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Klangst day 5 : Secrets/Betrayal

His skin was turning purple. Those weren’t bruises. He was turning more and more Galra.

He looked into the mirror. Yes, everyone would think he was peculiar. Strange. He tried to dismissed those thoughts but his eyes were flooded by tears.

What if he didn’t earn their acceptance anymore?

He didn’t need it anyway, he thought. He could hide himself, isolate himself, and come out if his room when necessary. Yes, that was the plan.

It was a good thing the purple patches on his skin was still around his midsection and half of his leg. If it reached his face… how would he hide it?

“Keith, want to go to the pool with me?” Lance grinned. He would have to take off his shirt… No, he wouldn’t.

“I’m sorry Lance,” he said. “I’m not in the mood. Maybe next time?”

“Sure, sure! I’ve got Hunk with me anyway. See you, Mullet!”

Keith sighed. How beautiful it would be to be more…human. To be with Lance at the pool, instead of isolating himself and not interacting with many people that often. To have small conversations with Lance. To confide his mood and emotion to Shiro. To hang out with Pidge and Hunk. To be with his friends, Allura and Coran. He couldn’t do that. What would they think of him if he knew?

Anxiety bubbled up in his stomach as he went into his room. He went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Any more minor changes in his appearance?

He took off his jacket and his shirt to get a better look. The purple field on his back was expanding rapidly — his body was now all covered in thin Galra fur. It covered to at least his shin. It had never been this fast before.

Then he looked at his face, examining it to see any changes in his facial features. He hadn’t grown any fangs yet, he thought. Someday, maybe tomorrow, he’d have to duck and avoid glances when talking or eating. Then they’ll question him why he was doing so. Then they’ll insist on an answer.

The very thought killed him on the inside.


“Lance, I’m showering, can I borrow your jacket?”

“What?” Lance said from Keith’s room. Keith wasn’t showering. He did shower, but he looked into the mirror. A couple of Galran ears. He bit his lip, trying to not scream and panic. “Can I borrow your jacket please?”

“Of course, babe!” Lance answered. His hand appeared from the door, holding his jacket. “Why are you borrowing it?”

“Because I love you, dropout.”

“Thanks. I thought I was the only one loving myself.”

Keith took the jacket from Lance’s hands, careful not to brush against his hands because it was all purple now. Just one night and he was already evolving fast. What was happening?

He wore his usual attire, minus his red jacket. He wore Lance’s instead, using the long sleeves as an advantage, plus the hood.

“Darn Keith, you look so fab in my jacket,” Lance giggled.

“You and your pride, Lance,” Keith replied with a slight grin.

Days have passed and his cover wasn’t blown yet. Two days ago, Keith grew his fangs. It was painful. He didn’t talk much, as a result. He refused to eat together, but in his room. He declined more offers from his friends, like hanging out, cooking and baking, and planning their next attack against Zarkon. It hurt, but he managed to.

He didn’t realize Shiro was silently observing him and his sudden change of attitude.

“What’s up, Keith?” asked Shiro one day, casually standing beside him.

“Uh, just fine. Fine day.”

Shiro waited for the right moment.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“You seem kind of distant. Is there anything up? Or are you…crushing on someone?” Shiro inched closer.

“What? No!” Keith almost shouted. If he shouted, his teeth would be revealed. That and its abnormalities. “I mean, you know. I have been dating Lance for a few weeks now, no big deal.”

“Weeks? It’s been two months and you’re acting as if you two are already married!”

“Shiro, no.” Keith pouted.

“Especially Lance. He likes talking about you. Day and night. Not that there’s day and night here in outer space. He shows off about his new boyfriend. I’m one proud man having you in my team. Pardon, our team.”

“Hmm, yeah.” Keith sighed.


“Keith, open that hood, will you?” Lance begged him that night.

“No, let me sleep with this. It smells so good. So you.“

“Alright babe, whatever ya say.” Lance hugged Keith and kissed him. “Can I sleep in your room?”


“Aw, come on! We’re dating now!”

“Still no.”

Lance pouted and his eyes sparkled like a baby seal pleading for help.

