those boys need a beat down

I love how determined both Lance and Keith are to do something that validates who they are as a person.

Like here, not even once did Lance take his eyes off of the target that he was aiming at, he wanted to prove his worth as the Sharpshooter and not the seventh wheel and he really did.

Then here when Keith was fighting in the Blade of Marmora episode, he was being beat down so badly, but he still never quit because he needed to find out about his past and understand who he was/where he came from.

Not to mention that when they do overcome their obstacles, they both just look so proud (and really smug) of themselves LOL

I personally think that those traits alone could really make them the cool space ranger partners that Jeremy was talking about too. 


I just got done reading These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly (It was super great btw) and it inspired me to do a Solangelo victorian AU where Nico is the son of a wealthy business man and Will is their newly hired gardner. I’m debating whether or not I should continue it…

“More tea for you, Mr. Di Angelo,” a maid said as she placed a fresh cup in front of Nico. Nico thanked her and watched her disappear into the other room; how he wished he could follow her. 

He had been sitting with his mother and step sister for the past hour, listening to Drew Tanaka, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, gossip about fellow members of New York City’s elite. Hazel and Mrs. Di Angelo took great interest in the conversation. Their eyes would widen at certain comments, and they would let out disbelieving gasps at others. 

Nico, however, could name a million other activities he’d rather be doing. Ever since his eighteenth birthday earlier that year, his parents had insisted that he find a wife. But, despite the fact that they had invited every girl in the city into their home, Nico felt no connection to any of them. While they were kind and intelligent girls, Nico could not find the attachment needed to build a successful marriage. 

 He sighed and sipped his tea. The voices of the three women around him faded to dull background noise as he allowed himself to get lost in his thoughts. 

Nico felt guilty for not liking any of the girls. He knew his parents wanted him to find someone he could settle down with, someone who could give him companionship throughout his life. A soggy feeling settled in his stomach him every time he admitted to his parents that he had yet to find the right person.

Unable to stand the dreadful event any longer, Nico cleared his throat. His mother looked at him and frowned. “Yes, Nico?”

“I’m not feeling well all of a sudden. Would it be alright if I stepped out into the garden for a bit of fresh air?” he asked. 

“Of course, dear,” Mrs. Di Angelo replied. She returned to her conversation while Nico stood from the table and made his way out the back door. 

The warm spring air was a stark contrast from the stuffy atmosphere of the drawing room. Nico took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves before taking a seat on a stone bench nearby. The garden was always one of Nico’s favorite places. He felt hidden among the lush bushes of lavender and manicured hedges. A fountain burbled merrily at the center of the garden, while birds sang from the treetops. The scent of gardenias perfumed the air. 

As he was taking in the scenery, his eyes suddenly fell upon an unfamiliar face tending the roses that climbed the garden walls. It was a boy who looked about his age with tan skin spotted with freckles, and a mop of golden curls that fell into his dark blue eyes. His face and clothes were caked in dirt, and several leaves were caught in his hair. 

Suddenly, the boy noticed Nico and stumbled to his feet. “Pardon me, Mr. Di Angelo, I was just finishing up,” he said. 

Nico’s face colored at the sudden attention. “No, no, it’s my fault for interrupting you. I just came to get a breath of fresh air.”

“Shouldn’t you be having tea with Ms. Tanaka today?” the boy asked. 

Nico sighed, “Yes, I just needed a bit of a break. I hate those gatherings.” His eyes grew to the size of saucers at the realization of what he had said. “Of course, don’t tell my parents that,” he added hastily.

The boy laughed and sat down beside him. Nico’s heart skipped a beat at the proximity. He was close enough now that Nico could count the freckles on his face. 

“You know, most men would love to be in your situation right now,” the boy pointed out. 

“I suppose so,” Nico muttered. 

“You don’t enjoy them?” the boy said. 

Nico shook his head. “They are nice girls, but I don’t care for them. Not enough to marry them, at least.”

The boy shifted awkwardly, “I’ve never been much of a fan of women myself,” he admitted. Nico gaped at him. Had he really just said what he thought he said? 

“Shit,” the boy cursed. He averted his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No, it’s fine, I don’t really like girls either. I’m not sure I want my parents to know that, though,” Nico replied. 

 A mischievous flicker appeared in the boy’s eyes. “There seem to be lots of things you don’t want your parents to know, yet you tell me,” he remarked. 

 Nico rolled his eyes, “Don’t flatter yourself.”

The boy chuckled, “Do you tell all your staff about the the secrets you keep from your parents?”

“You know, for someone who looks so charming, you have a gift for being annoying Mr…” Nico’s voice trailed off. He realized he did not know the boy’s name.

“Solace. Will Solace,” the boy-Will-said. 

 “Well then, Will, you are certainly talented at getting under my skin,” Nico finished. 

 Their conversation was cut short by the sound of someone pounding on the door that lead into the garden. “Nico!” Hazel called. “Nico, is everything alright? You’ve been gone an awfully long time!”

“One moment, Hazel!” Nico shouted. He turned to face Will, “I have to go before my mother starts to worry.”

“Of course. Duty calls,” Will replied. 

They fell into an awkward silence. “Can I see you again?” Will said suddenly. Nico stared at him in shock. His heart was pounding so hard it felt like it would leap out of his chest. Will sighed and shook his head, “Nevermind, it was improper of me to-”

Nico cut him off, “I would love to.”

The corners of Will’s mouth lifted into a smile, “Okay, then. How about tonight, around ten? I can meet you in the same place.” 

It was an effort for Nico to fight the blush that threatened to overwhelm his face. “That sounds perfect,” he answered. With one last goodbye to Will, Nico made his way across the garden and disappeared into the house.

Across the Universe - Viking Warriors (Part 2)

Summary; Y/n and Isaac are reborn in a viking colony, his memories of the Roman beauty still intact, hers wiped from existence. Isaac faces the challenge of making you fall for him all over again. 
Word Count; 1.2K
Isaac Lahey x Reader Soulmate AU
Warnings; none
A/N; So yay, here’s part 2 finally! I hope that this turned out okay, I’m really glad people liked the first part and we’re keen for a series. I love you guys so much xx

Masterlist   Part 1

He was born again 12 years later in northern Norway amongst a Viking colony. He grew up as a fishermans son, but yearned to fight amongst the Vikings. In secret, he would train with the best fighter of the next village, training daily after his work or scaling fish to grow stronger. When his trainer felt that he had progressed enough, he placed Isaac to battle against his own daughter, y/n.

Isaac was stunned to see you standing before him. He was born with the clarity of remembering his old life. From his childhood he knew he had to find you again, there must have been a reason for him to remember you. You were his soulmate, destined to live and die, to find each other and love one another. He had hoped you would remember him too.

The way you tackled him in battle indicated otherwise. Your eye was on the prize. Your father had promised you a new bow if you won. He was in too much of a state of shock to fight back.

‘y/n?’ he stuttered, trying to regain some balance and stand from the floor.

‘Better hurry up and fight pretty boy, or you won’t be able to get back up again.’

You pummelled him to say the least. You were a skilled shieldmaiden, and he found himself once again in awe. You were the same; strong yet graceful, beautiful. He could see the kindness in your eyes hidden by the drive to win.

But you did not remember, and it broke his heart.

You walked from the match to collect your prize, with a shaken Isaac behind you.

‘The battle is over Isaac, why do you pester me?’ You were intrigued by him, the look of curiosity that sparkled in his eyes seemed to make you melt. You had never been concerned with the affections of boys before, yet each time you looked at him, you felt like something was right about him.

‘I want to fight you again,’ he confessed, scratching the back of his neck anxiously, ‘every day, if we can. I want you to train me until I can win.’ He couldn’t care less about training anymore, not that he had found you. All he wanted to do was see you, make you fall in love with him again. You accepted his offer, you felt the training would be good for you when the next raid came. But you also did not mind the gazes the curly haired boy offered you as you walked away; you could live with those.

You both fought every day for weeks on end. You would always win, not that he was trying to beat you. He liked that you were strong and independent, you didn’t need him to protect you, not that he wouldn’t try to anyway. He was becoming stronger, faster, his mind adjusted to quick strategic plan, and after a month had passed, and you found yourself falling for him. He was gentle, you would see it when he would leave the match and he would shut down his cockiness. He smiled at you so sincerely, and you wondered why he liked you so much. You began spending almost every minute together, and fighting days would turn into deep conversations by the now freezing river, confessing secrets and passions and dreams. He would hunt bucks and bring fish to your hut for your meals, simply so he could see the look of surprise and joy in your eyes. He bewildered you, and intrigued you.

On the last fighting day, he managed to flip you over his shoulder, pinning you to the ground below him. You could not move your limbs to attack, you were completely defenceless, and oddly enough, that turned you on completely. No one had beaten you before, and yet here he was, a blue eyes man lying above you, a smirk curled onto his face as his grip on you loosened.

‘I suppose this means you will no longer need my help.’ You breathed, an air of disappointment in your tone. You were not ready to let go of him. You had grown so attached to him, his touch, his voice, his smile. You couldn’t bear the thought of him never coming back to see you.

‘I guess not.’ He puffed above you, his hand tracing circles on your arm delicately. ‘But perhaps you could help me with something else.’

You quirked an eyebrow at him, interested in the next words he would utter.

‘I want you to be mine, y/n. I’m not ready to let you go just yet.’ He let out an anxious breath, waiting for your response. He felt his entire body would shatter if you rejected him, as if he would have nothing left in this world. But you smiled up at him, the purest look of adoration in your eyes, as you connected your lips to his.

