those crinkles

A Rough Ride

Summary: I have a slight obsession with Dean’s thighs. This is pure porn to let me fantasize about that.

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: smut, thigh riding

A/N: This is gratuitous and shameless, and I’m not even sorry. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Tagging some people who commented that they’d like to see this at the end :) XOXO

It was his thighs.

The rest of him was perfect. Both the Norse and the Greek gods would be jealous. Dean Winchester was tall and strong, broad shoulders, biceps that stretched the sleeves of his t-shirts, and a face so beautifully, ruggedly gorgeous you often wondered if he’d sold his soul for it.

But it was his thighs that got you.

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u know, if sebastian stan was like “hey punch ur best friend in the face” id be like what the fuck no, but if sebastian stan smiled at me and was like “hey punch ur best friend in the face” id be like “okay fuck, im sorry about this, but did u see those eye crinkles?”

in light of recent events here are some of my favorite kihyun things:

  • when he hits a high note and looks so happy
  • his full body laugh where he throws his head back and claps his hands together
  • also his small high pitched giggle
  • when he smiles really wide and he gets those crinkles by his eyes i love his eye smile so much!!
  • his singing voice and how soft and soothing and powerful it can be
  • how much he loves his members and cares about them
  • like it’s really obvious that he loves his members so!! much!! and always looks out for them…….it’s in the small things like when he feeds the others or when changkyun broke down crying during his speech and kihyun comforted him or the way he unconsciously clings to someone else
  • the love he has for his fans :( rip me

did u know that i love yoo kihyun with all my heart


Here’s a little tattooartist!calum and daddy!calum for you enjoy :)

Just imagine, you had just picked up your three year old son from daycare and decided that you both should go visit Cal.

You pull up to the shop that your boyfriend owns and you carry Kalen inside on your hip. You walk in to the sound of the bell going off, indicating someone has entered the shop. Michael looks up from his spot at the front desk and smirks.

“Well hello (y/n), hello Kalen.”

Kalen giggles and hides his face into your neck. “Where’s Cal?” you ask already knowing he’s in his office. “Oh he’s in his office, piercing some hot ass chicks tits.” You roll your eyes, typical Calum.

A few moments later a girl who looks no older than 18, comes walking out with Calum in tow. When he spots you holding Kalen he smiles so wide he gets those cute ass crinkles by his eyes. (dO YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT OMFG KILL ME NOW) He rings his client up, and tells her how to take care of them and to make sure they stay clean. She twirls her hair around her fingers, giggling and shamelessly flirting with your boyfriend. You put Kalen on his feet and he clings to your leg. Once he’s all done with explaining to her, she turns around giggling and goes “Thanks for taking care of me Cal.” while starting directly into your eyes, as if she had no idea that you were the one who gets to fuck him.

After she walks out Calum turns to you guys and smiles. Kalen looks up at his daddy and runs right into his open arms shouting “Dada! Dada!” You jut out your hip and cross your arms over your chest, still not pleased with your boyfriend being completely oblivious to that girls shameless attempts at flirting.

“Hi angel,” he comes closer to you to give you a quick peck on your lips, only to have you put your hand on his chest, to stop him from kissing you.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing” you say with a shrug.

Calum can easily tell something’s wrong, so he moves closer to you. “Let’s go back to my office to talk, Mike can you take Kalen for a quick sec?”

“Sure man, but no funny business.” Michael says with a smirk “You have your next client in 30.”

Calum brushes off Mike’s comment and grabs your hand, pulling you to his office. You sit down on the famous chair, the one where you got a lot more than just a tattoo.

He quickly shuts the door and makes his way over to you. “What did I do now?” you scoff and roll your eyes. “It’s more like what you didn’t do.” “Would care to explain because I’m a little confused.” Calum says while running his hands through his curly, untamed hair.

“She was flirting with you and you didn’t even notice!”

“Who, my client!” “Baby you know she means nothing to me.” he says coming closer to you. When he sees you don’t try to move away, he tilts your chin up so he can look in your eyes. “You know I love you and that your the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and that when you came in all the years ago to get these pretty tits pierced I was a goner.”

