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“i’m not gay,” says yoongi, and they look at each other for a long time. he can feel a droplet of water from his damp hair drizzling down one cheek; he can smell the lakewater absorbed in his skin, taste the warm honey flavour of hoseok’s lips where they’d been dancing against his mouth just moments before. 

“of course you’re not,” says hoseok, before jumping on his bike and pedalling away.

a yoonseok fanfiction based on the 2014 film ‘boys’ | coming soon

Arisasa is literally one of the top sinships in the hottest way: it’s got daddy kink, boss/secretary workplace kink, superior/subordinate kink, captor/captive kink, violent, sometimes Stockholm Syndrome, you name it. Bonus that these ideas can’t be claimed by opposers in the fandom to be pulled from thin air; each dynamic can be referenced to the canon (of course, not explicit) relationships set in place for Arima and Haise/Kaneki. (That, however twisted, is more than other pairings can claim in terms of hints of canon reference for character interactions).

Like damn, if the complex intertwining between these two in the general manga doesn’t get you thinking of ways to explore their characters in dark, twisted, hell even romantic ways, I don’t know what will. Arisasa in general can both be very hot and intriguing in its levels of complexities. There is so much to work with and that is why I love it.