those epic adventures

…Come to think of Louise’s plot in “The Laser-Inth” too though, and her plots in episodes this season overall…

…God, she’s totally gonna end up being like her dad in the future, right? Finding herself attached to seemingly lost causes that she finds cool… Getting into a fury when she feels she’s been wronged or someone she cares about has been wronged… Being all about family… Putting Tina’s priorities over her own, in “The Laser-Inth”, like she did back in “Mazel Tina”… And, in “Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting” and this season in “A Few Gurt Men”, actually letting someone she doesn’t particularly like (to say the least) have the benefit of the doubt and eventually get justice for it, while she knows full well they most probably wouldn’t do the same for her. (Which is exactly what Bob did for Jimmy Pesto in “Bye Bye Boo Boo”, among many others as well.)

Seriously… Look at S1 Louise and look at what she’s become. The bunny kid has grown SO MUCH over the course of the seasons.

You know what I want in kh3?

I want Kairi and Riku to be my team. Like, step aside Donald and Goofy I’m upgrading.

I mean damn, do you know how disappointed I was in kh2 when I realised I could only use riku in that white-ass floating castle? so disappointed.

And please, no more kidnapped girls. Please I beg