He moves his hand to cup you through your shirt. You moan and tilt your head back. Calum leans down and starts kissing up your neck, while still occasionally squeezing your boobs. He reaches down for the button on your shorts and plunges his hand inside.

“When was the last time I properly fucked this pussy.”

Not needing the answer he pushes his hand further inside your shorts only to realize, your not wearing panties.

“Angel, did I say you can wear no panties?”

You whimper and throw your head back.

“Answer me pretty.” “No”

Then why did you do it, huh?“ He presses his rough palm up against your clit, stimulating another moan from you.

Just as he’s about to pull down your shorts, a knock at the door is heard.

“I know what you two are doing in there and I hate to interrupt but your son is getting antsy.”

You gasp and quickly button your shorts, pushing past Calum and unlocking the door, going to fend for your son. “Mama!” Kalen shouts running towards you. “Hi baby, ready to go home.” you ask picking him up. Your son nods against your shoulder.

The sound of the bell ringing makes all your heads turn towards the culprit. You see a girl a little older then you walk in with her head held high.

“Hi I’m here for Cal’s 6 o'clock appointment to get my clit pierced.”

Your jaw drops in disbelief and disgust. You knew dating a tattooartist would come with this but damn were you feeling jealous.

“Actually Mike can take you, I no longer do piercings, just tattoos.” Calum says while coming to stand next to you, taking Kalen out of your arms into his own. She narrows her eyes in disbelief.

“Fine.” She huffs

Cal walks you two out to your car. “You know angel why didn’t you just tell me you didn’t like it when I pierce other girls.”

“Because it’s your job Cal, I don’t want you to stop because of me.”

“Hey, I don’t want you to keep things from me okay? I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Calum buckles in Kalen while you hop into the drivers seat. After Kalen is buckled in he makes his way around the car to your side. You roll down the window and look up at him. “I love you okay, don’t ever doubt that.” You smile and lean over pecking him several times on the lips “I love you more.” He smiles and kisses you one last time before returning to his full height. “I’ll see you later okay?” you nod and buckle your seat belt. “Bye Kalen, love you buddy.”

“Bye dada! I wuv you!”

You giggle and roll up your window driving back home. You smile to yourself knowing you have the most beautiful family in the world and you couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes It’s the little things that make you fall in love with a person, like the way her nose scrunches up and those little crinkles by her eyes appear when she laughs, or the way her hair seemed to look perfect everyday, or that little pep in her step every time she walked.
—  A.U. | Her #1 | It’s the little things

Guys when Calum smiles he gets these eye crinkles and I am in love with those eye crinkles.

I’m going to punch you (with my mouth)

for anon 


Yoongi hates Hoseok. No really, he hates Hoseok.

And Yoongi really has the right to.

First of all, that stupid bundle of puppies has the audacity to look downright cheerful at the lazy hour of 5pm (perfect time for naps mind you), rocking up at the Min household with a wide smile and a chemistry textbook in hand. The first time that had happened, Yoongi had decided that he had seen the face of the devil. No one looks that happy while holding a chemistry textbook. No one.

Except Hoseok, the literal spawn of satan and sunshine.

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Her favorite thing about his body are his lips. They’re full, soft, and beautiful. They stretch so rarely into a smile, more inclined to twitch down into a disapproving scowl. He smirks every now and then. But oh when he smiles, she just….

Her heart sings and her body lightens as the laughter bubbles from him as Varric tells him a story of Hawke’s escapades. The smile dances over his face, stretching those lips, crinkling the skin by his eyes, his shoulders bobbing with the laughter and happiness that she wants him to always feel.

Her darling heart is a serious man, a man who wants to be playful and to poke fun, but is weighed down by silent and secret weights. She wants to reach down and pull those weights off, to see him light and beautiful and laughing. 

But then he laughs and it’s almost like those weights have been temporarily set to the side and she sees him and not the weight. Beautiful, laughing, and amazingly cheeky her Solas is. 

