and saw him looking down at you.

Those killer eyes which complimented that bad boy smirk made your knees weak.

With out answering you leaned upwards and placed a kiss on his lips.

He pulled away and smiled at you. “What’s that for? Feelin a little-”

“Oh my god no shut up” you can’t help but laugh.

He raised a brow and turned his body so he was facing you and not the tv.

“Did you just tell me to shut up?”


“Oh I think you just did….” With that he pushed you back and sat on top of you as he started to tickle your sides.

“I dont know,y/n…I think I just heard you tell me to shut up”

You try to speak but can’t due to the fact you are being tickled so fiercely by your boyfriend, you can’t utter a word over your laughing.

Kons eyes sparkle in glee. There is no better music to his ears then the laugh of the one he loves and adores.

“I love you” he whispers.

Before you came along, I plucked petals off daisies and laughed when they said that he loved me. “He”, a brown eyed-beautiful boy broken my heart. Before you came along, I would’ve done anything to see myself in those eyes again.

But you – you laughed your way into my life with those sky-blue eyes and that killer smile. And before too terribly long, I started wearing daisies in my hair and smiling again. You brought happiness back into my life.
But those sky-blue eyes were brewing a hurricane, and when the storm hit, my life was broken to pieces. You put me back together just to break me again.

—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write
Here goes the first of my rhymes

Gonna be a badass bitch
Dancing and hosting those lives that are rich
Soon to become the one with diamonds on my wrist
She makes everything so much more lit
Going through different dimensions
About to be so independent
Watching her is a blessing
Enchanting with those eyes
Capture everyone with that killer twist
Dance for me mami , flat tummy and people throwing money with their noses all runny
Ultimate high when You feel the attention
Talk shit and receive correction
Stomp on the society impression
Nothing feels better than being in your own section
Take pride and work hard
That’s gonna be your territory so work it and don’t have a guard
Be confident like you just melted some shards
And go to places in your mind real far
Too long , anticipation is killing and you just wanna go on
And no you’re not doing wrong
I even wrote you this song
Doubts have you jumping back and forth like a game of pong
He looked pissed , didn’t know I was gonna hit him with the plot twist
Trying to be my pimp
I’m out on my own not fucking with his friends dicks
Can’t stand being in the perimeter of this house full of tricks
I’m not playing games when I told you Ima strip
Gonna be loving me when I come back with all the tips
Come around driving in a new whip


… He didn’t look convinced. No. No at all. In fact, he literally saw the Xurkitree kick something behind the rock, as though hiding something. Groudon wasn’t going to do the stupid thing and ask what it was he was doing – no, that was just a waste of time.

Instead, he went to SMASH the rocks with his arm, sending pebbles and dust and debris flying in every which direction.

Behind all that debris, was his precious Groudoff, which was scooped off the floor and examined briefly before those killer eyes locked onto Xurkitree.

 Ƴσυ … 

ƳOU ƑOUƝƊ MƳ ƓROUƊOƑƑ! ǀ'νє вєєη ℓσσкιηg ƐƲƐRƳƜHƐRƐ ƒσя тнιѕ, вυт ǀ мυѕт нανє ℓσѕт ιт ιη тнє ℓανα ƒℓσω. Hσω cαη ǀ, тнє мιgнту ƓROUƊOƝ, яєραу уσυ, ѕтяαηgє єℓєcтяιcαℓ тяєє?

Alycia Debnam-Carey has the potential to be the next Angelina Jolie. Alycia could pull off classic Angelina roles like the badass Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, the criminally insane Lisa in Girl Interrupted, the sexy Jane in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the enticing Fox in Wanted, the enigmatic Evelyn in Salt, even the vengeful Disney villain, Maleficent. Within the next 20 years Alycia could bring home an Emmy, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe. Not to mention those high cheekbones, full lips, killer jawline, and bedroom eyes they both have ;)

Before he co-opted Donald Trump’s bigotry and sexism for the OD’d-on-NyQuil crowd, Ben Carson was a famous and highly respected neurosurgeon. And what are respected neurosurgeons best known for? Acting in Farrelly brothers movies, of course.

In the 2003 film Stuck On You, conjoined twins Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear finally decide to get un-stuck from each other, and Carson’s just the sleepyhead to do it. However, we don’t get to see him perform the one thing he’s good at; he simply puts on a surgical mask and stares at the characters with those handsome, slightly serial-killer-ish eyes of his.

6 Times Politicians Proved Acting Is Definitely Not For Them