those colours man


Baahubali Navarathiri: Outfit Appreciation

BHALLALADEVA ; King of Mahishmati

he spun himself a crown of gold,
thrones of bones and citadels.
to the dead stars he screamed:
make me king or i’ll make you bleed — alt. AMBITION | M.J. }

A smol Panda told me you like rainbows :3

Heheh, keep on being awesome… I have no idea why life… why God let us be friends… but I am sure glad that He did. Enjoy some art, rainbows, and soft snuggly panda. I feel privileged to know someone who will do great things like you will. I believe in you, and I know God does to, maybe I am here just to tell you that XD, Have Fun!!!

Art by @calvaryknight

You’re spoiling me at this rate! Staaaaaahp

Oh man though, more rainbows, and also happy sparkles. My deep thanks! This looks adorable. I will cuddle with Oreo anytime.


Inktober #15: My Waifu Zarya

I’ll catch up on the missing days in Inktober, but I couldn’t resist drawing my waifu Zarya’s new 80’s skin! I mean, MY GOD! Those colours, man!!! (Also tried out a cool VHS effect tutorial I found, and I think the results came out nicely!)

@overwatch-fan-art @blizzard-games



I couldn’t stop thinking about like a Sailor Moon Delirious with Evan’s superhero nickname. (❛ᴗ❛)

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kyutie-allurie  asked:

HENLO yes I am a friend of ur father (Scotcho) and I'm sorry for the like spam I haven't checked up on ur art for a while and HECK MAN those colours and your sketchy lines like DANG DARN!!! Have a good day my cool pal 😎 <3

lmao i havent noticed bc i have retags/response only on but ty!


I was getting mad at myself for being a butt so I decided to do something different to break out of it. I’ve been meaning to do a screenshot study for ages and this was supposed to be a speed paint but I got into it so I have no idea how long I spent on it (far too long at any rate oops). All done with the Ultimate Pastel brush from this amazing photoshop brush set.

Screenshot taken from Endeavour Season 2 Episode 4 ‘Neverland’. The composition and lighting in this show is ridiculously beautiful and I kind of really related to this character okay. Anyway who wouldn’t love a ventriloquist and their spooky-as-hell dummy.

Details because why not;

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External image