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just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

This was part of a series that is, as of now, incomplete. I basically turned the paladins into mythical creatures! When I finish them, I’ll be sure to share with everyone! Originally, I was planning on making these stickers. Still might happen!!

for @the-bird-dating-blog as it turns out 😊 💚

so I realized when I got this request that I had already made something in this theme :))  here’s some post war Harry giving Sev kisses to make Sev’s neck wounds heal quicker 

S02E06 “GIRL POWER” thoughts

OH man okay what an episode. I have a LOT OF THOUGHTS so I added a Read More somewhere down there for you. Once again it’s a ton of observations mixed with mental notes and a lot of half-thought theories.

- We know what the Bergsberg sign says! “Once you’re here… you’ll never want to be gone”. –> because everyone somehow finds what they need there?

- I was waiting for the scene where Friedkin finds out the Rowdy 3 are gone. It was fantastic. Lieutenant AssistEnt?! Mental note, teleportation is linked with water and an electrical surge that also manages to interrupt surveillance.

- Ken is just so freakin’ happy with this new living quarters. I wish I could go through those files he has there. Also the only bit of color in the room is in the shower - a red soap thingie and a yellow soap thingie and a blue and a red loofa. What’s going on with that? They remind me of the buttons on Vogel’s jacket.

- Nice leopard print tights, Todd. Also Todd is wearing Dirk’s glowsticks. And they’re red and blue which is a THING because a TON of things in this episode are red and blue (just like the Dengdamor sigil?).

- Pink-coated Dirk vs. Bart in blue! “Are you back to being scared of me?” sounds to me like Dirk wasn’t when he was high on a love spell. I wish we could see what went on there.

- The Mage’s little speech is super interesting and there’s lots to unpack there. The world he conquered was supposed to be different and he was supposed to lose. What changed? If it’s the boy in the murals that’s supposed to defeat the Mage every time, he’s been missing for a long time. Why are we only looking for The Boy now?

- Odd thing I noticed: the boy is dressed the same in every instance of him defeating the mage (same kind of shirt, either yellow or green, blue pants, and a crown) but his hair is a different color nearly every time. It’s black or brown in one, red in one, blond in another.

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But did you see them in the latest GFH episode?? I yelled so loud when my boys came on!! Also lil Eta and Iota with big bro Delta sooooo cute ;U;!!

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Happy belated V-day~


SW Request for @white-rainbowff

Not truly mickey ears hat but close enough ;v;…the hat was so off so i went with the next best thing. Lmao, who’s that holding his hand 👀👀👀!? Why is he wearing shorts?? ahhhhhh……..

Check out my twitter (@nsPamc) as i will be posting WIP for the sw request :)! 

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Wow I didn’t expect the first request to be this XD

Here you go George~

Oh god, this took longer than I thought too! And there are still 6 more requests.. @o@

I had much fun playing with the colors though. Undynetale is terribly awesome to draw XD

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When you dress like Sirius, those are the real color of your eyes? If yes... can i marry you?

(( OOC: So if I say no… I will be spared the bonds of matrimony? Because I’m definitely not prepared for that “commitment” shit rn. )) 

"But we're all black at the end of the day!"

Yes we are all black at the end of the day (… if you are black that is), but we experience racism and colorism differently because of the shades of our melanin. For example, I am a light skin black person, therefore I benefit from colorism and am more privileged within my own community compared to someone with darker skin. Saying “we’re all black at the end of the day” when we’re trying to have a conversation about colorism silences the real + lived experiences of those with dark skin and highlights your own ignorance.

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Hi; have you some tips to make your home more mermaid like?

Hi there! I think most important is to go for some beach vibe, but with more pastel colors like turquoise, blue, lilac and pink! I think those are real mermaidy colors🌸 And get lots of mermaid furniture like shell formed chairs or beds or romantic dressers you could paint in a mermaidy color🌸

Here are some inspirational pictures I found for you:

@thebeautyisme Omg, perfectly said!!! And I absolutely agree. But—to me at least—this seems to be veering off into the same old argument of, “Who does she love more?” which isn’t really what I’m going after. (Claire and Jamie’s love is, like, The Love of All Loves, of course!) I’m just trying to say that Frank, at one point, was as important to Claire as Jamie is to her now. What she felt for him then was the most genuine, heartfelt love she could give at the time, or had ever felt. Even if she has changed since then, her feelings for Frank were very real. And those lingering feelings will always color Claire’s life in some way (and they certainly played some sort of role in Frank and Claire’s relationship, post-Culloden.)

I was raised by all darkskin women in a country with majority darkskin women(Jamaica). It breaks my heart how the world treats you. I check everyone who I hear speaking down on a black women because she’s dark and also on those who uplift them because they are light. Colorism is real and it’s an issue that needs to be given more attention to. When I look at the mentalities of black men and their complete lack of respect and affection towards darkskin women it breaks my heart. The glorification of light women is simply self hate. We gotta do better as men. The change will start with us.