“Fine. But you will leave if I tell you to.”


That night, Keith laid on his bed, staring at the ceiling. When he shifted himself, Lance’s eyes opened. “W-what?” And then he looked right at Keith. “K-Keith, your face…”

His face. What was his face?

Keith jumped out of his bed, dashed into the bathroom and looked at his face.

His face. It was all purple.

Lance was standing on the doorway, wiping his eyes. “This must be a nightmare. Keith may be half Galra but he ain’t gonna be like this.”

“Yes, yes, you’re dreaming,” Keith muttered, hoping it’d work.

Lance pinched himself. “Oh, I’m real.” Then he turned to Keith. “And y-you’re…”

“Just stay away from me!” Keith shouted.

“K-Keith… What are you?“

“Lance, please.”

“No, Keith. Y-you’re Galra!”

“We have worked with Galras as well!” he whispered loudly, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“No, Keith,” Lance frowned. “I can’t believe I’m actually…dating a Galran alien.”

“Forgive me Lance. I won’t hurt you, and the others, I promise! I promise!”

Keith tried to reach Lance, but Lance backed away. “Stay away from me!” he yelled, his eyes filled with hatred, disgust and fear. “You may be just another traitor.”

“Lance! Please…no….”

“I’m telling the others.”

“Lance,” Keith cried. “I swear if you tell the others about this—”

“I don’t care if it ruins our relationship!” Lance shouted. “I never wanted to date someone like you. Just stay away.”

Lance exited Keith’s room but before that, he gave a deathly glare at Keith. He had never seen Lance with that expression before. As if he wasn’t Lance at all — he was like someone else. Keith didn’t blame him for anything. It was his fault. His fault only.

This was it. His formerly beautiful relationship with Lance blown up into smithereens. His heart no longer full but in fragments. Then soon, they won’t accept him anymore. Or even need him. They will give him dirty looks and torture him and throw him away. He wasn’t the Red Paladin, but Galra.

He felt broken. He clutched his shirt, until he remembered he was still wearing Lance’s jacket. What a disgusting creature he was, still wearing the jacket of his formerly beautiful boyfriend, all human. But instead of taking it off, he hugged himself with it, taking every second of the scent of Lance’s body. Lance’s body odor.


He never knew home could be the harshest places he could live in.

And soon, it would kick him out.

cries of panic and pain mingled in with the sounds of the dying city, but dazai’s world remained silent.

he could vaguely hear kunikida shouting at him, the concern in blonde’s voice as clear as day, but all shouts proved to be in vain as they fell upon deaf ears.

knees hit the ground harshly as dazai collapsed in front of the fallen figure before him. 

reaching out, the brunet picked chuuya up and held against his chest, keeping the executive’s face pointed towards him.

the peace that graced chuuya’s face could have fooled dazai into thinking the redhead was simply asleep.

if it wasn’t for the blood that trickled down from chuuya’s parted lips in a steady stream of scarlet, he would have believed it too. 

dazai brushed auburn curls out of chuuya’s face and gazed upon his closed eyes. he felt something deep within shatter once he realized those sapphire eyes would never look at him again. 

slowly, hot tears escaped down dazai’s face, landing on chuuya’s cheek as he wrapped his arms around petite figure even tighter, bringing the executive’s head into the crook of his neck. 

overwhelmed by his grief, dazai let himself break as chuuya’s words echoed in his ears. 

“how many times do i have to tell you dazai. if you want to cry, cry. i’ll be here to put you back together.” 

loosening his hold, dazai wiped his fallen tears from chuuya’s face, gently caressing the redhead’s cheek as he blinked through his tears and managed out a breathy whisper. 

“who’s going to put me back together now, chuuya.”


