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I feel like you've made this post before but what Hogwarts houses do you think the DEH characters would be in? I think ev would be in hufflepuff/slytherin. Connor would be in griffindor/slytherin zoe would be in Griffindor Jared would be in slithering and Alana would be in ravenclaw. I trust your judgement more then mine tho lol

OOOH this is a Good Question. So. Gryffindors are described as brave, loyal, courageous, adventurous, daring, and chivalrous. They stand up for others, are well-rounded, and have a lot of nerve. They focus on doing what’s right. I think it’s pretty obvious that Zoe and Heidi are Gryffindors.

Slytherin. These people are known as being “cunning, prideful, resourceful, ambitious, intelligent, and determined. They enjoy being in charge and having leadership.” They focus on doing what’s necessary for the betterment of themselves and their community.

Though I don’t think Evan would seek out leadership positions, he most certainly thrived when he was pushed into such a position. What he lacks in ambition and pride, he makes up in being intelligent and resourceful. He definitely works out of helping others more than himself–a pretty significant Hufflepuff trait–but I think that often comes from a place of self-hatred rather than an innate focus on the betterment of others.

Jared is, in my opinion, also a Slytherin. He definitely acts primarily out of self-preservation and is incredibly cunning and ambitious. (We don’t know a whole lot about Larry, but I feel like, what we do know about him points to him being a Slytherin as well.)

Next up, Ravenclaw. Members of this house are “known for their wisdom, intelligence, creativity, cleverness, and knowledge. They value brains over brawn.” I think it’s pretty clear that Alana would be a Ravenclaw (she definitely as a bit of Slytherin traits in her as well though). I think the obvious choice for Connor would be Slytherin, but I don’t think that’s true. He never really shows a sense of being cunning, ambitious, or determined. I firmly believe, if he were to get proper mental health treatment, Connor would be a Ravenclaw.

Hufflepuffs. They value hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty. They work to do what’s just and true. They enjoy making other people happy. I think, on a surface level, Evan would be a Hufflepuff, but as soon as you look deeper, he’s absolutely not. Despite making some rather large mistakes, I think that, when boiled down to her core, Cynthia is a Hufflepuff. 

So, overall. There can obviously be various interpretations of different characters, but, for me… Gryffindor: Zoe, Heidi. Slytherin: Evan, Jared, Larry. Ravenclaw: Alana, Connor. Hufflepuff: Cynthia.

Ok but can we take a moment to appreciate how darn smart Cloud actually is? He was in to the infantry at 14-16, so presumably his highest education is secondary(high) school (Even completing secondary school would be pushing it, because he’d be skipping grades.) and never went to college.

Then this asshole goes on to do medical research and read books like

Look at those darn books. They’re so… professional looking. They even come in volumes. Like those tomes you’d find in the library’s reference section that are too valuable to loan out.  It’s even properly tagged with colourful post-it tabs like a textbook would have been.

Anyway, back to the point. So this guy who possibly never even graduated from secondary school and definitely did not go to college or uni is doing stuff like this. Geeze, no wonder he didn’t find a cure. That’s pretty amazing, for him to be able to understand all the medical terms and absorb all the knowledge. Even if he didn’t find a cure, it speaks volumes of his intelligence that even with just a basic education, he was able to develop his skills and understanding of a subject to such a level.

Did he sit in on countless lectures in the two years between og and ac? How many medical professionals and researchers did he consult with in the meantime? Did he participate in any of those research personally both as a subject and a researcher? (I’m not even touching on how brave he would have to be to do that because of what happened in the Nibelheim labs) Does he own and read an entire bookcase of books dedicated to medical research in his bid to find a cure for Geostigma? While on top of that, keeping up with all the responsibilities of being both the owner and the only employee of his delivery business?

Makes me wonder what he could have gone on to achieve if he had attended school instead of joining the infantry.


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Trigger Warnings: Sirius picks on you…?

