those boys!!

one time i got an ask which was like “why do you headcanon link as a trans girl? like i totally think you should be able to choose your gender but… why”

and the thing is it’s just the facts simply are that link is a sword lesbian, thats just how it is. hylia came to me in a dream and told me that link is a lesbian

I mean is it any wonder Silver kept getting his butt kicked while training with Flint when this is the shit he’s dealing with

yeah I’d have a hard time keeping balance too if I was being blinded by this freaking ginger cheshire, in fact I’m not sure I’d be able to look at another human being ever again

The Kids - Part 2

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can you do a part two for the kids, if that’s okay? i really enjoyed it

Part One | Part Two | Part Three (coming soon)


I somehow end up at Polly’s. She’s not over the moon to see me at just gone four in the morning, but she lets me in anyway.

I’ve been crying the whole way here and I know I must look a state, but Polly ushers me in and points to the kitchen table.

“Sit. Kids doing your head in?” she asks, putting the kettle on the stove.

I know she’s judging me and I know she’s preparing her “I basically raised those boys myself and ran a business when they went to war” speech that I’ve heard every time I’ve so much as hinted that the kids can be hard work.

I shake my head.

“Kids are fine,” I mumble.

“Then what is it?”

The tears I’d managed to control start up again and I explain things to Polly as best I can through heavy sobs.

She cuddles me, a gesture I never thought I’d get from her, and makes me up a bed.

“I’ll let work know you won’t be in. Just take a day in bed, get yourself sorted and then you can tackle this with a clear head,” she says, drawing the curtains. “And I won’t tell John you’re here.”

I nod my thanks to her, my eyes already closing and I’m practically asleep before she even closes the door.

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I love this dork sm
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E is for Execution

Spoilers for a side quest!

Even for a simple side quest I absolutely loved the ending to it (I’m a simple minded man.) But when the track “Mourning” kicks in when the Resistance Fighter starts remembering her lost memories she erased… OOH BOY THOSE CHILLS!

Since there are no unique animations for the moment I wanted to sketch up what in my head happened. Instead of just nonchalantly just standing there laughing. She breaks down to tears with the laughter.

Also nice foreshadowing ;).

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re that 'woman are goddesses men are literal piles of shit' anon, literally every time i see one of those 'raise boys and girls the same way' shirts, i always remember that tumblr post where someone added 'yeah, but how are you going to do that if you think every woman is a beautiful goddess and every man is the literal devil'. it's a good idea tho. i support raising girls and boys equally, but of course some people on here can twist equally horribly.

I do agree that we should teach men and women to value the same things, instead of instilling gender stereotype values at a young age. But of course, as you say, it’s important that you approach the subject as men and women inherently being equal.