She walks into the room and his eyes brighten even more. Her heart clenches as he holds a hand out for her take. She continues to him and bends down, pressing her lips to his, tasting the lingering smile on his mouth. He startles for a moment, mostly surprised at her boldness in front of Varric and Dorian, but both men have seen much more explicit…of heard it even. 

“My heart,” he breathes as she pulls away, the words a kiss from those lips to her heart. She caresses his head and kisses his forehead.

“Ar lath ma, vhenan,” she tells him, and just for a moment, she feels the weights slowly shift off of his shoulders. 

donoradvocate  asked:

I remember watching an old episode of Maude where she was daydreaming and there was a one or two second shot of her in this supposed dream where she was wearing a gray wool blazer with a matching gray knee length skirt and a pair of those tall black stretch crinkle go go boots that were so popular back in the day. She looked so sexy. Do you by chance know which episode I'm talking about, or better yet, have a screen shot of that image?

I wsh I knew :(

To fill the void, here’s gif of hot Maude.


Edit: If somebody knows what the episode is it would be wonderful.


Requested by likegiraffetall: A Cas x reader based on Shiver Shiver by Walk the Moon. Hope you enjoy it, love! XOXO

Word Count: 933

Warnings: Implied smut

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Some of my favorite Aaron facial expressions from Undrafted

A Very Merry Supernatural Christmas [Smut Edition]

12 Days of Supernatural Christmas | Day 12

Originally posted by acklesjensen

Dean x Reader

A/N: I haven’t given you any smut in a while so I thought I’d make a smutty version of the Christmas fic I wrote. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

Warning: SMUT

Summary: You invited Dean into your bed, to watch a movie, last night (Christmas Eve) and when the clock strikes midnight Dean gives you his gift.

It’s only half way through the movie and you haven’t bothered to watch more than a few seconds of it at a time. You were too busy looking back over to Dean, admiring everything about him. The way his eyes would crinkle in the corns when he smiles, the way his mouth would open slightly when he laughed, the way the flashing light from the TV would reflect off his deep forest green eyes. You could go on and on.

“What?” Dean asked.

Oh no, he caught you looking. He’s smiling at you now and those crinkles are forming on the outer corners of his eyes, the dancing light from the TV the only thing filling the room and you couldn’t help but just stare at him. Words don’t even exist to you right now.

“Y’N” Dean’s face softened “are you okay?” he now looked more concerned than amused.

You pull yourself together and opened your eyes wide, looking directly in his eyes “Yeah” you blinked a few times trying to collected yourself “I was just thinking about you” you admitted and then quickly looked down, blushing, at the cup of eggnog that you’ve been holding in your hands this whole time.

Dean’s lips curled back up into a grin and he grabbed the cup from your hands and placed it on the small bedside table next to him. He put an arm around you and pulled you into his chest “What were you thinking about?” he asked looking down at you, completely forgetting about the movie.

You bit the corner of you bottom lip and thought about what you were going to say “I was thinking about how amazing you are” you look up at him through your lashes and smile “you always got my back and your always looking out for me” you pause letting your word really sink into Dean “I don’t think I could have made it this far without you.” You look back down at your hands.

Dean pulled you in a little tighter and rubbed your arm “I think you’re amazing too.”

You tilt your head back, to look at him, expecting to see him smiling but instead he was staring intensely down at you. The blacks of his eyes completely blown out leaving a thin outline of emerald green around them and his bottom lip was pulled between his teeth as if he was trying to hold something in.

“Screw it” you hear Dean whispers to himself before colliding his lips into yours.

He leans back against the headboard, pulling you with him. You swing your leg over him to straddle his waist, your lips never leaving each other.

You pull away for a moment, trying to catch your breath “What are we doing?” you ask Dean. You didn’t want this to stop but you also didn’t want this to change things between the two of you.

Dean put his forehead on yours and gave you another kiss. This time there was no force, no hunger behind it. This kiss was gentle and slow. His tongue dancing with yours, his fingertips like feathers tenderly tracing over your shoulders and arms.

He released your lips “We’re kissing” he grinned.

You laughed “I know that” you pecked his lips again wanting anxiously to rips his clothes off but you needed clarification about what is happening “why?” you ask simply.

