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89 with Mustang!

I literally gasped when I saw what word was associated with this but…since you caused me pain, here it is…

89 - psychotic (Mustang)

“Mustang, hey,” Ed was pleading now, shoving precaution aside as he reached out his automail arm to try and bring the inconsolable man back to reality.  “Whatever it is, we’ll fix it.”

Ed watches helplessly as Mustang runs white-knuckled hands through his hair, eyes widened and pointed down at the floor the two are kneeling on.

“Fullmetal.”  When Roy speaks, his voice is low, dangerous.  “They’re gone.”

Ed feels an icy horror settle into his stomach.  “What do you mean, they’re gone?” He asks hesitantly.

Roy drags his gaze up to meet Edward’s, and when he sees the older man’s dark eyes, he has to consciously stop himself from reeling backwards.  The look in those eyes is entirely too close to being described as psychotic.

“My team,” Roy’s voice sounds like it’s on the brink of breaking, and part of Edward breaks alongside it.  This was his superior officer, Roy Mustang, The Flame Alchemist, one of the strongest men he knows, and he was breaking.

“My team is gone.”

Here’s the photo we submitted for @handsomedogs‘ Valentine’s photography contest!

They were actually surprisingly good for this shoot. Look at them giving me those gooey eyes, what precious puppers.

Astaroth is a handsome devil with roses in his collar, man.

I saw the fairy lights’ reflection
In the calmness of the Venetian river
With a burning incandescence of yellow and white
More brilliant than a thousand suns
And more radiant than the moon.
It was oddly familiar.
And I realized
It was the same light I had seen
Long ago
Under an evening sky and setting sun
When I saw
A scintillating wildfire aflame
In those splendid sea blue eyes of yours.

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I've only been with my bf for 2 months but it's been the best two months of my life. He means the world to me, I love those black eyes and that scruffy face. His gravely voice and dorky laugh. He is my world and I want to spend forever with him.

Aw wow that is lovely babe 😊 I’m glad things are working out so well 💕

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Good morning. <3 Ugh I'm not much of a Noct fan(Is on Promptos train) but those photos. He's eyes are making me question it. They look really big and that's kind of pretty to me and that middle one. It's super pretty. It almost looks like he has on mascara and I have no issue with guys wearing makeup. Why is he so pretty. X1 *Clinches heart* Prompto get yo bestie!

Just repeat after me and land yourself in a tangled mess loving all four of them and everything will be fine.

At least it’ll be fine until your love for Leon stomps out your love for the characters Whoops™