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Me: *Procastinating*

Me: Stares at Keith and Lance elevator pic

Me: @bibocas-valkiria put the cinderella shoe on Keith rn



shatt au where matt is a ghost haunting shiro’s apartment

matt vanished (mumble mumble) years ago and died and came back as a ghost, and then the apartment building was built over his grave/where he died so he’s been haunting it ever since and nobody else will live there but shiro’s just like “i’m a broke college student, if i die i get out of student loans”

and then they meet and as it turns out, shiro’s college has a haunted library. specifically, haunted by pidge, who was investigating her brother’s disappearance and died in the library but is Still Looking and shiro thinks that matt figured out how to leave the apartment but no it’s pidge

at some point they figure out how to get matt out of the apartment and pidge out of the library and matt and shiro totally start dating. you know. as much as you can when one of you is dead

heres a doodle of Miyo my fire emblem OC- shes a kickass Basara and shes galpals with Kagero ✌️️✌️️✌️️


Apparently, Miss Cullen and Miss Hale have a presentation for us.

redraw of that scene by memory but then pulled up a ref at the end for little details >u>;;

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Riley when she is pregnant with their daughter (also did she get pregnant right out of highschool? If so then yesss) (I actually had them getting knocked up at junior prom lmao) some extra hc:

  • Riley has the worst morning sickness omfg
  • Like almost dying every second of every day morning sickness this poor girl
  • She absolutely refuses to complain about it though because 1) she doesn’t wanna seem weak and 2) she figures it’s probably some cosmic punishment for having sex out of marriage (since her parents absolutely would’ve been preaching that her whole life)
  • Her ‘bad reaction’ pregnancy food is potatoes, in all forms, Cory was literally heartbroken omfg
  • One time he got them at a diner for dinner and he came home and Riley could smell it on his breath and still got sick and he’s literally so angst about having to give up mashed potatoes for 9 months omfg
  • Everything is swelling she literally had to start wearing the friendship ring with Maya around a chain bc they were scared they’d have to get it cut off omg
  • She h a t e s getting stares from people because she’s so young
  • Like come on Cory and Topanga were essentially teenage parents too, they probably got judging looks all the time, and if Riley remembers that she’d obviously be super insecure about it
  • And now she’s getting them too it’s really stressing her out
  • Like school with a kid is obviously hard as hell but she had such an easier time after the baby was born because she didn’t feel like everyone was watching her and judging her all day omfg
  • Farkle takes way too many candid photos while she’s pregnant to the point that it’s annoying her
  • Riley will call Farkle at like 3 in the morning and she’s like “Listen to me very carefully- I need a vanilla milkshake, spicy sweet chili Doritos, and a pickle, but I need them to all be the same thing.”
  • And he’s already getting out of bed to oblige but he’s like “What???”
  • “I need you to get me a vanilla Dorito pickle flavored milkshake, Farkle, it’s really not that complicated!”
  • She has so many weird and specific requests and it’s always in the dead of night omfg. The guy running the 24/7 convenience store down the street gets to know him pretty well
  • “Riley, how the hell are you wearing heels when you’re 7 months pregnant?”
  • “Determination.”
  • She really wanted to wait for the birth to find out the gender but Farkle was very passionate about finding out before hand so she let him win
  • Omg so they find out it’s a girl and the doctor gives them a minute alone and Riley’s ecstatic but Farkle just has this blank look on his face and she’s like what???? And he just says seriously “She can never go to prom,” and Riley cracks up omfg
  • She already has a job at the bakery and she wanted to get a second to help save up money but her parents are worried that would be too much stress; Farkle gets a job working for Eric
  • She’s pregnant the whole summer and it’s so hot help her
  • She decided to wear a bikini on the beach despite her bump and got shit from some elderly couple and she went off on them because her hormones were not feeling it that day omfg
  • Her hormones are the literal worst she’s be perfectly normal all day and then suddenly burst into tears for no reason omfg- like they could’ve just been sitting in silence for a few minutes and suddenly she’s sobbing and everyone is freaking out trying to calm her down
  • And literally the smallest possible things can piss her off too holy shit
  • Like Cory literally pulled Farkle aside and was like “Listen one time when Topanga was pregnant Shawn didn’t want to help her volunteer somewhere and she got a knife and stabbed his tie into the kitchen table with a smile. Riley is her daughter. You need to stay safe.” omfg
  • So Farkle does everything possible to prevent her from getting angry but he’s a failure omfg