In that moment, sparks flew. You felt on fire as his hand came to cup your cheek, the other gripping at your waist as you lay in the still dew covered grass. In flashes of bright lights, memories flooded into your mind. A tanned Isaac in a far off city with walls of clay and brick rising up into the sky. His hands on your body. Your heart swelling as he kissed you. The family you once had. And the moment you lost it all. It all seeped back into your mind.

You gasped and pulled away from him, your head hitting the ground as you tried to process what was happening. It was Isaac, the same Isaac that you had loved so long ago, back in your arms.

You began to sob as he cupped your cheek. ‘What’s wrong y/n? Did I hurt you?’ He was so gentle with you, his fingertips brushing your tears from your red cheeks.

‘Isaac?’ you whispered, ‘I remember Rome. I remember us.’

He exhaled roughly, a smile spreading across his face. ‘Really?’ he asked, overjoyed at your statement.

‘We were so happy,’ you choked, tears still brimming your eyes, ‘and I lost you. He killed you.’

Isaac hushed you, pulling you up into a sitting position, resting in his lap, stroking his hand through your hair as he held you close. You rocked in his arms, linking your own around his neck, gripping to him for dear life.

‘How could I not remember?’ you asked him, pulling away to stare into those blue eyes of his.

‘I don’t know love,’ he replied, placing a kiss to your forehead, ‘I believe you never will until we kiss. There is a reason why we’re back, and perhaps we will continue to live and die to only meet again. I always remember, and if you forget me in the next life, then I will spend every waking minute making you fall for me once again. I will live every lifetime loving you. Always.’

anonymous asked:

possible prompt: jonathan and nancy being protective of steve maybe? because steve doesn't really have anyone to talk to anymore, and he doesn't really want to talk to his ex-girlfriend and the guy she tossed him for, but its not like he can hang out with tommy h. and his crew either. and meanwhile nancy and jonathan just want to walk him places and get milkshakes and punch people who talk to him funny.

Here you go! Also on A03:

When the phone rings on prom night, Hopper nearly puts a fist through the wall. He didn’t want the kids to go at all, not after Karen Wheeler decided to tell the whole town how her “whore of a daughter was dating those FAGGOTS” (her words, not his), but Nancy was so heartbroken about her mother that he’d relented and let them go.

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táimid naimhde sa chathair | tommy shelby/reader

anon request:   you grew up with tommy and had a really long serious relationship but left when grace came along you left him - a few years later he finds you with a job as a singer in sabinis bar in London, engaged to a son of his -tommy is determined to get you back 

“When is that boy going to marry you?”

“Oh, Polly, don’t go buying a hat. It’s been bloody years, I think if he was going to make a move he’d have long done it”

“It took him nearly ten to ask for you in the first place, this is Tommy we’re talking about. Can’t do anything but make things more difficult, that boy”

“It took him nearly ten years because we were children, Polly”


“Thanks for listening to me rant, anyway”

You stood from her table, dropping your cup in the sink as you went.

“I better get home”

“Have you told him about London yet?”

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Things Whispered (Draco X Reader) part two!

Here it is!


Requested: yes!

Part 1:

You awoke to the feeling of soft linens beneath your fingertips and body. Around you, you heard footsteps and distant chatter, but you still didn’t open your eyes. They felt heavy and aching, and behind your neck and down your back there was a steady throbbing pain.

Memories crashed into you suddenly. Things pieced together, But still made no sense.

You remembered the bathroom, the tap water, the fear. You remembered Blaise, falling on your ass, and Draco Malfoy beating up Zabini, which still confused the hell out of you. What came over that boy? You were sure that he would never speak to you again, and he did a lot more than that.

You felt a lot of things, fear, embarrassment, confusion, and especially anger. After all this time, the way you spent all those summer nights with tears running down your cheeks and all of the hits you took and all of the time you spent pathetically thinking of him, that’s all he can say to you?? ‘You need to see madame Pomfrey soon, please.’ It engraged you.

Swallowing the soreness in your throat, you lifted your tired eyes to see the sun streaming into the infirmary. Bending your elbow to prop yourself up, you felt a rush of tight pain coarse through the left side of your body. With a wail of Pain you lowered yourself back down.

You had alerted madame Pomfrey, who had rushed over. “On no dearheart,” she said as she helped you adjust, “you must rest. After all, you’re not in the best shape.”

You wrinkled your eyebrows. “What do you mean, ma’am?” You tried to ask as polietly as possible. I mean sure, you were slapped and you fell and were bloodied up, but that was it.

Madame Pomfrey waited a moment before speaking again. She leaned closer to you. “Tell me dear,” she said in a hushed voice, “do you remember checking yourself into the infirmary?”

You pondered this a moment and wondered how it could be relevant. “Well,” You began, “no, I suppose not.” She nodded her head.

“I figured as much.” She gave you a small smile.

You shook your head. God, how much more confusing could these twelve hours get. “What do you mean?!”

She sighed. “Miss Y/L/N, you came to me yesterday after noon with a bloody face and a look of panic in your eyes. You hardly walked through the door before you fainted and collapsed on the ground!”

It took you a minute to try and say something, but no words came out. Luckily, madame Pomfrey kept going “And you’re covered in bruises, and he said that that was normal but..”

You stopped her there. “Pardon me? What did you say?” You asked. You felt nauseous.

Her face dropped. “Oh no.” She said quietly. “He told me not to tell you anything.” Her voices hushed and you felt like all blood was rushing to your head. You wanted to scream.

“Tell me who. Please.” You said with an eerie calm radiating through your words. You shut your eyes.

“Mr. Malfoy.” Madame Pomfrey said. “He came to check on you every hour.”

You thought she said something else but you had already sprung up from the bed. Your body ached, but your rage masked it. How dare he? How dare he break your heart, ignore you, do nothing as he watched people bully you for months, then care all of the sudden. Who did he think he was.

The heels of your shoes clicked in time as you race through the halls, looking for Draco.

You had a million feelings running through your head. Your thoughts were moving so quickly it was hard to walk straight, to think straight, to see straight.

You pushed through people crowding the hallways, casting them light apologies. Your eyes searched wildly, and there he was. Not down the hall or in the building at all, but walking with the rest of the team down to the quidditch pitch.

The air was chilly, you felt it deep through the fibers of the large old sweater hanging over your body. For a half second, a thought slipped into your mind that said maybe you should turn around, I mean you probably looked a mess, and that would be embarrassing. But you shook it off, knowing it wasn’t going to do you any good.

No one noticed you as you marched toward the boys with their backs to you. Trying to keep your voice from quivering, you shouted at him. “Draco Malfoy!” You cried.

Several head turned in your direction. You probably looked a bit funny, a girl without a uniform with messy hair and a bruised nose hobbling up to yell at the quidditch capitan. But at this point you didn’t give a fuck what they thought.

His eyes widened and he looked you up and down. You could have sworn for a split second he looked very sad, but then his expression reverted to that of confusion. “Y/N? What are you doing? Go inside.” His words were flat.

“Dear god you blonde son of a bitch just shut up. I don’t know who you think you are. You dump me after all this time. After everything. You know me better than anyone and I have you everything I had. Everything. I love you to death and all I get is a breakup and no explanation. The sad thing is Draco, it made me into someone different. Someone who hates themselves, that’s not who I am deep down. I spent so much time trying to figure out what I did wrong and I’m tired of blaming myself. And after all of that, you watch me get beaten everyday and you just decide one day you give a fuck?! Well next time stay out of it. I don’t want your pity you sick son of a bitch.”

Every word was laced with ice. You hadn’t realized it, but you had started to cry a little. Embarrassed, you wiped then tears away and turned to return to the castle. Most of the people on the pitch were silent, with the exception of the few who were laughing and catcalling you. Draco shot them a nasty glare and grabbed your shoulder. You tried to fight him, but he was larger than you.

He pulled you off about twenty feet away from where the other guys were and stood with his back to them. You shoved him off, finally. “What the hell?” You spat.

“Y/N…. I didn’t mean to..” His voice cut off as you sniffles and grimaced, putting a hand to your large, purple nose. “I’m gonna kill Zabini” he muttered. You just shook your head and rolled your eyes.

“Stop that, Draco. I’m serious. Either you care or you don’t. But at this point I’m not sure I’m up for forgiving you even if you go for the latter.” He began to say something, but you cut him off. “It was hell, you know that? It was hell. Are you happy? Because after all these weeks of being teased and cut down. I believe it. I’m not the girl I used to be Draco, and it’s because-“ you were cut off as you looked down, finding yourself looking into a dark black tattoo on the left forearm of the boy you loved.

The Dark Mark.

This was nothing you expected. The world was inverting, it was hard to stay standing, it was a nightmare.

“I’m so sorry love” he mumbled numbly.

All you could do was mutter “you- are an idiot, Draco Malfoy,” in a quivering voice before you ran off, in a mess of tears.

And yall thought there were only gonna be two parts. :))



















Please be nice. My little sister wrote this. This is her first fangirl experience. She’s still freaking out. I keep telling her this is just the beginning. Down the rabbit hole we go. 