‘How Can I Say’ English Lyrics

I hate me now
I hate myself for not having butterflies
From some point, my heart doesn’t react anymore
Hate me now
I wish your feelings would cool down
Those eyes that look at me
I wish there was no love in them

Baby, you tell me you love me, so brightly
I want to tell you, me too (no no no)
When you look at me so warmly
Do you know that it’s already over? (Sorry)

How can I say it?
When you’re still so happy whenever you’re with me?
How can I say it?
I can’t bear to tell you
That my heart has already left
Oh how can I say

I hate me now
I hate myself for being like this
For feeling so comfortable when I’m away from you
Hate me now
I wish you would figure it out
Don’t show me a smile with those endlessly clear eyes

Baby, you tell me you love me, so brightly
I want to tell you, me too (no no no)
When you look at me so warmly
Do you know that it’s already over? (Sorry)

How can I say it?
When you’re still so happy whenever you’re with me?
How can I say it?
I can’t bear to tell you
That my heart has already left
Oh how can I say

(I don’t love you no more)
no more
(I don’t love you no more)
I want to love you but I can’t
(I don’t love you no more )
My heart has already left
(I don’t love you no more )
I can’t love you no more

How can I say it?
When you’re still so happy whenever you’re with me?
How can I say it?
I can’t bear to tell you
That my heart has already left
Oh how can I

some Lancelot headcanon??? 


Lotor was speechless. Tears stung his eyes and his breath became short gasps.

It couldn’t be. “It’s imposible.” He whispers in disbelief.

But he was there. His beloved Lancelot was kneeling, chained like his fellow paladins, in the middle of the court room in front of all of the Galra Royalty. His hair was brown instead of snowy-white, and his ears and Altean Marks weren’t there, but there was no doubt it was him. Lotor could feel it.

The quinesstence of the blue paladin was just the same as his beloved. The same essence.

Lotor can’t help but stares at the paladin with adoration, and when Lance finally looks up, he feels alive again. Those beautiful blue eyes wellep up with tears.

Lance suddenly is able to remember everything about his past life as an altean servant, and all of what happened during and before the war. He rememebers now Lotor kind words and sweet kisses. He remebers the fear and regret that filled Lotor’s eyes as he lay on the floor, gravely hurt.

“Lotor?” Lance whispers his name, oh so quietly. And the prince is just gone.

That moment Lotor decides he won’t let his father take the love of his life away from him, not again.

Lotor waits for the night to fall, and takes advantage of his position to manipulate the soldiers and get to the paladins cells without being noticed. The moment he steps into the cell, he wastes no time and rapidibly takes Lance in his arms.

They both cry. The other paladins are silent, confused by these.

Lotor does not give them time to make questions. He frees and guides them through the ship, leading them to where the lions are.

Lance tells him he’s glad to be able to meet him in that life again and aks him to leave with them, but Lotor refuses. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t leave his people behind.

Before finding out Lancelot had reincarnet as the blue paladin, Lotor was becoming ready to betray the Galra empire. He’s being working with the blade of Marmora and leaving the ship would mean  a great disadvantage to their cause. He was risking everything in order to save Lance.

They kiss with passion, promising to meet again in the future. This time to fight side by side. Lotor opens the hangar for them, and once they’re gone he hacks the system and deletes every evidence that may put him in danger.

(What happens next is up to you. :p)

astraltactician  asked:

Sorry my previous ask was so general ^^; Going past that, could I request some fluff with Ai, his s/o, and a kitten? With the kitten hogging the s/o's attention and Ai getting jealous :)

Sure thing! :3

“Ai, stop that look.”

“What look?”

You sighed, reverting your attention back to the little kitten on your lap, stroking its soft fur lovingly, earning a mew from it in response. The one who found it was your boyfriend and the one who insisted that you take it home was obviously, you.

The little creature had black and white fur and green eyes resembling those of a meadow. It appreciated even the small, insignificant things you did like petting for instance. It enjoyed your company and soon got attached.

“Who would leave such a precious thing out there in a box…it loves us so much.” You mumbled, playing with the kitten’s paws, annoyed by the thought.

“Correction one. It loves you. Remember, he scratched me?” Ai spoke up, sitting on a chair, using the top of the headrest to rest his chin.

You chuckled at the memory. “Yes, wait it’s a he?” You turned your head to your boyfriend, who averted his eyes to the windowsill.

“Affirmative.” He replied.

“Adorable!” You giggled. “Can I name him Kuro?”

