those eyelashes ;a;

Chirin no Suzu

Chirin’s Bell (Ringing Bell)
by Yanase Takashi

This post is very image-heavy.

After 100000 years, I’m finally done translating this book. 

A quote mentioned by Kaneki during Arima’s death and the quote used for that one illustration of Arima, which you can view here, is from the book version and the line wasn’t really in the movie. There are also a couple of differences between the book and movie which you’ll notice as you go along the story.

This is a children’s book btw. Trust me, it is.

I will not be putting the full images here for certain reasons but if you want to purchase the book, you can do so here

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those eyes (and eyelashes) should be made illegal tbh

“is that older delirious?”
“damn, those eyelashes could kill a man.”
“how did delirious get even hotter?”
“who’s the new fuckboy?”
“shit, sign me the fuck up.”

“guys, thats just my older brother, delirium.”