AA Fanfic: The Girl With Jordans

Author: @werewolfmutant

Word: 2150

Author’s Note: Okay, so I’m reposting this because something glitchy was going on. Anyway, the title is random, I know, but it fit with the story line I’m about to present. This idea came to me when I read @stilinski-jpeg ’s series, Assassin and I thought I could write one of my own. So, thank you Nia for inspiring me to write this story, gotta give creds to you. I now present the Prologue of my new series: The Girl With Jordans. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think, I’m a little nervous about this one. 😊 


Daddy was leaving again. He was all suited in his army wear, standing tall, and looking important like he always does. That’s what I admired about him, he always knew how to look professional. He turned around, his eyes casting down towards me, a warm fatherly smile appearing on his face. Daddy knelt down at my eye level that way he could look at me straight in the eyes, my lips pouted, “Do you have to go?”

Daddy nodded his head in response, “I’m sorry, kid, you know how it goes.” He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, I could see the sadness in his eyes as well, he didn’t want to leave either. Knowing that he hasn’t been Father of The Year, he tried his best, and I was content with that.

So, I nodded my head understandingly, “I know Daddy,” I let a childish grin appear on my face, showing my missing baby teeth, “You gotta go save the world again.”

A soft chuckle escaped his lips, “You got that right, baby girl.” He then pulled me into a tight hug, I hugged him back since this would be the last I would see him for a long while. I wanted to hold onto him forever but I hated the reality in front of me. Soon, he wouldn’t be in my arms anymore, soon his tall figure would be walking out of that door, and soon it’ll just be Mom and I. Alone with each other for long hard months. I swallowed the tears threatening to pour out of my eyes.

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Pegoryu Prompt: Red String Pt 2


This is the end of the Red String fic . Enjoy, babes!

Ryuji takes the lead and crosses the drawbridge with the new guy following close by. His heart is in the pit of his stomach as he crosses the threshold. The world feels distorted and the ringing sound is warping over and over in his head. He keeps a close eye on the brunet. This guy is really good at holding a poker face, but those grey eyes are saying something else entirely.

They get into the main hall of the school, which now looks like a front entry into one of those fairy tale movie castles. ‘Cept this has Kamoshida written all over it. Portraits of him are all over, including that giant fugly one staring him in the face. It’s disgusting to see an almost nude portrait of the fuck head that broke his leg last year. The scenery shifts and warps around them. One moment it’s the school, the next it’s not. What in the hell is going on?

“Th-That’s weird…Where’s the school…?” He swears his eyes are playing tricks on him. Maybe he’s finally lost it, but this guy sees it too.

“Did we make a wrong turn?” This comes out sounding slightly nervous. The blond turns to look at the brunet. His eyes are shaking. Goddammit. Gotta stay cool. Gotta remain confident.

“N-No! This has to be it! I mean, it…should be…” Damn, he fucked that one up. That doesn’t inspire any confidence at all.

Oh! His GPS could tell them if they went the right way, right? He whips out his cellphone and…nothing? There are no bars, no cellphone provider, and not even 4G. A big lot of nothing. The hell?

“Out of service? Where’d we end up…?” The blond looks up from his phone screen to the brunet, who is looking back at him with eyes that betray all the stress he feels. He is biting into his lower lip slightly. Jesus… Ryuji flushes a little from this. What is he even supposed to do?

The blond looks around, then pauses on the nerdy looking brunet again. This shit is unreal. This is like in one of those anime’s where he would turn out to be some sort of magical boy and start fighting crime or some shit. But he isn’t the magical boy. Could this guy be? Nah, this is a stupid line of thinking. What’s more important is figuring out what the hell is going on with this place.

“The sign was for the school, right?” He just has to check that he isn’t crazy. That they did, in fact, come to Shujin Academy and there is now this giant fucking castle and they are in it.

“Yeah.” Ryuji can barely hear it, but this kid thinks so too.

Out of the blue, these giant goons in full armor come marching out to where they are. These assholes look familiar too. Their faces are blue and stoic. Like they aren’t even real. They just seem like large toy soldiers. But they’re brandishing swords and giant shields. Everything just seems to be getting more and more fucked the longer they stay in this hell hole. But wait…They can’t be anything weird, right? They’re just people in costumes. That has to be it.

“Geez, you freaked me out…” He takes a breath. This has to be some stupid event put on by one of the clubs. Nothing more.

“Who’re you? You a student?” He knows that this is a stupid question. This person…this thing is huge. This isn’t the build of a high schooler. His brain just doesn’t seem to want to reason that this can be anything other than Shujin. He bites his lip.

“C’mon, don’t just stand there. Say somethin’.” This can only end badly.

More guards come flooding in. The incessant clanking of armor pervades the air. More and more come into the space. There is no escape. They are truly and utterly up shit creek without a fucking paddle. Not that a paddle, or any sort of a weapon would help now. God, why is this happening to him…to them? This is the new guy’s first fucking day for crying out loud! Maybe if he can play it cool enough, he can reason with them and they can maybe get away.

“…H-Hey, what’s goin’ on?” Yeah, real fucken slick, Ryuji.

“Is he school staff?” Ryuji turns to the brunet whose composure is now significantly more shaken. Is he trying to make a joke? This shit is hardly what would be called funny. Though Ryuji has to laugh at how fucked this all is.

“Dude, I don’t know!” He’s losing his cool. He can’t come to grips with any of this. They are going to die. One of the knights gets closer. Ryuji can see into the eye holes of the mask. There’s absolutely nothing there. “This shit’s real…”

All of the knights advance on them. They close the space around the boys, not leaving any room to slip away. They should have stayed out of the castle. Fucking Kamoshida. Fucking rain. God, this is the worst way he could think of spending a day. Being in class even sounds better. One of the knights gets up in Ryuji’s face.

“C-Calm down! Time out, man!” He turns to look at his companion, who is also being hounded by a giant asshole in shiny silver armor. There is a small opening in their ranks. They have to take a chance.

“We gotta run!”

“Got it.” This comes with a quaking voice and legs that aren’t moving at all. He has to get this kid to move, or he’ll be dead for sure.

“Stop standin’ around and run!” He takes off at as close to a sprint as he can get. His leg is burning like hell. He looks back to see that the brunet is following close behind. Good. Maybe they can get through this.

Before they can slip away, another group of knights closes off the gap they were going for. Jesus, these guys are persistent.

“Ugh, what’s with these guys!?” Ryuji says this more out of frustration than wanting an actual answer. This blows. And he didn’t even get to find the person from his dream.

One of the guards hits him in the back and he goes down with a painful grunt. His companion stands there, afraid like a deer in the headlights. Still gotta keep it as cool as possible. He wants to live through this. There has to be a way. Pain surges everywhere in his body. His back hurts from that asshole knocking him. His knees hurt from crashing onto the ground. And his head is still screaming.

“Wow… Y-you’re gonna break my bones, dammit!” He turns to try and look at his companion. Afraid. So very afraid. “The hell do you think you’re…gah!”

“Take them away!” The guard captain shouts to its subordinates.

One soldier picks Ryuji up while another punches the brunet in the gut. He doubles over, vomit dripping from his lips. He coughs and sputters as another tin soldier hefts him over its shoulders. Ryuji winces at this. He couldn’t protect him…Why the hell is it so important that he does though? They’re both gonna die, but this guy feels so important. Every time he comes close to putting his finger on it, the recognition slips away. This pain in his head is so intense…His consciousness slowly fades out.

In the black emptiness he dreams of his red thread again. There’s a figure of a guy with dark shaggy hair, a Shujin uniform, and when he turns around…those grey eyes. Holy shit…it’s him! It has been him all along! God, how could he be so stupid! This mess, it’s all his fault. The person that he was meant to be with, he just met him. Now they’re going to die and he can’t do jack shit about it. He reaches out and touches the brunet’s cheek. He leans into the blond’s touch with such a sad smile and weary eyes. He can’t just give up on getting this boy out of this mess. If he can be a distraction then maybe, just maybe his companion could get away.
Ryuji regains consciousness. He and dream boy are in a cell together. He looks so peaceful like this. A much better face than his frightened one. He doesn’t really want to wake the brunet, but he has to sooner rather than later. He needs a plan of attack so this nightmare can come to a close. He limps over to the cot where his companion is sleeping. He tilts the boy’s face, checking for any sort of mark. Nothing there…good. He ventures downward, to the bottom of the brunet’s turtleneck. He flushes a little as he pulls the hem up. There’s a large bruise on his stomach where he was hit. Fury fills Ryuji, the desire to beat the shit out of those soldiers is palpable. The sleeping boy below him shivers and groans. The blonde pulls the boy’s shirt back down and gives his arm a gentle squeeze. Just a minute…let him sleep a minute longer. He stares down at the handsome boy for a bit too long, then begins to blush. He kneels down and begins calling to him.

“Hey.” No response.

“Wake up!” He hears a groan and grey eyes flutter open. They slowly focus. Good, he’s okay.

The brunet sits up on the cot. He cradles his stomach tenderly as he purses his lips into a fine line. Ryuji gives a sympathetic look. He is just relieved that his red string companion is still able to wake up again. He stands up and lets his partner have a moment to regain his composure. He looks so delicate right now. All he wants is to comfort this boy and make him feel safe. Everything that he personally doesn’t feel right now. Grey eyes stare at him, perplexed and tired. He looks like he’s barely hanging onto consciousness. Ryuji rests a hand on the brunet’s knee and gives a strained smile.

“You all right?” His relief shows in his voice. It’s weird to hear himself be all tender n’ shit.

“Yup, you?” The brunet sounds just as relieved. A bit of a flush briefly lingers in Ryuji’s cheeks.