“Why not?” Dean’s voice was deep, his eyes hooded and his lips swollen from the make-out session you two just shared.

He flipped you over quickly, now he’s hovering over you, balancing himself on one hand and using his other hand to snake up and under your black silk top, grabbing your waist, his warm hand stinging your cool skin. Dean’s eyes roamed your face, alternating between looking at your eyes and your lips. He wanted desperately to kiss you again.

Dean leans down to whisper in your ear, his fingertips now tracing the waist line of your shorts “I can stop if you want me to” he kisses right below your ear triggering you to buck your hips and arch your back into his touch while a moan slips passed your lips.

“Please don’t stop” you barely get the words out.

You can feel his smirk against your neck and his hot breath against your ear. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, everything you’ve been dreaming about and so far Dean has not disappointed.

Dean nipped at the sensitive flesh on your neck, leaving a little pink trail down to your collarbone. Soft moans escaping your mouth every few seconds. He hasn’t even gotten your clothes off and you’re already soaking through your panties.

After about 5 minutes of making out and feeling every inch of you that isn’t clothed, Dean finally begins removing your clothing. First your top, he pulls it over your head slowly, admiring every part of you before leaning over and taking one of your nipples into his mouth sucking gentle creating a perfect peak. He did the same to the other nipple before kissing down your body, stopping at the waistline of your shorts.

Dean hooked his fingers into your short and with one seamless motion they were off and he was licking, biting and kissing up your legs. Starting at your ankles and working his way up to your thighs, stopping just at your aching core, looking up at your through his lashes and smiling before giving your wet center a peck over your black underwear.

By now you’re falling apart, just wanting Dean inside of you, on top of you. You want to feel his heavy body on yours and his breath against your face as he’s panting his way through his own orgasm.

“Dean” you manage to whimper out, already out of breath from the buildup.

Dean doesn’t respond with words but instead hums lightly into your soaked panties sending a chill up your spine and making you once again buck your hips up into his mouth. He places one of his hands on your lower stomach to hold you down and begins pulling your panties off with his teeth, using his other hand to finish the job.

Now you are fully naked. Nothing is hiding you from Dean anymore. There is nothing holding you back anymore. Dean on the other hand is still completely dressed, his hard length visibly pressing against his tight blue jeans.

Dean waste no time and licks a long strip through your fold, hitting your clit with the tip of his tongue making your instinctively squeeze your legs around Dean’s head.  He tugs your legs apart and continues his attack on your core. His tongue worked small circles around your clit, occasionally sucking the tiny ball of nerves between his teeth sending a jolt of electricity through your body every time.

Your hands reached down and you tangled your fingers into his short dirty blonde locks, yanking. You feel Dean’s hands sliding up your thighs and then suddenly your feel a finger pushing its way into your opening. A long, low moan fills the room and your back arches off the bed.

Dean adds another finger, curling them into your G spot with every pump and sucking your swollen clit into his mouth every time. He got a slow but steady rhythm going and you were about to explode.

He let out a throaty moan sending vibrations through your core up into your body. That was all it took for you to come undone. Your body shook with your orgasm and your legs clenched together around Dean’s head.

“Oh God, Dean” you screamed out.

Dean worked you through your orgasm before gentle detaching his fingers from you and licking one last time through your wet, trembling folds.

You look down at Dean, still between your legs the sight enough to make you cum again. You couldn’t believe what just happened, on Christmas day at that.

“You’re amazing Y/N” Dean praised you all while kissing his way back up to your neck.

“You’re amazing” you moan out.

Dean finally reached your lips and sank down on top of you, kissing you softly and brushing the hair from your face “Let’s get some sleep” he suggest, pecking your lips.

With that he rolled off of you and wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you into his chest “Merry Christmas Y/N” Dean kisses your forehead.

“Merry Christmas Dean” you whisper back, eyes already heavy with sleep.


Talking Head or Braindead 
My favorite parts are when Aaron cracks up at a Sarah Palin quote and the BAM when he is super proud he knew Tony’s quote 😂 (x)