Omg, YES!!! My personal favorite movie is HP and prisoner of azkaban!! Also on that note can you write a fic where you are a hufflepuff and you go to school with Sirius and you have to stand up to him because you are tired of him picking on you. BUT WHEN YOU FINALY DO, he just changes from picking on you to flirting with you

a/n: i hope you like this <3 feedback and requests are always welcome. ohmygod school started and i’m dying. send help. apparently the gif is young sirius.

     “Hey, weakling! Are you off to help with Madam Pomfrey again today?” Sirius Black sneered at you, his friends following behind him, laughing along with him. “Haven’t you got something useful to do?”

    You sighed quietly to yourself. Not sure why you didn’t see this coming today. He has been picking on you since the day you were sorted into your individual houses. You didn’t know why, since you were everything but rude to him. Sometimes, you would offer to help to him in a class he was having trouble in or you would even smile at him when passing by. But he would never accept you. 

      You didn’t know why you even let him tease you for so long, given it was now your sixth year in Hogwarts. Maybe it was because it was never so bad that he needed to be stopped, you thought. Or maybe you knew you didn’t have the courage to confront him; you were a hufflepuff after all. 

     “Don’t you have anything to say, Puffy? That’s not new.” He continued to pick on you.

    You opened your mouth to say something, but unfortunately for you, not a single word could be uttered from your lips. This only added to Sirius’s ego, making smirk at you before slapping the books out of your hold to the ground. He laughed loudly once more walking away, his group following behind him. Lily was the last to go, but before she did, she smiled at you sympathetically. You shook your head at her, silently telling her you were fine. 

     But you weren’t all that fine.

    Hurriedly picking up your books, you rushed to your next class. You ran down the corridor, your robe swishing behind you, making it to Potions just on the nick of time. Looking around, you saw the seat next Severus was the only one empty. You didn’t mind Severus, he was a nice boy, relatable even. He was picked on by Sirius and his gang too. Worst than you by all means. At least you weren’t seated next to Black himself, but with your luck, he would still be somewhere near you.

    You were right. He sat behind you.

  During the entire class, Sirius would find some way to annoy you. Of course you being you, nothing was said for him to stop. He would either kick your chair, pull your hair back. You tried asking him nicely to stop bothering you and focus on his work but to no avail. He would constantly bug you, while his best friend, James, harassed Severus. 

    Time was on your side. Soon enough the bell chimed, signalling the end of the final class of the day. You quickly packed everything up and ran back to the hospital wing before anything else could happen to either embarrass you or hurt you. 

   As you walked, you wondered why the hell you even put up with the things Sirius does. You wondered why anyone does. He was just an arrogant prick who thinks any house besides Gryffindor was useless. You swore you were done with just letting him be rude to you. The next time you saw him you had to confront him. Enough is enough.

    You weren’t expecting the next time to be anytime soon.

    It was time for dinner in the main hall, but you weren’t feeling up for it. Working with Madam Pomfrey was a lot more tedious than one would expect. Sure it wasn’t like quidditch practice or anything, but it was fun for you. Staying with the matron for quite a few hours after class, you had completely forgotten about the homework. So instead of dinner, you did homework.

   Sirius Black and his friends were probably going to tease you anyway. 

  Before you knew it, curfew had come but you still weren’t finished with the parchment about Defense Against the Fantastic Beasts yet. Rummaging in your bag, you noticed you had forgotten some of your books in the hospital wing. You really needed those books for the essay due tomorrow. You thought you could ask someone for theirs, but everyone was sleeping so peacefully, you just couldn’t bring yourself to wake them. 

   There was only one thing to do. You had to sneak out to grab your books. This was incredibly unlike you. Never ever would you break the rules of the school. But you really really need those darn books to finish your assignment. You debated whether what was better: detention (if you were caught) or a bad grade?

