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Requested by anonymous:

“Could you do a newt imagine where after all the gladers get out of the maze, and the reader is separated from them with Teresa, and newt goes out of his mind until he finally gets her back? (You can choose how/when he gets her back)”

Warnings: Angst, fluff, film spoilers?? (idk)

It was like a blur. One minute you were crying over Chuck’s death, the next you were being pushed by uniform clad men into the blinding light. 

The scorching sun beat down on you as you squinted to try and get accustomed to the light. In the panic of things you lost your grip on Newt as you stumbled on the sand. A split second of sheer panic swept through you as you looked for him but couldn’t see him. Newt was the one person who had helped you get through the maze and come out the other side with your sanity intact. He’d saved you from yourself and the threats the maze brought more times than you could count. He was your rock and you’d be lost without him.

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[ovw] triple threat - part 1/2

Rating: T
Relationship: Recall Genji/Blackwatch Genji/Young Genji. (mcgenji^3 later)
Note: Written for @badlyplanned. Call it Day 7 for McGenji Week: Fanart of Fanart, though I actually didn’t know they had drawn THIS also for Day 7, and I accidentally saw it beforehand. But Al has been wanting McGenji^2 for a while and for some reason I thought they meant McGenji^3?? I am bad at numbers and don’t know what those are.

There’s no plot. Just a lot of Genjis. Thanks. Part 2 coming later.

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anonymous asked:

You should totally write a ficlet based on those tags you wrote about adam and ronan having a mud fight. It would make my life complete. <3

Anon, I would hate for your life to be incomplete! So here is a thing. It’s not really a mud fight, but I hope it will do. For anyone who missed it, this is the picture of the Parrish-type boy covered in mud

“You have to be joking,” Adam says. “I’ll freeze to death.”

“Not to death, surely.” Ronan puts his hands on his hips and surveys Adam in the same way he’d appreciate the view from the top of a mountain. He might appreciate this view twice as much, but Adam is also currently covered in twice as much mud as your average mountain view. “Maybe just near death, which we both know is fixable. And if you do freeze I’ll drive you straight to the hospital. Just as soon as you’re clean enough to get back in my car.”

Adam rolls his eyes so hard his head and shoulders roll as well and pulls off his muddy t-shirt. He tosses it at Ronan who manages to catch it just before it hits him in the face. It’s followed by his jeans and a pair of socks that are so encrusted they’re black near the tops. Ronan drops them all at his feet and brushes the dirt off himself where it’s clinging. Adam stands on the bank of the river in his boxers with his arms crossed over his chest.

“It’s not my fault Cabeswater needed those things moved from the landslide.”

“You were just supposed to fix the line, Parrish. Not mud wrestle with it.”

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