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Calling all SWEN! Since there won’t be any Swan Queen scenes anymore, I decided to make this Appreciation Week as a way to say “goodbye” to what has been an amazing and painful ride. So please, even if you are no longer making edits for them like you used to, gather up for one last time. This is mostly for graphic/gif makers but others can participate too by spreading the word, liking/reblogging the edits and on day 7.

Starts: Monday the 3rd of July

Ends: Sunday the 9th of July

The prompts for each day are:
Day One: favorite season
Day Two: favorite episode(s)
Day Three: favorite moment(s)/scene(s)
Day Four: favorite quote(s)
Day Five: favorite protecting/saving-each-other-moment
Day Six: favorite fanfiction
Day Seven: free choice (aus, matching clothes, looks, physical contacts etc.) // this day is for those who can’t edit too (make a fanvid, write a one shot, give us your thoughts, metas, jokes, anything really)

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I saw the prettiest child in a long while when I went to buy groceries this morning 

Peter Parker |Peculiar and beautiful

Count of words: 819

Warnings: well it’s not a warning but plus-size reader… trigger possible, hurtfull comments , swearing(mild, maybe once), fluff

A/N: So had this idea cause Loic Nottet is perfect and he inspired me so here…. Inspire by Peculiar and Beautiful by Loic Nottet… But like it’s very different from the song.

ps couldn’t give you a link to the song cause it’s not on youtube…




She had just returned home from party, once again all those skinny girls showing of their perfect bodies, while she kept hidding her beautiful and natural curves, with the belief that they made her ‘ugly’ and ‘annatractive’. But, as much as she was trying to shield herself with those loose clothes, there was someone that just wanted to embraced those, he wanted to help her.

So here she was again, in front of the full size mirror in her bedroom. She was only in her underware, so that all her flaws were visible. Really, she was just trapped into the mirror’s game. It’s a vicious thing, the mirror. It knew just how to play tricks with your mind, making you wonder is what I’m seeing true or is it a lie? The answer is mostly a lie. Cause what you see in the mirror, is not always what other people see in you. It doesn’t reflect who you are, but rather your flaws, and you into that game, just lie she did; just like we all do. Right now, she was looking at her flawed body up and down, naming everything wrong. “My fat legs… big stomach… love handles/ muffin topping… stetch marks… thunder thighs… under arm fat… chubby cheeks…” And the list goes on, a tear falling for every insecurity. She hated who she was, but she didn’t acknoledge that the body hidding in the shadows loved it all.

He loved her beautiful, godess-like legs, he loved her comfortable stomach, her love handles, her beautiful battle scars, her big thighs; that was actually turning him on a bit, but he couldn’t admit it, he loved her arms and her cute cheeks, that he could pinch and squeez and smile at forever. But, he didn’t have enough courage to tell her this himself, in fear of redjection. I mean, who would like the nerd of the school, especially when they don’t know that underneath all that ‘nerdiness’ hides a superhero.

He’d be keeping an eye on her for a while now, so it didn’t come as a surprise that he knew where she was that night. She was sitting on her fire escape, crying over God knows what. Peter, or well, spiderman, would go on patrol and when he was at it he would check to see if she was alright. Usually, he wouldn’t stop but this time his heart broke at the image of the girl. She really did have him wrapped around her finger, but she didn’t know.

As mentioned, the girl, was sitting on her fire escape, legs hunging off the edge, as she cried over some hurtful comments from those, so called,  'perfect’ girls in her school. Spiderman, of course wasn’t aware of the reason, but he wanted to help. Swiftly, he flew to the girl, sitting beside her without scaring her. There was a comfortable silence, until she decided to break it. “So, what is the Spiderman doing on my fire escape on this fine night?” She questioned, a slight playfull tone evident, almost overshadowing the crack in it. “Well, he was on patrol and saw you cry. So, he wants to help. What is bothering you, darling?” He responded, a sudden confidence obvious in his voice, but the girl was rather oblivious. “Nice story, spiderling , but you don’t even know me. Why would you care?” “Well, first, don’t call me that. Second, I do know you and I do care, so please let me help,” he requested, his voice soft, as if pleading the girl to let him help her. “Well, here goes nothing,” she mumbled. “It’s just my insecurities, really. It’s stupid, but these girls said some things about me today. I mean, they were right. I’m fat. I could use lo-” “No,” he said aggravated that those girls made even conside that they are right. “You don’t have to lose weight, you don’t need to, unless it affects your health. In your case it doesn’t so stop. You are breathtaking, beautiful. It’s the mere fact of being you that makes you peculiar and beautiful. And, it’s the mere fact of being you that makes me fall for you more everyday,” he informed, a rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins. And then the unexpected. He removed his mask and kissed the girl softly, but with so much love and passion involved. “You are perfect just the way you are. Just be you, simply you. It’s enough.” He said after he pulled away. The girl was shocked that her all-time crush had just kissed her, but also about the fact that he was here favorite superhero. Peter searched her eyes for any reaction and he was relieved to see her smile and nod. “Now, two things. First, would you like to be my girlfriend? And two, how about we cuddle and eat pizza?” He offered and the girl chuckled, pulling him inside her appartment.

once there was only dark

IMO True Detective’s ending episode is what elevates it from a really good show to a Great Show and a Personal Favorite Of Mine. 