  • One of his favorite pastimes has always been watching Riley get irrationally enraged about stupid stuff because it was so entertaining
  • Now it’s mostly directed at him and he’s horrified omfg
  • And she has such a range of things she’s mad about omfg anywhere from someone getting her the wrong food when she has a really strong craving, to “You did this to me!”, to getting pissed at people blatanly judging her, to Farkle just doing something or another that’s annoying her omfg
  • One time she got really pissed at him because “You’re being so fucking nice like you think everyone has to walk on eggshells around me or something, cut it out.”
  • “Riley I’m just doing what I can so you won’t get upset.”
  • “Oh, because you get the final say with my emotions?”
  • “R i l e y”
  • Also she’s massively offended because the baby “clearly likes Farkle more than me!”
  • He’s the only one the baby reacts and responds to and Riley’s just like??? This kid is inside of me??? Why am I not the favorite??? This is so unfair???
  • When she brought it up with Farkle he jokingly said something like “Just another thing I’ve beaten you at” and she shoved him out onto the fire escape, locked the window, and wouldn’t answer his calls for two days
  • Only started talking to him again because it was 4 in the morning and someone had to get her some Volcano Nachos and a pizza topped with garlic, banana peppers and pineapple
  • “Riley aren’t you mildly allergic to pineapple?”
  • “I don’t think Penny is aware of that!”
  • It took them all of two seconds to agree the baby was gonna be named Penelope after Maya
  • Riley googles every single teenage mother statistic in existence because one of her teachers at school made a really obnoxious comment that Cory should have seen this coming since “Didn’t you know most teen pregnancy babies get pregnant when they’re teens?? I guess bad decisions run in families or something.”
  • And Riley hates nothing more than the thought of boiling people down to statistics so she looks them all up so she knows what she needs to avoid
  • All they read anymore is parenting books
  • They search up a list of colleges that have good departments for what they both wanna major in, so they can apply to all the same schools and live off campus in an apartment to make it easier with the baby
  • While they finish up school tho their basic plan was Riley has weeks Farkle has weekends. But everyone is just kinda expecting a lot of sleepovers
  • Maya Hart just. Buys way too much stuff for this baby.
  • Every time she leaves her house she comes back with more stuffed animals and onesies omfg
  • It gets to the point where Riley’s like “Maya I adore you and I love that you’re excited to have a Goddaughter but I have NO WHERE TO STORE ALL THIS STUFF”
  • That doesn’t stop her
  • Riley tries to get into yoga but it’s just. So much effort and so boring. She can’t
  • Like she tries so hard all the time but always gives up half way through the tape
  • Auggie has no idea how to feel about this whole situation
  • Like he’s ultimately pumped that he’s gonna get to be as cool as Josh, but now he’s also gonna have to put up with a crying baby
  • And like…he’s the baby of this family b y e
  • Riley picks up on the fact that he’s ever-so-slightly jealous and starts spending more time with him, like helping him with his homework and going to his sports games and stuff
  • Maya and Josh are named Godparents and they’re both ecstatic about that
  • When she got into the later stages of her pregnancy the school had to give her a pass to use the elevator because the stairs were too much
  • She obviously had to quit the cheer team but all those girls were surprisingly really supportive and helped throw her baby shower
  • None of the assholes at her school had any filters about the situation at all though, some teachers included omfg. She got in a lot of arguments.
  • Since Ava’s mom lives in the apartment down the hall and works from home, she offers to watch the baby while school’s in session which is a lifesaver honestly
  • Oh my God one time Maya essentially kidnapped Farkle in the dead of night and no one saw them for two days other than occasional snapchats from Maya showing that she had apparently forced Farkle into one of those pregnancy stimulators holy shit
  • Farkle will get Riley huge bouquets of flowers to help her mood and her immediate reaction is “You’re wasting money!” lmao
  • Once she’s super huge Riley decides to buy a bunch of t-shirts like ‘Save the whales!’ to wear ironically
  • omg she’s so into those maternity maxi dresses tho
  • It’s honestly such an interesting role switch with them because Riley spends the whole pregnancy worrying about every little thing possible and Farkle’s just like “I’m sure everything will be fine! Everything will work out! Even if not right away then eventually!” omg
  • She’s in labor for a surprisingly short amount of time but it’s bad enough that she actually broke Farkle’s hand while pushing
  • Audible crack and everything omg
  • Everyone cried for a million years after Penny was born, so many pictures were taken, and even though it probably wasn’t the best situation, everyone was happy
  • ta-da ;)