   The chances of getting caught wasn’t as high so you went for it. Besides, you help out all the time, detention is just like helping. You slip on your fluffy slippers, quietly tiptoeing out of the common room. You woke one of the portraits on your way out, thinking you were caught before you could get the job done. However, the tired painting payed no mind to your perusing, and simply went back to her slumber.

    You let out a small breath, before reassuring yourself that you can do this. It was a simple task. Nodding to yourself, you continued your familiar path to the infirmary. Sneakily of course.

  You sighed to yourself once you reached your destination without getting caught. Half your journey is through, the other half awaits. You walked into the large room, being extra quite for there were some students sleeping in there. 

     “Lumos.” You whispered, holding up your wand, lighting the way. 

 You spot your books in the far corner, and made you way to it before you spell wore away. Now all you had to do was quietly make your way back to your room and finish the parchment before daybreak. Simple.


  As you backed out of the room, closing the door gently, you slammed right into a soft wall that you don’t remember being there before.

  Except it wasn’t a wall.

  Your clumsy ass backed into a person.

  Sirius Black to be exact.

  The sudden feeling made you jump, but you were smart enough not to scream and draw even more unwanted people there. Turning around, you avoided eye contact and squeaked out a small “sorry” before going back down the hall once more. You didn’t get very far. Two steps at most. 

    “Where do you think you’re going at this time of night, Weakling?” You heard from behind you. You turn again to meet with a smirk, his hand latched on your wrist.

    Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath. You swore the next time you meet him, you would end it. The next time was now. Were you ready? You could always do it next time, right? But you really wanted to get rid of that stupid smirk on his face.

      “I could ask you the same thing, Sirius.” You said, trying to keep your voice steady. 

    His eyes widened for a split second, taken aback by your words. It was only for a moment, but you caught it. 

      “So you do speak.” His smirk growing by the second now.

   “Yes, I do. And I am finished with your picking on me, Sirius Black. What have I ever done to have you constantly embarrassing me? All I’ve wanted was to help you. And everyone else too. But you never let me. I absolutely hate going out of the common room sometimes simply because I know you’d be there to tease me.”

    You took another deep breath, not knowing where all this courage came from. If only his friends were there to see it. 

   “You aren’t going to pick on me anymore, Sirius. I am not letting you hurt me anymore.”

       You looked at him, like, really looked at him for the first time that night. Nothing was spoken for a few minutes. You just stood there staring at each other. His eyes held no emotion, or at least you couldn’t see anything. It was like staring into a brown abyss until he finally said something.

    “Fine. If that’s what you want.” 

  You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. Deep down, there was a fear that he would laugh at you and torment you even further. But that wasn’t what happened. This was unexpected, but you weren’t complaining.


   And it was.


     “Hey, Weakling. Where are you off to now?” You heard behind you. You knew the voice, it was Sirius. Of course it was. Except his usual smirk wasn’t there. No, there was something else. Almost as if he genuinely wanted to know.

    “I thought we talked about this.” You turned to him. This time you were faced with a cheeky smile instead of the devil smirk he always wore. You raised your eyebrow at him, urging him to finish up before the next class.

    “We did. And did I tell you that you’re kind of… cute when you’re confident?”

  “What?” You could feel the heat rush to your cheeks as everyone around him gasped. This was completely unlike Sirius Black.

    “In fact, you look kind of cute now,” he stepped close enough to touch you. “Adorable, really”

    He tapped your nose with his finger before winking at you. Then he turned to leave. You and everyone else stood there, chins to the ground in shock. You touched your nose before shrugging and making your way to class. This was completely weird. But you kind of liked it.

   It was.


All you need in life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.

Mark Twain, letter to Mrs. Foote, 1887.

That was Metatron’s clue to himself - and I think it’s worth pointing out that Twain was a satirist. Pretend Stephen Colbert is saying this to a Republican congressman… and suddenly instead of success, you get blithe unawareness that you’ve failed.

…but then we kind of thought that about Metatron before and he pulled off his evil scheme after all.