“Yeah, more or less.” Ryuji relaxes his posture for a moment. This guy’s concern makes him feel a bit less tense. He looks around the cell, taking in the situation and how hopeless it feels. “Looks like this ain’t no dream.”

Ryuji turns back to look at the brunet. He looks dazed, but maybe a bit more lucid. What in the hell is with this day? This place and everything is just so messed up. All of this is so confusing and frustrating. It honestly still doesn’t feel real. He wants to lash out at everything. None of this makes sense to him. He has to do something to relieve all of this anxiety bubbling around in his head. How the fuck can this guy look so calm?

“Ugh, what’s goin’ on!?” He’s losing control of whatever cool he had left. He charges up to the prison bars and tries to get anyone’s attention. Taking out his frustration on a guard may relieve some stress.

“Hey, let us outta here! I know there’s someone out there!” He slams on the cell door in desperation.

“Dammit, where are we!? Is this some kinda TV set…?” He stalks back over to his cell mate when nothing wanted to pay attention to him. At least he feels that this guy will listen to his bitching. It’s keeping this place from whittling away at his sanity.

Suddenly there is a blood curdling scream. It sounds like a guy is being tortured or killed. The blonde’s heart stops for a moment. The voice sounds familiar, but that is less important than the idea that they may be in line to be tortured next. The brunet stumbles up and joins him. The screaming just won’t stop. He keeps an arm out in front of his companion in a defensive position, just in case he has to fight. The screams turn to wailing, wrenching uncomfortable feelings in Ryuji’s gut. The boys run up to the prison bars to attempt to gage where the noise is coming from.

“Th-The hell was that just now…?” Ryuji has an idea of what it is. The quiver in his voice matches with the subtle shake in his knees. His whole body feels like it wants to give out.

Wet sounds are now accompanying the cries. All the color drains from Ryuji’s face and the brunet isn’t looking so well either. He’s clinging to the prison bars so tightly that his knuckles are going white. Ryuji chances a glance at his companion’s face to see that his face remains stoic, but his grey eyes are watery. He doesn’t even know this person, yet he’ll cry for em? He has to turn away, otherwise he’ll get swept up in thoughts that he doesn’t want to think about yet. There are other cages with other prisoners. They all look pretty bad off.

“Whoa…whoa, whoa, whoa!” Ryuji’s mind is running at a million miles a second. “You’re shittin’ me, right…?” He knows that’s a stupid question. They are here and this is real.

The brunet releases his grip on the bars and takes a couple of unsteady steps back. His posture goes rigid and defensive. The stress is getting to both of them. They have to think fast. Ryuji has to get this kid to engage. He’s too quiet, he can’t peg what is going on in his mind right now. He must be terrified. They both should be in this situation. This guy has been the only thing keeping his mind as calm as it is.

“This is real bad…!” He looks the boy over. He looks like he’s thinking, but he’s being unresponsive. Part of the blonde wants to shake him and snap him out of whatever la la land he’s in. The other part feels this insatiable need to protect him. God, this is fuckin annoying.

The brunet’s eyes dart all over, silently assessing the surroundings. His eyes are still watery. He uses the heel of his hand to rub away all emotion. Ryuji wonders if this kid is trying to put on some sort of a tough guy act too. It’s endearing, but there’s no time to screw around.

“Isn’t there some way outta here!? C’mon, we gotta do something!”

This spurs the brunet into action. He and Ryuji begin to comb their cell over. Nothing really seems helpful. In fact, most of this shit just makes him more nervous. He can’t tell how much time has passed since this whole stupid ordeal started. He can’t see any means of escape. There isn’t even much of a way to perform an ambush, not that he thinks either of them have the strength to pull one off any way. The sound of clinging armor is getting closer to their cell.
Time’s up. Ryuji slowly turns around and takes a defensive posture.

“Huh? You hear that?” He looks over his companion, who nods a confirmation.

They both make their way up to the cell door. There they are, the palace goons in all their annoying clanging glory. Their empty eyes send shivers down Ryuji’s back. Sick feelings twist around in his gut. He’s not sure he’s ready for this, but now is not the time to give up. As they get closer, Ryuji takes up a stiff fighting stance. This is gonna be a fight.

“Be glad that your punishment has been decided upon.” The hollow voice reverberates and rings out, like it’s coming from the bottom of a tin can. “Your charge is ‘unlawful entry’. Thus, you will be sentenced to death.”

“Say what!?” Ryuji is stupefied by this turn of events. Death? For going to school? What in the actual fuck is this shit?

“No one’s allowed to do as they please in my castle.” He knows this voice. It may have a weird reverberation to it, but it’s unmistakable.

And of course, there he his. But at the same time, it ain’t him. This Kamoshida in a tacky furry robe and a tiny crown…and not much else to speak of. His eyes freak Ryuji out though. They’re empty and shine with an unnatural golden light. He’s looking at Ryuji and the brunet as if they are trash in need of disposal. He has to make sure that this is him, though.

“Is that you, Kamoshida?” The question comes out more unsteady than he wanted it to.

“Kamoshida?” The brunet sounds uneasy as well.

“I thought it was some petty thief, but to think it’d be you, Sakamoto…” The disdain in the teacher’s voice is real. There’s almost a ring of mockery. The serious face Kamoshida wears turns into a sneer, complete with a ridiculing tone “Are you trying to disobey me again? It looks like you haven’t learned you lesson at all, huh?”

Kamoshida turns and assesses Ryuji’s companion with a knowing look. Ryuji’s heart drops into his stomach. Is this the Kamoshida from his dream? Does he know about this guy? All of his nerves are firing. This guy isn’t safe. What the fuck is this bastard planning on doing?

“This ain’t funny, you asshole!”

“Is that how you speak to a king? It seems you don’t understand the position you’re in at all.” “Not only did you sneak into my castle, you committed the crime of insulting me- the king.” “The punishment for that is death.” “It’s time for an execution! Take him out!”

“S-Stop it…!”

They back off into the far side of the room. Soldiers keep flooding into the space. There’s no escape. Kamoshida is there, wearing that ugly maniacal grin of his. This is it…


This is his chance. Those idiots came in at a bad formation. Maybe he has a shot at getting both of them outta this mess after all. Just gotta use all that pent up rage and focus in. Ryuji sucks in a deep breath, reels back, and charges up the middle of the soldiers with a forceful grunt. Nice! He is able to break through the lines. Time to get nerdy boy’s sweet ass moving.

“I ain’t down for this shit! C’mon, we’re outta here!”

Unfortunately the knight he downed is tenacious. It gets back up behind him. Ryuji turns, but it’s too late. The hulking asshole takes a giant swing at him and connects with his stomach. All of the air leaves the blond’s lungs. God, this sucks! Just as he thought they could get outta here too… His knees give out from under him and he crumples to the ground. Water presses at his tear ducts. He hears a sudden clang.

The messy haired boy is knocking against one of the knights, trying to get through to him. This guy who seems so incapable of fighting is trying to save him. This makes his heart warm up, but it’s too late. There is no chance of him getting out of this. These guys are giant and he has no more energy to try and get through. Fuckin Kamoshida just looks so satisfied with himself. His companion is still on the outskirts though. He can still make it. If he can get this guy out of here, he can die without any regrets. Well, save for a couple. He really wishes that he would have asked him his name. He gives his companion a sad smile. Dream guy can get away. Maybe he’ll still think of him after he’s escaped. The thought is almost comforting.

“Just go! Get outta here…!” He’s still trying to fight them. God, please spare him.

“Oh? Running away, are we? What a heartless friend you are.”

Ryuji has to get this guy moving. There’s seriously no time left. If he doesn’t leave now, he’ll die. He can’t let the person that he’s supposed to be with die. Please, just leave. He has to think of something to make him go. Anything. He may have to be mean…he doesn’t want to, but that’s the only trick he has left to make him go.

“He ain’t a friend…”

It’s true, he doesn’t know anything about him other than what he’s seen in his dream. But he knows, he was supposed to be with him. Everything in his mind and body says so. Looks like he doesn’t get the luxury of having that happen though…
He’s still fighting. Why? Why won’t he leave him!? Please… he’ll die! Dumbass, he doesn’t want this brave guy die for him! Tears spill down his cheeks. Anything but that! He’s too important. He’s all the blond has been allowed in this world now. Don’t die!

“C’mon! Hurry up and go!” Ryuji’s voice is choking and tears come in waves, blurring his vision.

“What’s the matter? Too scared to run away?” That bastard is taunting him. Don’t listen, just leave. There’s no point to this if he dies too.

”Hmph, pathetic scum isn’t worth my time…I’ll focus on this one’s execution.” Shit…well, it’s better that his focus is not on the brunet any more.

Ryuji stiffens as Kamoshida pushes through the knights. In a single fluid motion the older man yanks the blond from the ground and hoists him to his feet. He pulls back his fist and strikes Ryuji across the cheek. He keeps on punching him, throwing petty insults to punctuate the pain. Over and over again, he endures the blows. Nothing this asshole can do now can hurt quite as bad as what he’s already done. One powerful hit sends the blond back onto the ground. His world is spinning. Has dream guy gotten away? Please don’t say that he is still here watching this. Or even worse, that he’s being held captive by one of these tin can assheads.

“…Hmph. Where’d your energy from earlier go?” Kamoshida sneers down at Ryuji. He looks back with as much defiance as he can muster.

A knight grabs him by the blazer and tosses him. He rag dolls across the floor and hits hard against the cobblestone ground. Everything sends signals of pain shooting through his body. Why do these assholes have to toy with him for so long? It’s how he imagines a mouse feels when it’s in a cat’s clutches.

