those crying sounds

This user dies every time Han Jumin says “My Love”

taehyung and bogum’s lil adventure video :’) | © 朴寶劍 on youtube

ok kids pray for my soul tomorrow begins the first of 8 days straight working at the store on cash. i’m going to die. but also. money.

Kurt as a parent would definitely include:

• Long lullabies in both English and German
• Getting concerned every time something “weird” happens to his baby (and calling the pediatrician over any small sneeze)
• Running to his baby as soon as he starts to cry (or maybe even before he starts, when the baby makes those pre-cry cute sounds)
• Letting you sleep at night and getting up when his baby cries at night (unless your baby is hungry…)
• Always making the baby laugh (because with a dad like him, who wouldn’t be that happy ;3)
• Rocking the cradle with his tail
• Over-hugging and kissing his little baby
• Throwing his baby from side to side on the sofa and teleporting to catch it
• If his baby won’t stop crying, he would go and start to tell it the stories of his time back at the circus (and as unbelievable as it could be, the baby gets relaxed and stares back at him as if it could really understand what daddy Kurt says)
• Playing “hide and seek” using his teleporting skills
• Sending over his bamfs when he’s too tired to play over with the baby or when his baby wants a teddy bear to sleep with
• Moving his tail in front of the baby to keep him amused
• Choosing a German name for his baby • And last but not least, since the baby is rather likely to have a physical mutation like him, once he is able to hold his newborn for the very first time, he’d be able to understand that looks doesn’t matter at all, there will always be someone who will love you despite your looks and believe this, he’d love his babies no matter what.

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i am in literal tears right now, i’m just so moved by the power and strength all the protestors had today. resistance and the belief of standing up for what is right is one of the most beautiful things to watch. i am proud, and always be, to be a woman.

150226 ELF JAPAN Fanmeeting-Eunhae moments- session 2:
  • *Hae: I am everyone's boyfriend
  • Hyuk: I am everyone's girlfriend
  • *Teuk: What is the last song?
  • Hae: Show me the love!
  • Hyuk: We are the future
  • *Hyuk: Next week I'll...
  • Chul: Enlist
  • Hyuk: No! I'll be promoting with Donghae. We're working very hard, hope you'll like it.
  • *Hyukjae and Donghae in the same group this time, and they both did despised expression to the camera
  • *After the cake was pushed onto the stage,hyuk exclaimed ‘choco!’ then hae asked if it was hyuk’s dog.hyuk’s face then got covered with chocolate and donghae went to take the chocolate off hyuk’s face before licking his own fingers.donghae said that he was embarrassed and he wants to abandon E from D&E. hyuk looked helpless.
  • *they had to guess the item in the box.hyuk guessed it was tofu but didnt dare to touch it.hae put his hand inside the box as well and pushed hyuk'S hand hard to touch it,hyuk pretended to hit hae with his other hand,then hae ran away happily!
  • *During the tablecloth game donghae was laughing so hard that he sat directly onto the table.hyuk was holding onto his own white cloth and standing behind donghae.when donghae came down the table it almost toppled over so hyuk held the table from behind to let donghae down.
  • *After eunhae's team lost donghae hung his towel around the mc, then Hyukjae copied donghae and hung his towel around the mc.
  • * A picture shows a mole on one of the member's arms and they had to guess who was it.the answer is hyuk and he tried to roll up his sleeves so that everyone can see his mole.but it was too tight.donghae then reached out to touch hyuk's biceps.hyuk laughed and flung donghae's hand away.
  • * eunhae was sitting together ,hyuk lightly hit hae's head,hae turned around and smiled at hyuk brightly!
  • *while singing this is love hyuk was standing at the area with no barrier and slowly swaying his body forward,then donghae hugged hyuk from behind and pulled him back.
  • cr: daalki,trulyhae
Henry's Best Vocals
Henry's Best Vocals

Henry is not the best vocalist out there. He’s not strong vocally, and often tends to sound nasally. But with the right song and vocal technique, he can be really good. I couldn’t include everything so here are my favorites:

U - Julia - 安静Silence An Jing - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Everytime I Close My Eyes - Andante - I’m Yours - Give Me Everything Tonight - Stand Up - I Would - So Cold - Addiction - Saturday - You (자꾸자꾸) - Stay With Me