those eyes * *


It took me so long to write about this scene because it’s difficult for me to decribe the incredible mix of emotions in Min Hyuk’s eyes when he is looking at Bong Soon and after a week of trying I still can’t do it justice. 

HE IS FEELING SO FREAKING MUCH and it all all shows in those impossibly gentle chocolate orbs; he really makes you believe that eyes are the window to the human soul and if so MH’s soul is beyond beautiful. Longing mingles with tenderness and adoration and love and he doesn’t even bother to hide those emotions from BS because they are so unadulterated and he is therefore literally wearing his heart on a sleeve; it’s almost as if he were daring her to see them and recognize them for what they are. 

Even their position is so poignant and fitting because not only MH normally towers over BS, he is also her employer therefore there is always a certain kind of subordination in their relationship;however now, it’s her who is towering over him and he even makes himself vulnerable to her when he so blatanly reveals in his eyes everything he feels.

What I love about this moment so much is that while MH might be holding BS’s arm, he gives the choice and complete control to proceed with the kiss to her - the only indication he gives her about what he wants is when he slides his gaze on her lips; however it’s her who initiates it and starts closing the distance between them. And if he didn’t look up MH would let BS kiss him but he did and with sadness he realized that he cannot let her do that because there is still so much left unsaid and unresolved between them. And as much MH wants to kiss BS, he wants even more for her to love him as much as he loves her. Min Hyuk saw enough of her one-sided love for GD so it makes sense he doesn’t want to start something when he doesn’t know if her heart belongs to him and not to a different man.

furuta-s  asked:

Are you realized? The way Ishida draws Furuta It's curious. He removes Furuta left eye. And those spots that look like blood on the left side of him too. Maybe a foreshadow of Furuta's death? I'm not just pointing about Ishida's last illustration, he's even doing this before.

No, I haven’t realized. Thank you for tipping me off. Normally you could discount that kind of one eye focus is due to the fact that Furuta is a one eyed ghoul, but curiously enough Furuta’s left eye is consistently drawn obscured in official art.

Furuta’s Kakugan eye however, is in his right eye. The same as Eto, Mutsuki and Amon.

I have two theories on this, one it could indicate blindness in his left eye. Arima was drawn a similar way on the last volume cover. Furuta is also a garden child who could be slowly dying due to those same health problems. 

My second thought, though is that eventually Furuta and Kaneki will have a showdown similar to Arima and Kaneki had. However, as the one eyed king this time Kaneki would be standing in the place of Arima. It would be interesting then, if Kaneki’s opening blow to Furuta was the same as the one dealt to him. It would even be an injury to the same eye.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 26: Feeling Better

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: Youโ€™ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Upon awaking, Jensenโ€™s three little words he had whispered into your ear was at the center of your thoughts. You hadnโ€™t expected him to say those important words so fast in your relationship, and you were afraid it was because of the issues with Brad. Which made your heart sad, because you were pretty sure you were in love with Jensen. You just werenโ€™t sure how to say those magical words back to him.

Sighing, you finally opened your eyes, immediately noticing you were alone in Jaredโ€™s huge guest room, the bed beside you long gone cold. The blinds were shut, giving you no indication as to how long youโ€™ve slept. Swinging your legs out of bed, your ribs only protested slightly, a definite improvement. With unsteady steps you made your way into the large bathroom, holding onto the counter as you stared into the mirror. Your hair was a mess, matted in some places while sticking out in others. Your face was turning an ugly shade of yellows and greens, the bruises finally starting to fade away. The hand print around your throat was still red and angry looking, a reminder at how close you had come to dying.

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German Eurosport commentator Sigi Heinrich just loves Shoma!

Sigi about Shoma: “He always looks so innocent but he is a sly old dog skating technically” (in German “…er hat es eiskunstlauftechnisch dick hinter den Ohren…”) Then later during the replay: “Can those eyes lie? Obviously not!“ The last thing Sigi said was: “You got to like him!” Between all this he just ran out of words for how incredible and amazing he is! (I try to add the video with German commentary soon, but it will take a while)

things that concern/excite me about this trailer:

  • reporter lady reporter lady reporter lady
  • the only sign of the freelancers is the sighting of lina on the wanted list??? 
  • WHO IS TAKING THEIR GODDAMN HELMET OFF (they have white armour, i inverted the shot to get that)
  • i have absolutely NO clue where this is going other than obviously there’s something much deeper behind what the reds and blues are doing
  • sister appeared to be in blood gulch when we first saw her????
  • WHO IS THE RED PERSON AND WHAT DO THEY WANT (and are they tied to charon because i am eyeing those colours)