“I’ll have you killed right now.”

“Stop it!” Such a sweet sound. His companion is still here, but he really wishes that he had ran.

“Hm?” Kamoshida is turning his attentions onto the poor guy. Ryuji can hardly maintain a coherent thought. He struggles to try and get to Kamoshida before he gets any ideas of hurting the other boy.

“What…?Don’t you dare tell me you don’t know who I am.” Kamoshida gets right up into the brunet’s face and looks him over. The boy looks back with an immovable stare.
In this moment, Ryuji almost feels himself swoon with how cool that guy looks. This is the worst time to feel this way. He still has to try and get this guy moving. He sees how rigid the asshole gym teacher is getting.

“That look in your eyes irritates me!” Kamoshida’s face contorts into an ugly frown, bearing gritting teeth. A menacing look forms in his golden eyes. He kicks the brunet into the wall.

“Hold him there…After the peasant, it’s his turn to die.”

The brunet scrambles to his feet and charges at Kamoshida. Two knights catch him though, slamming him hard back into the wall. This knocks the air straight out of him. His face looks desperate. Goddamn…Ryuji just wants to reach him. There’s nothing that either of them can do though. Kamoshida is almost on the blond again. His brown eyes meet with grey ones that seem to be dilating. Please…get away.

“My decision wasn’t a mistake and neither is my desire to be by his side!”

Ryuji’s face takes on a deep flush. What is this guy saying? Does he know that they’re connected by a red string? He can hardly think. He has a hard time breathing as a knight hoists him against the wall by his throat. God, why couldn’t he have just said so earlier? He sees the knight draw back his sword. This is the end.

The brunet screams out in insurmountable pain. The entire room seems to stop. What is happening to him? The blond can see the boy thrashing violently against the wall and the grips of both knights. Tears are flowing down from grey eyes. His face twists in agony. The hell is happening to him?

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Everyone is taken aback by this.

Ryuji feels stunned by the force of his voice. He almost doesn’t feel the relief of the knight dropping him to the ground. He gasps for air in strained gulps.

“You desire to be killed that much…? Fine!”

A knight bashes its shield into the brunet’s face. His glasses go flying across the room. The two other knights cross their spears over his throat. Kamoshida watches this spectacle in a sick amusement. Ryuji feels so useless. His legs won’t hold him. All he can do is collapse against the wall and slide down to the floor. Kamoshida signals his executioner to cut the brunet down. No… Please, don’t kill him. A sudden burst of energy knocks back the executioner. His face… There’s a mask on his face?

Ryuji watches, helplessly as his companion feels out the mask. It seems like it is part of him, stuck to his skin like a shell. He grips it and rips it off ferociously. Ryuji winces at the sight of blood gushing from the brunet’s once pristine skin. After a moment, the blond is able to look into his face. Ryuji sucks in a breath. He looks exactly how he did in the dream, except instead of fearful eyes, this guy is…smiling. Ryuji should be afraid, but in this moment he is consumed by awe. A blue flame engulfs the boy and he can hear a manic laughter that doesn’t belong to him. The boy emerges in new clothes that fit tightly where they need to and a long black jacket. He wears a look of power and defiance. It sparks a fire inside of Ryuji’s chest. This is his red string. The red of blood. The red of flame. The red of passion. And this guy is his.

With a single motion, the creature behind him takes down all of the knights and sends Kamoshida cowering away. Even when they reanimate at Kamoshida’s orders, he is able to make them crumble away again. Awe is no longer the right word. The feeling is like staring into the heart of a storm. He’s terrifying and beautiful. As Kamoshida scurries away like the rat he is, the boy turns toward him. The monster fades away as he reaches out for Ryuji’s hand. He takes hold of it and lets himself get pulled up.

“What’s your name?” Both ask simultaneously.

“Ryuji. Sakamoto Ryuji…” The blond clings onto the brunet’s hand.

The brunet smiles and tears off his mask. The blood rushes down his face as he leans in close to Ryuji’s ear. A breath hitches in Ryuji’s throat. His heart is beating like crazy and his face reddens all the way to his neck. Gloved hands take him by the wrists and lightly push him back against the wall. Lips press to his own in an anxious kiss. He stiffens. It’s all consuming. His head is going fuzzy. This isn’t how he imagined his first kiss going. He feels the warm, sticky blood dripping onto his nose and cheeks. The brunet’s lips are moving in a more insistent manner. Ryuji can hardly keep up. His wrists are released in favor of arms wrapping around him and getting pulled flush against the mysterious boy’s body. His own arms drape around the boy’s waist. They both sink to the ground. The brunet parts from the blond, smiling at the face Ryuji is making. Saliva drips from the corner of his mouth and blood mixes with it. The boy takes off one of his red gloves and wipes the fluids away.

“Akira…” comes out as a breathy whisper.

“Eh?” Ryuji is still caught up in the fact that he just had his first kiss.

“Kurusu Akira. At last we finally meet.”

With that declaration, he plants a quick peck on Ryuji’s lips. Akira smiles as he gets back to his feet. He offers a hand to pull Ryuji back up. He easily pulls the blond to his feet and begins tugging him along.

“W-Wait, wait. What are we doin’?”

“Getting out of here, of course.” Akira’s laugh is like chimes that he hides behind the backs of his fingers. The cutest gesture Ryuji has ever seen a guy do. “Unless, of course, you’d rather stay here for our first date?”

Ryuji is speechless. This guy was so quiet before. Now he’s confidently declaring that they’re going to go on a date once they’re out of here. Not that he’ll complain about it. After all, they are connected by a red string of fate. He feels a new desire welling up in the pit of his stomach. If he’s going to stay by Akira’s side, he will find a way to fight alongside him too. Next time he wants to be the one that protects him. No matter what.

how to take down pentagon

kino: first, ya gotta take down kino. if you look past his killer dance moves he’s just a big softie and softies are the easiest to take down. just tell him a shitty joke and wait for his face scrunch and lift up-then just zone in and deck him. in his pocket, youll find a black sharpie. keep it with you-you’ll need it for later.

hongseok: it’s really hard to take him down, not gonna lie. he’s strong as fuck. those abs didn’t make themselves. you can’t beat him with physical strength. it’s just not reasonable. what u gotta do is, beforehand, mess up their dorm. mess up the beds, throw clothes on the floor, etc. after blaming everything on wooseok, he’ll go crazy and try to clean everything up in record speed. after that, deck his ass and leave

yuto: it’s a 50/50 chance with him. either you can take him down or he can totally obliterate you. he’s tall so you can’t overtake him using your height, so there has to be something else. luckily for you, all ya gotta do is make it to the corner of the room and turn off the light switch. easy. while he’s flailing in the dark just overtake him and keep the light off when you leave just in case he gets any ideas 

 edawn: the only hard part about taking down edawn is the fact that hes nearly impossible to find. after some deduction, i found his location. since hes such a fucking troll, you’ll find him under your neighborhood bridge, pranking people and then laughing at them. he’s probably really surprised that you found him, so use that surprise to your advantage and deck him. 

 shinwon: this headass is so easy to defeat it’ll take 0.2 sec. he may seem all cocky with that arrogance but he’s scared of literally everything so consider this a break from all that fighting you had to do. buy a dog whistle and use it. a puppy will come running towards you. just let it come and shinwon will be scared shitless. you probably won’t even have to do anything, just let the puppy express its undying love for shinwon and you just sit back and chill 

 yeo one: he can also be really easy to take down, if you don’t mind being the Biggest Asshole Ever™. when he asks you if you’ve eaten, just say no and watch as he faints from shock. done. 

jinho: hes short as fuck. take him and those squishy cheeks down. 

wooseok: this boi got noodle arms and legs. chances are he already tripped over his long ass legs and fell into a pretzel formation. you didnt even need to do anything. he took himself down. 

yanan: yanan is one of the harder ones to defeat. he takes no shit and is a diva through and through. he’ll probably try to leave as soon as he sees you. you cant beat him physically bc hes ready w that signature whine that puts the kardashians to shame. you remember that marker u stole from kino? try to get close enough to draw a crude dark line right in the middle of his face. now all u gotta do is watch as he flails about screaming “what the fuck is this shit” and “my handsome face is ruined”. none of those chingudeuls can help him now. 

hui: believe it or not, he may seem easy, but he’s really not. he’s probably super pissed that all his members are down, so according to the quadratic formula, his anger fuels his strength making him even harder to take down. however, it’ll take him about 5min to realize hes in a fight, so just take him down before he even realizes he’s been taken down. afterwards he’ll probably thank u and invite you to grab food sometime. say hell yea and get all the burgers that shinwon probably wanted to eat. gobble them all. you deserve it.

A mother is nothing without her child.

Her mind was made up the second the flash of green light illuminated her angelic face.
It is the only way.
If Narcissa ever wanted to see her son again, if she wanted to ensure that he lives, even if that meant that she wouldn’t, now was the time.

The precise moment came when the whispers started. “Is he dead?” “Someone check!” “He can’t live after that.” 
“Is he dead?”

Narcissa was as surprised as everyone else when she stepped forward. As her feet lead her into the direction of Harry Potter, self doubt tried to bring Narcissa back to the crowd.
The fact of the matter was: Narcissa had no idea whether or not her son was even still alive. Battle showed mercy to no one, especially a 17 year old boy on the wrong side of it. This fact, however, did nothing to sway Narcissa; it only pushed her forward, faster until she nearly stepped onto Harry James Potter himself.

