those cute idiots

Yuuri doesn’t even realize until Yurio points it out.

“You’re not gonna die if your hands aren’t on him all the time, Old Man,” he snarks, spraying them with ice as he skates away in a huff after their break.

Yuuri immediately blushes, the warm, solid weight of Victor’s hand on his shoulder now glaringly obvious. How many times has Victor touched him like that without a second thought? Too many to count, definitely.

Like from last night, when Victor’s fingers brushed against Yuuri’s lower back as they cooked dinner together in their apartment, or like the kisses absently pressed to his hair (and neck and cheek) all afternoon.

So maybe Victor touches him a lot. Intentionally and unintentionally. It’s terribly sweet, and the love that Yuuri feels for this man somehow manages to grow beyond the amount that he already has.

Au contraire, Yurio,” Victor says smoothly, interrupting Yuuri’s thoughts. His arms slide down Yuuri’s body to pull him to his chest. “I’m quite positive that holding my Yuuri is essential to my well-being. You’ll understand someday.”

Yurio’s flush is visible from the other side of the rink. As he dissolves into his distinctive profanity, Victor only chuckles and holds Yuuri closer.

And Yuuri holds him back.

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Rainy Day Man

A Miraculous Ladybug oneshot for Adrinette month. Marichat fluff, this time. I wrote it pretty quickly,  but hopefully people like it.

Prompt: Rainy day

I listened to this song on loop while writing it. My feelings. The nostalgia.

Marinette wasn’t quite sure why she kept allowing this to happen.

Well, that was a lie. She knew exactly why she allowed Chat Noir to drop by her room every now and again.

It’d started accidentally. He’d fallen face first on her balcony during on of his solo patrols and she’d gone to check out the ungodly crash at eleven at night.

After patching up a scrape on his cheek and chatting for a minute, she’d sent him on his way, thinking nothing of it.

Then he’d showed up a week later with a small pack of cookies as a ‘thank you’. Simple enough, she’d accepted them, they’d talked, he’d gone on his way.

Somehow that had led to him dropping by for a few minutes every couple of weeks, just to shoot the breeze, nothing major.

Marinette had considered several times to tell him this was a bad idea. That this was likely to be dangerous if Papillon caught wind of Chat Noir’s friendship with Marinette, or at least annoying if the media noticed. But for one thing, Marinette was also Ladybug and capable of taking care of herself, against Papillon and the media.

More importantly, however, every time she considered it he seemed to smile. Just a small quiet smile, not his cocky smirks. (It was odd how that smile tugged at the back of her mind in a sense of deja vu. Odder still how it tugged her chest, just a bit.) She’d seen that smile as Ladybug, true, but for some reason it hit harder during quieter moments, without the aftermath of adrenaline from battling an akuma.

He just seemed so…grateful. And she wasn’t really sure why.

So of course she allowed him to drop by occasionally. Just once or twice every few weeks.

So there they were, sitting i front of her computer with a pack of cookies , smothering their laughs so they didn’t wake Marinette’s parents.

“I can’t believe that’s how Victor fell in love with Yuuri,” Marinette said. “It so cute. Those adorable idiots. I don’t believe it!”

Chat Noir had an arm draped over he shoulders, snickering. “It’s perfect. All that time Victor seemed unapproachable to him. And it turns out Victor fell for Yuuri while he was drunk at a party! I love this show.”

Now that the episode was over, however, Marinette caught the constant tapping on the windows. “Uh, Chat Noir? I don’t suppose your baton has an umbrella mode?”

He followed her gaze. “Crud. No. No, it doesn’t,” he sighed. “It extends to near infinite lengths, makes tracking devices, splits in half, scans buildings and creates accurate schematics, and acts as a video communicator. But it doesn’t have an umbrella attachment.”

It slices, it dices… Marinette thought. Then she stood and walked over her drawers, shuffled around for a few moments, pulled out an umbrella. “Here, don’t want you going home looking like a drowned cat.”

He snorted. “I’ll be fine. You know I’m not actually a cat, right? Water doesn’t bother much.”

“I know. But it’ll make me feel better. Don’t want you catching a cold,” she smirked, just a bit. “What would Ladybug do without you watching her back?” She meant it, too. She could take on akuma by herself, but it was much simpler and safer with him than without him.

He took the umbrella with a nod, then seemed to stare at it for just a moment.

“A dear friend let me borrow it; so I’ll need it back, okay? I’ve got to return it to him sometime.”

Then he did that smile again. “No problem. See you next week for the next episode?”

“Duh. You bring the soda, I’ll make sure we have snacks.”

“Got it!” Then he climbed out the window with a thumbs up and leapt into the night.

Marinette really hoped the rain let up before morning.

She still hadn’t gotten another umbrella.

WestAllen + Facebook Part XIV (based on my headcanon)

In which Iris gushes about her new ring (set immediately after Iris gets the ring. let’s assume it was a Thursday)


You gonna bust on me now for being sentimental?


I have a pet lizard named Puff, five goldfish - named Pinky, Brain, Jowels, Pearl and Sandy, an oscar fish named Chef, two pacus, an albino African frog named Whitey, a bonsai tree, four Venus flytraps, a fruit fly farm and sea monkeys.