It’s powerful and it defines the entire series. The way the show presents us with the philosophy of this traumatized dude talking about Freud and being a genuinely miserable guy. 

I hear snatches of this same philosophy repeated by ‘enlightened’ dudes but the tragedy of Rust is that he genuinely believes everything he says, wholly and utterly. 

The last episode is probably the most harrowing? At least the first time through. The viewer is forced to confront the scale of the crimes depicted and their far reach more explicitly than the other episodes. Though of course that whole effect is the direct result of that buildup in previous episodes; meeting the families of the victims and getting these snatches of lives and their loss. 

Charging into a ruin full of corpses is scary yes, but in the context of the show it becomes unspeakably horrific. Those glimpses of bodies and piles of clothes become genuinely nauseating. And if Rust and Marty died right there it would have been…something different. Something not as good. Something tepid and bitter. It would have bought into Rust’s philosophy.

The dudebros who go on about how the ending is shitty (too happy) are weak and there’s no other way to put it. 

They want to be unchallenged. And that’s what it really comes down to at the end of their criticisms. 

Christian Fundamentalists

by Samsaran 

“Gimmie that old time religion it’s good enough for me” so that old revivalist song goes. Except for one thing. That “old time religion” is not old; moreover, it was not being “revived” in those revivals but created out of whole cloth in response to scientific advancement and more importantly the treatment of scripture just as any ancient text would be treated. In short, evangelicalism was a direct reaction to progress and enlightenment. It was a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to remain in the darkness. 

Christian Fundamentalist Beliefs

Anytime a people choose to remain shrouded in ignorance evil will surely come of it as, indeed it has, in the American South. Also known as “Evangelicalism” among its tenets are the infallibility and literal interpretation of the Bible. This movement started as a response in the 1920s s to combat modernist or liberal theology in mainline Protestant churches. That is to use modern techniques and philosophy to interpret scripture. The problem with the fundamentalist view that scripture is literally true is that no two fundamentalist preachers can seem to agree as to what it means.

They are famous for taking a line of the Bible entirely out of its context to twist to their own purposes and declaring “God says this!”. Of course, this would be considered blasphemy in most churches but these people get away with it time and time again. Mostly because their followers have not actually studied the Bible in any sort of rational manner. Moreover, the Bible contradicts itself in several hundred places. It is clearly written by men for other men but bible literalism treats it as if it were literally dictated by God to a secretary. 

Today there are dozens of fundamentalist evangelical sects, Many do not even recognize each other as legitimate. It is “believe exactly as I do or burn in hell”. One very puzzling thing is the universal absence of a loving inclusive forgiving Christ. As a lover of the wisdom and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, this is heartbreakingly sad to me.

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If your first time was in purgatory...... where was Benny? Was he kind enough to give you some alone time? Or did you traumatize him for life? (or death considering where you were...)

It was one of those awkward “oh you’re taking your clothes off, I’ll be over here.. not watching” exchanges

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those cargo shorts are probably a permanent part of his wardrobe now lmao. he pulls off the dad look a bit too well


I have to tell yall what happened today…

I planned on making some coffee macarons today cause ya girl was in a mood and I saw I was missin some ingredients.

So, I was walking to Woolies (it’s a grocery shop if you’re not from Australia) and you kno minding my own goddamn business cause that’s how I do shit and deadass, I ain’t kidding, some asshole catcalls me. I wearing a sweater (it’s fuckin winter), a scarf, Elmo pjs, and uggs. My hair was in a mess of a fuckin bun and I had my glasses on, I was basically looking like the realest rubbish bin on the fuckin planet and he fuckin catcalls me like whistles and then yells out, “what are you hiding under all those clothes?” I was so fuckin disturbed jfc
If someone tells me that sexual harassment/assault/rape is a result from what the person was wearing, I swear to god I’ll be there to personally deliver a fist down their throat

Medieval Cities

If you visited medieval London you would probably be surprised to see that:

  1. People were short men only about 5′2″, women 4′10″
  2. people would be thinner on average
  3. people, even the rich, smelled quite bad and the city itself would smell terrible too as filth ran in the gutters
  4. people wore the same clothes for days on end with many poor having only one set of clothes and those dirty and ragged. Cloth was very expensive until the industrial revolution
  5. people would be younger since the number of those over fifty was far fewer than today
  6. people had terrible manners and even the rich would spit on the floor and blow their noses on their sleeves
  7. people were very religious and the church exerted great control over every aspect of the people’s lives
  8. people carried weapons even the poor who would carry a dagger or cudgel. The rich carried swords.
  9. people feared the night because brigands and robbers were unchecked because there was no police force
  10. people dreaded going to the “surgeon” who was apt to be a barber and all surgery was done without anesthetic. Physicians looked down on surgeons but were themselves pretty worthless. Medieval medicine was closer to witchcraft than science

okay but dan makes jokes about looking like a potato but he is so fucking gorgeous he is hot shit why have no modeling agencies gotten my boy on the runway like have you seen how much his clothes cost he has a deep love and appreciation for fashion and follows trends and wears shit that takes guts because he was meant to be on that runway and anyone who disagrees with me doesn’t have eyes


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)