She was going to find her son. Wghether or not this boy was alive, she was going to make it out alive, with her son, and with her husband.
They were   not   going to be one of those families.
One of those unlucky families…

The boy needed to be dead. It was as simple as that. And if he wasn’t dead, she would make herself believe he was dead. If she believed Harry James Potter was defeated, everybody else would believe her too.

She stood with her back facing the crowd, and ever so slowly, she bent down to her knees. With her wand gripped tightly in her right hand, she gripped the unconscious boy’s shoulder and touched his throat with her left.

A pulse.

Her heart sank for a fleeting second, before it picked up to full speed. Narcissa could never recall her heart ever beating so fast in her life. But of course she had never been left to deal with a task of such great consequence. Potter was the missing key. With the last wisp of her courage, her voice sounded as quiet as the clouds hiding the moonlight.

“Is he alive? Draco? Is he in the castle?”

Narcissa was not the enemy. She was a mother. If Harry James Potter had known anything in his 17 years, it was how strong a mother’s love was for her child. At the mere glimpse of Harry’s nod, Narcissa set him back down.

With a new courage born from the hope of her son’s life, Narcissa stood fast and tall. Turning her head to face the crowd, her angelic face crumbled to hard stone.

“He is dead!”

Steve Harrington: I need you

Summary: Y/N was so tired of being Steve’s secret. She wanted people to know they were friends. Something tragic happened and now she doesn’t want to be Steve’s anything. He was not going to let that happen, no siree Bob.

~This is not a request~

Steve. Steve Harrington. The popular guy. The heart breaker of my high school. The guy every girl wants the boy every guy wants to be. Then there’s me. The smart kid. The nerdy girl. The loser. Now it may be your typical love story about how the guy falls for the girl but then he fucks her over blah blah blah. Sadly, that’s exactly how it went. This is the story of how Steve Harrington is behind closed doors. Steve is my best friend. Been my best friend since the diaper days. But the problem is…he is embarrassed to be my friend in school. Been that way since 8th grade. Now he didn’t bully me in school but he didn’t stop it either. Those friends of his would always pick on me. He would just stand there with a sorry expression. Then after school he’d climb in my window and hug me saying how sorry he was. And me being the nice kid I am I’d always say “its fine Steve!” And we’d talk about the most random shit. Until one day. It went entirely. Too. Far. I thought it was going to be a normal day ya know go to all my classes talk to whatever friend I have and all that good shit. But no. It all started when I was alone in the halls. No kid in site except for Steve who walked right on past me. I called for him with a “Hey shrinky dink” but I didn’t get a “Hay million dollar baby!” Instead I got nothing. I thought that was extremely weird. But whatever it was I’d talk to him about it later. I walked to my least favorite class. Home Economics. The goblins aka Steve’s ‘friends’ would be there of course. Otherwise I’d enjoy that just as much as all the others. As soon as I waltzed on in. I was ambushed with laughter. Confused by what’s going on I walked to my seat. I was accompanied by whispering. “Hey Y/L/N nice pair you got there. I wonder how much you’d charge for a blowjob” soon followed by laughter and another guy “if she even charges at all” I didn’t know of what they were speaking about. “What are you talking about?” They showed me an indecent photo with my face on it. I snatched away from them and looked around for the fucker who did it. I stormed my small self right over to them and grabbed them by their collar “Why the fuck would you do something like this you asshole!? What did I ever do to you?!” I was beyond pissed. I was so embarrassed. I ran out of the class as fast as I could only to bump into Steve. “Hey whoa whoa slow down what happened?” “Your asshole friends is what happened. Maybe if you had said something to them this wouldn’t have happened! Oh wait you didn’t want to ruin your cool guy reputation! We were so fucking close Steve! You actually talked to me in public! You don’t even acknowledge me. So why would you give two fucks about what happened? Huh? You’re not there when I need you. When you climb into my bedroom and hug me and tell me how you’re sorry for not doing anything to stop the bullying it hurts. Because it feels like that’s the only time you’re my best friend. I’m tired of being your secret.“ I could feel the hot tears streaming down my face. What a great friend. I bet he knew about this. I fucking bet. “Y/N please how can I make it up to you?” “Be my best friend. The kid that beat those boys asses when they pushed me. The one that hugged me when I had my first break up. The one that promised he’d protect me forever and always. No matter what. The one who said he’d stay by my side forever.” “I promise to do that. Right after I fuck up the kids who did this.” “Its too late Steve. There’s no fixing this.” Before I could walk away I felt a grip on my wrist and a soft pair of lips on mine. He fucking kissed me man. Damn he was good. “Please let me make this right. Let me fix what I fucked up. And maybe something more.” Hmph and maybe something more. This fucker. I sighed “fine shrinky dink” I smiled. “Good. Million dollar baby.” God this guy.


Imagine #30 || Request #12

They are height goals omg Kolvina ♥ okay anyway, here’s your request! Sorry for not updating for a week coz I’ve been working on the Brett Talbot blog since the requests there were piling up. And gawd I want to learn how to drive coz honestly almost all my friends know how to drive by now and I feel like an -odd-one-out -__- dad won’t teach me hands-on driving just words words words ugh anyway, hope you enjoy this!


“Hey,” He greeted as you sat beside him on one of the benches in the lacrosse fields.

“Hi,” you greeted back, watching as he tied his everyday shoes back on. “So?”

“What do you mean so?” He looked at you.

“I mean so, what happened?”

“What happened to what?”

“Don’t play coy with me, Lahey. What happened with you and Allison?”

“Nothing happened.” He answered, putting the remaining gear from his lacrosse practice a while ago inside his equipment bag before standing up and make his way back to the boys’ locker room.

“What? Why!” You almost exclaimed, catching up to his long strides. “I thought we were going with my plan of you asking the girl out for a quick lunch tomorrow while she watched you during practice earlier?

Being the one closest to you in the pack, Isaac was comfortable talking to you and letting out all the feelings he kept inside himself. You were, as a matter of fact, considered as his ‘only’ best friend and no one else. Sure he had friends, but not a ‘best’ one-and you took that spot in his heart.

“Well I don’t like the plan. Plus you weren’t there,” he said, turning to a corner to the boys’ locker room. “Wait there.” *(A/N: did you get what Isaac meant by ‘you weren’t there’?*wink wink*idk if this is what you’d consider reading between the lines lol. )*

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Danny Fenton

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: i’m pretty okay with most pairings, but if you mean ships that i would actively go seach for, then those are Pitch Pearl, Unindetified Flying Ship and Pompous Pep (and i know that last one is gonna start drama, but you asked. consent, slow burn, Vlad with a soul, and a healthy dose of moral dilemma is what i prefer in that ship). i generally prefer rivals-to-lovers pairings, or ‘enemies to hangout buddies until someone finally hits them over the head and sits them down to discuss why exactly they’re behaving like an old married couple for years’ trope

friendship them with: everyone??? the boy needs more friends and less people who beat him up for the hell of it. i love platonic trio shenanigans, and i’d kill to see Danny and Val being besties getting together to throw shade, but also Danny interacting with ghosts, with Danielle, making himself at home at Vlad’s… just give that poor boy a restplace and an opportunity to pun with you and you’ll have a friend for life, he’ll probably set up his grave in your backyard too

general opinions: this one must be pretty obvious, i love that boy to pieces?? he could be an angst victim, a happy boy, a clueless boy, a little shit, a pain in the ass, an awesome hero and/or a moody teenager etc etc. you can spin him however you want, and you’d never have him figured out because Butch left so many holes in the mystery of his powers and the mystery of his character development that the phandom can do basically anything it wants and the boy would work it fabulously. mostly i just want to tuck him into bed and give him 12 hours of sleep tbh, and then some burger and fries and stand by his side with a notepad as i catalogue if the salt in the fries affects his biology in any harmful- AHEM I MEAN I LOVE THAT BOY AND WANT TO PROTECT HIM FOREVER THAT IS ALL

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Matsu is hanging out with his teen daughter then matsu hears a few older boys from her school making mean nasty sexist comments about her behind her back but she hears it and runs off crying. The older boys laugh at her and continue talking about her. How does matsu react? What does he do?

*Kill Bill sirens go off* (I got really carried away with this one, sorry!)

Your Matsu was spending a good ol’ father-daughter day with their little girl.  As they passed the high school they spotted a group of boys coming back from sports practice.  
“And then after that d/n went down on me in the locker room.”
“Yeah it was awesome.”
“She doesn’t strike me as the type of girl to do that.”
“Well the it’s always the most innocent looking ones that are the kinkiest.”
“Man what I would give to stick it in her.”  Their daughter immediately turned to them their face pale and eyes wide with tears pricking up in the corners
“That’s not true!”  and the matsu could tell right way their daughter wasn’t lying she was practically shaking and looked horrified.  The boys got closer saying it was a joke and that she should relax.  His daughter ran away apologizing as the sneers from the boys grew louder.
“She should take it as a compliment that we’d want to fuck her.”
“I know, she needs to learn to take a joke.”
“Man her legs look amazing, just look at her go.” Not even giving a shit that her father was still there,

Osomatsu:  He is not above getting violent, his blood is boiling and he’s ready to punch each of them in their throat.  "Do you think that’s fucking funny?“ He grabbed the leader of the group by the collar and slammed him against the nearest wall.
“Dude chill the fuck out.”
“We’re joking.”
“Then that’s a shit joke. Listen to me, if you ever go anywhere near my daughter or if I hear that you’re spreading rumors I’ll bash your thick skull into this fucking wall do you understand.  The leader yelped in pain from Oso’s grip getting tighter and giving him one hard whack against the wall.  "Answer me! Do you understand?”
“Yes!” The leader yelped and Osomatsu let him go as let the rest of the kid’s friends flock to him.  He’d turn around without another word and leave to go find his daughter.

