those curls!

I See You (6) • Shawn Mendes


sm pov

“Ready Shawn?” Andrew asked as I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

We were currently back in Toronto for a show here and I was about to do the usual meet-and-greet with the fans. It feels good to be back home.

“Yeah!” I laugh. We walk into the room where it was going to be held and that’s when the girls went screaming, calling for me. Andrew clapped me on the back and went to the side with Geoff and the others.

“Hey guys.” I smiled at the girls, left my bottle at one of the tables and went to the photo wall that was set up and started talking and taking pictures with them.

The line started to get shorter and shorter. It was not until the last ones in the line did my breath get caught in my throat.

Those long brown curls that sway softly as she walks. Those pale blue eyes that almost look gray. Those dimples that show when she smiles.

Wow. She’s breathtaking.

She went in front of me pulling her phone out from her pocket as a little girl came running towards me. I kneel down beside her with my arms open, and she hugged me tightly with her little arms. “Hi, honey. What’s your name?”

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I'm sure your girl gets this all the time, but I want to cry she's so beautiful she looks like a life live version of the lass from Brave. Those CURLS!!!!!

When I wake up in the morning and we’re all snuggled up, I like to run my fingers through her curls and keep her warm.

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Lance wakes up to Keith hesitantly petting his hair one morning, realizing he fell asleep talking to keith after a shower and now his someday boyfriend is starry eyed about how gorgeous he is with curly hair. Keith flushing when he realizes Lance is awake and trying to pretend he wasn't coppin a feel of those soft curls

this doodle doesnt measure up to this adorable prompt,, it was so cute omg im sorry

funnily enough there is a huge correlation between gay peoples general dissatisfaction with life (due to homophobia, mental illness, economic troubles, past abuse / trauma, etc) and their only respite being their partners. and to act like the prevalence of “codependence” in gay communities has no connection with structural issues that pervade gay peoples lives is fucked up to say the least ! you can criticize “ill die without you” rhetoric without ignoring the 1. reciprocity of those feelings and 2. very reasonable and systemic influences on those feelings