“I’m sure Ranmaru would be honored.” Ai sarcastically muttered, drawing a glare and pout from you. He raised his hands in mock surrender. “Alright. Name it what you want.”

Till date Mikaze Ai has only experienced the emotion called jealousy twice. Once when Ranmaru patted your head complimenting you a little too seriously, he was ready to yell and cry about because the uneasy pit-like feeling in his heart told him to. Second, when you were looking at Kuro like as if he was the only thing in the world.

Oh goodness, it’s just a kitten, Ai. Felis domesticus. Why are you jealous? He questioned himself and felt a frown tug at the edges of his lips.

“Ai…” He heard you trail off.


“Are you jealous of a cat…?”

Screw you. Was it THAT obvious?! He narrowed his eyes. It was pointless to deny the truth. “Affirmative. Why are you paying him so much attention? You can pet me too.” He said, altogether too quickly and you bit back laughter but that was pointless as you exploded into a fit of giggles.

“Uh…” Ai felt his mouth shut, heat in his cheeks. He was…embarrassed…? “Pretend I didn’t say that.” He whispered under his breath. “I don’t know what’s over me right now.”

“You’re jealous. Of a kitten. Hogging my attention.” You filled in the blanks and he pouted, the kitten mewed.

“You get jealous when I talk to a fan. Or remember that time you didn’t like it when that 5 year old girl in the park followed me around calling me “ouji-sama”?“ He countered in his defense and you rolled your eyes at that embarrassing memory.

“Those are humans…” You mumbled, squaring your shoulders.

“Jealousy is jealousy.” He lips curled into a half smirk.

You groaned, clearly he won this argument. Your fingers brushed across the back of Kuro’s ears and he clambered on your lap in response. You smiled at him. Until another heavier head lay on your other leg.


“I am using my lap pillow.” He stated.

“When did I become your lap pillow?!” You laughed, unable to glare.

“Since today.” He eyed Kuro. “My lap pillow.”

“Nyaaa~” Kuro cried before turning his head to you, his green eyes pleading for more pets.

You sighed and whispered softly to yourself. “Lord save me from you two. Cuteness overload.”

A Morbid Promise

He makes her promise one thing: he wants to go first. He doesn’t tell her why, and she can’t ask. There is something in his eyes that keeps her question to herself. Something fierce and quiet in those amber eyes that she can’t help but promise him whatever he wants. And though she can’t control destiny, she just nods her head. He smiles, and she’s happy that the look is gone.

He never tells her why he wants to die before her. He won’t ever tell her because even just the thought of being without her is painful, so he wants to go first. Even if it’s selfish, he doesn’t think he can take the agony of living without her smile. So he’s happy when she gives into his request. He’s relieved.

Which is why when the time finally comes, she feels guilty, and he feels betrayed.


Last on this, promise. First SFX Magazine‘s new Twitter header and since I really like those together I cut a bit to make it bigger here.

Second a version I cut cause I like it that way. And right now too tired and can not remove the X.

Third, cause got to love smirk boy with the mischievous eyes.

I could be imagine it but I feel I see a spark in his eyes in this last one. There def is something wonderful behind those eyes.

And yes, I love these photos and the previous ones on my blog.

wellreadfan  asked:

Biting thoughts! In the Hunter Washington verse when they are in a room of vampires and he has to pretend to be Laf's servant, what if one of them is suspicious? Something about the way Washington and Lafayette hold themselves is off for a human servant and vampire master. He offhandedly suggests Lafayette looks a little tired. He should really take a sip from his human. Oh no, not the wrist, that's never as good! Lafayette shouldn't be embarrassed to drink from the throat among friends.

Hello hello hello. I went to grab lunch. Now I’ve got sweet potato fries and this delicious concept to think about. DUBCON BITING. Lafayette doesn’t want to share this experience with anyone else, let alone a bunch of suspicious vampires looking for a reason to kill George. George having to be so still, all those eyes on him, so he can’t give any indication if he is all right with it or not. 

Guilty guilty pleasure. Trying to take the smallest sip, but Lafayette can’t help it. He drinks another mouthful, then another. Has to pull himself away.