Karamatsu:  He would go from being feeling absolutely horrible for his daughter to extremely pissed in a matter of seconds.  He’s not the type to get physical and would rather use words than actions.
“Do not talk about my daughter like that?”
“Who the hell are you?”
“Her father.”  The mocked him and pretended to be scared.  "This isn’t how you treat, women especially my little girl.“
“Oooh and what are you gonna do about it?” Kara would size himself up against the leader and come up with a threatening bluff right away that would have the boys step back for a moment.  In reality he wouldn’t make any move until he found he his daughter and would have a family meeting on the most effective way to handle the situation.  One thing he knew for certain is that changes would be made within the school with especially regarding the bullying program. He’d try to get some of his PTA friends to help get some kind of assembly together about gender equality and the issues related to like cat calling, sexual harassment etc.

Choromatsu: He would not engage the group of boys, as a sextuplet he knows that there’s strength in numbers and would not want to go up against a group of athletic teenage boys. Plus he was the one who taught his daughter to think before they act so he would walk away from the situation and come up with a better way to solve this problem than resorting to fisticuffs.
“What a coward!”
"You too scared to talk to use old man?”
“What a fucking pussy.” He’d just let it go in one ear and out the other his main goal is to find and comfort his daughter. Regardless if his she’s is for or against it, he will be filing a bullying and harassment report to the school immediately.

Ichimatsu: He was ready to beat those pigs to a pulp when he stopped himself.  That would be way too easy, instead he would handle the situation with a little psychological warfare (the man dressed up as Hannibal Lecter for Christ’s sake!) He’d give off much darker aura sending chills down all their spines and just scan them up and down memorizing all their features.  If he needed names he would ask his daughter when he finds her.  He’d just show up to the most random places where the boys were at and vanish before they could completely turn their head.  He’d go to every practice, every trip to the mall, every restaurant until none of them felt safe walking at home and are constantly checking behind their back because they keep feeling feel a strange presence.  He’d get them late at night when they’re walking home, his shadow popping in and out of their sight.  Those boys are on the brink of a mental break down, once they turn their head a final time he’d be standing right in front of them when they look forward again, causing them shriek like banshees.  "Listen to me and listen to me very carefully.  You’re going to apologize to d/n and then never go near her again.  If you do I will destroy you slowly and plainly, enjoying every last second of it.  Am I clear?“  It be so hard for him to hold back a laugh at the sight of guys shaking and whimpering out a yes. He’d nod and walk back home grinning to himself.

Jyushimatsu: His heart would break the minute he sees his baby running away.  He’d turn to the boys with a friendly smile, "Oh are you some of d/n’s friends?” He’d have each boy introduce himself, saving the leader for last.  After introduced himself he’d ask what’s the point of introduction.  Jyushi would lean in real close to his ear and whisper, “Because I like to know the names of my enemies before I fucking destroy them” while crushing the boy’s hand.  He’d pull away with a cheery smile and wave to them saying he’ll see them around.  He’d wouldn’t follow them like Ichi, but if he happened to see them while practicing baseball they’d be getting pelted by balls. On the baseballs would be the boys’ names written in red ink or ‘apologize to d/n’ written on them.  Until his daughter tells him the boys are school apologized he’ll keep messing with them. 

Todomatsu: He would just look at the boys and smile.  He knows everyone’s parents and has them on speed dial and let’s the boys know.
“What you’re gonna call my mom you snitch? You don’t even have any proof.” The leader would scoff.  
“Give me oooone second.” He hum while finding the video, the minute he saw those assholes he had a gut feeling they’d cause trouble and turned his phone’s camera on. There was no actual video footage but the boys could hear the audio loud and clear.  "Now that I think about it maybe the principal should look at this, then they can call the parents themselves.“
"You’re a little snitch!”
“It’s not snitching if they find right, if they stumbled upon it or if someone else leaks it?  What if it was your coach that found it, you’d all be out for the season.  Did you know bullying is considered a crime in some courts, wouldn’t it just suck if you had to go to court and be ridiculed in front of an entire jury.  Hell the judge could possible charge you with sexual harassment as well. No college would want your punk asses after that.”
“Look man it was a joke.”
“If it was a joke then it wouldn’t be treated like a crime.  Plus it’s more money toward my darling’s college tuition.” He’d smirk.  The boys now had the same look of fear his daughter had a few moments ago.
“What do you want?”
“What will it take you to delete the video?”
“You will formally apologize to my daughter in front of her homeroom before class starts.  You will never talk to her nor look in her direction again.  I’m not going to delete it ,that way I know you pieces of shit won’t pull anything like that again.  And if my daughter mentions your names after this I’ll see you morons in court.”

yurio shouldntve won the GPF

 — and im not even saying that bc i wanted yuuri to win (tho i did), but bc it just…. doesnt make sense, for 3 key reasons: yurios narrative, yurios scores themselves, & yurios stamina. 2 of these have already been written in two gr8 meta posts, so ill start there:

yurios narrative (link to better, longer meta): that boy needed to lose to gain some humility. his whole problem was he hadnt been challenged by ppl in his age range (& yes, yuuri almost beat him - but he still won. at his senior debut.), and hed already settled out his narrative goals - have an incredible senior debut, grow out of viktors shadow a little, and set a world record

yurios scores (link to better, longer meta): his SP score was literally impossible, simple as that. he shouldntve scored that high, and those few extra impossible points wouldve bumped him down below yuuri

and finally, my real contribution here: yurios stamina just shouldnt be that good

its been established before that yuuri has incredible stamina - thus why has can do so many difficult jumps in the second half of his programs. its a character trait for him, just like how he gains weight easily or is hella anxious. yurio, meanwhile, in ep9, “skated beyond his limits” with his free skate, and scored a personal best
thats gr8! you go, yurio!! but….
how are we supposed to believe that yurio, who had skated beyond his limits last time he did this free skate, is now able to throw in an extra quad at the end of his program?
yurio shouldve been too tired to pull that. he didnt practice it, he doesnt have yuuris stamina, and he had already maxed out his potential on this program before it had another quad in it. that shits not easy to just throw in!!! it doesnt make sense that he was able to do it

TLDR: it makes little narrative sense for yurio to have won, he literally couldntve scored that high on his SP, & he shouldve been too tired to throw in that last quad

Lorcan was running through the hallways as Sophie rode on his shoulders, giggling and letting out small screams when he’d duck down, bringing her with him. “I promise, he’s right where I left him.” He said, bringing her down from his shoulders and into his arms, placing a kiss on her cheek. The little girl’s laugh was infectious and his smile spread across his face as he pushed into the bedroom. “See! I told you, there’s Papa.” He beamed as he brought them both over to the bed and allowed Sophie to wiggle out of his arms and pounce on top of James. “Papa! Ton maillot!” Sophie beamed, showing her dad the mini-Puddlemere jersey Lorcan had transfigured to fit her as she stood on the bed. He heard a groan pass by the open bedroom and Javi leaned against the doorframe. “You all are dorks, you know that?” Lorcan raised a brow towards his son, collapsing on the bed besides James. “And you need to be ready in an hour before we go grab your girlfriend. Doesn’t it take you that long to style your hair just right?” He teased him, causing Javi’s eyes to look towards the floor and grumble something before moving to his room. “Sophie, what are we going to scream today?” He asked and almost instantly she smiled and started jumping up and down. “Beat Back Those Bludgers, Boys, and Chuck That Quaffle Here!” The words weren’t perfect, but the Puddlemere Anthem had never sounded so perfect to him. “I tried my best to help her learn the pronunciations.” He said with a wink, looking over at his husband. 

Klaine Reverse Bang 2014 - The Untold story of Little Red Riding Hood
External image

“Once upon a time, there was a dear young man named –”

“What are you doing?”

“Telling our daughter the story of how we met.”

“Oh that should be fun, let’s hear it!”

Once upon a time, there was a dear young man named Blaine, who was loved by everyone who looked at him, but most of all by his grandfather, and there was nothing he would not have given to the boy.

Once he gave him a pocketwatch, telling him that “punctuality is the politeness of kings”.

Another time, he gave him a silky red bow tie, showing the young boy how to tie it around his neck, for “doors open for you when you wear a bow tie.”

And once, he gave him a little coat of red velvet with a hood which suited the young boy so well he never left his parents’ home without it; so Blaine was always called Little Red Dancing Hood.

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Y/N calls Luke “baby boy” and he calms down blurb

You’re at a bar celebrating your boyfriend Luke’s 19th birthday. Wanting to surprise him, you bought this very tight short red dress. Luke wasn’t that happy at first about you being dressed like that in public because he hated everyone looking at you with their dirty eyes.

“It’s ok baby boy, I dressed like this for you, I’m all yours.” You tell him softly and he calms down.

The night went pretty amazing, you danced, you cut the cake, you took some shots, you just had fun.

Before you leave, Luke goes to the bathroom and you don’t feel so fine, so you tell the guys that you’ll wait for Luke outside and you go to get some air.

Looking up at the stars, remembering how much fun you had tonight, you feel someone’s hands on your waist and you smile turning to face him. Your smile drops as soon as you see it’s not Luke who’s holding you but some other guy.

“Um, sorry, I thought it was my boyfriend.” You try to leave as the guy grabs your arms and pulls you towards him. He harshly pushes you against the wall and starts kissing your neck while you wince and yell for help. Before you open your eyes, you feel free from the touch and hear some kicks and screams. You slowly open your eyes as tears start falling, and see Luke beating up the guy who held you.

“Lukey, stop!” You try to stop the fight before someone calls the cops but it doesn’t work. You gently put your hand on his shoulder and tell him:

“Baby boy, stop, I need you.” He softens right after you say those words and turns looking at you from head to toe to make sure you’re ok.

You run into his arms as he wraps his arms tightly around you.

“It’s ok baby, it’s done, calm down.” He tries to make you stop crying. You slowly not and he takes you to his car and runs to get into his sit. Before he starts the car he lifts your legs in his lap and puts a little blanket he had on the back seats in his car over you.

As you already get to his place, you stop crying, but he never stopped gently petting your legs.

He opens your door and picks you up bridal style with the blanket still over you and brings you into his bedroom. He gently puts you on the bed and takes his shirt off before lying right next to you holding you tightly.

“Thank you baby boy, for taking care of me.” You quietly say right before you drift to sleep.

“Anything for my babygirl.” He says and he kisses the top of your head as you fall asleep.


Title: All-nighter
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Summary: Person A waited until last minute to complete the summer reading assignment so they ask Person B to pull an all-nighter before the first day.


His phone rings at an ungodly 3 o'clock in the morning. Steve has to shuffle around, searching under his pillow then his sheets, before he can wrap his fingers around it. His first instinct it to flip it off but he doesn’t when he sees the name on the screen: Tony Stark.

Tony and he have been best friends for years, starting when they were in freshmen year. Steve wasn’t as bulky as he was back then. It’d been an unlikely friendship from the get-go and it’s only becoming more complicated now.

See, Steve Rogers was in-love with the eccentric billionaire genius.

“What is it, Tony?” He mumbles into the receiver, voice hoarse from sleep, while he snuggles back under his comforter. It’s a cold night and the temperature makes his hot skin shiver.

“English” comes the reply.

“English?” Steve parroted, more confused than ever. What the hell was Tony talking about?

“English.” Tony repeats over the line. “The reading assignment for Ms. Paulsen’s class. Did you finish it yet?”

Yes, Steve wants to growl then go back to sleep but he knew Tony wouldn’t be calling just to check on his summer reading. “Yes. I finished reading yesterday.” a boyish glee on the phone. He imagines Tony fist-bumping the air and can’t help but smile. “Why are you asking?”

There’s a pause then come a long rumbling whine saying “STEEEEEEEEEEEVE” from the line. “You’ve got to help me with English. You know how those things bore me. They’re just so hard. Too many words. I like numbers. I’m a number kinda-guy. Why would she do such a thing to me?” Tony whines a million miles a minutes.

Steve reaches up to massage his groggy eyes. “How many cups of coffee did you have, Tony? And how did you get them past Jarvis?”

“Two” Tony replies innocently.

If Steve could only see him, he would give Tony a look of disapproval but he settled for a sigh given the circumstance. “Two since when?” he prodded.

“Two today” Tony confirms sounding like he’s been caught red-handed.

Steve takes the phone from his ear and checks his digital clock. “It’s only three in the morning, Tony” he says without any spite. “God” he groans, running hand over his face. How could he fall asleep when Tony was on the phone with him? “You haven’t slept, have you? How long have you been awake this time?”

A non-committal hum from Tony’s side. “Going on thirty-hours. I’ve been down in the lab all day yesterday working on Dum-E but the dumb thing still can’t distinguish one command from the other. I swear, it’s easier to train a dog than code that pile of metal and bolts. He almost torched me yesterday! Like big fire, flame, and all that hot white pain. So I got pissed and decided I needed fresh air. Hence, you.”

His sleep-addled brain takes a few minutes to register what Tony had said. “What? You mean you’re here?” he scrambles up from his bed so fast that his legs get tangled on the sheets. He peaks through his window and, true enough, there’s a red-hooded figure just under the tree.

“What the– Tony? What are you doing here?” He detangles his legs from their cotton-sheet shackles and starts padding down the hour. He carefully avoids making any sounds while he makes his way through the halls.

“I couldn’t sleep” Tony confesses.

There’s a flutter of something warm and sweet and affectionate in Steve’s chest. Tony may have a motor-mouth and more often than not he tends to say things without really thinking about it. Still, it doesn’t stop the feeling butterflies that blossom in Steve’s gut.

“Come to the back door. I’m letting you in.” he says over the phone while simultaneous disengaging the locks. He’s unlocking the last one when Tony taps on the glass panel. The boy grins at Steve with straight white teeth and half-lidded eyes.

“Steve!” Tony practically glomps him to the floor like an untamed puppy. He would have succeeded if not for the fifty pounds of muscle and added three inches that Steve gained over the summer. He’s momentarily stunned by the obvious physical change. “What in the name of… what happened to you?”

Steve blushes. He’s got an arm-full of Tony Stark and he’s all-too reluctant to let go. Tony feels amazing in his arms. It’s like he was made for Steve or Steve was made for Tony. “Growth spurt” he explains while he re-engages the locks. “Guess those multivitamins finally worked their magic.”

Tony doesn’t seem to notice him. “Aww, man.” the shorter boy coos “You grew hot over the summer. Imma need to beat girls with a stick the day after tomorrow.” he says like he’s taking notes for his next big project. HIs fingers caress the planes of Steve’s newly formed pectorals, down the abs that the blond has been working on all summer, and down to the hem of Steve’s shirt.

“Tony, wha—?” Steve squeaks when Tony pull the shirt up to study his body in more detail. He knows it’s more of Tony’s natural curiosity rather than any sexual intention but that does not stop his pubescent hormonal anatomy from twitching under Tony’s ministrations. He backs away, only to find himself pressed against the kitchen counter.

Finger starts stroking up his sides then thumbs circling around his nipples as Tony explores more and more of his body. He shudders. “Steveeeee” Tony says with a whine. “How did you get from runt to super hot in like a month? It’s inhumanly possible! The muscle definition isn’t even flabby. You’re hard like a statue! That idiot coach can’t say no to you now.”

“Tony…” Steve says shakily. “Get off me.”

“But Steve” Tony whines.“

He firmly takes hold of Tony’s hands and pulls down his shirt. "It’s nearly four am, Tony, on the day before school. I just really want to go back to bed and sleep before all the school work makes me too busy to get a decent night’s sleep.”

“Oh” Tony looks dejected. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think… I… I should go.” But Steve’s not letting go of his wrist.

“Mom won’t mind feeing another mouth for breakfast.” Steve says quietly. His eyes are lowered and he doesn’t meet Tony’s eye. There a faint hint of pink on his cheeks. “Let’s go back to my room and sleep. Tomorrow, erhm, later, when the sun has properly rise, I’ll help you go over the reading material.”

Tony blinks one, twice, then his eyes beam in delight. “Really?” he throws his arms over Steve’s shoulders one more time. “You’re the bestest best friend ever! Score one Tony Stark, summer reading zero. Yeah!”

Steve rolls his eyes to stop himself from smiling like a dork. He tugs Tony’s arm and leads the boy up the stairs. It’s not the first time that Tony’s slept over. His heart pounds like a jackhammer in his chest. It’s the first time since he’s realized he like-likes Tony, that’s the problem.

They reach his room. It’s a mess from the earlier shenanigans: the sheets are on the floor, the bedside table is in disarray, and his cell phone charger lays haphazardly thrown on the bed.

“I’m sorry for the—” he’s cut off by the sight of Tony stripping his hoodie then his jeans until he was left with a soft-looking tank top and boxers. “Wh–why are you taking off your clothes?!”

Tony settles in beside the wall and snorts. “Chill, Steve. You know that sleeping with you is like sleeping next to a furnace!” He comments laughing. He pats the wide, but still too-narrow, space on Steve’s bed. “Up here, squirt, erhm, big guy. Don’t think I can call you squirt anymore. You’re huge!” he says, laughing some more.

His eyes are drooping and he’s got less and less control of his brain-to-mouth filter. It’s not that Steve minds, at all. He loves sleep-drowsy Tony. It’s the only time when the genius becomes completely unguarded.

“Steveee” Tony whines a few minutes later, cheek mashed onto the pillow as he curls onto his side. He looks more like the fourteen year-old that he really is rather than the High School senior he pretends to be. With advance classes and two-grades above his regular age group, Tony Stark looks very much like a child when he’s asleep. “Steeeeve….” He whines like one too.

Steve smiles affectionate, hidden by the shadows where he knows that Tony couldn’t see him. He crawls to bed after Tony’s third mewl because he can’t stand how desperate the younger boy sounds. He lies down on his side, back facing Tony.

Something cold touches the back of his neck. Before he realizes it, Tony’s burrowed his cold face into his hair, wrapped arms around his torso, and thrown a leg over his hip. He’s made Steve into a life-size organic pillow.

“Warm” he whimpers happily while nuzzling Steve’s nape.

“Good night, Tony”

“Go'mornin’ St'eve” Tony mumbles back.

Steve spends the rest of the early morning recounting their reading assignment in his head. So that, come proper light, he could retell the story to Tony with as much detail as possible and watch at those Aubergine eyes light-up with joy.